Downloading applications without a specific account of microsoft.

I need to provide proof of concept before that my company will fund the series surface of tablets to use.

I need to apply a series of Microsoft applications for tablets that may not have a specific microsoft attached account. Security will not name or specific account on the device allow for its use.

How can load you utility apps (which are all Microsoft in nature by the way) to a Tablet without forcing the device to become a clone of a specific account? I need equip finally up to 5 or 6 machines of k in the next two years for various hospitals and nursing facilities.

I need to know if I can plan, do I have to use Apple or a structure of Chromebook to accomplish this task? If so, we will need to restructure our site and start to pull support IE and start to build a platform based OSx. Please help, I spent almost 4 hours on the phone being tossed about said that we at Microsoft technical support didn't know who to go to or who ask, my deadline is this week.


As far as I know, to access the store, you must have an ID MS you can ask it on Technet (for IT PRO) because it is essentially a consumer site.  If you give us a link to the thread on TN I can point some resources to it

This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)

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  • How to share data in the applications between different accounts of microsoft on the same PC

    Hi, I had been using windows 8 for over a month and that you have installed a * a lot of apps on the store. Now, I have to create a separate account from microsoft on the same PC. After having created, I find no way to use apps from windows of the older account store. And, certainly, I don't want to re-download applications for use on the new account. Is there a way to share data between different accounts on the same PC selected app? Thanks in advance, Praveen.

    Hi Samuel,.

    This is a free support. However, let me provide you with assistance on the issue of not being able to use the MS Office product on different user accounts. See the articles that describe how an application installed as MS Office can be used on another user account:

    Find and start Office applications in Windows 8 or Windows RT

    Also, for your further reference:

    Application does not appear on the start screen after the passage to another user

    I hope this helps. If you need additional help, then just reply back. Also, if you are faced with other problems related to Windows, it would be better to start a new thread of your own instead of posting in the thread on the other so that the new thread is no longer visible to the community.

  • The Apple Store won't let me download free applications without entering credit card information, how to fix this?

    The Apple Store won't let me download free applications without entering credit card information, how to fix this? (On my iPhone 6)

    You should be able to select "no".

    If this is not the case, this means that there may be a balance at a point that must be resolved before you will have access to free applications again.

    If the apple case support give a call.

  • Help, please! Impossible to pass local account for microsoft

    I got a Samsung ATIV smart PC 500 t as a gift today and I'm going to be very difficult to implement. I tried on and off for about 14 hours now without success.  Here is what happened:

    I've updated the PC software told me to. (there was a brochure stating that I needed to update before using my keyboard dock)

    I put the PC by using a local account, because for some reason, he said it was impossible to add my Microsoft account I created today specifically for this PC.

    I tried several times to switch to the Microsoft account and I get the error message

    "We're sorry, but something went wrong. your account has not been changed to this account from Microsoft.

    "Code: 0x800b0101.

    What does that mean? Why this is happening and what needs to be done to solve this problem?

    I also tried using the tiles, hoping maybe going this route would allow me access to my Microsoft account so that I can at least use the apps and what not.  When you try to open the store, I have this message: 'we are could not connect to the Bank. It could have happened due to a problem with the server or the network connect timed out. Please wait a few minutes and try again. "I also tried via the contacts, messages and weather applications. Whenever I get similar error messages.

    Obviously, I'm not very savvy, connect my internet computer works correctly, I am able to access the various web pages (even if I get a warning message of security for each of them, which is very annoying).

    Anyway, I can't understand this. Does anyone have a tip or useful information? Can I use my PC.

    Thank you!!

    Make sure that your date and time are correct.

    Set the clock - Windows help

    You can also try to create another user account on the computer as an administrator, log in there, then switch to a Microsoft Account.

    On your keyboard, press Windows key + C

    Click Change PC settings

    Under laptop settings, click users

    On other users, click Add a user

    Click the link log in without a Microsoft account

    Click on the Local account

    Enter the user name, account, confirm and create a hint, just in case you forget. Click next after you complete these steps.

    If you want to activate the Parental control on the account that you just created, check the box, otherwise, click Finish.

    Press Windows key + R

    Type: control userpasswords

    Click on manage another account

    Select the account that you just created

    The value of the privilege of administrator account if it has not been defined

    Click OK

    Restart and log on to the account, and then try to switch to a Microsoft Account.

  • When users who are working with an Application based on SQL (accounting), application suddenly closes!

    When users working with an Application based on SQL (accounting), application closes without prompting.

    We have virtual server Hyper-v with SQL server 2008 sp1 - other departments report no problem just for accounting

    They can't really work...

    Thank you


    These MS Answers forums are intended for the home rather than the it professional user. I suggest therefore that repost you your question in the forums MS Technet here: .

    (I'm sorry, but I can't move this thread for you because the two forums are working on separate platforms)

  • Can't set up any Accounts of Microsoft on a new computer laptop Windows 8 pro.

    Today, we bought a new laptop ASUS T3000 with Windows 8 pro.

    We tried to use our hotmail (Accounts) of Microsoft Management to manage this laptop.

    However, we receive the same error, no matter what account, we try the installer.

    Code: Ox80060101

    Two accounts of working on pc Windows 8.1 under the same roof.

    Using the temporary local account on the laptop, we are able to connect to the internet and connect to our Live Hotmail with the same username and password accounts.  If the connection is not a problem.

    The laptop is new without further modification or patch downloads.  All other mentions of this fault (and there are many go back sometime) see the point in time restores and uninstallation of patches.  Not an option for us.

    What can we do to use our Microsoft accounts to manage our this new Notebook



    Hi Erick,.

    I'm glad that you were able to solve the problem.  Thanks for sharing the solution.  Feel free to post your query if you are having problems with Windows in the future.

  • I have problems with my Apple ID when you download applications, that it is said that your ID Apple has not yet been used in the iTunes Store

    I have problems with my Apple ID when you download applications, that it is said that your ID Apple has not yet been used in the iTunes Store

    What exactly is the problem? You are also being invited to review the account and enter payment details? If you did you are your details accepted - if they are, you should be able to remove them then.

  • How can I run version 3.6.8 and the beta as of separate applications without a crash?

    I ran the beta before, recently I downloaded version 3.6.8 and replaces the beta version. How can I download and run each as separate application without a crash?

    IS S/O

    Thank you, for choosing Mozilla for us to better help you come join us on live chat in 29 minutes if possible otherwise just on the live chat whenever you can.

  • Download iTune without payment in India

    I can't download on iTune store without payment

    Right - you need a means of payment in order to download on the iTunes Store in the first place, unless you set the ID himself after (and in) a free app download:

    Create an iTunes account Store, App Store and iBooks Store with NO - Apple Support

    Good luck


  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium ceased to connect to the server to download applications

    After working perfectly for a few months, my printer is now "impossible to connect to the server" when I ask a crossword every day.  The printer receives and displays messages to my address eprint, and seems to work in all other means except Webscan.  I had to do a restore disc condition as supplied and a full restore of a backup complete recently, but downloading applications worked fine after that.  I have re-installed the software of the printer and all the cheques I seems good.  Any tips on what I should check or do?

    jerryq wrote:

    Same problem here. I have managed to disable the app function in the settings of the printer, but cannot access the settings of the application. Can we assume that this gadget is no longer supported by HP? It would be quite OK (noone really need), but then it should be an update of the firmware with the menu point deleted.



    I could solve the problem by selecting "Delete of Web Services" in the printer.  This erases all your settings in, so you will have to set up the printer again.  A bit tedious, but mine works again!

    When you select this option (located by touching the icon top left of the page 'Web Services' above 'Copy', then the 'Settings' button down), it resets the printer and display a new sheet "printer installation Instructions Important".  Take this sheet, because there the "request Code", you will need to add the printer to your existing account!

    Log on to your account to hpconnected, and then press the devices tab.  Click on the button 'add a device '.  Enter the code to request the instruction sheet, and you should show active again.  The claim code is also the new email address for the printer, you can now change what anyone available.  Unfortunately, the e-mail address you were using previously is now unavailable, but you can simply add a single digit to make it familiar - i.e. "[email protected]" can be "[email protected]".

    Back in the printer and press the icon "Applications".  If all goes well, the apps should load up.  With mine, I had to turn off the power, unplug for 30 seconds, then turn it back on.  Tapping the Apps icon then (finally!) connected to the servers and all the applications reappeared!


  • How can I print shares on the register of accounts for Microsoft Money 2004 please?

    I am using Microsoft Money 2004

    Can you pls tell me how to print the splits when printing on the register in the accounts there is no option for this

    Thank you

    Hello jenniferbovard,

    There is a separate forum that is specifically due to Microsoft Money.
    Click below for the link to the forum.

    They will be better able to solve your problems with Microsoft Money.


  • Micrtosoft Software Distribution Service 3.0 can automatically download & install if I do not use Microsoft Security Essentials? -Malware?

    XP pro with Service Pack 3 on 10 years, Dell Dimension 4500.  I use NOT of MSE.  I use AVG, malware protection.  I authorize updates from Microsoft automatically download but I decide to install.  13/03/13, I noticed that my PC had set a new restore point called "Software Distribution Service 3.0". Checking Windows Update I found 8 updates which appear legitimate 3/13 but I did not knowingly take any action to install them.  Have I not malware?  If so, how can I recover?

    Updates were:

    KB2807986 for a Note

    KB2687505 to the Visio Viewer

    KB890830 for malicious...

    KB982726 for Office 2010

    KB2767886 also for Office 2010

    KB2809289 for IE 8

    KB2814124 for Silverlight

    KB2553501 for filter Pack 2.0

    Thank you

    When you install Office 2010, Silverlight, Windows Live Essentials or Microsoft Security Essentials, you can make two changes:

    1 Microsoft Update (vs Windows Update) becomes your update by default source (that is, if she had not already the default); [1] and...

    2 automatic updates will reset the automatic configuration by default (that is, if one of the other options had been selected.)

    [The above is specified in the EULA that you accept when you install one of the requests, but it is "buried" in the small print and difficult to anyone who bothers to read.]

    Since you had MS Office 2010 installed for a while, chances are that Microsoft Update was already your default. So, it seems that #2 happened to you after you have installed Windows Live Mail (part of Windows Live Essentials) a few weeks ago (i.e. the or after 12 February).

    If you have not already done so, do not hesitate to change your automatic updates affecting the 'download but do not automatically install... '. "option.


    [1] so that Windows Update provides updates specifically for Windows, Microsoft Update expands the service to download and install updates for other Microsoft software (MS Office 2010, Silverlight, Windows Live Essentials and Microsoft Security Essentials).

  • Fix, it tells me that I need SP3 in XP it can apply the fix. You can download it from windows update. It's my problem, I can not download anything without having the 0x8024400A error

    I have problems to windows and Microsoft Update sites. I can't download updates without them having stopped by the 0x8024400A error message. I turned to microsoft Fix it automated repair and told me to go to the updates and download service pack 3 and Fix then it could solve my problem. Because I have the right software on my windows XP computer. You see that it is one of the updates, I need for my version of XP. I don't know what to do. There, can someone help me.   Bogacki signed

    Download the full install Service Pack 3 from this link:

    Ignore the warnings on the download, it's what you want.

  • How to make it so no one person can download anything without my concent

    I want to make sure no one can download anything without my authorization or a password.


    Which browser is installed on the computer?

    See the bottom of the articles that might help you. However, you may need to use some third party software to stop the downloads.

    Using Content Advisor to block inappropriate web content
    Internet Explorer Content Advisor: Frequently asked questions
    Windows Live Family Safety 2011

    Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

  • "Unable to download. Without this interface supported. "

    I bought 4 DVDs on the internet and tried to download but get this message: "unable to download.  Without this interface supported"I can watch the DVD on Quick Time player, but it will not download.  I have Windows Vista 64-bit.


    1. are you trying to download from the internet or you try to copy DVDs on computer?
    2. If you try to download from the internet and what browser do you use?
    3. are you able to download other files?
    4. where you perchase these DVDs?

    Please answer the above-mentioned questions and provide more specific information on the issue. This could help us help you better.

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