Droid 2 Global compatible or not?

Droid 2 Global is listed as compatible devices page listed in the description of the game from Google, but Google game itself wont let me install because it is "incompatible with my camera."

NB: I ran the latest beta version very well on this phone.

Tracking bug 769110

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  • help with droid 2 global

    My droid 2 global will not start when I insert the sd card. It stays on the screen that has the motorola symbel. and it does not connect to the pc. someone please help!

    Try to format the SD card on a PC.

    Try another SD card.

  • Droid 2 Global screen freezes in seconds

    I put the screen turn off timer to one minute and Sync timer auto lock for the timer on the screen. I suppose this should have forced the screen lock only when the screen is off. Now, the screen turns off (and locks) even while I'm surfing/touch screen. I am a user of I-phone and just changed to the Droid, but the experience was not too pleasant so far. Anyone facing a similar problem? Does anyone have a solution for this? I'm thinking if I should return the phone if the "screen blacking out" question continues.

    Hi vicksikand

    I couldn't find your message in the box of Droid 2, so I'll help you here - I had the same problem.

    It seems to be a problem with the setting that allows the Droid lock if you put it in your Pocket (the default setting).

    Mine kept locking each time he stood. Follow these steps and let me know if it suits it:


    Uncheck "detection In-Pocket".

    Who has solved it for me, hope that it will help.



    PS: Before the above, I also changed the timeout "screen" for 2 minutes and then returned to 1 minute. I doubt that had nothing to do with the question, I am fairly certain that it was just the detection of the Pocket.

  • There is a problem with the driver for a wireless adapter that if it is not compatible or not supported

    My grandmother came to visit me in Belgium and brought her laptop with her. It is Windows 7 and I bought in Ukraine. Thus, she cannot use wireless internet at my place. Troubleshooting scan says there is a problem with the driver for a wireless adapter that is it is not compatible or not supported, something like that. All sound systems are in Russian is not easy for me to explain it. Is it possible to fix this problem or she can't use her laptop to go on the net at all? Thank you!

    If it's a driver fault, can go you on another pc to work to manufacturers support web site for the 'Ukraine' pc and see if the wireless drivers are available there. If they are, download the latest compatible drivers for your pc and transfer them to it by a stick of memory from SD or USB and then install them.

    This may be due to a setting of your network security wireless, for example, that is your network is set to WPA2 but pc does not support. Check configurations for compatibility with your router wireless sound.

    See if anything here help - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/setting-wireless-network#1TC=windows-7

    At worst, is it not possible to connect via a cable to your router, esp, if is only a visit to sound.

  • FRM-40815: the Variable 'Global.OLD_ITEM_CATEGORY' does not exist.


    I use Dev suite 10 g and R12 Apps.

    Standard form: POXRQERQ-enter GUI applications

    While we did some customization on this, error-> FRM-40815: Variable 'Global.OLD_ITEM_CATEGORY' does not exist. during the seizure of some item specific not for everything.

    If I turn off the character of shapes, the message did not.

    I checked everywhere in the customization, but there is no possibility of use of OLD_ITEM_CATEGORY anywhere in the customization of the form.

    Can you help me please on this.

    Kind regards

    Published by: 951991 on November 20, 2012 05:37

    Global.OLD_ITEM_CATEGORY' does not exist

    The error comes that you use: Global.OLD_ITEM_CATEGORY inaccessing values while the element is not previously initialized

    Just add
    : Global .OLD_ITEM_CATEGORY: = null;
    to the times-news-shape-instance.
    then committed an error will not come

  • Global rules, does not the kickoff when calling service Web CHECKIN_NEW

    Hi all

    We are trying to call web services CHECKIN_NEW/CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL with the required fields like the doctype, securitygroup, primary file title etc...

    It works fine, but the global rules were not the kickoff.

    Ex: Say, we have a rule that says that Field_A is mandatory when SecurityGroup = Public.

    But when we are invoking the webservice with SecurityGroup = Public, content is to check-in even if we do not value Field_A.

    We need global rules to kick sending and we give the error/warning that there is missing field...

    Can you please let us know if we are missing something here, there or another way to get this requirement?

    Thanks in advance,

    See you soon,.

    Funny... I created a global profile rule that triggers a RIDC for CHECKIN_NEW call (my rule checks for the existence of a value in the comments field), and the call to RIDC fails (as I expected) when I only provided no commentary and works when I provided a comment. If the rule engine is indeed fired.

    I think you must post your profile rule. More precisely, exactly how do you define your rule? I think you use the check box "use default value" for the field, which is incorrect for your use case. Also post the rule conditions of activation. They are also probably wrong for the case of the intended use.

    Please do not ask for examples of code until you post your profile in the rule details.

  • Droid 2 Global Notification LED light does not.

    I bought my phone about 3 months ago and a few days ago the notification light has stopped working. It does not work for text messages or low battery, basically he "burned." I tried a factory data reset and still no go. I was thinking about warranty replace the phone but I do not do this for some reason. Any ideas or is it fried? I know that I have all the apps that would make it only works do not, so I'm stuck between the hammer and the anvil.

    I discovered what happened, apparently someone else who had the same problem found out that it's a wire loose which caused the problem, and you can warranty replace it. I hope just as if I do I don't have the same problem a month later.

  • Droid A855 USB cables are not the same.

    I have nearly 20 of the Verizon Droid. We used Treo pro for Sprint, but they have been undermined by the poor coverage of Sprint and a rate of 25% of failure in a year.

    When I got the Droid A855, I tried using that Treo Chargers and it worked very well. However, if I used a USB cable from the Treo to a USB charger, the screen would go crazy until the cable has been removed. I got the same results of OEM Samsung cables that would be compatible with the Droid. I had to return 10 of the Samsung cables after attempting to convince the seller that they do not work on the Motorola Droid A855.

    After reading some of the discussions on this site, I got the impression that there is a USB standard following cell phones. My experience is just the opposite. Anyone can comment on this fact?  Can I buy a cable from someone else than Motorola and operate in the USB Chargers?

    I believe that the question can be some of your instruction ect but shielding the supply itself is a more important factor. USB is not very consistent as a source of energy. The only battery charger, I bought today from verizon said he did not use a normal usb computer cable and charge the batttery. I've had questions, thinking that it was the cable, experimenting different supplies of cables and charger it is the charger port or usb, not on the cable. I also use a generic cable and one who came with an LG Dare phone and three others, seem all verizon/Motorola. All work fine as long as two or three lightwieght chargers are not used. These same circumstances are repeated with the Ipone has my son, even if we don't change cables, Chargers fair.

  • Firefox F - Droid on Replicant Android does not not to launch

    Even after uninstalling and reinstalling, Firefox for Android of F-Droid on Replicant on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 do not work. At launch, it gives a message box "Firefox is not responding. You want to close? [Pending] [OK] "so I can not even change any settings or go to any URL, even a subject: URL. He has already worked on this device and the version of Replicant. I wonder if I need to manually delete the files that may remain after the uninstall and the problem? Any help much appreciated!

    I found the answer, which is specific to Replicant Android:


  • Droid 2 Corporate Sync will not accept a ".local" domain

    I have a Droid 2 & I'm trying to sync it with my Exchange Server to work through the VPN. (It is not possible to make owa Exchange server accessible from the internet, there are simply too many complications of security). I have install the VPN connection successfully, but I can't get corporate Sync access to the account.

    When I put in the name of the server ("server.workdomain.local") I get the error "the server address must be properly formatted." and cannot continue. I tried 'server', 'server.workdomain.local', 'http://server.workdomain.local', 'http://server.workdomain.local/owa/', '10.0.X.X '... (ad nauseum) I tried to use ASTRO to change the host file (to redirect server.workdomain.com to the IP address), but it is read-only.

    Am I missing something? (Fiancé always tells me that I am a little dense!) Motorola excluded ".local" as a domain name valid? Is it possible to connect to Exchange for email (pop, imap, etc.) I don't know? I want to really just send and receive e-mail for my Exchange account.

    I 'm the it Department (it's a small business), so I don't have anyone to go to ask (other than you).

    Thanks for any help that anyone can provide!


    I think I found the reason of this problem. It is my understanding that the current setting of exchange for the Droid 2 does not accept a longer three-character domain name. This will be corrected in a future update, but I can't give you a timetable on it today. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Droid 2 app Motospeak will not work

    So, I am struggling with Motospeak for little less than a week now. I pre-ordered and waited anxiously, the Motorola Finiti not only for its elegant design and looks fancy, but for the characteristics of Motospeak so. Voice commands on my Droid 2 are okay, but I wanted more. So it comes out eventually and I download the new version of Motospeak only to find out that it does not work. I rebooted, no matched and re-paired, uninstalled and reinstalled, and everything suggested the 'big' technicians at Motorola, but nothing helped. The problem is that the voice command works everything and Motospeak does nothing. Help! Any ideas. I tried safe mode and found that Motospeak is not available in safe mode, so you can't test it. I disabled all other applications in the background and deleted a lot to try. Whenever I receive a text, the screen flashes as if it is trying to run Motospeak and to do what it is supposed to do, but nothing happens. I even went so far as to download an another "Motospeak' of drivesafe.ly.com... that told me that I needed a headset Motorola (I have and it has been connected) if it does not either. I am running the latest version of Android and nothing works as it should.

    So the good news is that Motorola technicians has heard what was happening and updated software Motospeak, turns out it was something in the last update from Verizon for the Android software that came. He works now as I wanted... but now it will not read my directory names... it's a problem with the software too as I loaded it on a completely different phone earpiece and it worked. I love Motospeak either way... it's great!

    Hey, anyone know how to control the volume level default for bluetooth devices? Mine is set too low.. and whenever I turn it up, he turns it down. Blessings.

  • VNA is a pxi-compatible or not


    I have a vna or and a no or pxi. I want to know if its compatible. and if yes what software can I use instead of max.

    Thanks in advance


    PXI of NEITHER not equipped with a controller (aka computer) and the driver NOR ANS must be installed on this controller before installing the NI VNA.  You can download the driver NI VNA ni.com/drivers, and then type VNA in the search window.  As part of this pilot plant, MAX (configuration utility) will be installed on the controller as well.

  • Property node "DAQmx system" global channel does not read changed MAX global channel of data after the 1st round

    I use the property system DAQmx node to read all the data the scale for global for thermocouple in MAX I use MAX 4.4, LV7.1.1, with a SCXI chassis in a PXI-1050 chassis. It seems to read the properties very well on first run. However, if you then change a channel property overall Max (for example a ladder or a type thermocouple factor) and it saves to the MAX, and then runs again the property node, it still read old data Max. To get it to read the changed data, it must close the VI, and then reopen it. It's painful when you recalibrate a vast set of thermocouples using MAX.

    Is it possible to force the node of system DAQmx property to reread MAX whenever it is executed, without closing his VI?

    See attachment. Run called standalone VI... PRINCIPAL. See instructions on the VI.

    Thank you


    Hi Tim,.

    Your main VI has not been updated is because you do not clearly the task after every time you call the DAQmx property node.

    Attached is a modified version of your code that works. I just added the Task.vi clear DAQmx in the FindChanProps.vi.

    Best regards

    Faris has

  • GPS (global positioning) will not work. Lack of USB mass storage device

    When I plug my GPS device into the usb port and driver disk into a dvd, where both worked, the installation wizard gives me a notice of default. Reference to the Device Manager shows 2 yellow? mark. Use of the facility of re - install and update does not solve the problem. I get a message indicating that a usb mass storage device is missing. Insertion of other devices on the usb port in question, or any other, says there is nothing wrong with any. Does anyone have an answer


    You are able to correctly use the other USB devices on your computer, I recommend you contact the manufacturer of the GPS (global positioning satellite) for assistance.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Customer global VPN will not connect on the first attempt

    Global VPN Client version

    I connect to a variety of virtual private networks for clients whom I manage IT systems. When I connect to their virtual private networks via devices Sonicwall TZ in my home office, the first always uptight attempt connection, implementation service or Authenticating or IP acquisition. So I click on turn off, then immediately, click Activate, and it ends. This happens every time that I log in unless I log in no time (maybe a few minutes) after I close an open connection.

    I thought that it would be fair to my laptop; However, it has persisted through two or three versions of the GVPN customer and, more important still, this does not happen when I have my laptop in the office of a client with me - that from my desktop at home.

    So I already know that there must be something on my frontier DSL modem or a service. But it's not as if the customer VPN tells me "your modem has decided to abandon the Sonicwall response during authentication" or something like that.

    Are there measures of troubleshooting/diagnosis/tests of base I can try, or any configuration of particular gateway that could be suspicious. In my case, the gateway is my modem Frontier.

    Yes, it's a little different.

    Thank you for your participation!


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