Drivers using Watlow F4

I use a Watlow f4 to control a CSZ heat room. I want to use labview to create a profile that will be essentially a setting temperature of the user and the ramp upwards to then soak at that temperature for a given time. I a VI that does successfully and correctly to control my F4, but I'll have questions, get soaking stage to wait for the temperature to the level set before the start of the soaking period. When you set up a profile on the unit, it is easy (I just say soaking to wait 1 analog reach a value set). However, I can't seem to get it properly configured in labview. I tried to run a constant out of step of soaking Subvi, but can't seem to understand. I have attached the file to better explain the situation.



You insert a step of soaking and saying to wait on Analog Input #1.  What you do not have a say the F4 what Analog Input #1 value must be before the soaking can begin.

You must enter this input to WLF4 Insert dip (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) analog input values is not elegant, but I think it will work.

Tags: NI Hardware

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