DSC-WX150 will stop recording at 03:00 minutes when you use the HDMI video output


I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-WX150 camera.

When using an output HDMI cable to view the camera to a television screen, the video movie recording function to 3:00minutes exactly every time automatically stops.

When there is no HDMI cable plugged into the camera, it records fine 20 minutes.

I tried changing film formats, changing the power settings, camera reset the values by default, etc., but with no difference.

Why it only record at 03:00 minute exactly mark when you use the HDMI video output? Someone knows how to fix this?

Thank you


Hi tight,

Welcome to the community of Sony!

If I understand correctly, when you use your TV as a monitor while video recording automatically stops and does not cross the entire 29 minutes. Based on your manual, it is normal for the camera when it is connected to another device via the HDMI cable. This serves as protection for the camera.

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    Have you managed to solve the problem by using another approach?

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