Drop-down choice of address suddenly disappeared from my place of work on my laptop.

I could choose an address of many addresses previously entered on the site of the company on my cell phone, but suddenly, it is not possible.  The company says that no. changed have been made at the base.  How to restore the drop addresses?  I could choose an address simply by entering 1 letter or number, which led a fall down the addresses typed previously by me.  What could I do to eliminate this convenience?  How can I restore it?  Thanks for any input.



You or someone who has used this machine deleted browsing history. It can be done as part of a cleaning system (disk cleanup), or manually on the Tools/Internet Options/general tab, delete the history.

The only way to recover is to restore it by revisting and sites.

Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP http://mvp.support.microsoft.com Windows help - www.rickrogers.org

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    Hi Tobin,

    It can be disappointing when the computers suddenly disappear from the list of networks. I understand the inconvenience.

    (1) what version of operating Windows is installed on the computer?

    (2) did you of recent changes to the computer before the show?

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    Note: The article above applies for the Windows 7 operating system.

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    Have you received a Windows XP CD with the computer?

  • I need to open the web site even in two separate tabs. Since I've upgraded to Firefox 6 when I try to open the web page in a new tab in the list in the drop down in the address window it gives that the opportunity to move to the already open tab.

    When I get off the fall from the address window, rather than display the URL of the Web site I want to open in a second tab says "switch to the tab '. But I don't want to move to the tab - I want to open a second tab on the same URL. If I want to open it a second time, I have to manually enter the address. Is it possible to turn off this option so that I can open the second tab by using the same address in the drop-down menu? I was always able to do this with the previous versions of Firefox.

    "Is it possible to turn off this option so that I can open the second tab by using the same address in the drop-down menu?

    You can install this add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/switch-to-tab-no-more/

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

    Not related to your question, but...

    You must update some plug-ins:

  • Populating a drop-down menu form with the values from MySQL database

    I'm creating a simple CMS that will allow staff to add new items on their site (sale of furniture).

    I want them to be able to choose from the list of values for some fields to ensure that the items are displayed on the website correctly (IE to avoid typos etc.).

    I have spent a lot of time to trawl forums and have so far obtained the code below.  When it was working I could only get the dropdown menu options of data contained in the database, as opposed to the list of DEFINED values that initially, I would put in my database.

    For example under the field named 'Type', I assigned these values: all ('table', 'chair', 'buffet', 'convenient', 'bottles', 'library', 'mirror', 'drawers','s chest', 'display', 'tvunit', "bedside", reads, "wardrobe", 'dressingtab', 'blanketbox', 'Office', 'filing cab', "workstation")

    Here's what I want to display in the drop-down, not only the five values of elements already in it.

    However, my CMS page is nothing display now not in the drop down and I can't understand why not!

    So my question is, first of all any ideas what's wrong with my code?  And second, how to fill the bottom of the fall with SET values?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!

    I didn't want to bore you, then the code below is just the bit that is relevant to my question, rather than any connection $POST and info php etc.

    It is in my code php at the top of my page

     $sql = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT id, supplier, room, type, material, finish, bespoke, image FROM furniture ORDER BY ASC");
                        while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql))
                    $supp .= "<option value=\"{$row['supplier']}\">{$row ['supplier']}</option>";
                    $room .= "<option value=\"{$row['room']}\">{$row['room']}</option>";
                    $type .= "<option value=\"{$row['type']}\">{$row['type']}</option>";
                    $material .= "<option value=\"{$row['material']}\">{$row['material']}</option>";
                    $finish .= "<option value=\"{$row['finish']}\">{$row['finish']}</option>";
                    $bespoke .= "<option value=\"{$row['bespoke']}\">{$row['bespoke']}</option>";

    It's in my html code

    <form action="<?php echo $editFormAction; ?>" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="form1"  id="form1">
                    <label for="supplier">Manufacturer</label>
                    <select name="supplier" id="supplier" title="<?php echo $row_add['supplier']; ?>" >
                      <? echo $supp; ?>
                     <label for="room">Room</label>
                    <select name="room" id="room" title="<?php echo $row_add['room']; ?>" >
                      <? echo $room; ?>
                           <label for="type">Type</label>
                          <select name="type" id="type" title="<?php echo $row_add['type']; ?>">
                           <? echo $type; ?>
                          <label for="material">Material</label>
                          <select name="material" id="material" title="<?php echo $row_add['material']; ?>">
                          <? echo $material; ?>
                              <label for="finish">Finish</label>
                          <select name="finish" id="finish" title="<?php echo $row_add['finish']; ?>">
                            <? echo $finish; ?>
                           <label for="bespoke">Can be made-to-measure?</label>
                           <select name="bespoke" id="bespoke" title="<?php echo $row_add['bespoke']; ?>">
                          <? echo $bespoke; ?>
                                  <input type="Submit" name="Add" id="add" value="Add" />
                          <input name="date" type="hidden" id="hiddenField" value="<?php echo $todayis['date']; ?>">
                          <input type="hidden" name="MM_insert" value="form1" />

    > So, don't you think not with my different approach?

    Yep, that's how it should be done.

    Note the OP also mentioned that they are filled with 6 drop-down lists:

    > 6 fields I want to post, drop downs in my a form are: provider, room, type of material, finish and custom.

    So you can create a table for each separate... but what I would probably do is store everything in a single table (depends of if you need to store additional information or if it's just a list of choice):


    Category ID value


    1 provider abc

    2 vendor xyz

    3 living room

    4 dining

    Enter values using a set of multiple records in the query: Select value of optionsTbl category WHERE = 'suppplier. " Select the value optionsTbl category = "room"; etc.

    Then fill the drop-down lists by looping through each query in the recordset and use next_result() to perform a loop on the next game.

  • Insert the subform based on list drop-down choice

    Is it possible to insert a subform of a choice of menu drop-down. I have attached a sample of what I am trying to accomplish. When you select Yes in the drop-down list the subform becomes visible. What I want is when the selection is not, so there is no space between the next set of questions. This form extends on more than 5 pages.

    Can be done with the following steps.

    1 record under pdf dynamic rather than static.

    2. change work subform presence of Invisible to hidden (exclude from layout) in your form.

    Please check the pdf seal updated.


  • Drop down flash menus and then disappear before I can use them

    The menus that appear when the mouse is over a few drop-down buttons are sustainable is more long enough to use on some but not all web sites.
    They are flashing, you can see that they are there, but you can't move the mouse down to make a selection.
    This happened with an old version and 28.8 I went to today. This makes it almost unusable browser.
    I tried the safe mode, no difference.
    Remove the Mozilla folder and reinstalled it, no difference.

    Computer Windows 7,.

    I have seen that this is one problem for others when I search but I can't find a solution.
    Thanks for any help

    To disable hardware acceleration does not work as well?

    • Tools > Options > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.

    Start the computer in safe mode Windows with network support (on the startup screen, press F8) as a test to see if that helps.

    Do a clean reinstall and delete the program folder before Firefox to (re) install a new copy of the current version of Firefox.

    Download a new copy of Firefox and save the file to the desktop.

    If possible to uninstall your current version of Firefox to clean the Windows registry and settings in the security software.

    • Do NOT remove the data personal when you uninstall your current version of Firefox, because all profile files will be deleted and you lose personal data such as bookmarks and passwords from other versions of Firefox profiles.

    Delete the program folder Firefox before installing newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.

    • (32-bit Windows) "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\"
    • (Windows 64 bit) "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla.

    Your bookmarks and other personal data are stored in the Firefox profile folder and will not be affected by a uninstall and (re) install, but make sure that 'delete personal data' is NOT selected when you uninstall Firefox.

    If you keep problems also create a new profile.

  • How can I change the order in the drop-down list the address bar?

    I like Firefox, but one thing I want to change is the behavior of the address bar drop-down list - where it shows the previous sites I visited. I'm looking for a way to list of these in chronological order - so the most recently visited site is at the top. know how it is in IE!

    Is this possible? I'm happy to go in and change settings or install any addons that I need to do.

    Hello zeel, this article explains how the sorting mechanism in the firefox url bar: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/The_Places_frecency_algorithm

    Although there are some settings to adjust the table available when you go to Subject: config I don't think it's possible to achieve your goal exactly using the built - in firefox. You can set the preferences (increase) of the value of the . places.frecency * BucketWeight while to increase the rank of the most recent visits and adjust the timespan in days for different buckets through the . places.frecency * BucketCutoff...

  • How can I get an address of record is displayed in the drop-down list the address Windows 7 bar.

    I am referring to what used to be called 'Windows explorer '. No IE. The address at the top of a folder window bar has a drop down menu that accumulates the addresses of record for quick navigation.  I frequently navigate to a particular folder, but it is never appear on the drop-down list. How to appear on the drop-down list?

    Nothing in the link answers the question, but I thought about it.  If you copy and paste a folder address in the address bar, it will be added to the drop-down list.

  • Show/hide multiple fields on list drop-down choice to help if else

    Goal is to display or hide the three fields according to a choice of menu drop-down. If show X, hide if Y.

    How a syntax on line error 6 when adding to the trigger mouse-to the top of the field drop-down list.

    Are several actions allowed for each if condition?

    if(event.target.value = "Yes")
      getField("Top_inches").display = display.visible;
      getField("Top_numerator").display = display.visible;
      getField("Top_denominator").display = display.visible;
      getField("Top_inches").display = display.hidden;
      getField("Top_numerator").display = display.hidden;
      getField("Top_denominator").display = display.hidden;

    You have at least two syntax errors. The first is that you used the wrong operator for comparison. 'Is', not '=' (this is the value assignment operator).

    The second is that you did not put blocks of code inside the curly braces.

    If your code should be:

    if (event.target.value == "Yes") {
        this.getField("Top_inches").display = display.visible;
        this.getField("Top_numerator").display = display.visible;
        this.getField("Top_denominator").display = display.visible;
    } else {
        this.getField("Top_inches").display = display.hidden;
        this.getField("Top_numerator").display = display.hidden;
        this.getField("Top_denominator").display = display.hidden;
  • Automatically populate a drop-down list by using another selection from the drop-down list box

    New java/preparation forms so I apologize in advance.

    I currently have a menu drop-down box 1 (Occupation) with three options: "enter your own description/blank", retired housewife. When someone chooses either retirement or anyone at home, I would another drop box 2 (employer) to assign automatically "n/a. . The employer drop box has only two options: "enter your own/blank", N/A.

    Far, I could for that box to fill but only when the person clicks in the box (as if they were about to enter their own text.) Then only it will fill the drop-down list "employer." I would like it auto fill once the person has chosen retired, Virgin or stay-at-home woman without having to enter in the box (just using the arrow to the size of the drop-down list box).

    I currently have a key shot that resets the employer box when a person chooses the option vacuum/enter your own option. I then a JavaScript (only for the housewife now) that only works if you click the box of. Key combination works I want to than the other options work as well. If the client settles on white, the choice of the employer updates automatically empty without having to click in the box of. Any help (including general advice to make my code cleaner) is very appreciated!

    Current script of typing:

    If {(event.willCommit)

    If (event.value == "") this.resetForm (["use"]); of other SetFieldValues (event.value);


    The current upward, mice running JavaScript :

    var v = this.getField ("Occupation") .value

    If (v is "Housewife")

    1. this.getField("Employer").value = "N/a".

    I think maybe I should use event.willCommit in my formula, but I'm not sure how to include it.

    Thank you!

    I would not use the key sequence or MouseUp actions for this, but the action post.

    Just make sure that you set the field option to validate the selected value immediately (under Properties - Options) and then use this code as the custom validation script:

    var employerField = this.getField("Employer");
    if (event.value=="Homemaker" || event.value=="Retired")
        employerField.value = "N/A";
    else employerField.value = employerField.defaultValue;
  • Text of field force based on list drop-down choice

    I adapted this from an example provided by pguerett call 'health mental-check' (in another thread that I can't find right now) who performed a similar function based on a checkbox control.

    I have a dropdown list with a change event to set the menu text focus IF the drop-down list item is replaced by 'others '.

    In the text field, that I have an output event which 'should' give a popup message and then set the focus on the field from the drop-down list, IF the drop-down list item is "other", AND the field is null output.

    However, this does not go as planned.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Part of it is to get your '=' and '==' mixed up. A = to assign the value, two == to compare a value.

    I think the gasket you need.

    I changed your script:

    var newValue = this.boundItem(xfa.event.newText);
    if (newValue == "Other")

    I think the way it works is that you'll need to capture specific value selected in the drop-down list, because it is has been selected the value does not exist in the field again... or something like that - someone else here can probably explain it properly!

  • Drop down menu after selecting the option from drop down

    When I choose a country, I need the cities in the counties to appear in the drop-down list option in the next cell.

    Need to set up the performance of sales by the engineers by country.


    (1) on application/program which you experience this problem?

    (2) you try to create a program or a Web page?

    Just answer us with more information so that we could help you better.

  • Icons/apps blackBerry Smartphones have suddenly disappeared from my BB 8900 Curve

    I have a BB 8900 Curve and it works very well up until now. Some applications/icons have disappeared from my phone and I have not changed anything. So now my icon for textmessaging disappeared, as the BBmessager and the profiles icon that indicates if you want the phone to ring/quiet.

    I did hide them in the menu.

    Can someone help me please!

    Thank you

    Dear comrades, addicted to the Blackberry,

    It's incredible but true, the problem solved itself from one day to the next.

    I turned the phone off before going to sleep and then this morning I tried again and everything is back to normal.

    Pffff... I am very happy that I shouldn't go through all difficult downloads and other technical programs to run since I'm a fool

    with technical stuff.

    Thank you all for your help/answer.

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