Download the text using JAXB

In my application, I read an XML (with JAXB) but it's time I have empty segments.

I put a few examples

<tuv> <seg>Unknown: the action taken should always be known</seg> </tuv>

Here I read the "seg" label, I can get all the text "unknown: the action must always be called ' but if this text is like this:

<tuv> <seg><bpt i="1" x-wb-tag="b1" />Unknown<ept i="1" x-wb-tag="/b1" />: the action taken should always be known</seg> </tuv>

I get nothing, my variable is empty and I want to get all the text "unknown: the action must always be called.

Could I get this text " <bpt i="1" x-wb-tag="b1" />Unknown<ept i="1" x-wb-tag="/b1" />: the action taken should always be known " or just " Unknown: the action taken should always be known " (without the 'ept' and "bpt" tag? (I want it as a string)

Note: the value of the variable is a 'string. '

Thank you!

I answer my question, if someone needs it.

I used @XmlMixed which returns a list of objects.

There is more information: joint element

Tags: Java

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        String dID = m_binder.getLocal("dID");
        String contentID = m_binder.getLocal("dDocName");
        String serviceName = "GET_FILE";
        String userName = m_binder.getLocal("dUser");
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    2. in this case, what should be the default properties for this text field.

    LiveCycle Designer version: 7.0

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    I have

    You can try like this...

    TextField1.border.edge.presence = "visible";

    Not sure if it still works on version 7.0...

    Thank you


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    I added my own element of the blackberry phone application menu. When the user enters a phone number in the textfield / searchfield and then it selects my custome menu I get the phone number in the run method of the ApplicaitonMenuItem. However if the user enters a world like the taxi it not passed to the method run (object in the operating system run null method). This acutally works perfectly in 4.6 and 4.6.1 OS but it no longer works in 5.0.

    I know it is possible to recover the text as he did voxofon.

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    Kind regards


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    I have to scroll through a page or double-click inside the text box then press return a few times, and the previous image, I put in this way is automatically pushed to the next page.

    I go back to point of original departure, try again, and it does not work.

    I've done it before, but now it does not work. I don't know what's happened prevents him from online to the location of the cursor.

    Help, please.

    Thank you

    It seems to me that the image is too wide for the frame. You can place it on the editing table, scale in the size, then cut to the Clipboard and paste it into the flow of the text.

  • Download the text of TextLine

    How can I make the text displayed in a TextLine object?

    I can not find, but I'm pretty sure I forgot something.

    If the TextLine was created by TLF, then its userData property should be a TextFlowLine. The TextFlowLine has an absoluteStart, that tells you where he starts the TextFlow and a textLength. The TextFlowLine is also a paragraph. Of the paragraph, you can get the TextFlow and the TextFlow has a getText() method to get the text.

    So, put that all together, something like this should work:

    var textFlowLine:TextFlowLine = textLine.userData as TextFlowLine;

    var textFlow:TextFlow = textFlowLine.paragraph.getTextFlow ();

    var textOfLine:String = textFlow.getText (textFlowLine.absoluteStart, textFlowLine.absoluteStart + textFlowLine.textLength);


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