Download IPhoto missing after El Capitan libraries

After reading discussions on the picture are supported, I saw not any problems with IPhoto disappearing after operating system upgrade to El Capitan.

I initial had Iphoto after installing the El Capitan and known to most of the issues. But today, I am unable to access photos in IPHOTO. The Iphoto icon is available, but there is no library/photos/albums to choose more. Pouf! Went. There were a few pictures that I have has not been loaded on Photo but load on Iphoto by preference. If these photos are not pictured.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

I consulted Iphoto from FINDER, Iphoto icon, photo, with the same results. "I need to select a library, but there is no library to choose from.

IOS is 10.11.2 on a Macbook Pro

IPhoto 9.6.1

Kind regards



Is he missing the library then you need to restore your back upward. It is not really something else to do.

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  • Smart albums missing after upgrade to 10.11.1 (iPhoto for pictures)

    Hey people,

    I recently updated my OS to 10.11, backup of my iPhoto on an external HD libraries.  After copying the libraries to return to the folder of photos, then raise Photos, just what some of my smart albums are missing.

    In addition, many of my pictures seem to have their error keywords.  I tried to redo one of smart albums, and he ended up including lots of pictures which shouldn't be there.  I hit apple - I to get the info on the photo and I noticed several photos in a row that were not supposed to be there all had the same exact keywords which they shouldn't have.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!


    I did a smart album with one of the wrong keywords and found that the keyword was applied to a very limited number of photos.

  • recently deleted iPhotos after El Capitan

    Hi everyone I have a small question. I'm a bit confused. I still have my photos in my "Photos" folder I never use iPhoto. After I download El Capitan, I saw in iPhotos that there is this section "recently deleted". In this section, it is full of all my pictures and videos, but that's all my photos and videos are always in the folders of Photos and original videos, but they are also in the recently deleted. Is that what I should be worried or are all my files in the original folders going to be beautiful?

    Hello michypz,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    If I understand your message, you are concerned about your photos and videos that appear in a recently deleted folder.  Is - this folder in the Photos app or iPhotos?  Recently deleted folder displays items that have been selected manually to remove it from your library.  Your Photos or iPhoto library stores the videos and photos in their library files themselves, so the photos and videos you have stored separately on your Mac should not be affected.  To learn more about the recently deleted in iPhoto album, I suggest you only look at this article:

    iPhoto: delete the photos and video

    Take care.

  • How do I recover photos in the iphoto library after upgrading to el capitan?

    How do I recover photos in my iphoto library after upgrading my iMac with OS X El Capitan 10.11.4?  In the new icon, photo, I have no pictures.

    Pictures of launch with down option, click on another library and select it. If you are able to get iPhoto 9.6.1, you can use it instead.


  • Can I download iPhotos to icloud

    I need to download iPhotos to iCloud before moving on to the photo, I have an iMac os x 10.9.5 and upgrade to El Capitan worried 10.11.3, of my 12 000 photos

    No, do a backup on an external drive instead.

    iPhoto for pictures

  • Network adapter missing after installation of Windows 7 Ultimate on my PC

    Hello world

    My computer's CPU is Intel Core i3-2120 3.3 MHz.

    After you have installed Windows 7 Ultimate, I tried to connect to the LAN, but I found that I had no LAN driver.  So I downloaded the driver from the Intel site. I tried to install the lan driver but I get a message that is no network card. I tried some different things but nothing seems to work.

    Hi Nitin,

    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Community.

    According to the issue description network adapter is missing after I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on your computer. The network adapter might need to be reset, or the driver for the card may need to be updated. Try these steps and see if it helps you to solve the problem.

    Method 1:

    First of all, I suggest you run Windows built-in network troubleshooting to get the problem automatically detected and corrected.

    See the article below to run the network troubleshooter utility.

    Using the troubleshooter from network in Windows 7.

    Method 2:

    This problem can also be bound to the adapter, reset, update driver, disabling, re-activating, uninstall and reinstall network adapter can help.

    Follow the steps in the following article to troubleshoot network adapter.

    How can I troubleshoot network adapter?

    See also: Wired and wireless network problems.

    Hope it would help. If problem persists always post back with the current state of your computer and the result of the proposed suggestion, we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards

  • Folder my documents is missing after upgrade to Windows 7

    Original title: MJ has upgraded to windows 7 ultimate

    I just upgraded to windows 7 ultimate and now find my documents folder is missing, I have tred everything including checking my old windows files, but nothing is, can anyone help

    Hi Mike,.

    Please answer a few questions to refine the question.

    1 are you referring to the "documents" folder in Windows thelibrary?

    2. did you check the exact location of the folder "documents" in Windows 7?

    3. from which operating system you have upgraded to Windows 7?

    4. have you received an error during the upgrade to Windows 7?

    Method 1:

    As was the Document and Settings folder in Windows XP Pro in Windows 7 does not have access to any user, as it is a protected file. The folder you're talking has now been replaced in Windows 7 with the USERS folder. And you can also access the folders of documents in libraries. You can search the documents folders in C:/Users/user_name.  If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.

    Method 2:

    $INPLACE. ~ TR and $WINDOWS. ~ Q are leftover folders created by Windows during the upgrade process, if there is no error while upgrading files may be saved in these files.

    Individual records will be hidden by default and you can view the folders to view the folders. You can look in the C: drive.


    Show hidden files

    I suggest you to refer to the multiple suggestions in a similar discussion.

    Files or folders 'Documents' are missing after the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7

    Hope this information helps. Response with status so that we can help you.

  • I just clicked on the shortcut to undo key and then all photos are missing after I get my CF card

    How to get my photo because I just clicked on the shortcut to undo key and then all photos are missing after I get out my card CF.
    I formatted my CF card already.

    < re-titled by host >

    If you clicked the Cancel button right after the import, then you u did import. If the REFO option is available, click on it.

    In otherwise, re - import photos from the card again and do not click Cancel. If the card has been erased, see if you can use the Time Machine backup to restore.

  • MacBook can not see my WD My Passport after El Capitan installed.

    Hi all. My Macbook can't read the WD My Passport after El Capitan upgraded. It worked fine before upgrade, think a Yosemite before. Do not see it in the Finder or in the Apple system report. Any ideas? I'm sure it's all to do with NTSC etc, but why he would become unreadable? Thank you...

    The WD My Passport works on other computers?

  • HP ENVY m6-1125dx: Beats Audio In/Out-put pilot missing AFTER Factory Reset/OfficeProgram reinstalling Windows


    So about three months ago I had a problem with my HP mouse and browser. both were glitching on screen and does not allow me to type consistently or right-click (to copy, paste, etc.). After seeking help from technology College friends, HP reps (which were not useful since my ch isn't under warranty anymore) and work friends, no one would understand it. I decided to make a setting reset according to which did not help. Then, a factory reset. Finally, it fixed my problem, yay no glitching more! So I contacted Microsoft to reinstall my Microsoft Office. After I have reset a computer and everything was in order, I hung up with them. By attempting to play a video a few moments later, I noticed that my volume is not working. I tried through the Troubleshooting Device Manager (replied 'No audio device found'), by lifting missing audio drivers via the HP Web site (found nothing) and call Microsoft to see what they could do since HP reps no help. So far, no progress is possible except that Microsoft has discovered that he is no longer an audio in/out located on my device. This is absurd! My laptop was purchased 2 years ago for around $500 with award-winning special Beats Audio Sound System. I want to come back. I was forced to resolve the previous question myself and I wa slucky enough to find a way. But now, I am presented with an audio problem I'm afraid that I can't solve in my favor.

    If someone who comes through my investigation has informed business and education with a solution to the please my problem do not hesitate to contact me with your advice and your credentials. I'm willing to try anything at this point, but of course not at the expense of my computer. Experienced responses welcome!

    I hope someone can help me. Manager Microsoft is kind enough and plans to call me again today at 15:00. But, I really don't think there is anything else on our end that we can do. It's all HP to reinstall the audio driver Beats for me once again.

    Thanks in advance.


    I do not work for a hardware or software company. Since your machine drivers support site, available for Windows 10, only the drivers that came with your machine (for Windows 8). Driver for Windows 8 above should work as ask you 'pilot missing AFTER factoryreset/windows.

    Kind regards.

  • My URL/address bar is missing, after the delicious update. My search engine is missing after the delicious update. I can't figure out how to reactivate them. rhouwan@***.***, thank you.

    My URL/address bar is missing, after the delicious update.
    My drop-down search engine list is missing after the delicious update.
    I can't understand how turn them back on, please advise, thanks.

    You are welcome

  • I can't install Firefox for Android on HTC Desire (Froyo) via Android Market, as the download keeps restarting after reaching 60-75% (about 7-8 MB of 13.84 MB). Any help?

    Download on restarts after a while. The notification bar poster download % as if the previous download is still in progress. It is, first time started download, notification bar shows % correct. Around 70%, the download within the app market starts again from 0 KB, and the notification bar indicates the average of the two downloads (35% when the download market is 0%, 40% after download in 10%).
    This second new download disappears from the market and a third begins, no any other warning or error message. This time the notification bar indicates average of 3 downloads!
    No idea what's going on, this is my first download firefox for mobile.

    Sorry, I don't know why the app from the market is unable to complete the download.

    If it still does not work, you can try the link to FTP server on this page and see if it works better:

    You can also try to download Firefox on your computer using this FTP link and then look for the instructions on how to "sideload" application on your phone via the USB port.

  • Re-download and missing songs

    I bought an album and a few songs were missing. I could not re - download the missing songs or the album so I thought it was a good idea to remove all the album from my pc and re - download the whole album. But this is not possible. It is said that I bought the album but I can't find it in my purchases. I see that I paid for it in March 2011, when I go to my account information and purchase history.
    The answer is not in this link: download your past - purchases Support Apple


    Depending on how you deleted tracks and responded to all the guests you can also hid the purchase that could be the reason why it does not show. Try hide and expose purchases iTunes or iBooks on your Mac or PC - Apple support.


  • Yesterday, I downloaded the upgrade to El Capitan in a Mac Pro (early 2008) running Yosemite 10.10.5, and today I can not start the upgrade

    Yesterday, I downloaded the upgrade to El Capitan in a Mac Pro (early 2008) running Yosemite 10.10.5, and today I can not start the upgrade.

    The only option I have found is to click again on the download button, but the circle of download rest bike for a long time and ultimately that nothing happens.

    See if that helps...

    Start with CMD + r or the Option/alt key to boot from the recovery partition & use utility disk from there to repair the disk, and then repair permissions.

  • Download iphoto

    I want to download iphoto free.

    iPhoto is not a free application.  He used to come FRO free with a new Mac, but the upgrades to new major versions must be purchased. But Apple has stopped the development of iPhoto and you can buy is more than any way iPhoto.  You can only reinstall it from the AppStore for free, if you already have a license to AppStore in iPhoto.

    See tip for user of Barney: cannot be updated iPhoto because it is not available in the App Store

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