DVD player for Satellite 1800-314 - which models are compatible?

Hi, I have a satellite 1800-314 with teac cd-224th-ba cd-rom drive and I need to change it with a dvd - rom drive.
the models that are compatible?
do you have any suggestions?
Thank you.



If you want to buy a compatible player, please contact ASP. Here, you can order 100% compatible player.

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    I have a Toshiba Satellite S1800-412 computer and I want to change my DVD - CD player, since he does not recognize DVD discs. Can someone tell me where I could find for this machine compatible readers (i.e. you can tell me a site or list with discs)? Thank you!


    I found information that the compatible DVD player for Satellite 1800 is Toshiba SD-C2502. It is not just DVD recorder DVD player.

    Good bye

  • Need DVD player for Satellite C50 - B - 14 d

    Is someone can you please tell me where I can get a DVD player for my Toshiba Satellite C50 - B - 14 d?
    Mine doesn't have one that I m so bored if I knew I wouldn't have bought!

    I've looked everywhere on the internet, IE ebay etc, no joy, please don't can someone help me thanks xx

    Please don't get me wrong, but I really was wondering you didn't check m specification or description of your laptop model before you have ordered it.

    Anyway, as I can see on this video your laptop uses (models with ODD) SU 208 Multi 8 X DVD RW DL burner.
    I think that you will find the order in your country.

  • New DVD player for Satellite A30-754


    I am looking for replacement of the DVD - ROM SD-R6112 in my Satellite A30 - 754.
    Who are models of compatible DVD, multilayer perhaps are possible?

    Thank you!



    May I ask if you checked you user manual which must be preinstalled on your laptop?
    I downloaded the form the Toshiba support page user manual and find a list of compatible CD/DVD players

    Matsu * has SR-8177; UJDA750
    Toshiba SD-C2612; SD-R6112; SD-R2412; SD-R2512;
    TEAC DW-224TH; DV-W22E-85

    You should read the manual detailed ;)

  • Re: Lack of DVD player for satellite L500


    Can someone tell me what I need to do to get my dvd wrive works again? I have a satellite l500/087, part no PSLS0A-087002. I need to install a Hl-DT-ST DVDRAM GT20N (FW version = - whatever that means) but whenever I look for one of them I can't find anything (most likely because this laptop is a discontinued model).

    Can someone tell me what I'm looking for? Or what can I do? What dvd player of I need to install? Any help would be appreciated

    I'm glad to hear the problem is solved. ;)

  • Need new DVD player for Satellite A30


    I am looking for the replacement of the mat of DVD - RAM * a UJ-811 in my Satellite A30-303.
    What models of DVD (rw) are compatible
    Thank you



    Please download the document of the user s manual and read page 9. There you can find the list of all compatible optical drives.

    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com Support & downloads

  • What is a compatible DVD player for Satellite P30 145


    My DVD player packed. We know what readers out there are compatible with this laptop. I am currently looking for a NEC ND-6750.

    Thank you very much.


    Did you look in the user manual?

    In my manual that was preinstalled on your laptop, I found a list of compatible drives.

    I think the similar list with disks taken in charge and compatible, you will find in your manual document.

    Otherwise, you could ask the guy to service Toshiba for the compatible device.
    You know, it is important that you purchase a supported player with the settings of the master/slave/c-salt because it of not possible to change these settings later.

  • Update of the software DVD player for Satellite X 200

    I am a novice pc user and this is my first post - I received an email with a software update for the DVD player.

    The e-mail indicates the installation instructions are in the zip file but I can't find it there or elsewhere - I tried to use the facility to update Vista driver through the Device Manager and pointing to the file where I extracted the zip file, but it says that my drivers are up to date. I also clicked on the extracted Setup file but I get an error message saying: it will not work on my computer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    First a question:
    Why do you want to update anything? You have problems with your laptop?
    If this isn't the case, so I see no reason to make the point.

    On the other hand; What DVD playback software do you mean exactly? Usually you can not install the utility via the Device Manager, but ONLY the device drivers!
    So for me you have mixed something!

  • DVD player for Satellite M40X

    I have Toshiba Satellite M40X with DVD/CDR. can change the DVD/CDR on DVD-R/DVD-RW? Is it possible to find a job in a car?


    I think that it should be possible to replace the disk. I don t see any difficulties, but you must take care about one thing.
    Slim drives support a fix master\slave\c-salt settings and you can not change with the rider as on desktop drives.

    In any case, in my manual, I found some compatible drives for my laptop.
    I think you will also find the compatible players and supported in your user manual.

    Have you checked it? If this isn't the case, you should do it.

  • Satellite 1800-314-replacement of the CD-ROM disc

    We have an old Toshiba Satellite 1800-314 the CD-ROM drive appears to be failing - it often will not recognize a CD, or run the applications of one.

    First of all, the CD-ROM drive is not removable, so the laptop must be open. I'm familiar enough with opening, laptops, but in a hardware store or repair is not currently available, I thought I would ask if there is something to know, such as coins out of condition precedent, when I open the case?

    I would also like to take this opportunity to replace the old CD with a DVD - ROM drive. But I read that there is a problem with a possible conflict of IDE bus:
    [REPLACE CD-ROM DRIVE WITH DVD OF TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1800-314 | http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-28372_20_0.html] (Their caps, not mine ;))

    Apart from "shorting pin 45 and 47" on the connector, there are other suggestions?

    The laptop belongs to my little girl, who will give me + hell + if it is out of use for too long, or worse, break... X (so I would like to correct it at once.

    Thanks in advance.


    The fact is that each optical disc drive cannot be used on every laptop. you are right and there is nothing other than the compatibility issue. The assignment of pins is the same for all readers and ratings and because of this, you must use compatible discs only.

    The good thing is that Toshiba has listed 6-disc compatible optical disc that can be used with this old Satellite notebook.
    All of them are listed in the paper manuals user s. check it out.

  • Need part number for the CD/DVD for Satelitte 1800-314

    You want to upgrade the CD player to a Satellite 1800-314 to a CD-RW/DVD unit. Can anyone provide please leave no.. Current unit is a TEAC CD-224th-BA.


    You cannot use each disk on laptops. It is very important that the laptop supports the drive. Master/slave or parameters c - salt on the drives for laptops are fixed and it of not possible to change as on drives for desktop PC.

    As a result, you can buy a player that is compatible with the right settings. If the drive supports the wrong settings if the BIOS of the laptop does not recognize the drive.

    I do not found the compatible players, but sometimes the devices are placed in the user manual that must be installed on the laptop.

    But don t be mad ;) Taken in charge and compatible readers and all other devices, you can order from the Toshiba service partner in your country.
    Simply make a call to the guys and they should give you a detail on the compatible parts.

  • Satellite 1800-314 memory problem

    Hey everybody.

    I just bought an old Satellite 1800-314 (Cel 1.1 GHZ, 256 RAM, 16 MB graphics card) from my college and I tried
    the parameters of this model using the AIDA 32 program.
    To my surprise to read RAM showed only 148 Mbps - slower than the Pentium MMX 166 test and the writing of RAM showed only 51 MB/s-more slowly then K6 266.
    Any applications, such as games (too old) works very slowly.

    What can be a reason for this?
    And what is DMI problem?

    Thanks for help


    There is the original memory built in Notepad?
    Seems to be something with the RAM or the motherboard is wrong!

    But it is very difficult to find a solution!

    In my opinion, you should backup your data and do a restore. After the recovery of finishing procedure install a few different benchmarks and test if the RAM is now faster, isn't.

    Campino Bye

  • Satellite 1800-314 - what memory is taken in charge

    I just got a Toshiba Satellite 1800-314 of the internet for Christmas from my daughter.
    I installed the memory is 240 MB and I'm trying to source more that when you watch a DVD it vibrates.

    can someone tell me if pc133 ram is supported?

    Thank you

    Maybe this site would be useful

    [Memory for Toshiba Satellite 1800-314 | http://www.orcalogic.co.uk/asp/prodtype.asp?prodtype=30683&ft=m&st=3]

    According to this site, you can use the 512 MB SODIMM PC100 144 pins are supported

  • Update the BIOS on a Satellite 1800-314


    I have an old Satellite 1800-314 and I want an update of the BIOS. I did an update of the BIOS on my desk, but never on a laptop. Is there someone who could help me with a manual or something else?

    Hi Antoni,

    I also have a Sat 1800-314 and I could explain how to upgrade a BIOS.

    The first step is to find your current version of the BIOS (in the HWsetup or look you in the BIOS, after turning on the power button, press and hold ESC and you will enter the BIOS), then the next step, go to the Toshiba site http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com, then click on support & downloads and go to the support home page and look if there is available as your latest BIOS version and download it.

    If the preparation is done and you have to extract the zip file containing the upgrade of the BIOS on a 1.44 MB formatted floppy. Make sure that the PC is connected to the power adapter. Stop, and then turn on the PC. Press and hold the button depending on the layout of the keyboard is located right between the keys Alt Gr and INS pushed until a beep sounds and the message "ready for the update of the BIOS. Place the BIOS update floppy in the drive and press any key when you are ready to move forward,"will be displayed.

    Place the floppy disk containing the BIOS upgrade in the floppy drive and press a key. FDD access will begin. When you're prompted by the message: "Please push the RESET switch (or turn the AC OFF power off / WE) to restart", remove the disk and turn off the system and turn it on again to restart the PC.

    BEWARE: Info-BIOS-Ce is only for a SATELLITE 1800 314!

    I found this Information on the following site http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com when you go to the Support home page and click on the Knowledge Base. You will find a very good FAQ of the BIOS that contains all the various procedures of BIOS for Toshiba laptops.

    Rudi Bye

  • Re: Question about the CD/DVD player for Portege M400

    I have a Portege M100 - and the CD-ROM drive does not work.

    Whenever I put a disc in I can just hear the motor turn the disc, but the computer is not picking up the drive. Device Manager picks up flawless.

    It doesn't seem to be any firmware for this sorting (or am I wrong).

    I've seen a DVD player for a M400 on ebay and I was wondering if that would take on my M100.

    Before buying it, I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be compatible. It seems to be OK size wise, but I was wondering if my Portege M100 XP would be able to use it.

    The description for the drive I want to put in the M100 is below:

    Thank you very much for your time. :)


    DVD +/-RW drive for laptop Toshiba Ultra Slim Bay Portege M400, S100 & Tecra S3

    Compatible models:
    Portege M400, Portege M405, Portege S100-S113, Portege S100-S1132, Portege S100-S213, Portege S105-S1133, Tecra S3,

    The Toshiba Ultra Slim SelectBay DVD SuperMulti Drive is a DVD burner that combines all the functions of a DVD player, DVD recorder, CD burner, and CD player in an ultra slim and ultra light. It gives instant access to CDs and DVDs and fits perfectly into your slot to drive Ultra Slim SelectBay of your Toshiba Portege M400, computer laptop M405, S100 or Tecra S3. It is the ultimate portable storage for mobile users.

    Drive ultra slim and ultra light, fits perfectly in your Ultra Slim SelectBay of your PC drive slot, no additional unit to take on the road
    Dresser based on multiple drive in a compact design: DVD-RAM, DVD + RW, DVD + R, DVD - RW, DVD-R, DVD-ROM, CD, CD/R and CD
    Backup of important files
    Easy access to CD and DVD based media
    Use for multimedia presentations
    Adapts to your lifestyle:
    Watch your favorite DVD movies
    Play music and games
    Create your own DVDs or music playlist
    Create CDs or DVs with ease
    Transfer data seamlessly between two discs, improve your productivity
    Reduce the time spent to transport and save files
    Slide-in simple, plug-and-play operation
    Includes drag ' n Drop CD + DVD3/B CLiP, Win DVD Creater 2 and the DVD-RAM driver
    Compatible with computer laptop Toshiba Portege M400, M405, S100 and Tecra S3


    Speed (Max):
    Read: 24 x CD-ROM, DVD-ROM 8 x
    Write: CD - R 24 x, CD - RW 4 x, 10 x HS CD - RW, 10 x US CD - RW, 2 x DVD-R, 2 x DVD - RW, DVD + R 2.4 x 2.4 x DVD + RW, DVD-RAM 2 x
    Compatibility: CD-ROM (read), CD-R(read/write), DVD - ROM (read), CD-RW(read/re-write), DVD-R(read/write), DVD-RAM(read/re-write), DVD-RW(read/re-write), DVD + R(read/write), DVD + RW(read/re-write)
    Dimensions and weight: 5 "x 5.5" x 0.4 ". 3.9 oz


    According to the paper manuals s user for Portege M100 two drivers of optical discs are compatible with your Portege M100L:
    TOSHIBA SD-C2612
    TEAC DW-224TH

    So if you want to have good player get one of them.

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