Drive Blu - ray for g62-455dx

I would like to replace my DVD drive internal stock (599062-001) with a Blu - ray player.  Partsurfer site does not list a Blu - ray drive for my computer laptop, g62-455dx, but I don't see Blu - ray discs for other models g62.  Specifically, I see the drive 599063-001 listed, but I don't know if it will work with my laptop.

Is drive compatibility just make to it the device physically fits in my laptop?  Or are there other requirements of the machine, such as the BIOS support or discrete video adapter?  I understand that I need software Blu - ray.


It's just a matter of physical compatibility. Even if you have the Intel HD video which is sufficient to support playback of Blu - Ray. Caveat that if you have a display of 1366 x 768 Blu-Rays looks not very different from DVDs. Windows will provide a generic driver optical drive to a very basic layer of the operating system that you want to mount as a volume and a function higher as DVD and Blu - Ray playback and burning disc is provided by Windows or third-party software.

As long as the drive is the right thickness (9.5 to 12 mm) and SATA (like all Blu - Ray players) it will slide into the hole and connect. You may need to Exchange facades to maintain perfect chassis and color coordination.

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    I bought a HP DV9408CA a few years back that came with a DVD reader/writer.  I would like to know if there is a way to update to a Blu - ray player.  Not worried if it's an aftermarket blu - ray player.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    CC9906 wrote:


    I bought a HP DV9408CA a few years back that came with a DVD reader/writer.  I would like to know if there is a way to update to a Blu - ray player.  Not worried if it's an aftermarket blu - ray player.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    I don't think that there is a compatible Blu - Ray player for an AMD DV94XX or even AMD DV9XXX series laptops. Care for these series guides show than one compatible drive but just for Intel based mobile computers. In fact, you would use an external, but you need at least 512 MB of video RAM, so the integrated Nvidia 6150 cannot even manage it. The laptop is not able in its original configuration of Blu - Ray...

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    I am looking for help to find and install a blu ray (game or R/W) drive in my HPE-140f.  Before I crack the case that I was looking to find info on the type of connection of the current drive to use, prefer an internal vs external USB 2.  I did install component PC before, but was hopingto find some information on the addition of components of this machine and the type of the specific interface for Blu Ray player


    The procedure to replace an existing optical drive or add an additional can be found on the following link.

    If you replace the existing drive, just use the same power and Sata connections for the new Blu ray player.

    If you add the Blu ray drive as an additional device, look for a free power connector is close to the one connected to your existing drive.  You will need to buy an additional sata cable to connect the additional drive to the motherboard.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Message on the screen 'BD - J' drive Blu - Ray - Satellite-P50t-B - 10 K

    First, a comic book, first playing a message saying "the AACS key has expired. You will not be able to listen to some Blu - ray titles. You want to download from the internet now? "Click Yes, it is downloaded, update has been applied, reader closed and restarted."

    BD reinserted, saying "while he was playing a BD - J, mouse operation title and keyboard shortcuts are ineffective" message. Down in Google to find how I was destined to do work the reader saw that keyboard, mouse and touch screen had no effect. Read a few posts that say the arrow keys / directional are supposed to be used to fight against it, but they do nothing when I tried.

    Only things I can do with a BD disc in the drive is: opening and closing; maximize/normalize clicking via the touch screen anywhere on the drive; Right-click with limited function (display power switch and open Information from).
    I hate phone calls so don't really want to phone Support, someone at - it ideas what is happening and what I can do?

    What software did you use to play the disc comics and movies?

    If the error appeared using the TOSHIBA Blu - ray disc player, the solution is not very complicated.
    You need to update drive Blu - ray TOSHIBA by TOSHIBA Service Station.

    This doc may also be useful for you:

    If you have received this error message by using the patch to update software of WinDVD V8 Blu - Ray player



  • Drive Blu - ray Toshiba does not play a Blu - Ray - Qosmio X 70 - A PSPLTE

    Hey guys,.

    I want to play a Blu - Ray disc with my laptop Qosmio X 70A. I think that it should be possible with Toshiba Blu - Ray disc player, but when the software starts, the Blu - Ray does not play. I don't see an image with the label of drive Blu - Ray TOSHIBA. I use the latest version of this tool. I don't think there is a problem with my Blu - Ray Disc player, because I can see the file on the disk with windows Explorer.
    Does anyone have an idea how I can solve the problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello. Sorry to ask, is a Blu - ray Disc movie? If so, need special software to view.

  • Upgrade to blu - ray for HP Pavilion g series?


    I am interested in buying a reader external blu - ray or update material on blu - ray for my HP Pavilion g series. This is the info I found on this laptop I have: apparently, it is a series of Notebook HP Pavilion g6-1300. That's all I know using my product number.

    I'd like to be able to play blu - ray, but I don't know how to to this topic or what would work for me. Can anyone give me any help? I'm also in the United Kingdom, so I don't know if this would affect any help.

    Thank you.


    Here is the link to the service manual for your g6.

    Chapter 3, page 28 provides the disc of Blue Ray supported with HP part number.

    You can query your research for the part by the part number... Try eBay.

    The part is no longer available at HP, so you find a place that they may have to sell.

  • Qosmio PX30t - drive Blu - Ray Toshiba update for Windows 10

    After you download the updated Blu - Ray player for my all in one Px30t Qosmio on Windows 10.
    I read the following on the update page:

    Disc Blu - ray TOSHIBA (32/64 bit)
    Toshiba recommends installing this component which has been updated to support Windows 10
    You must manually uninstall this component of your computer so that this component updated to install.

    Then I uninstalled the reference software, then after running the update, a surprising window that called for the update
    could not be executed, because the installation program did not find the disk drive in my computer (is or isn't funny?)

    So for now I have not any player ready for Blu - Ray. How could I get a copy of the software Toshiba Blu - Ray disc player that's already installed with my computer?

    Please, I beg you! Could someone help with this 'funny' anomaly cop and provide me with a link to download the appropriate software. (Toshiba for Windows 8.1-10 Blu - Ray disc player).

    I'd really appreciate it!

    Thank you for your comments and clarification... can be useful to other Members here in the forum

  • HP 15-ac122tu: want a blu ray for my hp 15-ac122tu driver

    I inserted a blu - ray disc in my laptop but it is not read it... I realized that I need to install a driver for blu ray on my hp 15-ac122tu plse help how to download and from where?


    Yes, I would buy it: & dpID = 21l0PtOb6GL & dpsrc = Sims & preST = _AC_UL300_SR300% 2C201_ & refRID = 04ER3AQ3C2BHHAR3SR9D



  • Software disc drive Blu - Ray doesn't play new Blu - Ray!

    Rather disappointed with the Blu - Ray drive at this moment!

    My machine is a Qosmio X 870, running under Windows 7 64-bit. It comes with the Blu - Ray disc player, which so far I've used with my previous purchase - the next Star Trek generation season 2, which presents - and continues--work very well.

    However, the season 3 Blu-Rays that are just out, do any work! As far as I know, the discs are not defective - they are recognized, and the structure of the file is there. I tried multiple disks, but all simply freeze them the player when he tries to load them. The screen is black (flickers sometimes) and unresponsive. There is no error message. As far as I know, this isn't a hardware problem - disks are fine and the laptop drive can play the old blu - ray without problem.

    However, these news do nothing.

    * Solved * -after a lot of searching around, managed to find a software update for the player on the Australian Toshiba site (why doesn't the European site list the Bluray Player among the software updates?).

  • Qosmio X 870-152: lack of disk drive Blu - ray after own Win 8.1 installed

    Hello guys,.

    After a clean install of 8.1 to win Miss drivers thereafter for the built in blu - ray player_.
    If someone could provide a link to the Toshiba blu - ray Disc Player 3D software or alternative software player which is compatible with this model as well, I would be very grateful!



    Only a Blu - ray player from Toshiba update to win 8 to 8.1 win can be downloaded.
    The full version is not available for download.

    This means that if you want to use the Blu - ray Toshiba, you go back to factory settings of s for laptop (including the system Win 8). Next, you must complete an 8.1 Win update. After that you can download Blu - ray Toshiba-power drive package to update (Win 8.1) for the Toshiba UE driver page.

    If you n t to perform this procedure, you can try a freeware like VLC player software.

  • Satellite P855 - 33 X - Pascal spent the first menu disc drive Blu - Ray


    I have a Toshiba Satellite P855 - 33 X. Whenever I try to play a disc Blu - ray (2d or 3d) on the Toshiba Blu - ray disc player, I never spent the first menu (main menu according to disk or the language selection). I'm unable to click on the menu or use the keyboard to select the options in the menu, the bluray is unresponsive.

    It has worked well in the past so I wonder if there was a recent update that could have made this a problem?

    I have Windows 8, recently updated to 8.1.
    Thanks for your help.

    > I have Windows 8, recently updated to 8.1.
    I m wondering if you have updated the Toshiba Blu - ray disc drive after the update of the Win Win 8.1 8?

    You will find on the page of the Toshiba UE driver all tools Toshiba drivers and utilities to win 8.1.
    Usually after the Win 8.1 update, the software should be updated as well.

  • Qosmio X 70-A-12W-drive Blu - Ray does not work

    I have a brand new 3 days old machine and cannot get the blue ray drive to work, he played 1 music cd and now nothing
    can someone point me in the right direction

    Previously, we start discussion a few question for you:
    You use your laptop with preinstalled original WIN8.1 64 BIT?
    Toshiba BD player is installed on your machine? You can start this application?
    You can watch DVDs?

  • Satellite L755-144: drive Blu - ray (BD - ROM) game back support


    Sorry if this sounds a little silly question.

    I am looking to buy Satellite L755-144 ( that comes with a Blu - ray (BD - ROM) game back support disk drive.

    Now, I don't know what that means. I can see that it plays Blu ray DVD and CD, I understand it does not burn Blu Ray, but it burns DVD and CD?

    Thank you


    I searched for some more details on the Satellite L755-144 and the ODD support and the internal disk drive support this:

    CD - R (read/write),
    CD - RW (read/re-write),
    DVD - R Carbon SL, DL (read/write),
    DVD - RW (read/write),
    DVD + R Carbon SL, DL (read/write),
    DVD + RW (read/write),
    DVD-RAM (read/write),
    BD - R SL, DL (read),
    BD - RE SL, DL (read),
    CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, BD - ROM (read)

    PS: Means DL double layer and SL means monolayer ;)

    Welcome them

  • HP w2338h monitor/BD Drive: Blu - Ray will not play.

    Blue-Ray issue resources


    Current system specs:
    -Windows 7 64 bit
    AMD - Hex - Core
    xFired - HD s 7870 @ 4 GB vRAM
    -16 GB OF RAM

    Specifications of the former system of last reading Blu - Ray successfully:
    -Windows 7 64 bit
    -AMD Quad Core
    -HD 5750
    -PSU 600
    -8 GB RAM
    -Monitor even
    -Various READER of BD

    Problem: late for my annual consultation of AVATAR on Bluray. Suddenly, Blu - Ray is no longer 'works or bed. " I remember that it works last some time in mid-2012. I hate a HD 5750 both as a player BluRay 3 years.

    Attempt of solution (s): heard the analog sunset. Bought a brand new BD Drive about a month ago (September 2013) (see above) and installed it with 7 freshly from the 64-Bit window wiping. HDMI cable is plugged. Each driver is up-to-date (YES! I'm sure!). Display the default HDMI. Even with disconnected VGA, HDMI to HDMI output in does not work when you restart.

    Error on Cyberlink Power DVD 13:

    CyberLink BD Advisor report:

    1. my GPU is very good. She takes little care what says any advise. I said that by AMD personally.
    2 30 - Day Trial Version is always able to read Blu - Ray.
    3 Bullcrap. I have a HDMI connected on my GPU and my monitor.


    Report of the WinDVD Advisor high definition:
    1 analog display is not reported as a no-go for Blu - Ray playback?
    2. my processor is fine.
    3. once more, the GPU is very well.

    ArcSoft BD/HD DVD Guide Advisor report:
    1 GPU withdrew on the other two reports.
    2 CPU withdrew on the previous report.
    3 VGA 'taken away' if he was saying, he is not HDCP... Oh Yes... I also have HDMI CABLES BRANCHES in TOO! I call shenanigans.

    Please do not pay any mind to these reports. Use them only as a reference. I have posted only them because I know at some point, someone suggested I use one of those stupid things. I'm ready... I did my homework... Yes I'm crazy. Why? Because monopolies are dirty sumps of ethics commercial garbage... Now why the hell can't read my Blu - Ray?

    ... I even plunged into "The onion" for responses and is still short came.

    EDIT: I've heard theories of a defective HDMI port in my monitor... My argument is that he has not moved within 4 years, I got it and if something were to go (which he did not), it's nothing that a simple keyboard Cleaner couldn't fix. It has not folded or damaged.

    Then... After all those months of research and everything... everything that...

    My friend and I were dooped last night it STILL didn't work. I watched the HDMI, he given and which was already plugged in and noticed something that I'm stupid to not have noticed before. However, there is no block of interference... Through all his equipment and caught me a HDMI cable with alto and blocks of interference... works.

    Sorry for wasting time! Problem solved!

  • Optical drive Blu - ray - XPS 8900 - where can I find out more

    Recently received a XPS 8900 special edition desktop computer. Very happy so far, but there seems to be very limited user information available (the manual is pretty bare bones).

    Am I missing something (calculated limited skills) but I would particularly like to see more details on the optical drive. I tried a DVD blu - ray in there, but he would not play. My understanding is that this reader reads the blu - ray, but will not write to it. It is perhaps the opposite autour?

    Thanks for any help.

    The optical drive is a Blu - ray Combo that reads BD (Blu - ray) and player written on DVD/CD.

    Windows 10 isn't any software built to play the DVD (Blu - ray or digital). So, you will need to find an app that plays DVDs to win 10. There are free and paid apps so do your homework. You can watch this youtube to get advice on a free Blu - ray player.

    I have no experience with Blu - ray apps, so cannot recommend any one, but only to install an application from a reliable source, and don't forget to watch the download does not seek to install a lot of scrap or ad-ware and that you do not want.

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