During a phone call he plays country music, both connected

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I can't find an answer. On my T-Mobile cliq when I start making a phone call ist plays a starnge Western song, until he starts rining or connects. Anyway to change this choice of music or turn it off?

OK, I went to see if there was a way to disable it on the phone itself and I'm not. You can disable if you are registered on the T-Mobile website. But also look for the my account icon on your screens. There will show you your account information and the list of your features. He'll tell caller tunes for $ 1.99. This means its on and you need to call them to fix it. It will take more time to sit waiting as it takes for them to remove it.

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  • Linux - breaks down during the phone call after receiving the notice of someone who comes online

    Hello! Having a problem with Skype for Linux.

    This happened to me twice today: during a phone conversation (I had dialed a phone number), after that Skype gave me a notice saying a contact had been online, the cut received phone call and Skype crashed. Ideas for solutions?

    I use Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit, and once again the version of Skype is, please let me know if there is more information I could give that would help. Thank you!

    Sorry for typo's fault, I can't edit any longer after a day or two. Here's the good:

    sudo apt - get install libasound2 - plugins:i386

    Thank you


  • How to disable the speaker during the phone call IOS9

    Several times I made a call on my iP6 (IOS9) and tour on the speaker so that others might listen/talk.  Unfortunately, the sound quality was so bad that we could not understand the other person, so I decided to turn the speaker off. and continue with the phone to my ear.

    Never could understand how do.  I've been preoccupied to kill the phone call if I did too.

    Press the button that you used to activate the speaker during the call, if necessary

    It will bring up a menu of all the devices, you can send the call at that time - bluetooth, car, iPhone

    You can choose whoever you want and call hovers over seamlessly


  • Hang up a phone call during another phone call

    My Treo 750 gave me an option to hang up the current call or ignore the second call with a text message.  The Palm Pre does not seem to allow me to hang up a call, if I got another call with call waiting.  Two calls to unplug once I hang up the second call.  It is a huge problem that no one else can get it for me while I'm on the phone in this situation until I got hang up a call I'm on.

    How to hang up a call during a second call?

    Thank you


    Please take a look at this thread: http://forums.palm.com/palm/board/message?board.id=webossoftware&message.id=8913&query.id=72719

  • BlackBerry Smartphones locking the screen during a phone call...

    I'm just not see it or are at - there no way to lock the screen during a phone conversation? I continue to cut the call when I use my shoulder to hold the phone (Yes, I have a bluetooth connection and I know that that would solve the problem) but I mean the screen of my voyager locked when I was in a call!


    Thank you, Mike. This looks like a great product.

    One question. What use the 'flash' function when a call comes in, or if the keys must be used (i.e. to navigate a phone system)? Is it possible to disengage and engage the program?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones in levant calendar during a phone call.

    While on a phone call, I need to look at my calendar to see if I have something open one day requesting my caller.  How do I do that?


    Press the menu button and you will be asked if you want to go to the home screen during the call, click Yes and go from there.

  • Received the phone call from scam of asking to connect to the computer

    A man with a voice of Indian call center called and asked my friend to connect to his computer because they knew that she had had problems with the help and he called for a "windows service center.  She asked for a number to call back and he hung up.  There is a phishing scam rightnow?

    It is a phishing attempt! Do not give any information.

    Reported people on these calls for a person who represents Windows (note: not Microsoft).

    It is a scam! Not to follow their instructions or advice and not to provide ANY information to them.

    Because they use the internet lines and/or phone to complete their fraud, there may be federal agencies in your country who are interested in discovering their calls. Their report directly to the appropriate agency if you feel you can contribute to their arrest and the charges.

    Microsoft do NOT pick up the phone and start dialing customers and never phones/e-mails asking for personal information or asking them to visit a web site!

  • Is there an equivalent to press a hashing key when asked to do so during the phone call on Apple Watch?

    Is there an equivalent to press a hashing key when talking about Apple Watch phone app. ?

    I tried to leave messages on the voicemail of the recipient but to end leave my message, I wonder to press the pound key, which I can't do the watch.  I tried pressing the red button "end" on the dial of the watch, but that has not worked.  I ended up having to take my phone out and starting from scratch.

    Thanks in advance.


    If you want to suggest that Apple consider adding a hash key to use when making calls on Apple Watch, you can do so here:


  • sound distortion during the phone call sbh52


    I have a SBH52 connected at a Xperia Z3c.

    I noticed that sometimes the sound of the call, I hear the headset is crackly and distorted - like robotics.

    I then hang up the conversation and remind the person to a normal sound quality. Do this step resolves the issue.

    It is not that the handset is too far if the connection fails because of the distance.

    And sometimes I more frequently since the Android update to 5.1.1 even if it happened when I had installed 5.0.2.

    The music is not affected, it still sounds perfect with no drops of conncection or buffering, always of the same Z3c.

    All the world had the same experience?

    OK, good luck, and we maintain.

  • Phone call informs me that my computer is infected with malicious software; it's from Microsoft. Is it?

    A person claiming to be from Microsoft "Windows - something or other' phones me to force me to go online to give them access." they always say they will fix the problem (whatever that is). If I don't respect, the intruder software can damage the system. They do not specify the nature of the software.

    Background noises heard during the phone call, I think it's operation "boiler room" scam with the many other appellants works in the background.
    Someone else has met such unsolicited phone call?

    Without a doubt a scam (a quick search forums answer will show several similar positions). I hope that you did not have access to your computer.

    SC Tom

  • Stop text Notifications during phone calls

    How to stop text message notifications sounds while I'm in a phone call without silencing everything? It is very annoying and unprofessional when you talk to someone and there is the same constant beeps heard on their end.

    I do not have a setting for it there, but I agree it's annoying to be interrupted during a call. The notification should be delayed. Why not drop a line to iPhone Feedback?


  • Play stereo music from active A2DP BT phone on the computer using Toshiba BT Stack speakers

    1. is it possible to listen to stereo music from active A2DP Bluetooth phone on using Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows computer speakers?
    2. is it possible to use loudspeakers and a microphone as a hands-free Bluetooth phone device?

    Thank you, Lenkost.

    Your question 1,... should be possible if BT stack supports a stereo audio gateway. Ever experience this, so I can't give you a concrete answer on this... try it ;)

    For your question 2,... Yes, it is indeed possible. Phone calls on your laptop via BT works very well.

    You can even do more advanced things as "read incoming SMS messages on your computer without even touching the phone" (they pop up as a message of "MSN"), or proximity to unlock your 'screensaver' as soon as you (your mobile phone) closer to the laptop...

    I used the software available for free 'Of FloAT Mobile Agent' on a SE phone. (I think they currently support only this brand... not sure though). The link to this program free open source is here: http://fma.sourceforge.net/

    A list of compatible phones (submitted by users) can be found here:

    PS I know that those who have bought a SE phone just because they wanted to make use of this program...

    Kind regards

    [Edited by: admin]

  • Phone dials a number at random during an ongoing call

    My phone and my wife's phone has been randomly component another number during an active call. This causes the current call to give up without warning.

    I thought it was my accidental mistake until it happened to him, then it is true again and again on my phone.

    You should try an app like Tools of Droid of Tedd. It locks the screen while you are on a call, which will prevent the face dials. It locks the screen and prevents any entry through the screen while you are on a call. I'm not saying it's happening for sure, but it could be. This could be a good test for it. If the problem goes away when you use tools of Tedd Droid that I would say that what's happening is you're face composition.

    There's another app on the market that will do the same thing, but I don't remember the name of any other. I hope this helps.

  • ALTER audio during phone call


    I would like to know if this is possible and how it is possible. I need to put in place a mechanism by which a user can activate an application and make a phone call and then the audio on both sides of the call is routed to the application, the application modifies the audio and sends it back. This may seem crazy or stupid, but we have a legitimate and serious company for this requirement. I also need a way to do the same thing for an incoming call.

    I would like to know if there is an available API (is it is limited or licensed API an arrangement is possible) or no work around if there is not.



    It is no longer possible.

    The other limitation that I see would be the choice of phone.

    I know that CDMA phones cannot record audio during audio playback, so these phones would have to do more a walkie talkie interface - you can talk or listen, but not both at the same time.

    I'm not sure if the GSM phones have this limitation as well

  • Phone call during the transfer of data

    Hi, the app I'm developing sends and receives large pieces of data from a server. During data transfer, if I phone the device running the application from the phone call fails to connect. It is only when the application has completed the transfer of data that a phone call can be connected.

    Is there a way to get the phone call to connect?

    The application was developed as a moped based on portability and is executed on a v4.2.1.94 platform Pearl

    The transfer of data should be interrupted by the wireless network to allow the call to come.  Which network see you this on?  I commend this report to the carrier.

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