Driver VGA Dual-Mode Camera installs but the device does not appear in the list of devices to Windows Photo Gallery

Driver VGA Dual-Mode Camera installs but the device does not appear in the list of devices to Windows Photo Gallery


I will need to know the brand and model of the device in order to help you solve it.

You see the device listed in the Control Panel, hardware and sound, scanners and cameras?
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    Hi Mick,

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    Here is the link to the latest driver for your wireless card. & CC = US & prodTypeId = 321957 & prodSeriesId = 3688868 & swItem = ob-102505-1 & mode = 3

    Powercycling the modem and the router is a good idea, but you need to know how to do. There is a specific order if you have a router and a separate modem.

    1. close all PC.

    2. turn off the Modem and the router.

    3. turn on the modem only.  Wait about 2 minutes.

    4. turn on the router. Wait about 2 minutes.

    If you have a modem/router combo, then you need not step 4.

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  • I have install an add-on for Firefox, but it does not appear in my list of Add-ons Manager, and after I restarted Firefox, it went.

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    and I click 'add to Firefox '. It gives me the window "install now". I click on 'Install now' and it is said that Firefox has to restart and it will be installed when Firefox opens again. If I click "Restart now" and restart Firefox. Then I go on Youtube, but no button. I check the page of the Add-ons Manager, and I see that it is installed in the extensions. So, if I go to the page and click 'Add to Firefox' once again and restart once again, go to Youtube, the download button IS there, and it works perfectly. But if I exit and restart Firefox, the download button is once again absent, but the extension is always installed. Why this extension works only when I restart twice, and then it disappears again?

    When the button does not appear, but the extension is marked as active, try to reload the page to Youtube without using the cache by pressing command + shift + r to see if that triggers the extension to insert the button.

    If it remains inconsistent, I would like to ask the developer to Add on to their Contact page:

  • After having recently updated Firefox, I lost my menu bar Freecorder. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it still does not appear. It is in internet explorer, but not firefox

    Desktop running w7 64 bit

    To insert a toolbar in Firefox, Freecorder needs to install an add-on Firefox in addition to its own program.

    The standard response from their tech support is to uninstall and reinstall:

    I installed freecorder 4 audio, but the toolbar does not appear even after activation Add ons

    Freecorder Toolbar disappeared

    Without installing it myself, I don't know what else to think.

  • I can't import pictures from the ace galaxy phone to windows photo gallery



    You need and select the connection to the pc by sliding the upper notification for usb bar

  • How to open the program once installed? For some reason, it does not appear in my list of program!

    After installing the program using creative cloud on a Windows computer, the program (por first cs6) does not appear in my program list.

    Thanks for your help!

    This is the reason why it does not appear in the list of programs.

    Applications like After Effects, Premiere Pro are compatible with 64-bit computers only.

    However, you can install the CS 4 version that is compatible with 32-bit computers.


    System requirements | Adobe Premiere Pro

  • I followed the steps of apples for recover my ipod disabled, but a step does not appear as an option for me. can anyone help?

    in the following link, I'm using the option "Erase your device with the recovery mode", I got up to step 3. step 3 at first, he says "restore iphone" when I choose it appears with only the option of "restore and update, when I click on the update starts saying it will take 80 hours to download then drop til around 16 hours, but after 15 minutes the ipod out of recovery mode and the link says that if this happens to repeat the steps and choose update but the opyion update is. not here to choose me? the option "Erase your device with iCloud" is also a problem and this device is not synchronized with the laptop that I use to try to restore the ipod, can someone suggest an alternative for me?

    I would just like to try.  Apple has just taken over new proposals 9.3 iOS update/restore to the Apple servers are busy.

    What do you mean by issue in the statement "the option"Erase your device with iCloud"is also problematic"?

    When you restore through iTunes, the iPod is automatically updated from iTunes checks and downloads the latest available version of IOS

  • I've installed the java plugin, but it does not appear in my list of Add-ons. I have RedHat linux OS using the Firefox 24.2.0.

    I already followed your advice to remove the file plugins.dat from the .mozilla directory. The plugin has not yet appeared in the list of Add-ons. Anyone have an idea what might happen?

    You can check the installation path of other plugins on the topic: plugins page.

    I plugins in these locations:


    One possibility is to create a ~/.mozilla/plugins/ directory and place a symbolic link to the file to plugin Java in this folder to see if it helps.

  • Cannot download plug in for windows media player. Have used the site to download and it says it worked, but the plug-in does not appear on my list of plug-ins.

    I tried to hear an appeal of a Web conference. Received a message, necessary plug windows media. Check my plug ins, no windows media. Reading about firefox support tutorial. Clicked on download. Had a window that requires repair or change. Tried to fix it and then change. Need better guidance on how to finish download. Download the message passed, but after firefox closing and re-opening, no still no plug-in for windows media in the list of plug-ins. Go to site and could not hear Conference.
    Reading support forum. Message while using about: config. Tried, typed in on: config in Start menu, but do not see anything that looked like I could change for real like message said.
    solved by opening internet explore and go to the website and listen to the conference call on windows media player. There was a message saying: If you want to enable media player click here. Not so heard Conference.
    Tried using chrome. You have to listen to the Conference yesterday. Today, he had the same message you need to plug in when I tried to follow the instructions in connect, it was just as confusing and useless like firefox. Most is that I tried to make any statement in the suggestions forum for firefox and can not get the windown media connect to appear in my list of plug-ins and can not hear calls for conference on firefox.
    Chrome said that they worked on connect available to the chrome store.
    I agree with the comments that I was able to go to web sites and to hear the calls before firefox did an update that removed my windows media plug. The fix simple download, two from windows, does not, apparently because firefox cannot find the fix. This isn't for lack of user, and it seems that windows attempted to provide a fix, and firefox does not recognize.
    Bottom line, it is easier to use another browser, that trying to get windows connect multimedia player installed on firefox. What is a browser, if you can not hear an appeal on the Web site the browser will take you to? Please make it easy install windows media branch on firefox. Thank you..

    If you get the screen to change/repair, it means that the Setup program has detected that you have already installed the plugin.

    Do you not see the file here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\Plugins

    Its file name is: np - mswmp.dll

    If the file is missing, I suggest to delete and then reinstall the plugin.

    Edit: By removing and then reinstalling I mean using the delete button under the modification and repair buttons in the Setup program, and then run Setup to reinstall.

    For your questions, you can either (1) open the your profile page (drop-down menu of your username along the edge very top of the page) or (2) open the "sort and filter" section the questions above and click on the link 'My Contributions' (

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    I have videos in a folder on a HARD drive. Headers (details) I have at the top of this file are the details contained in each file properties/summary (single). All the boxes after the details in the summary are white and I would like to fill them with information. everything I type in these boxes appear in the folder under the good except the 'Keywords' column header. The view that I use for the folder is "details", I'm using windows XP with the latest service pack. It does not matter as I type in numbers or in letters and it's the same with any type of file, with what I try this. How can I get the key words I type appears in the keywords column.

    Thank you


    Try running sfc scan:

    If this does not work, check if it happens in a new user account:

  • Bubble ID calling of Windows and scan fax said ring, but phone number does not appear

    I have a dual-boot machine. Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. The modem I (Agere Systems PCI - SV92PP Soft Modem) works with both versions of Windows. Under XP, when the phone rings, Windows fax service appears a bubble of info with the number of the caller in it as it should. In Windows 7, the same pop bubble, but it just says: 'ringing '.  How can I fix this problem so that the phone number is displayed in Windows 7, as if it were in XP? I found some info on it somewhere (sorry, I can't find it now) that said to send a command to a modem, and then restart Windows and watch log file of the modem to see if the caller ID information are recorded in the log and it is, but the number is not displayed in the information bubble.

    I have yet to hear anything of LSI, but a few days ago, I thought about giving up everything on this and tried to install some programs to free caller id to see if they had a job. I didn't like any of them, but one of them did something to the modem or the driver when I installed it because now the caller ID bubble works as it should, with the number of the person calling. I uninstalled the free program that has fixed this, but I'll save it in case I ever have this problem again and I can use the program to fix it again.

Maybe you are looking for

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