Drive necessary recovery for Qosmio F60


A friend went to the laptop.
HDD is cactus!
This means the recovery partion is... cactus!

Ive looked everywhere, to the ends of the world and almost fell off the edge.

Because of the power Toshiba recovery disks, and if so, where the frack do I get an a?

The Australia by the way.


Recovery disc can be ordered on
Check it out.

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  • Drive necessary recovery for Qosmio G20-127


    I would ask, can someone help my, I lost my recovery disc (Qosmio G20 - 127 Xp MCE) and can't download via serial on said that the old model.

    I put t know what to do.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Saved on DVD recovery disc recovery image can not be downloaded then don t spent yout time looking for him.

    You can download are all necessary drivers, tools and utilities and you can use if you decide to install the clean version of Windows XP Home edition.
    Problem is that this Qosmio is old enough and I don t think you will be able to order the new DVD of recovery for her.

    What you can try is to contact Toshiba nearest service and ask if they can get a Cie for you.

  • Drive necessary recovery for Qosmio F20

    I lost my recovery disc for my laptop Qosmio F20-104 (I don't remember if he even came with any!).

    How do I restore my laptop to zero?
    I have the disk utilities and tools, but unfortunately, that's all...


    Thank you



    to restore back to zero, you have the following options:

    -buy the OS you have on your hard drive, install and then use the CD tools & utilities to install all the drivers and tools
    -contact a local authorized service partner for a new recovery disk (

    In all cases, you will have to pay because nobody will pay your forgiveness... :)

    SRY, but I had the same experience and I know how you´re feeling.

    welcome them

  • Drive necessary recovery for Qosmio F20-130

    Just bought a toshiba f20 but need to restore disks can someone help to know where I can buy these things?

    see you soon

    If no recovery has been delivered with your machine, then you have the recovery on your HARD drive. But it s no problem to burn it on CD/DVD:

    In your start bar go to Toshiba and Toshiba utility; There should be a program called "recovery disc creator" or similar. This program writes the your Windows Recovery Image to a blank CD/DVD.

    Just click on start-> programs-> Toshiba (I guess)-> utilities Toshiba-> (and then you have to get, since I Don t he not know exactly, but it should be there)

    In the case of certain questions come here and ask...


  • Drive necessary recovery for my Qosmio F60 - 111

    Please can someone help me find the cd of recovery for my Qosmio F60 - 111.

    I lost it

    I agree with IronMan.
    The recovery can be ordered from the Toshiba that the link (above) to the page is all you need

  • Drive necessary recovery for Tecra M4 (PTM40E-OFG0287K)


    I need a restore disk for my * TECRA M4-PTM40E *.
    It is no longer available for sale of Toshiba, so I hope that someone here has a copy I can buy.

    I look forward to your responses.


    Hi eXcalibre,

    If you can order t a store backup media recovery disk, you must contact an authorized service provider. Normally guys should be able to order a disk recovery for older models or to make a copy for you.

    Here is a list of all ASP which you can get in touch with the guys. You can contact them by email, phone or something else: > support & downloads > find an ASP.

    Good luck! :)

  • Drive necessary recovery for Portege S100

    I need a recovery for my Portege S100 disk - my colleagues threw patiently and as the laptop becomes a little now I find it difficult to source one.
    Can anyone help please?

    I know there are other ways to solve the problem, but a recovery disk will be the easiest way to deal with it.

    Thank you

    You can see if you can order under
    Otherwise contact nearest authorized maker Toshiba and try to order it here.

  • Drive necessary recovery for Portege R500-121

    I have a problem with installing XP from the original recovery disk (Reanimator). Maybe it's broken.
    Can someone upload the disk image? It would be very kind.

    I don't think this is working. Please note that we are not talking about some simply application that can be copied and exchanged.
    And if someone gives you this image you will not be able to burn on blank media or run it on any other way.

    It's a little complicated. I'm sure you'll understand why.

  • How can I properly re-install win 7 and drivers for Qosmio F60?

    The guy that I really need help here... My * Qosmio F60 * has been infected by virus re - run annoying google...
    I think re-formatting my laptop. But I have not any CD. Really, I forgot if my Qosmio supplied with the CD or not.
    Please help me how to re - install windows 7 and re - install all drivers for Qosmio F60 while I do not have any disk with me.
    Thank you

    DAVO Foe


    New laptops are available without disk recovery, but with the option of HARD drive recovery. How to install the OS by using HARD drive recovery option, you can find on

    After completion of the own BONES, please create recovery discs using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. These disks can be used if the HARD drive recovery option does not work for some reason any.

    Good bye

  • Missing WinDVD BD for Qosmio F60

    I have a Qosmio F60 PQF65A 065002 for awhile now, and I decided to upgrade to a version of Windows 7 Ultimate, you use a disc that I bought. However, which wiped out all my programs, including those of Toshiba himself.

    An installation disc has not had for me in the box when I bought the laptop, so please don't tell me to use a disc.

    I wonder where I can get the WinDVD BD for Toshiba Software, because it is not in the downloads section mytoshiba:

    Thank you

    > An install disc had no for me in the box when I bought the laptop, so please don't tell me to use a disc.
    Sorry, but I must respond on this step. Since long time Toshiba doesn't offer recovery discs in the package and it is clearly described in the document of user s manuals this laptop owner should create recovery discs using preinstalled Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool.

    Anyway, with the new laptop Toshiba offers several additional applications to offer all the features from the first start. One of them is Toshiba BD player. This feature is enabled and full version offered for customers of Toshiba. This tool is part of the recovery image only, and as far as I know, it is not available for free download.

    As far as I know that Toshiba offers TOSHIBA Blu - ray disc player updates only.

  • Need driver LAN WXP for Qosmio F45


    I have some problem with a recent DOWNGRADE system; I went from Vista to XP Pro on my laptop Qosmio F45-AV411. In the process, I met some device (pts yellow exclamation) conflict. What I want to know is where to find the necessary drivers for my LAN controller. I'm pretty sure it's a Realtek but cannot say with certainty.

    If anyone knows where to find the drivers I would be very happy!


    This series of laptop seems to be designed for the American market. I know that because of the 5 at the end of the number (F45).
    So I think you should take a look at the site driver Toshiba us to get XP compatible drivers.

    It is here:

    If this site does not provide XP drivers for you notebook series I advise to use a hardware diagnostic tool to find out what exactly the LAN card has been installed on this notebook.

    Then, you can find the compatible driver from the website of Lan chip manufacturer.

    Good luck

  • Need of recovery for Qosmio F20 CD

    I lost the CD of recovery for the Qosmio F20-153, I have problems, and I want to the system recovery.

    What can I do?

    You could buy a Microsoft Windows CD and reinstall windows.
    Or have you tried Ubuntu - it's free and you should be able to get going on this machine?

  • Necessary recovery for my Satellite Pro L20 CD


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L20 with Windows XP.
    I made a CD of recovery for him and there is no partition separately to install the system from it.

    So now, even though I own a license number, I can reinstall my system. I called the company that has exclusive rights to Toshiba in my country, and they say that they n t have this recovery CD anymore (my knees is around 3 years - so it s not that old right?) and that s their last word on this situation.

    Is someone can you please tell me where can I get this recovery CD? I can buy it anywhere?

    Thank you

    Hello Mihai

    As far as I know Satellite Pro L20 comes with recovery CD and there is no option for the creation on the new laptop models. This option doesn't exist.
    You wrote, it is the oldest model of laptop and I can imagine this company doesn t have for this model of laptop recovery media.

    Toshiba recovery media can be ordered under but I'm not sure that you will be able to order it for this older model laptop, but you can check it out.
    If you will not be able to order the original Toshiba recovery media, you can install WXP using the facilities of Microsoft CD. All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download at Toshiba supports the page.

    One more thing: number on the bottom is for the recovery image and cannot be used with each installation of Windows XP Home edition CD.

    If you need assistance with installing WXp let us know.

  • Which battery is available in Australia for Qosmio F60

    Can someone please tell me what battery is now available in Australia (or elsewhere) for the Qosmio F60/00Y

    Hi mate

    Have a look here:

    You can use the Toshiba battery (6 cells / 4400mAh / Li-ion / 10.8V)
    Part number - PA3757U-1BRS

    Welcome them

  • Necessary recovery for Satellite C50-A-19 t disc

    I lost all of my Toshiba satellite C50-A-19 t but do not have a recovery disk.

    Can someone help me wit by sending me a disc?

    E-mail [email protected]

    If no one can help with this, please visit and order an original disc of recovery for your machine.

    Good bye

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