Driver Windows 7 64 bit driver for HP deskjet 1280

Hi can someone please provide me a link where I can download a driver for my printer HP 1280. for windows 7.

THX Andrew

Use the hp1280 driver in Windows Vista 64-bit. It works! until now I had no problem A3 and other sizes. I searched many forums and believe me, it took me forever to find this answer. I hope this works for you

My question is this printer can print paper 220gsm aboard? What type of paper to choose among the choices?

Has anyone tried this before?

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    I use Windows XP SP2. Kindly direct me to where I can download a driver for HP Deskjet 1280.

    you don't know.

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    I have a printer hp deskjet 1280 and have recently upgraded to windows 7, but can not find the driver for it. I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. Help would be very appreciated

    @taste-seorth, here's a link below that will help you find the drivers for your deskjet.

  • I need a driver for my Deskjet 1220C on Windows 7 64 bit

    I need a driver for my Deskjet 1220C on Windows 7 64 bit

    Install the driver with Windows update with usb to printer connection.

    There is no downloadable driver available on the portal to suport HP for your printer. Available only for Windows 7 x 64 driver is provided by Microsoft.

  • HP Deskjet Adv 2060: Driver for HP Deskjet Adv 2060 for Windows Server 2008 x 64. ?


    I have a desktop PC remotely with Windows Server 2008 x 64.

    I tried and still can't get a driver for my HP Deskjet Adv 2060, so I can't print in my house.

    May I ask if there is a compatible driver for HP Deskjet Adv 2060 for Windows Server 2008 x 64. ?

    Thank you very much.


    Hey Ryan,

    This kind of low printers end support client operating systems only, it supports all print server OS or Citrix or RDP.

    You can find the printer specifications below, only the operating system on the system Rquiredments are supported:

    Kind regards


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    Thank you.


    You should be able to use all the W7 x 64 drivers and software for this model.

    Your model uses the Intel HD graphics driver. & DLC = in & docname = c04104419 & LC = on & os = 4063 & Product = 6622225 & sw_lang = & #n262


  • Download driver for HP Deskjet 930c

    Need driver for HP Deskjet 930c to use on my new Acer Aspire 5251-1007


    As OEM HP is responsible for the good operation of the printer and their
    drivers provided. Check with HP support, their documentation online and
    drivers and ask in their forums.

    Good luck, you need to update or reinstall the latest driver.

    HP Deskjet 930c printer - driver software<- set="" to="" your="" version="" of="">

    Printer HP Deskjet 930c - troubleshooting support

    HP support/troubleshooting & drivers

    Contact HP

    HP forums


    The main issue is probably the drivers, but these can help:

    Add or remove a printer

    Solve printer problems (Vista)

    Solve printer problems (Vista)

    Solve printer problems (Windows 7)

    Open the printer (Windows 7) Troubleshooter

    Find the manufacturer's Web site

    Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • I need a driver for hp deskjet f4280

    I need a driver for hp deskjet f4280


    Have you tried HP?

  • Driver for HP deskjet 1180c on Windows 7 64 bit

    Hello, I searched high and low for a way to get my HP printer deskjet 1180c running on my computer that I have Windows 7 64 - bit race. When I look at "Support and driver, I see that HP has released no driver for Windows 7 and I don't understand why." The printer is not old. It's very frustrating.

    If anyone knows of some drivers out there, or if there is a work around, I can try I would greatly appreciate your suggestions because that what it is this printer is useless for me.

    Thank you very much.


    I suspect that the drivers Deskjet 1220C would work for the similar 1180c Deskjet.  Install the driver with "Add a printer", select the appropriate port and when the list appears, click Windows Update to refresh the list of available printers.  Select printer HP Deskjet 1220C in the list. (The picture shows 1120c, which would be the second choice if the Deskjet 1120c driver does not work.)

  • HP Deskjet 1000cse C2670A: Windows 7 64 bit driver for HP Deskjet 1000cse model C2670A

    My Windows 7 PC crashed a few weeks ago and I had to do a clean reinstall Win 7 Pro.  That wiped out all my programs and drivers.  Everything is back now, except the driver for my printer HP Deskjet 1000cse model C2670A.  Successfully, I installed a driver for it in June of 2013 but have lost the info that showed me how to get and install the driver.

    Why should I have this old printer?  I'm afraid to print tear-off labels on my new all-in-one printer.


    The HP Deskjet 1000 c is now installed and working properly.  Thanks to Bob Headrick and Paul Tikkanen.

    I finally realized that when I reinstalled Windows 7, I've eliminated the driver for Sunix parallel/Serial Port Adapter (purchased with the computer). Fortunately, I had the driver and installed. For some unknown reason that he installed as instead of LPT1-LPT3. I was able to change the port to the LPT1 port in Device Manager.

    A scare: after that I used the patch in the zip file, and moved the three extracted files to the folder indicated in the patch mode, I tried to print and discovered, to my horror, that absolutely no printer has been installed on the PC. Holding my breath, I rebooted and all printers were back.   I think you need to add the reboot to your instructions.

    I have a more detailed description (one page of a Word Doc) that I am willing to share but see no way to attach to this post.

    Thanks again.


  • HP deskjet 6122 s: print driver for hp deskjet 6122 s windows 8.1


    I have a netbook gateway LT 41 P07 with a 8.1 - 32 bit operating sistem and I can´t get install my printer hp deskjet 6122 s.

    can you help me figure out a compatibility reader feel sistem for her

    You restart the computer after the add a printer process?

    As I said there is no direct drivers for your printer on Windows 8.1.

    To assign a different print driver in Windows 8:

    1. Hold your mouse arrow in the bottom right or at the top right, the screen to appear charms bar.  If you use a touch screen, you can swipe your finger from right to left.
    2. Choose the charm of the research.
    3. In the search box, click settings.
    4. In the search box, type devices.
    5. Click devices and printers.
    6. Right click on your printer.
    7. Select the properties of the printer.
    8. Click the Advanced tab.
    9. Click new driver.
    10. Click Next.
    11. Select HP in the first list.
    12. Select class driver of HP Deskjet PCL3 in the second list.  You can also use the Photosmart PCL3 Driver class, PCL3 Officejet class driver, Deskjet 990c or Deskjet 450 driver.
    13. Click Next.
    14. Click Finish.
    15. Click on apply to save the changes.
    16. Click OK to close the window.

    If it doesn't work on everything that you can do is download the installer of Windows 7 32 bit driver of the site then right click on the downloaded file and the compatibility mode.

  • Windows 7 will not install the driver for hp deskjet 6540

    I followed all the instructions on the site of HP and windows will not find and install the driver for my HP 6540. How to make Windows do what should or is there a reliable place to download the driver from?

    There is a driver recommended relatively complete for the Deskjet 6540 written by HP and Microsoft via Windows Update.  If the automatic install does not work, perform the following steps: connect the printer by USB.  Click Start, devices and printers, adding a printer, select the appropriate port and when the list of printers, click Windows Update in the lower right part of the dialog box.  It will take a few minutes for the update to complete, once that he choose the Deskjet HP (Hewlett-Packard no) 6500 Series.

    If for some reason you can't use the driver provided through Windows Update, you can download the driver from the Windows Catalog site.  The Windows Catalog site requires the use of Internet Explorer.  For the Dsekjet 6500 Series there are three drivers listed.  11.4 Mo is the x 86 32-bit driver.  11.6 Mb file is x 64 64 bit version.  13.9 MB file is the least common architecture IA64.

  • DeskJet 3000 J310: Driver for HP DeskJet 3000 J310 does not install on Windows 10

    We have a home network that has our 3000 DeskJet installed and available as a network printer device.  I can print is no longer after the upgrade to Windows 10 on my Lenovo ThinkPad.  I downloaded the full features and software for the DeskJet 3000 several times and restarted my computer Windows 10.  I also ran the doctor print and scan.  I finally found a message that the software and the driver would not install, but I can't understand why.  The DeskJet 3000 is listed as a printer, when I look at printers and Scanners in devices in the settings on my laptop, but the message is that driver is not available.  I am at a loss to know what to do next to resolve this problem.  My husband is still able to print using his office computer that is running an earlier version of Windows.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello @linda51!

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

    I see that after updating to Windows 10 you lost printing wireless Deskjet 3000.  I should be able to provide a few suggestions that may fix the problem.  I know that you have reinstalled several times without success.  I'm going to recommend that uninstall you the HP software, one more.   Once the uninstall is complete, it would be wise to perform a cleanup of the computer disk. A disk cleanup will improve the performance of the computer and remove the temporary files that may cause problems during the installation of the software. Once disk cleanup you must restart the computer and reinstall the HP software.

    To uninstall the HP software, click here: uninstall the HP software

    To perform a disk cleanup, click here: perform a disk cleanup (the link is for Windows 8.1 but the same steps for 10)

    To download the HP software, click here: HP Deskjet full feature software and drivers

    How do you have the printer connected to the computer?  If the printer is connected wireless, then it is possible that a firewall in the Windows operating system has been turned on and is now blocking of scanning.  I recommend to download HP Print and Scan doctor.  With printing and scanning doctor, you can temporarily disable the firewall that may block the printer from the computer.  If the printer is found, you need to turn your firewall on back to make sure that your computer is blocked.

    To download the print and the doctor Scan click here: print and Scan Doctor

    To temporarily turn off the firewall:

    1. Download and open the Print and Scan Doctor
    2. Click on 'Network' at the top of the window
    3. Click on 'firewall troubleshooting. "
    4. Select the firewall and disable

    Launch the software HP again to see if the printer is located.  If the printer is not found, then you want to communicate with your provider of firewall while allowing access to the printer to the computer.

    To turn on the firewall:

    1. Open the print and Scan Doctor
    2. Click on 'Network' at the top of the window
    3. Click on 'firewall troubleshooting. "
    4. Select the firewall and select

    If please, after back and let me know how it goes!

  • Windows 7 driver for HP Deskjet 932c

    I was able to get the driver for the printer 932C of Microsoft Updates.  This process is documented here: the basic procedure is to allow Windows 7 updates to download and install the printer as a update driver.

    How can I download and save this driver for another off internet based computer?

    Thank you


    Access the catalog from Microsoft here:

    Type HP932C in the search box, and download the driver manually.


  • Need 32-bit win7 driver for HP deskjet 950C for computer not connected to the network

    I can't find a way to load the driver for a 950C on a 32-bit computer Win7 HPDeskjet has NO internet access and no other network connection.  [Why is this so isolated computer?-this product is a Win7-Embedded-based instrument not designed for access to the network]

    The answers I found to this need internet access or a network solution.

    Can I get the files from the driver on a USB stick and install it?

    Help, please!

    Thank you

    -Tony H.

    This can be done, it is a bit involved.  You can download the driver site catalog update from Microsoft here:

    You should not use IE to your browser, other browsers are not supported on the catalog site.  Is the file that you want to a 32-bit system with a size of 11.4 MB.  (11.6 MB file is for x 64 systems and 13.9 MB system is for Server IA64 systems.)  Once the file has been downloaded, open a DOS command prompt and change directory to the location where the file was downloaded.  Then insert your USB key (I'll assume it's the X: drive in what follows) and in the BACK of the box type the following:

    Expand * .cab-F: * x:\

    This will extract the files and develop on your X: drive.  You can then take the USB drive to your computer and click Start, devices and printers, add a printer, have a disk and point to the INF on drive X:.

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