Drivers and utilities for Qosmio F20 running Vista

Hi, I had a Qosmio F20 (PQF20A) computer laptop running Windows Vista

None of the drivers and original utilities were installed, and none of the function buttons/keys work.

Some drivers, I was able to install through update (Device Manager) and Toshiba Support

I looked up support for public services and the only drivers/utils available are for * XP * ONLY

When I try to install the Modules or controls or any other Vista drivers/utilities it stops and says "TVALZ Driver Installation Failed" and then "driver blocked due to incompatibility, for more information, contact Toshiba... »

Can't find anything relevant on the Toshiba site. I looked towards the top of Toshiba in various regions for support...

There the drivers/Utils for Vista?
Help, please!


Unfortunately, the Toshiba Vista tools or utilities for Qosmio F20 don t it.
As far as I know the Qosmio F20 series and the G20 have been designed and equipped only with the XP operating system and so Vista drivers were not released.

You can try to search for some unique drivers on Internet sites s chip maker but features such as the control keys or the FN buttons will not work with Vista :(

Good bye

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    Littco said, all the drivers are on the Web site.
    In addition, check if you can install a driver that was designed for ie Win NT or Win Xp. sometimes, these drivers work on W2k operating system.

    Good bye

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    The update/version of the Vista driver is a theme of Top10 here in the forum.
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    I think Toshiba will first publish drivers for mobile phones capable of Vista with vista tab.
    I m not sure about books another but I think Toshiba will release some drivers for laptops that are able to run Vista

    Let's be patient.

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    Hi Daniel

    No, right now the Vista driver and utilities are not available for the Tecra A4.
    Toshiba U.S. and Toshiba Canada provides some Vista drivers for simple models and series, but it seems that the Tecra A4 is not listed.

    But the new Bluetooth stack can be used on whole books.
    Therefore, you may only download the BT stack.

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    There are new drivers for Qosmio G20 with Vista installed.

    Right now, it's Nvidia Video 169,25 version of the driver for Windows Vista.
    No blue screen after installing this driver, at all.
    I think that this new driver will solve the following problem:

    * Power failure screen after you have closed the lid on Vista *.

    You can try it, remembering that the installation must be handwritten. And you must choose the graphics card Nvidia Geforce 6600, during installation.
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    Cheers from the Brazil,

    Anyone try and use the Vista on the Qosmio G20 series should check this crazy thread long but very useful:

    Thanks to the FranciscoJr-> God of the G20 and Vista :D

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    Thank you.


    Hi Akhil,

    Thank you for writing to us, we are happy to help Microsoft Community.

    What is the model number of the Sony Vaio laptop?

    I wish to inform you that the product key that is used for Windows 8.1 cannot be used for Windows 8.

    If you upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8, you will need the key to upgrade of Windows 8. The retail version of Windows 8.1 product key cannot be used to activate Windows 8.

    However, the majority of drivers and utilities that are compatible with Windows 8 works correctly with Windows 8.1.

    Please let us know the model number of the laptop, so that we can get the proper drivers and utilities from the laptop.

    Forward to your response.

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    (1) for audio: go to the computer manufacturer's website and check the drivers for your machine. Video: do the same thing, unless you have a PC with a separate card. In this case, go to the nVidia or ATI Web site and get the latest drivers from there. Codecs: Download and install the pack K-lite codec free or similar.

    (2) Google is your best friend. Search: Support... PC/laptop do... »

    See you soon,.


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    XP Antispyware 2011 Vista Antispyware 2011 Win 7 antispyware 2011
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    XP Security 2011 Home Vista Security 2011 Home Win 7 Security 2011 Home
    XP Total Security Vista Total Security Win 7 Security Total
    XP Security 2011 Total Vista Total Security 2011 Win 7 Security 2011 Total
    XP security Vista security Win 7 Security
    XP security 2011 Vista Security 2011 Win 7 Security 2011
    XP Internet Security Vista Internet Security Win 7 Internet Security
    XP Internet Security 2011 Vista Internet Security 2011 Win 7 Internet Security 2011

    Follow the EXACT below removal instructions

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    Kind regards

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    In addition, I read the performance of a Dell Factory Image Restore and I tried it.  When I get the black screen with no option, I have to click on "Repair computer" but the option is not available either... I thought that maybe it would be an easy way to restore my laptop (readers and all) to the original settings.  Maybe the option is not there because my computer is practically empty, with nothing to restore? All I have on my laptop at the moment is Windows Vista 64 bits and drivers a couple that I don't know much.

    Bit of help and advice would be great.


    Click on the link below, Guides of operating system Installation.

  • Alienware TactX KG900 & MG900 drivers and utilities (DELL please update this software!)

    Alienware TactX KG900 & MG900 drivers and utilities update?

    I'm looking everywhere for a software update for the Alienware TactX keyboard and mouse KG900 & MG900.   Later I see available online at Dell is the same as the original disk I have since September 2009 v1.0.51.0.

    Looks like Dell would provide software updated with more features or capacity with profiles more preloaded for games today or simply able to to make it more user-friendly.  Its now 2011, and windows 7 64-bit is the norm these days.

    We need a software update please.


    Sayer G

    No need to change the date, that's how long I had been looking for the new drivers/software update. Just because your 3 years later for a response and a response I've had for two years already. Find something else to do, your useless in that Department.

Maybe you are looking for

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