downloaded the yahoo toolbar to see my yahoo Favorites but I can't connect to them, why?

I downloaded the yahoo toolbar because it was the only way to keep them. Done that got the red flag down there and got a pop up sign in French - pressed sigh in and keep lifting the same pop. I can't get any help for yahoo or Firefox on it, it's like they don't want to hear from us. I need my favorites, and they just can't get to them.
Help, please


I'm not very familiar with MacOS, unfortunately.

Instead of using Yahoo for your bookmarks, if you can get the toolbar works on any browser, you can copy your Favorites from Yahoo to store bookmarks of your browser. On the plus side, no need for the Yahoo toolbar. On the other hand, your bookmarks are not synchronized at Yahoo to make them usable in different browsers.

Which makes the transfer is to export the toolbar (for example, in Safari) to HTML format and then import using the import HTML your browser feature.

In case it works without the toolbar, here's the URL for the page of export (from the toolbar US):

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