Dual booting - problem with the disk when trying to start windows

original title: problems with dual boot.  Windows does not play well with others.


I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit included with the computer.  I installed Fedorah and it works on my computer.  When I installed it, but I had my hard drive partion.  I left most of the hard drive (about 400 concerts) as it was, when I booted up Fedorah worked well and gave me the option to boot or windows.  When I started in the window, however, it wouldn't let me start my computer, it says I have a problem with my drive.  With XP, it gives me no problem, I didn't ignore the disk check, but with Vista for some reason it doesn't let me start.  It gives me a few options of restoration to the previous status confuses the computer he says I manually type in which windows in the command line.  I don't have my windows CD, the only other option that I have that seems to work when I click it is restoring to factory fault which I don't want to do because I don't want to lose all my files.  Please tell me what I need to do.



Fedora forums at the link above.

A refund Stsrtup of Vista Disk link.

Download the 64-bit on the right.

Download the ISO on the link provided and make a record of repair time it starts.

Go to your Bios/Setup, or the Boot Menu at startup and change the Boot order to make the DVD/CD drive 1st in the boot order, then reboot with the disk in the drive.

At the startup/power on you should see at the bottom of the screen either F2 or DELETE, go to Setup/Bios or F12 for the Boot Menu.

When you have changed that, insert the Bootable disk you did in the drive and reboot.


Link above shows what the process looks like and a manual, it load the repair options.

NeoSmart containing the content of the Windows Vista DVD 'Recovery Centre', as we refer to him. It cannot be used to install or reinstall Windows Vista, and is just a Windows PE interface to recovering your PC. Technically, we could re-create this installation with downloadable media media freely from Microsoft (namely the Microsoft WAIK, several gigabyte download); but it is pretty darn decent of Microsoft to present Windows users who might not be able to create such a thing on their own.

Read all the info on the website on how to create and use:


ISO Burner:http://www.snapfiles.com/get/active-isoburner.html

It's a very good Vista startup repair disk.

You can do a system restart tool, system, etc it restore.

It is NOT a disc of resettlement.

See you soon.

Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Hi billy73,

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  • Problem with the disk check.

    32-bit Vista Home Premium:

    About 6 months ago, I ran a Check Disk from my C drive (using Vista error checking tool) and checked the two boxes before starting (fix Auto file system and search for errors / attempt to recover bad sectors).

    He ran through the 1 5 6 controls without finding an error.

    On the 6th and final verification that it is running, it hung (or the 4th of 5 controls it works - do not remember if it is 5 or 6 it works). According to me, he started the final control, but stopped and none did not move. A few hours later he still hadn't moved, so I did a hard stop.

    Fortunately, everything was fine when I rebooted.

    I use the computer since then without problems/errors obvious hard drive, but I'm afraid to run another check of the disk, even though I would right now.

    Suggestions are welcome as to what might have caused the shot, and if I do another check of the disk.

    Yes, it's essentially the same command.  Personally, I never use the other method - I just use the one that I you provided.

    : You are right about the meaning switches - you already know or you're an awfully good guesser.  Since you have expressed interest, here's more information on CHKDSK you might find of interest with other switches and guidelines and some good information on how it works and how to use the results: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/67612-check-disk-chkdsk.html.

    If you cannot complete a cHkdsk on your hard drive, then there is a problem with the player that must be resolved before it is any worse.  I would definitely give it another chance and also run the diagnostics that I recommended in a previous post.

    I hope this helps and I hope that the test completes successfully this time.  If this isn't the case, I hope that the diagnostic test identifies the problem and it can be repaired than replaced (even if it's pretty rare - usually if it goes wrong it must be replaced).  If this is the case, I would as soon as possible to ensure that it is not so bad that you can no longer access the drive at all - but then again, there may be nothing wrong and we could be worrying for nothing but a bad block or two which is nothing to worry about in itself.

    Good luck!

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  • Problem with the disk free space.

    I use the power of fire 7100 (the Version of FireSight sensor Version). I have political problems that apply to the device. And is unable to update sensor for the newest version. Cisco support community help me! Thank you! They and I think that this problem can be in the use of the disk.

    What I oh sensor:

    Size of filesystem used Avail use % mounted on
    / dev/sda5 2.9 G 562 M 2.2 G 21%.
    / dev/sda1 99M 37 M 58M 39% / Boot
    / dev/sda7 67 67 G 0 100% but
    No 1.9 G 136 K 1.9 G 1% / dev/shm

    May be the problem with the records of Volume.What I could check and delete? Thank you!

    Hello team,

    * Could you please check the following points: -.

    CD/var/tmp /.

    du-sh *.

    You can clear the/var/tmp/en using the following. Files under/var/tmp temporary files are. :-

    rm - rf *.

    It is a known bug where the but gets completely due to Apply_ files *.

    * Also check the following points: -.


    Remove the old patches if there are.

    * Check the following backup folder and the folder of detection engine too.


    du-sh *.


    du-sh *.

    Rate if this helps you.



  • Laptop G60-549DX (with OS Windows7-problem with the microphone when using Skype)

    Just bought a laptop G-60-549DX. His mic is BAD. Voice of cuts to when using Skype. Help!

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  • We get an error "there is a problem with the device' while trying to use it on the computer of Windows 8

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    Separated from -.



    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    This problem is usually caused due to hardware or driver related issues. I suggest you try to install the latest drivers for the camera on the Asus or Windows Update site and check if it helps.

    If the problem persists, then it would be better to contact Asus for more help on this issue. As this could be a problem with the hardware as well.

    Support from Asus: http://www.support.asus.com/

    Please do not hesitate to visit our Web site for any help with the Windows operating system.

  • I have a problem with the DVD drive not detected on Windows 7.

    I built a new PC (I've built a few of them).  This time is not considered my ASUS BD player with Windows 7 DVD burner.  It is not in either Device Manager just do not at all recognized.  The BIOS for the ASUS P9X79 of luxury see the SATA drive without problem.  Sometimes after restarting the BD Player looks and functions perfectly, but when the computer goes to sleep or shuts down is usually not there when it is restarted.  Please help me solve this problem :-)

    Original title: optical drive not recognized...


    Please contact the Microsoft Community.

    You have a problem with the driver DVD being missing on the computer. It can be difficult when something that is important to you does not work as expected. It's pretty simple and we're here to help you solve the problem. We work as a team and get this sorted out.

    Please answer these questions-

    (1) that you get an error message or error code?

    (2) did you have performed the steps in troubleshooting?

    (3) have you made changes on the computer before the show?

    I would like more information about the issue.

    Method 1-

    I wish that you are running the fixit-

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows


    Method 2-

    Note: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs.
    Back up the registry - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Back-up-the-registry

    I would have you look at the article-

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs


    Let us know if you have other questions about Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you. We at Microsoft, strive for excellence and provide our customers with the best support.

    Thank you.

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    I recently create a project still

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    The problem is that when I build a bluray image (file works the same and I have not tried disk because I don't want wasting them) there is absolutely no menus.

    I created a set of chronologies, some in playlist (no chapter selection) and named 3 menus associated with a video in the background.

    When I check the project all that I get no error and the entire construction I've tried so far is well over.

    When I saw after the restitution of everything on the menu is very good.

    When I build the DVD image everything goes according to the preview and the chart.

    When I build the BluRay all the files appear to be in the bluray (I can access everthing with the option of selecting players), but there is no menus.

    I found videos with buttons and circles, but they are like other videos, they are not menus...

    If anyone has any idea I'll take.

    Thank you for reading me and sorry for my English, I'm french.

    If you have a BD - RE disc, then please try to burn to disc.

    And if the menu is set as the first piece, it will appear after inserting the disc. (Anything defined as part of the project appears on the disc.)

    Thank you


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    I am running Windows XP Professional Edition and have tried almost way possible from almost all of the codes, so that it can install. He always tells me a different code almost as something it must not 'dismantling' MSE. I am not certified has + by all means! But I do not know when you searched for sites Microsoft etc., you are looking for better & learn yourself. But I'm at the point where I say "I wanted I had saved the old Version of the WLE who worked great." Just to give you a clue, which hopefully will help me can govern this list I've done on:

    1. search and read questions from other people who were identical and followed step by step, when I received him seemed to be more common error Code. He said to download update Windows Cleanup Utility and remove everything said Microsoft Live in there. I did this and it just via a different error Code

    2 I tried to download directly the WLE "integer" and install it

    3 I am the admin. and always "Ran under" admin

    4 I watched the system requirements & everything I had was compatible, even if I n "t SQL, but went and downloaded and installed, it

    5 I ran in safe mode, and keep in mind that I do every time a cleaning in the place where there is no trace of even the new WLE Installer, b/c I read learned that you cannot leave this trace.

    6 and to be honest, I do all this work b/c I think WLE possesses one of the in my opinion, best photo library it y a. quick, simple, but still has all of the improvements that I use direct mail and really liked the MS Outlook 07 connector is what I have right now.

    7 I've never seen a free software that is so sensitive that it need to go through all these steps

    -Thoughts on any other reasons to help, I would take even the older edition if I could find it, but as soon as I eliminated and did a cleanup & reinstall my hard drive, it hit me. I forgot to record the show and then, think it is free I'll get it online but it has been updated and I need help which is much smarter than me, I will not STOP until I know what and why. BTW, it is not a problem with a firewall or anything b/c I disabled Norton and am MSE tent which was / is child's play, it's not dirty space, but it does the job and it's great and that's why I want the photo gallery for the least and Sync Mail to Outlook.  As I have said that I have nothing else, I know to do, I even tried on another computer running the exact same OPS than mine. And it's the same way. ??? Please help me to get someone...

    Thank you very much in advance for any help other than that described previously, or if someone from Microsoft could remotely help me if it is possible.


    Hmm. check that you can start the Windows Installer service and it is enabled.

    1. Click Start > run...
    2. Type cmd /K net start MSIServer
    3. Press enter and monitor messages in the window of the console open.

    If the service is started successfully, then download the offline version of the WLE from here and try to install it. Select all items to install because they are dependent on each other.
    Download the new log file, if it fails to install again.

  • Problem with the INF file trying to replace the USB mouse

    I am trying to replace a USB mouse that works but sometimes gives me double clicks rather than alone. But all the attempts to have it translated into the same error viz:

    "The driver for this device is missing a necessary entry, maybe it's because the file INF was written for windows 95 or later." Contact your hardware vendor. »

    The mouse I'm replacing is an optical mouse of Trust and so far I have tried 3 other optical mice - an ASDA brand, a Dell and a Logitech Value Optical Mouse. All with the same result.

    All the mice tried claim to be plug-and-play compatible with Vista (Home Premium installed). None came with the drivers and the last Logitech there is no download associated with it - I don't think this problem of the manufacture.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Old Man River,
    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Answers community forums.

    To run the checker system with administrator rights files follow these steps:
    Click Start and type cmd in the box start the search.
    Right click on cmd in the list programs, and then click Run as administrator.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type your password or click on continue
    At the command prompt, type the following line and press ENTER:
    When the analysis is complete, test to see if the problem you are experiencing is resolved.

    If that does not resolve your problem, try going into Control Panel configuration, Device Manager, expand the device of Interface Group.  Right click on all of the mice that appear there and uninstall.  Restart the computer and that he should find Windows driver and install it.  If it is not the case, go to Device Manager, click the view menu, click Show devices and see if there is an other mice which do not arise before.  If so, delete them and restart again.

    Please let us know the status of your question.
    Thank you
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Problems with the disk drive - DVD playback

    I have a Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit PC with a Samsung SH - S223C DVD, player, which both are a little less than two years. Recently, I started having problems mainly watching DVD and also some problems of installation of video games. When you watch DVDs in Windows Media Center or Media Player, the player is very slow to load the disc, even sometimes not at all. When it's load and play the video may freeze a lot while the drive and fast shipping and rewinding are a nightmare, that nothing is really happening, the picture just freezes. Boredom, it's a day DVD can be read without problems, but the next I meet the above problems. I tried to buy a DVD-ROM of Hama Laser Lens Cleaner disc, which did not solve the problem, it has made no difference.

    I encounter any problems when you watch a video recorded on Media Center, I am the owner of a TV Tuner and all saved games video very well without any problems. Also, I live in England so my hard drive is region 2.
    I have no idea how to fix this, it is very annoying. I'd appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

    Thank you.

    Hello Dan

    You can contact Samsung on the drive and see if there is an update of the firmware. If this isn't the case, you can replace the drive because it sounds like the drive itself is a failure.
  • Problem with the resolution when you connect to a projector

    I regularly used my laptop connected to a projector via a cable VGA for PowerPoint and video clips view in Windows Media Player.   It is automatically detected and adjusted for different sizes of screen of the laptop screen (1366 x 768) and projector (1024 x 768) and projected with success.   Recently I connected the laptop to a second monitor - also 1024 x 768 - instead, and even once, it fits perfectly.

    It suddenly stopped setting for the resolution of the projector; When I go to the resolution of the screen, the option to set the resolution of the second screen is grayed out.   No matter if I use extend or duplicate, he insists that the two screens are 1366 x 768.   This has happened with two projectors, all two used to work properly.   I also tried different VGA cables.  The end result is that the image of the projector is hurry to tray.

    I can connect fine to the second monitor via the VGA port and sometimes with different resolutions for both screens.   I can also connect to a TV via an HDMI cable.   I can't try a HDMI cable for the spotlight as it is ceiling mounted, and the other is old and is not an HDMI connection.

    I checked the drivers and they seem to be up to date.

    My laptop is a Dell Latitude running Windows 7.   The graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics 3000.   I tried many suggestions already given on these forums without success.   The real puzzle is that it was working fine and nothing I can draw has changed except that I connected on the other monitor.

    Hi Tony,.

    Thanks for the reply with the status of the issue. I'm sorry to know that the issue is still unresolved, your efforts to solve this problem are much appreciated.

    I suggest to follow the method below and check if that helps:

    Method 1: Perform a system restore.

    System restore


    System restore WARNING: when you use the system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, the programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    Method 2: Uninstall all hidden devices:

    Step 1: See the article below to activate the devices hidden in Device Manager.

    Look at a hidden devices

    http://msdn.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/Windows/hardware/ff553955 (v = vs. 85) .aspx

    Step 2: After you enable hidden devices, remove devices from Device Manager.

    1. press start.

    2. type device manager in the start search box.

    3. Select Device Manager in the search result.

    4 uninstall everything that are grey also uninstall the drivers to display completely.
    5 restart the computer and install the drivers to view the manufacturer's Web site.

    Hope this information helps, just reply to the State of the question to get help.

    Hi Rizwan

    Unfortunately, I do not have a restore point old enough until the problem occurred.   I have not found any that was relevant in hidden devices, but in normal Device Manager mode when I clicked on "monitor" it opened a "Generic PnP" entry even when there was no extra monitor or projector fixed.   When an additional monitor has been attached, there were two of these entries.   I disabled them both, and I found that I can now adjust the resolution of a second monitor to a different setting of the laptop screen.

    Thanks for your help.


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