Double integrals in first HP

How to solve the double integrals in first hp?

Hi!, jrozsas:

(1) select the SCS, manual and about.

Press on...

Insert the upper and lower limits.

Press, other times...

Now, compare with Wolfram Alpha...

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  • Double integrals of first HP

    How to solve the double integrals in first HP?

    Set your first manual input (parameters, page 1, home page) mode, go into display CASES and enter the double integral exactly as you see above.  For the full symbol, you can use the model (between the Toolbox key and the x-t-theta-n key).  Even if a warning message may appear (depending on your settings), the correct result is returned to the 1/10th of a second: 1006/105.

    If you prefer the algebraic input (instead of enter manual mode) mode, type the following expression:

    int (int(x^2+y^2,y,1,x^2), x, 1, 2)

    This means exactly the same thing and gets the same response, but I personally find much more easy to read manual syntax.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not work for HP. I'm a happy user of the first.

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    Eevery time I post in these forums of the community on my Pro 9.7 "iPad in Safari, it capitalizes and duplicates the first letter. I keep coming back and fixing it in my usual posts, but I left it on this post if you could see what I mean. No other page in Safari does that. The community of Apple Support alone. I tried all the standard fixes (restart, shut down Safari, etc.), but it looks like he may have to do with the site itself. I noticed other people with this same event messages, it's not just me. Thoughts?

    Interesting. I've alerted the hosts to your message.

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    Double "stacked" on first desktop on one monitor - desktop screen came just after using two monitors (Netflix on TV extended

    My computer kept crashing after I had hung a dual monitor.  The second monitor was my television, playing a Netflix movie while I also used my computer to work on.  After splitting the two, I kept crashing for a few days.  I tried to delete the second monitor in the display settings, but does not know how to do this, if it's possible, but I think it's the problem and the cause of the double view of the desktop on my computer now.

    Does anyone know how to confirm what the problem is for some, and/or instructions how to solve this problem if you already know what can cause this problem.  No assistance at all would be greatly appreciated.  I tried to understand this two days...

    Note, in the heat of the Las Vegas area, I thought this may be due to overheating, but I actually he cooled in the refrigerator for a short time and restarted, but still have the problem.  Thank you.

    You have a Nvidia 8600 M GS graphics chip located on the motherboard, the drivers for it are provided by your manufacturer, HP, PC-specific to your model and NOT of the site MSUpdate or Nvidia. see the following"However, please note that your notebook original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provides certified for your mobile drivers specific to their Web site. NVIDIA recommend you check with your OEM laptop on the software updates recommended for your laptop. The OEM cannot stipulate support technical issues raised by the use of this driver. »

    Since you apperently have a laptop / Notebook, you get all pilots that manufacturers of PC and NOT of MSUpdate site system. Driver version numbers shown on the MSUpdate site cannot be relied on as correct

  • ESXi host double IO comments

    Hello world

    I'm new to this forum, so... Hello!

    anyway to the point, I've been benchmarking of storage under ESXi and noticed something strange:

    I have an ESXi 4.1 (HP supplied) running on the HP ProLiant ML350 G5 server. It has a virtual machine clients running Windows XP Pro 32-bit.

    I used DiskBench to create a single file of 4 GB. DiskBench reported around 95MBps write speed.

    I looked on the table of the performance of the virtual machine of comments (see photo) and the diagram shows the consistent result.

    Ute when I looked on the table of the performance of the ESXi * home *, it shows the same 'shape' of the graph, but with all the numbers * doubled *. (see second attachment)

    Is this a bug in the charts? Or that this indicates that I did something bad and ESXi host must make twice the amount of IO for the guest virtual machine?

    Here are some details about my setup:

    Server: HP ProLiant ML350 G5, 3 GB of RAM

    RAID controller: Smart Array P400 with BBWC

    Table: RAID 5 with 5 x 72 GB 10 k SAS

    Comments: Win XP Pro SP3

    Any input would be really useful. Thank you!

    The writing in the host view speed is doubled to the first scripture passage, because the host of zero, space before allocated disk of the virtual machine can access, probably for security reasons.  If the test file is deleted, then the test is repeated, because space has already been allocated and zero would be the host view and the guest must then correspond to the.


  • Why iTunes 12.5 play my library of songs together, instead of playing the album from the chosen song

    When I get to the album, and and select a song in an album, itunes plays all songs in the library, instead of just playing this specific album, beginning of the song I've selected.

    Double-click the first track you want to play instead of use the blue play button.


  • I tried to copy several items which are separate from any application that I use.

    I'm updating (OS X v. 10.11.6) on all the improvements etc. use only the desktop iMac & use most of the time, & Contacts 'Pages', 'Safari '. In addition, I'm a 'ole' jerk who uses 1 finger of each hand type & am very slow; & I'm in a w/Chair with other disabilities, hearing, etc.

    N ° 1: I tried to copy several items which are separate from any application that I use. As the "second word through the fourth word, then somewhere further down in the same app anouther Word or group of words and so on."

    No. 2: I tried to connect you 'communities' and after several hours and a lot of frustration, I tried to get a new one, and that's how I found myself here!

    I would like an answer to #1, if you have any info that I can use. Otherwise, I'll try something new tomorrow.

    Thank you

    Bill C.

    < post branched out by host >

    Hello Warcloud7

    1. Double-click the first word of your desired channel
    2. SHIFT, click after the last word in the string to highlight the word two by four (see screenshot)
    3. COMMAND double click on another FIRST word "later on."
    4. SHIFT-click after the last word you want
    5. COPY however you are comfortable - Edit menu or command + C
    6. switch to some other app that you like
    7. Paste your favorite way

  • Receive the HTML code in the message, how to convert?

    Usually, I can read all my mail (text or HTML), but a correspondent sent me a message
    containing HTML code. Here it is:

    I used a program of conversion by Mail Chimp and, indeed, the converted lines
    in a table of three columns and four rows.

    Can I make Thunderbird to do the conversion before displaying the message?

    Date Description Amount
    30/05/2014 Speed 16.01
    01/06/2014 Membership dues 227,00
    01/06/2014 Payment - EFT -243.01

    The doubling of the first lines of code that's happened by me using the converter of Mail Chimp on the HTML of the message section. I don't have the original of the message, the registered version is the converted HTML code.

    Our health club billing agent sends hundreds of invoices by e-mail in a commercial billing program. She says I'm the only one complaining that the message is not displayed correctly.

    I now know what to do: just save the messge then the code gets converted.

    I will now close the question and I thank very you much.

  • Is it possible to add more than nine pages to newtab?

    The window can currently 9 entries, is there a way to extend this?

    In fact, this answer does not explain how to use the feature. Here are some steps.

    1. Open a new tab
    2. In the address bar, type Subject: config
    3. Press enter
    4. Accept the warning
    5. Search for browser.newtabpage.columns
    6. Double-click the first result
    7. Change the value to the number of columns you want to see on the new tab page
    8. Click OK
    9. Search for browser.newtabpage.rows
    10. Double-click the first result
    11. Change the value to the number of lines you want to see on the new tab page
    12. Click OK
  • Cannot save the Hotmail javascript protocol handler

    I do that, it won't work. make Hotmail a mailto link: option in FF.

    To make Firefox use Hotmail for mailto links, follow these steps.

    1. Enter about: config in your address bar and press to enter. If you have never changed used about: config before, you will see a warning.
    2. Click on "I'll be careful, I promise! This will bring you the topic: configuration window.
    3. In the filter field type "gecko". Double-click the first gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost of entry to change the true value.
    4. Copy and paste the following text in the address bar and click on enter: javascript:navigator.registerProtocolHandler ('mailto',' & to = % is, 'Hotmail');
    5. You will see an information bar drop down at the top of the window. Click 'Add Application'. You have finished installing the Protocol Hotmail now, simply select it.
    6. Go to Firefox > Preferences > Applications, if you use a Mac, or tools > Options > Applications, if you use Windows. Now do scroll the list by content type and find mailto. In the right drop down menu, select "Hotmail".
    7. Then, go back to about: config.
    8. If the warning again, click on "I'll be careful, I promise!
    9. In the type of field to filter "gecko" and double click the first gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost of entry to change the false return value.

    The problem is perhaps due to a change in security in Firefox that limits the use of the "javascript:" in the address, which is required for step 4 bar.

    Try this as a substitute in step 4:

    b open the Web Console, using one of the following methods:

    CTRL + SHIFT + k

    the orange button Firefox > Web Developer > Web Console

    Classic Tools menu > Web Developer > Web Console

    A small area is expected to open at the top of the current page.

    b copy the following line of script and paste it next to the ">" at the bottom of the Web Console (everything on one long line):


    Then press the Enter key to run it.

    After step 5, you can close the Web Console using the same method used to open it.

    Does it work?

  • 61850 initiate

    I use IEC61850 client to connect the meter of SALT - 735, but it is still stuck in the Insider game

    but when I use the other client IEC61850 (like IEDScout), there is not such a problem,

    so I use wireshark to trace these packages, the ISO labview to launch demand 8650-1 is like this:

    and the Insider IEDScout request ISO 8650-1 is like this:

    so I use TCP socket send an updated day launch ask SALT-735

    then the SALT-735 send back a response to initiate

    so I have two questions

    1. are there in all cases that I can change the name of the context-aSO-when I use the command lance?

    2. when I use IEDScout to connect to the server of labview 61850 mms, it stuck in the same part, response from the server does'nt insider

    , is there anyway I can change the server of labview for demand response mms start with 1.0.9506.2.3?

    Thank you!


    Thanks for your information.

    1. I'm sorry to say that IEC 61850 software cannot support to change the name of the context-aSO - until now.

    2. when allows you to connect to the mms Server 61850 labview IEDScout, you must change the configuration of the mask of OSI on MMS Server. In any program of IEC61850 MMS Server.lvproj, double-click the first VI, Show its block diagram, and you can say OSI point mask as below.

    For the mask of the OSI, it consists of 4 bits and you can assign all 0. We have tried in our office and it's a job. I joined the statement of the OSI mask in the attachments too.

    Thank you!

  • Why do I get 'Bad call Dll Convention'?


    the gall attached contains an experimental to read dll in LV 8.6 and use in VB6.

    The zip file contains the vi (adding 2 numbers), LV, VB6 project.

    The service seems to work.  He adds the numbers, but still, it gives the error "Bad dll calling convention".

    I think I did good. I used the Conventioin of the Standard call.  I used Double in LV and long in VB.

    How can I get rid of this error?

    Sombody allows this example on his machine.  Maybe it's something to do with my specific machine?

    VB usually gives the error "Bad DLL calling Convention" when you said an incorrect function.  This can be as simple as exporting with __cdecl instead of __stdcall (although this will crash more likely only), or it could be that because of the function declaration to say the battery is placed in a terrible state because the DLL call placed more or less data on the stack that VB should based on your statement.

    In your specific case, I see a few problems.   For reference:

    In LabVIEW, is your equivalent C function prototype as shown in your project file:

    Double AddNumbers (double * xY, double x, double y)

    In VB, your statement is:

    Declare Sub AddNumbers Lib "D:\NI Projects\eDAS400\DLL\LVDLL Experiment\SharedLib.dll" _

    (ByVal x As Double, ByVal y As Double, xy As Double)

    The first "double" in the C prototype means that the function in the DLL call will return a double.  In your VB prototype, by declaring "Sub" you are, in essence, says VB you don't expect the DLL to return data.  It is a likely cause of your error.  To resolve this issue, change to say "Declare function", and then add 'Double' at the end of the statement.

    The second problem I see is that in your prototype C, the first parameter is passed by reference (like a pointer).  However, your statement of VB, passes all ByVal.  You must change this option to make the parameter that returns data (in this case xY) is passed ByRef.

    Finally, it seems that your parameters in the function of C are probably not in the order that you expect.  I expect to be x, y, xy (which you have in the VB declaration), but the order in the C (ie. in the DLL) function is not the same.  This results in a funny behavior.  The order must match between the two.  To resolve this, I recommend you actually change the LV DLL so that settings are exported in more logical x, y, xy order.

    I think this should take care of your problems.  Sorry so lengthy, but I wanted to make sure that you understand the 'why' on this one because it can be a common error trying to create/call VB dll.


  • OfficeJet Pro 8620: Offbeat right copy 8mm

    Printer Officejet Pro 8620 S/N [edited moderator serial number], new March 4.

    Normal print mode of the computer works fine, properly positioned and aligned on A4.

    But the copy locally (i.e. on the printer) is improperly aligned horizontally.

    The copy is shifted right 8mm.

    Even move if the original is placed on the glass by hand or powered by the sheet feeder.

    When double-sided, the first side is shifted right as single-sided, the second is shifted to the left. Both of 8mm.

    Found the answer. In the settings of copy on this machine, there is a 'margin Shift. " This change from 'On' to 'Off' solves the problem.  I'm sure I never put it, so the question for HP is the reason it had become on my new machine. But thanks a lot for your help earlier.

  • List of cursor only save last position in loop for

    Hi, I'm new to LabView 2010 and try the list of cursor to use in a different program to the top of the label. My test program has a problem however, only displays the last Summit of cursor not all. Basically my program will simulate periodic signal jacquard Sinc, finding peaks and their location of Summit with PEAK detect and then use a loop (the length of the array of locations of long peak) for update cursor list repeatedly. I can't understand why on my graph, only the last point gets poster well! Any suggestions? Attached is my diagram of block VI

    You have some very weird code constructs, suggesting that you are not yet fully understand dataflow.

    The property node double where you first write, then read the list of cursor is half-useless. Remove the lower property. You could just branch wire on the node property and the indicator.

    The property on the left node is outside the loop, which means that it is read only once and then never again. All that you read at each iteration is the outdated value stored in the tunnel. If you need the updated list cursor, place the node property inside the loop.

    Your code is much too complicated. All you probably need is to index automatic on two tables of orange and the list of cursor, built the new list of cursor on a tunnel to exit of autoindexing, then write on the property node.

    Please join the real VI so I we can show you more easily.

  • Solutions of workaround for missing Officejet 6500 a (E710a-f) features?

    I recently bought an Officejet 6500 a (E710a-f) and found out that the driver does not have two important elements, I had supposed wrong would be included, as they have been available on Deskjet printers for many years: print preview and manual duplex printing. Manual States simply to print the odd and even pages separately - has a challenge at best when I'm printing that does not offer as an option and it doesn't seem to be an option to preview before printing at all.

    First (manual duplex printing): I've seen ads for the 6500 has more (E710n) which include a manual double-sided printing, so I wonder if the 6500 is able to use this driver if I install it without causing other problems. If not, anyone know of other alternatives for double-sided printing?

    Second (print preview): unless my work application has a preview feature before automated printing, other than printing to a pdf (such as CutePDF) creator and the review of the layout in a viewer (like Adobe Reader) PDF, is there a simple way to get a preview of the text before printing?

    Finally, I believe there is a good reason why these features - available on Deskjet printers for many years - were left out of the Officejet 6500, but I have not yet found. If someone who understands print drivers can explain it to me, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    ( Updated 26/07/11: 1) Re duplex printing: I found a video on the HP support Web site, which offers a solution in two steps for double-sided printing: first, print the odd pages and even pages (a two-step process). It would be great, however, if there is a driver who would do this in one step, as there has been on SEVERAL HP Deskjet of printers in the past. Is there an existing printer driver that makes manual duplex printing it will work with the Officejet 6500 a?

    (2) re print preview: no luck at all with "Print preview." Still, any suggestion would be appreciated. If personal HP monitors this forum, please let me know if it is a futile effort, or is there a solution to this problem. I lose a LOT of paper by not being able to check what the final provision of the documents will look like before you print!

    @ drbb01

    I've been looking for a solution for several hours and finally found one!

    I have a tutorial that explains how to install an alternate driver that can handle manual duplex printing.

    The driver being used is the driver for the Officejet Pro K550 Series printer. But I don't know if you follow each of the steps in the tutorial to make it work. Unfortunately, the tutorial is in German...

    If you still need information informed me an I'll try to translate the tutorial in English.

    My regards, Marc

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