Download the text file of the site domain

I need to download a text file to a directory of a domain site.  Text file is saved  What to do next?

On your PC, right-click on the text file, and then click on copy.

Connect to the domain (if you don't know how, you will need to get instructions from the domain administrator on how to configure your PC to connect to the domain - specific settings that are required there and they differ by area - and you may need to be configured on the domain and given rights).  Once the installation program I would map a drive to the field to make easier access next time.  Navigate the site of field to the directory where you want the file to exist.  Right-click on the directory and click on paste.

The file will now have been copied in the domain site directory (assuming you have the appropriate permissions on the domain server to add files in this directory - you will need to talk to the domain so that administrator it it gives you an "access denied" or "you do not have sufficient to perform this task" or a similar error message).

That's all there is to it.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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    Our clients have trouble downloading a text file (.txt) on our site version 33.0 (using a filestream). It worked well in previous versions.

    The error message they get reads as follows:
    {name of file and download user path} not can be saved, because the source file could not be read.

    Thank you

    It is an old relative to corrupted downloads ( error message, but has become more widespread in Firefox 33.

    To make a long story short... before, if the server sent a response which was smaller than the specified size, the gap has been ignored and the download was considered to be very good. From Firefox 33, a file that is smaller than the specified size is considered as being damaged.

    This comment in the bug tracking system has more information:

  • Aid for the creation of a muse contact form that allows a file to download (the site is hosted in British Colombia)

    Can someone help me in creating a contact in muse form that would allow a pdf file be downloaded either a resume?

    Or is it a widget out there that would achieve this?

    The site will be hoste in Business Catalyst.


    In order to use the "Attachment" option, you must have your site on Web marketing or senior site map.

    If your site is already one of these site map, you should see the options like this,

    Let me know if you have any question.

  • Cannot download the site since the transition

    I was uhable to download my site since the transition. I get the following error: this error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem that prevented the display of the Web page.


    is it possible to use any third-party client to download your Web of Muse site and see if it works. If not, then the issue is with server and you need to discuss with your server.

    If it works, please share the full error you get all publishing the site of Muse to your host. Add a screenshot of error if possible.

  • Download Simple text file from internet URL (base CVI)

    I am trying to download a simple textfile locally on the computer using CVI (basic package).

    I've seen many examples of Web browser and other programs of crazy whistle.  All I want to do is travel to a URL and download the file text in the background.  I tried to use the IWebBrowser program but could not figure out how to save the file to my output name specified without user intervention.

    To be even more precise, here is a sample URL.  I want to save this file as yuma.txt in my working directory.  No prompt or anything.

    to be registered as yuma.txt

    Be specific about what instruments or dll to use and where to get them.

    Thank you very much!

    After installing the program wget of GnuWin, I could simply extract files, wget.exe and .dll to the bin directory and get the program to run on another computer.  So, it would be the ultimate solution.


    For this reason, the only losses are not have a preset file that comes with the program that is installed in the default path (which you can ignore any entry in the same command line arguments) and have the register of the installedpath.

    If this solution seems to work!  Thank you

  • PB to download the different domain xml file


    I want my flash site to convert currencies.
    This is why I want to get the rates of Exchange from the internet.

    Initially, I wanted to do this by using web services, but the free one I found:
    does not work properly (loading problems?)

    So I decided to use another way by getting my rate from the RSS file:

    Everything is ok, I had the rates I am interested in the analysis of the RSS.

    But everything is ok when I test locally, when I put my file on my hosting server, rates cannot be recovered more, it seems that if there is a connection problem.

    Is there a security problem? Can someone help me?

    I've heard of cross-domain policy file, but I can not put such a file on a server that I do not know
    i.d., is to put the file on the server hosting, I can't apply this...

    Thanks for your help

    Thanks Aaron!

    That's exactly what I did:
    ... and it works ;)

  • Chrome does not recognize my creative cloud installed and active acrobat. I'm trying to download a PDF file from Web sites and to get the message that I must first launch acrobat and sign the user agreement, but acrobat is already underway.


    I recently tried to switch my browser to Chrome of Safari, which I never use and I'm pretty happy with Chrome overall I had to go because I can't recognize my installation of Adobe Acrobat.

    He always tries to open them in the preview of a PDF from the web and then if I try to export it as a pdf after sitting and wait a long time for it "thinks" I get error that I need to launch adobe acrobat and accept the user agreement.

    But acrobat already running!

    Any ideas?

    If you are on a Mac, I've read that Google has recently changed to Chrome so that it cannot use Adobe PDF plug-ins. These have been not supported for many years in all cases. I suggest you to use Safari when you need PDF files (but noted that the Mavericks Apple stopped using Adobe plug-ins, however in this case, there IS a solution).

  • Mail will not download the site webmail twc... help!

    Mail will download my account at Has been made until today. TWC checked my settings are correct, they say that the problem is on your side. Help, please!

    Discovered there was a worm on my network. Problem has been resolved. Thank you!

  • Cannot download only modified files to FTP site

    Whenever I have download on the FTP host, I select "Only changed files", but all the files are updated in place. What is the problem?

    Thanks, Greg

    Hello Greg,.

    This is exactly the case here. Because you have made a change to the master page, Muse had to update all the pages that the master has been applied to and where you saw all the pages updated. If this had been a normal page, you would see that this page updated in the update progress box (which appears when changes are uploaded/updated).

    See you soon


  • After hosting my site created with adobe muse on a ftp server, can I change my site on muse adobe later and update it on this same server ftp with the same domain name and do not have to pay for hosting again?

    After hosting my site created with adobe muse on a ftp server, can I change my site on muse adobe later and update it on this same server ftp with the same domain name and do not have to pay for hosting again?

    Yes, no extra accommodation payment is required. After editing your site and savings, click download file to the host of VTT... The info should auto fill with the same information that you used to download the site the first time. You can choose to download only files "changed" or "all files". Click OK and the old files will be overwritten.

  • How to remove unwanted files from the local root folder of the site?


    I work with Dreamweaver CS4 on a Windows PC. I have finished my site but I have a lot of files in my local root folder that I don't want to upload to the server. These unwanted files are for most of the photos that I should not be used in my site. I do not understand how to download the site on the server using ftp and remote folder in Dreamweaver. I suppose that if I move the page html files to the remote folder that my photos will not be associated with these html files automatically. I used a Dreamweaver template during the construction of the site. I wish I had a folder with only the necessary files for the site (all html pages and a folder of images) to upload to the server. Is there an easy way to move all my pages and images associated with a folder or remove all unwanted files in the local root folder? As I see it now, I'll have to go through all my pages and write down each title of the photo and then go back and delete each unwanted file. This seems a lot of your time, so I thought that there must be an easier way, I hope.

    Any help or ideas will be of course very appreciated, thanks, dluthier

    I guess you mean 'work' files, not the images that you use in your Web site.

    If they are not related to all pages of your site, you are free to move by using your computer's file management tools. I can give you specific instructions, if you wish, but the short of it is that you do not keep them in the folder root of your site at all.

    In my way of working, I have a folder for each client that includes:

    • The correspondence of this client folder
    • Folder to 'Work'... the PNG images, etc., or of the images from the client
    • Record the site root

    When I get e-mail, I save the message in the appropriate folder of correspondence, I save the images etc in the folder of 'Work' to the customer and I only save images and other who have already been optimized in the Site folder, keep it as intact as possible.

    Even if the general warning must always use the files Panel to move files around, that applies to files which are linked and form part of the structure of your Site. Moving your files 'work' outside of the structure can be carried out safely in windows explore your PC.

    That said, if you need to download and there are files you want to download, or to move, you can 'hide' the in the files Panel by right-clicking on the file name and choosing 'Cloaking '.... "in the context menu that appears.

    To the point that the image files that are downloaded to the remote site will not 'automatically' be associated with your html files. That is right. Unless you have configured explicitly links or associations between files, images will not associate themselves!

    On the subject of 'automatic' way to do this, you can make a link to check on all of your local site. Window > results > Link Checker will bring up the appropriate window, which will give you the choice: broken links, external links and orphan files (this is the one you want). Use the green triangle tower at the left end of the Link Checker to set your auditor... Current Local Document or a set current site.

    If you want to make a checklist to ensure that you move them all, you can save the report by clicking on the small icon "Floppy" under the Green turn the triangle. Who will be on a file text and make up a dialog that you save the report, which will show the broken links, external links and orphaned files. After you move the files to your heart's content, rerun the link check and confirm that you moved the files you want to move. Make sure that you DON'T move files consciously... do not move the .htaccess files or .cgi files, etc.

    Who will save you from actually having to 'write' file names!


  • Download the file is missing. Not asked where I would like to save file, only the 'Save' button appears

    When you download a file, I ask me where to save the file.  He asked me just to save it or not.  Then, after you save the file, I try to find the file, but it is not in the usual directories when I download files.  I tried to download from CNET.  This just started today.  Don't remember any recent downloads either.
    That's happened? It is not under My Documents to my profile or my Local Settings\Temp directory either.  I did a search for the file name, even in hidden folders.
    I am running Windows XP Home Edition.  [By today standard T - Rex, but it's the only one I use for office work, no video editing work.]

    Hi WingersMedia,

    1. What web browser do you use to download the files?
    2. Are you having a similar problem with all files or any download specific file only?
    3. Are you able to download and save files from other sites?

    I suggest that you try to download other files on the same site and check if it works.

    I suggest you check that the recording location of the file when you are prompted to save the file and check later to this place.

    Also check out the link below to put on with similar problem and check if it is useful if you are using Internet explorer as your web browser.

  • Fonts Typekit works not when you access the site through go daddy domain forwarding.

    Let me start by saying that I am a complete nube. I have a limited knowledge of the terminology and the way that the web works but I'm learning. I have CC, has created a site for a friend and used a typekit fonts. I downloaded the site to my hosting account as a "subdomain" of my website to test and everything seemed to work very well. Once I felt that everything was ready to launch, I went to my account of go daddy friends and did his estate on the site. The site loads very well and all the fonts appear ok except one typekit fonts that I used. When you access the site directly (as a subdomain on my site, example: I see typekit fonts in all its glory, however when accessing the site of the field pointed no name, no typekit fonts. Very confused. I was under the impression that the two methods to access the site will take you to the same place and yet they net of different results. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hey Danny,

    Web of Typekit fonts are served only for the specified domains to publish on time. You need to specify explicitly field of your friend when the site is published.

    The website URL (s) on the ground in the Upload FTP host and export as HTML dialog boxes take in charge several entries separated by commas as in, www,

    I hope this helps.


  • Download the dreamweaver made another site computer


    I created a website for academic use for our group using dreamweaver cs5. I have all the files on a local folder. Now, I want to upload them to the Web site with the help of a computer to a different server, which do not have dreamweaver installed (due to restrictions of the company to install a software on this pc)? Can I still download the site using only the files the using FTP?

    I've never seen DW "code corrupted", all the time that I used it.

    I have a feeling that this idea comes from complaints about the program non-codeurs.

    DW is not a WYSIWYG program (no matter what the marketing guys have said about it in the past). The view of the design of the program is only an approximation of the appearance of your site. Live View mode is better, but only shows your site on a browser Webkit (Safari or Chrome) you and don't account for the specific issues of browser (such as Internet Explorer link by default image border).

    Many people wait look design exactly as the site of output (WYSIWYG), it rarely does.

    There are rare cases where a user doesn't realize their line Break Type is set incorrectly and when downloading, the code will be forced into a single line, but is not for the lack of the program, rather it is user error. It is also fixed very easily if it is running in.

  • Link goes to the wrong page, once the site is transferred via ftp

    No matter what I do in Muse, a particular link goes to the wrong page. I tried to rename the page, deletion and recreation of the link, change the text styles, download of the whole of the site several times, you call it.

    When I saw site in the browser the link works correctly. When I upload to the server the link does not work properly.


    Home page under menu

    Link under testimony / continue reading, to half way down the page

    Links should go to the testimonials page, but it takes you to the FAQ page.

    I just noticed the link links simply bounces back to the home page.


    Here is the site;

    Hera is the code to continue reading link:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 2.05.48 AM.png

    I suspect that the href-data tag is the culprit.

    OK, so I deleted the page with broken links and created a new, deleted the page that the link has gone in and created a new.

    Created a new link in the menu of Muse.

    Tested the site on BusinessCatalyst and it worked.

    Downloaded the site via FTP (all files, not just an update).

    Same problem again.

    Site exported as HTML to my local HD, no problem with the link.

    Very confused.

Maybe you are looking for

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