Drive hard satellite 2410-504 - where can I buy it?

Hi all

I am wanting to buy a new hard drive for my Satellite S2410-504 and I was wondering if anyone knows the best place to get an a?


Well, you can buy a disk from anywhere.
I bought my HARD drive in the internet on an online store.
This dealer had the best offer.

The size of HDD supported exactly is not known to me, but some internet users have suggested that the 60 GB HARD drive should be compatible.
I think that it s is not a problem to test the different hard disks.
I think that it s a good idea to take the laptop to the distributor of HARD disk and there to test the different sizes. This should be no problem.

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    Hi all.

    I wonder if you could help me. I installed Win 2 K on my laptop Satellite (2410-504) and everything went very well except that I can't find the LAN drivers for the NETWORK interface anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


    The laptop must support a network chip Intel Chinnereth (ED82562)
    Simply search for the W2k drivers that support this kind of chip.
    You might find something on the Intel site.

    But have you installed the chipset driver driver Toshiba page form?
    The chipset driver is important and must be installed

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    Anyone know where I can buy a basket / drawer in England so I can get a second hard drive into the empty Bay in my laptop?

    Thanks in advance.



    This HARD drive caddy, do you mean that you can get from an authorized service provider. They sell all spare parts Toshiba and here you can buy a.

    Moreover, here you can find the nearest authorized service provider: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

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  • Satellite Pro 4280: where can I buy RAM?

    can someone help me by telling me where I can buy ram for my laptop please


    You can upgrade the Satellite Pro 4280 memory to a maximum of 320 MB
    These modules of memory are supported.

    PA3006U 256 MB
    64 MB PA3004U
    128 MB PA3005U
    PA3003U 32 MB

    You can order these service modules to Toshiba in your country or try you to google for this part numbers in the web. I m you will find a variety of the garage who sell these modules.

  • Satellite P100-221 - where can I buy it?

    I'm looking for a shop in London with Satellite P100-221. Do you know where I can buy this model?

    I put t living in London and I m also not England but I can't believe that you're not able to buy this laptop in London.
    You will find in London without a doubt a laptop store. Am I wrong?
    Guys should be able to order on the Toshiba. The other possibility is to ask the service partner Toshiba for a ranking of mobile.

    Please visit find it the database of authorized service partner.

    There is also the experts of Toshiba in England.

  • Satellite A300-1BZ - where can I buy a recovery disk?

    I lost the recovery disk that I created all first & I'm now in place the crack after vista crashed on my. I was able to recharge it, but have some hardware problems serious that I can't solve such as inability to connect to the internet, etc.

    Can someone indicate where to buy a recovery disc please?

    Thanks in advance


    Of course, you can buy a new recovery disk. Just click on the following link and order a new one:

    In addition, you can download all the drivers and tools on the site of Toshiba, if you installed Windows on a drive of Microsoft: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

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  • Satellite P300-25V - where can I buy it?


    My problem is that I want to buy the P300-25V in a German online shop.
    But I can't find any store that has the laptop except

    But on this site, the delivery period is about 10 days.
    So is really the only and only onlineshop, which lead the P300-25V or are there shops, I don't know yet.

    Help, please.


    I googled for Satellite P300-25V and has achieved some success:
    He's & resnum = 0 & ct = result & cd = 1 & q = Satellite + P300-25V & spell = 1

    There are some online retailers that provide this model of laptop.

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  • Satellite C660-1F1: where can I buy the recovery media


    I need the recovery media for a Saellite C660 1F1. If anyone know where I could download or buy this, I'd be very complete.

    Thank you


    Almost all the discussions in the forum Toshiba product recovery contains the link to the page where you can order a recovery disk for a Toshiba notebook series European ;)

  • Satellite P100-324 - where can I buy a video card?

    Please tell me where it is possible to buy the "carta video ' and 'matriza' for this model?

    Hi natashika,

    I put t really know what you mean with matriza. Can you please explain what you mean exactly?

    The video (also called graphics card) card can t be upgraded on a Toshiba laptop and you can t Exchange it. It is just possible I you replace the motherboard together. You should read this interesting article:

  • I need to replace the dvd drive in my touchsmart iq505. where can I buy the part?

    I have trouble finding the spare part for my touchsmart iq505 dvd player.  the original no longer works. This part yet or can I replace it with something more recent?    Thank you!

    Hello clevermom,

    I understand that you are looking to replace the optical drive of your desktop HP TouchSmart IQ504. The optical drive you are looking for is no longer provided by HP, but I don't have any information that will allow you to get elsewhere. The optical drive is '8 X SuperMulti Slimslot SATA interface DVD-ROM optical drive - 12.7 mm height form factor, read all medai CD-ROM and DVD-RAM discs,' and I fouhd several available on internet by searching by part 467613-ZH1 number.

    I hope that I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Thanks for posting this question on the Forums of HP. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Satellite 2410-504-driver Windows 2000 network missing

    Where can I ask for Toshiba create a network of Windows 2000 for my PC driver laptop Toshiba 2410-504? As you can see, Toshiba 2410-504 has drivers for the two 2000 & XP. If I install XP then I get everything works perfectly. If I install 2000 then I get everything works perfectly but the network card. Somehow the Intel PRO network adapter is not detected...

    You are right. LAN driver is not available for download, and I presume that driver LAN should not be installed separately. I found the info that this Satellite is supported for W2000 SP3. This means that this book must be installed with the W2000 SP3 to have all the features.

    Which SP is preinstalled on your laptop?

  • NEC ND-6500 a DVD +-R/RW drive satellite 2410-504?

    Can someone tell me if a NEC ND-6500 is DVD +-R/RW drive will work in my laptop Satellite 2410-504? I tried that provided new Assembly, but the BIOS did not recognize and give up an IDE #1 error message at startup. I don't know yet if it was a faulty drive or if the player is simply not compatible. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


    you might find some useful information here:



  • Where can I buy a hard drive enclosure and a connector for a second hard drive for my dv7-7190eo?

    Where can I buy a hard drive enclosure and a connector for a second hard drive for my dv7-7190eo?

    Gurra wrote:

    Where can I buy a hard drive enclosure and a connector for a second hard drive for my dv7-7190eo?


    The right part for the hard drive kit is 681976-001. The website of the laptop stand is on HP Sweden so run on part number (or your Swedish). I found the cheapest on us amazon for $38 or £42.

  • Where can I buy the CD/DVD drive for my Satellite C series

    Where can I buy a CD? DVD drive for my laptop?

    Posted by diggers41
    Where can I buy a CD? DVD drive for my laptop?

    You can download the Toshiba site.

    I see your in Ireland & I'm in Australia so try Googling Toshiba where you are.

    See you soon

  • Satellite 2410-504 does not start

    Hi all

    I have a laptop toshiba Satellite 2410-504 sick.

    When to start he says: -.

    "Windows was not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \system32\ntoskrnl.exe.
    Please reinstall a copy of the above file. »

    Ive put the Windows CD in the CD player and I went into the BIOS and select CD-ROM as the first priority but it fails to boot from the CD and everything continues (which is) at the start of the HD.

    When I changed the priority of WOOD he came with a

    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of

    So after reading this error message I have check the HD is installed and disabled net card in the BIOS but when even does not start and returns the error message as above.

    Any other ideas? Is the broken HD?

    Why it wont boot from CD?


    HARD drive is recognized in the BIOS?

    I can't say for sure, but somehow I think the HARD drive's troublemaker.
    When you do all this is some odd reaction? STRANGE begins to read the disc in Windows?

Maybe you are looking for

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