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I have a HP 2000 on which I just installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. The wireless and ethernet drivers were not recognized by default, so now I'm in the quest of trying to find the right drivers for it.

I tried a bunch of drivers associated with HP 2000 laptops, but since there are at least 3 different manufacturers - atheros, ralink, realtek - I was a bit confused and none of them seem to be recognized.

I was able to extract the product number of the laptop to better refine my search, but searching on the HP support page, I get redirected to a laptop (HP g6) that does not look like mine... so still a bit consufed.

HP 2000

3115 AEC13432GR1


looks like this:

Hope you guys can help me.

Thanks in advance!


Open the Device Manager. Locate a device without driver installed. Right-click on it and select Properties. We need is the character string PCI\VEN to correctly identify the device. The following image is an example that shows the tab and the drop-down list, you select. Do the same for each device and post it here.

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