Driver Windows XP for Vostro 260

Hi all

I'm fighting for a network of windows XP on Vostro 260 driver

I can't imagine there are not one, but I loaded a driver from Realtek, containing a driver for the reference found in the identification of the interface (DEV_8168 & SUBSYS_04EE1028 & REV_06).

I installed, but the interface does not start. What should do?

Thank you

Ch. Waterkeyn


Hi all

The only factor that contains the exact reference DEV_8168 & SUBSYS_04EE1028 & REV_06 are on the realtek site:

where we can find the version 5.806 driver of the network interface on VOSTRO260

I thought that it wasn't working, but I do probably not uninstall correctly previous drafts.

So don't forget to uninstall completely any previous driver for the interface (I guess that's always the case, but I'm not very used to the installation of the driver)

Hope that this will eventually help someone...

Kind regards

Christian Waterkeyn

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