DVD - RAM drive means that I can burn DVDs & CDs on the Qosmio series F

Can someone tell me that if I see "DVD - RAM Drive" under my computer does it means that my laptop allows you to record CD and DVD?

I don't know which series Qosmio F you have exactly, but this means that you can burn CD - R, CD - RW, DVD-R, DVD - RW and DVD-RAM media empty. It must also be possible to use DVD + R and DVD + RW media. I didn t try this because I prefer DVD-R virgins.

Just for example: my friend has a Qosmio F20-159 and according to the specification of the drive can write monitoring media
CD - R 24 x
CD - RW 4 x
HS CD - RW 10 x
US CD - RW 10 x
US + CD - RW-
DVD - R 8 x
DVD - RW 4 x
DVD + R 8 x
DVD + R (Double Layer) 2.4 x
DVD + RW 4 x
DVD - RAM 5 x

Good bye

Tags: Toshiba

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