DVD Player & touch screen does not work after last update DX1210 to Windows 8

I know. I should have checked the upgrade information before doing so, but I have upgraded to Windows 8 about 3 months ago and my DVD player and touchscreen no longer work. I don't know what else does not work.

I searched drivers but can't seem to find a.

Can someone point me to the right direction?

Or do I restore to original settings - Windows 7?

Which brings me to my second question. How to restore? I did not have a backup, but I left all my data on a hard drive.

I can't find any help on any of these challenges.

Thanks in advance.

To be honest that I n t have this unit and don t have experience with it but I ve checked Toshiba to THE support page and of course, this model is not supported for Win8. What you need are utilities and tools specific to Toshiba.

In my opinion, if the device is not fully supported you should go back to original Win7 and supported.
I put t know why you didn t follow the Toshiba s advice on the creation of recovery media. From my experience, that the recorded data are unnecessary, and you will not be able to start the recovery image installation.

What you need now is the recovery disk. Visit the Toshiba page if there is possibility to order a new. Otherwise contact the closest service Toshiba and ask if they can help you with this.

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