DSC hx9v can not see the video in my note samsung tablet, why and what to do?

I have a short on my DSC-HX9V I can see easily enough through reading.  However, I can't seem to find a way to get thevideo on my computer and in a form which can be accessed:

(1) in Explorer windows in my netbook
(2) in my samsung Tablet 10.1 rating.

The SD card displays the photo still files but not the video file (in format AVCHD.  I want to be able to post the video to a Web page.  How can this be accomplished?

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    Please post on the Adobe forums.

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    Justin D

    It seems that your computer has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 M + Intel HD 4600 Graphics embedded.

    Try this:

    Go to Device Manager > graphics and disable Intel HD graphics cards. That could solve the problem!

    Thank you


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    I don't have this problem with the same catalog on another computer, Mac Book... The videos are visible.

    "You work with book of mc who will answer me...". »

    But I can't look at a comfort of the screen 27 inches!

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi franlou,

    I suggest you to update the quicklime and also update your Mac OS X

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    I think that the OP refers to have a clip on the stage with an animation inside that movie clip and when the timeline scrub, you do not see the animation, because it is inside the clip... Yes, there is no way around that, you can always double click on the clip on the scene to get in and rub his scenario, if you need judge distances or what not, since the overall image will be just Gray, but still visible.

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