Driver HARD drive required for installing XP on my Equium M50-216

Where can I find this driver? Ive looked in the wire section but theres no clearly marked driver for it. Installation of XP is stalled at "Setup is starting Windows XP", Ive updated to update the BIOS, so that's all I can think about


Could you please put first what model/series laptop do you have?

Published in you the driver second messages has been designed to use the RAID functionality.
You have RAID?

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  • I need help to find the drivers of Windows XP Home for my Equium M50-216


    I did a full install of windows xp professional on top of windows xp home and now I am missing some drivers who im hard to get the drivers that I need are for the Toshiba Equium M50-216

    mass storage controller
    network controller
    Ethernet controller
    video controller
    video controller (vga compatible)

    I'd be really great guy if you could tell me exactly what im of drivers who need to choose :))

    Drivers Windows XP Home edition, you can find on
    On this page under product Type, choose the option ARCHIVE and then your laptop model.

    I checked and are there drivers for Windows XP Home edition. Please download the installation instructions document too and install all the stuff after this installation order. It is very important to install the drivers, tools and utilities in the correct installation order.

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    Yes, you can. Just make sure u download the driver appropriate for the operating system of the PC will be eventually used on your keyboard. All the answers and suggestions are provided by an enthusiastic amateur and are therefore no explicit or implicit guarantee. Basically, you use my suggestions at your own risk.

  • Bluetooth Driver required for DROIDX on Windows Vista 64-bit

    I don't know what version of the android OS that I use, but for me, my wife bought my DROIDX on December 19, 2010.

    I have discovered and twinning between HDLaptop and my DROIDX, but I can't seem to connect.  Since combining upward, I get a message from Windows Vista 64-bit:

    "Windows needs to install driver software for your Bluetooth device.

    My options are:

    Locate and install driver software (recommended)

    Ask me later

    Do not show this message for this device

    When I have Windows looking for the solution it always fails.  As I usually am connection and go to work, I usually choose ask me later.  But I just restarted and there is only the screen asking me all over again.

    But, in this sense, I bought a Samsung WEP460 handsfree.  I can't get the DROIDX to see this thing at all, but I just got paired up with my HDLaptop.

    When searching on the internet for a device for my droidx bluetooth driver, I noticed that everybody seemed to have driver problems with 64 bit versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7.

    It's apparently a nagging question that must always be treated, or everything what is the big deal here?

    Thanks, I await your help to solve this issue...


  • Replacing the drive HARD on Equium M50-216


    I'm looking into upgrading the hard drive in my M50-216, which currently has a MK4026GAX. The player that I am most interested is the MK8032GAX. Is this a suitable replacement, that is going to work?

    A few questions:

    1. I guess it's just a case of withdrawal of the current drive, mortising the new one and start using my Toshiba restore CD? This will reinstall the Norton junk as well?

    2. assuming I have remove the current without shape, i.e. I leave it as it is, I suppose that if I find the new drive does not work I'll be able to put the former back in and it will start like nothing happened? I'm not changing any other material.

    3. it will work as a trolley suitable for the old disk:

    4. the most important question will be affecting my current standard warranty, or assign an extension of warranty if I choose to buy a more this year?

    Thank you

    Old disk HARD 40 GB MK4026GAX
    New disk HARD 80 GB MK8032GAX

    The BIOS should recognize up to 100 GB HARD drive

    1.) Yes it should market. Also, it should be possible to install Norton ghost image files
    2.) Yes, it should be possible to put the old HDD and start the laptop.
    (3.) if the new HARD drive supports the IDE interface, it should be possible to use it in the external USB case
    4.) No, the upgrade of the HARD drive should t has no effect on the guarantee

  • Driver SATA required for installing XP on Qosmio G40


    I have Toshiba Qosmio and I want to install windows XP Professional.
    But as you know XP does not have the driver for SATA hard drive and it can't see the disk.

    I have a good program to install the hard disk drivers in Win xp cd, but I don't have the driver.
    So I need the driver disc Qosmio G40 hard to ride with the XP CD.

    If there is no link available to download or any body done before.

    Thank you

    The key is; Intel Matrix Storage Manager. This Storage Manager contains the necessary SATA drivers.
    You can download it from the page of the driver Toshiba (check the other series where the XP driver are available) or from the Intel page.

    I also recommend the use of the program nLite. You can create a clean XP CD using this software and might include the SATA driver (also, service packs, etc.) for the new CD of XP.

    I did it too and it works like a charm.

    At soon buddy

  • Driver required for unknown device for HP Pavilion G6 2141ca Windows 8.1

    Dear friends, please help me if you could.

    I installed Windows 8.1 on my laptop HP pavilion G6 model 2241sa.

    almost all of the drivers have been installed automatically. In addition, on the HP support site, I downloaded all the drivers for similar model (2241nr)

    I installed everything one be. All works, BUT a device is not recognized...

    Here are some details of it:

    It says device unknown (in the other group of devices) with yellow exclamation point. Location - PCI Express Root complex. the device name of the BIOS - _SB. PCI0. ACEL, hardware ID - ACPI-VEN_HPQ & DEV_0004. This is all I have on this device.

    Please help me determine which driver I need and which device? Thanks a lot a lot for the input.


    You need this driver... & spf_p.tpst = swdMain & spf_p.prp_swdMain=wsrp-navigationalState%3Didx%253D%257CswItem%253Dob_125640_1%257CswEnvOID%253D4059%257CitemLocale%253D%257CswLang%253D%257Cmode%253D%257Caction%253DdriverDocument & javax.portlet.begCacheTok = com.vignette.cachetoken & javax.portlet.endCacheTok = com.vignette.cachetoken

  • HP Elite 8200: Windows Driver required for Port 10 series PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_1C3D & SUBSYS_1495103C & REV_04

    I installed Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro, and now I don't have a driver for the Serial Port PCI (VEN_8086 & DEV_1C3D & SUBSYS_1495103C & REV_04).  I read on other forums of this issue in the forums, but I can't find the spxxxx files in my C drive.


    You need this driver...

    This package contains the driver Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) for the supported models running a supported operating system.


  • Card driver required for HP Pavilion TouchSmart 10 - wireless notebook e004au

    About the netbook above I uninstalled 8.1 64-bit windows and installed windows 7 32 bit.

    I realized today that the hp site does not provide drivers for windows 7, but only for the 8.1

    Is there a driver to run wireless on this netbook? I don't want to go back to windows 8.1 it was full of errors for me.

    I'm sure that other drivers are missing but wireless are the only significant problem I have right now, so any help would be greatly appreciated. And if any information is needed to help me let me know.



    I found my own answer, but anyone who sees this thread with similar problems, I'll post the solution.

    I downloaded a free software called slimdrivers that scans your pc for damaged or missing drivers and install them. And this has solved my problems. So good luck to anyone having similar problems, hope, this may be of some use.

  • Win7 pro 32 driver required for hp compaq 4000 pro desktop sata

    HI - someone has a link to drivers above? I don't seem to be able to get the HP frfom - it was to tell me that the FTP server is busy, all morning, and I need to get there...

    Thank you



    You will find the driver sata on the link below.  Second download is that you need (32-bit).

    If you want to integrate drivers, wake all of them.

    If you want to install from a USB floppy at the F6 prompt, extract all the drivers to a floppy drive, and when you are prompted, for model Pro 4000 HP, I think that you select the ICH10D Intel (r) / DO SATA AHCI Controller by using your Up / Dn arrows to scroll through to find the driver.


  • HP 15 Notebook - r063tu model: what quality of Flash drive required for creating recovery media for laptop 15 HP (r063tu)?

    I want to create a recovery media for my laptop HP 15 (model r063tu) on a Flash instead of DVD drive (had a bad experience with the DVD in the past). Should I buy a 16 GB or 32 GB of capacity 3.0 USB drive. Because it will only be to create recovery media, obviously I won't be able to use it for other purposes, so want to buy everything as this is sufficient (and save on costs!). Thank you.


    32 GB is necessary because the recovery partition is almost always about 20 GB or more.

  • 2000-2321TU HP: windows 7 (32-bit) Driver required for laptop HP 2000 - 2321

    I cruelly windows 7(32 bit) drivers for my very urgent notebook.please help me.its.


    You should be able to use the W7 32 bit drivers for the HP 2000 t - 2A 00 on your model, except the BIOS and firmware files.

    If there is no 32-bit graphics driver, try one of this model...

Maybe you are looking for