DVD-RAM UJ-820 s does not work on the Satellite A50 - 543


My present DVD-RAM UJ-820 s on Satellite A50 543 is not working correctly, original part is very expensive. Can I order to cheaper NEC AD - 7543A or NEC AD - 7540 A, but I don't know is it compatible with my Satellite A50 543 or not.

Who can help me?
Thanks in advance


From my experience not every disc is compatible with your laptop. It depends on the master / slave / parameters c - salt.
The settings on the disks online slim for laptops is not editable as on desktop drives by putting the jumper.
The thin line command does not support riders, and so the firmware controls the settings.

But dnf666 already replaced the drive on sat 5200 and maybe your favorite player might be compatible

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  • Carpet * a DVD-RAM UJ-820 s does not work in Satellite M30X 122


    I am owner of a Satellite M30X - 122 Notebook with Mat * one reader CD DVD-RAM UJ-820 s.

    In recent weeks the disc suddenly stops working during normal use, no error message, in Windows XP System Device Manager all entries are ok, the drive is enabled and visible.
    !! Optical media access LED lites permanently, so that the reader is always available!
    I have tried using different CD, reboot Notebook, removing battery State is always the same, LED blinks several times then it lites permanent.
    After a few hours this phenomenon disapperars and I can use the drive without any problems. ! It is very annoying!

    Someone at - it experience with this problem? Please let me know.

    Don't you think that the drive needs to be replaced?
    In this case (I tried a Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ-820 s on the www, I found none just renovated, new readers) does anyone know where to get a new, or a compatible UJ-820 s drive.

    Thanks in advance.
    Have a good evening.


    I don't know where you live and can not recommend any PC shop but you can order it by the authorized service partner.

    You can also view s manuals for Satellite M30X, and page 5, you will find a list of all compatible optical disk drives. Do not buy the same but much better if you want. I hope that this info will help you find the new drive.

    Troubleshooting I can't say a lot. Try to remove the device from Device Manager and reboot the device and test again but with original media only. Make sure that you can see the contents of the CD or DVD using Windows Explorer.

    If nothing is done check for replacement.

  • Nokia PC Suite does not work on the Satellite A100-234

    I installed the Nokia PC Suite in my laptop (Satellite A100-234) Unfortunately his does not work. The same cable and Mobile is to connect with other computers.

    Please send your valuable suggestions.


    Could you please be more specific?
    Did you get the error messages or something else?

    Maybe something is wrong during the installation procedure
    So I recommend removing this Nokia program and try to install it again.

    In addition, I would recommend checking the PC Suite FAQ on the website

  • 2.60 BIOS does not work on the Satellite A200 - 22 c

    Hi all

    I made the mistake to Flash my old bios Satellite A200 - 22 c (PSAE6E) to the new version 2.60.

    As I did this, the keyboard does not work on the bios screen, so I am unable to manage anything in the BIOS.

    When Windows Vista 32B starts the first time, the keyboard does not work. If I close the session and then I it again, it works correctly.

    The touchpad is lost and I need to use a USB mouse. Is not a pilot cause problem, all the drivers are updated and are working properly.

    The question is: why Toshiba didn't allow users to download the old version of the BIOS? ¿WHERE or who do I contact to get the original BIOS? Why do the flashing utility make a backup of the OLD BIOS and then does not give you the ability to recover it?

    Please, help me to recover the original BIOS to retrieve my keyboard and my touchpad because I can´t find any message or anything like that to get in touch with the technical support of this web site.

    Thank you!

    Which version was old BIOS?

    By the way: you can contact Toshiba. They have access to the Archives of BIOS and they can provide you with older version of BIOS.

  • Pad touch and function Fn + F5 does not work on the Satellite a series


    I just install a windows Vista & I have install the driver after download it from the net, but I found this;

    1 - switch between the screen & s-video (fn + f5) does not work but the other work of function (fn)

    2 when I put my finger in the right of the mouse pad you have to scroll the screen & at the bottom of the touchpad, it should scroll left & right on-screen, but it did not work

    So please tell me the solution if it is a problem of driver or program.
    Please give me the direct link



    What cell phone do you have?

    I imagine that your laptop comes with XP and now want to use it with Vista OS.
    Please note that you should install the Package Toshiba Vista value added to use all the features of the laptop.
    Very important is the pilot of common components and the TOSHIBA Flash Cards.
    The Flashcards provides the Hotkey function and function of pitcher who starts the Hotkey function.
    Please reinstall!

    The additional touchpad functionality must be configured first.
    This can be done in the control panel-> mouse

    Here, you should look for the touchpad settings and able to configure touchpad again scroll areas.

    Good bye

  • Driver Chicony webcam does not work on the Satellite A200-13O

    After the misfortune that occurred to my webcam, I tried to fix it by uninstalling the driver and then put it back in place (by the toshiba Web site).
    I did this twice and it does not work,
    allthought the pc installed the driver, the camera was not working because a file was for win95 and my pc has vista.

    After several reboots, I made the following
    -all programs
    -camera assistant software
    -Right click
    -options (the last button in the right click menu...)
    -Select work in win95 compatibility
    Sorry for my English, I am Greek and my menu vista also... :))
    If anyone wants more details please to contact me.
    I hope this could help those in despair...


    Yes I would like some details;).

    For example: manufacturer who is the camera, it is built, made, he has worked previously, and so on...

    So there is a lot to say, have you ever said to the second part, but I'm missing a few things as I've described above. By the way: you can try to recover your machine, if you really need on your camera, but it is really the LAST RESORT.

    Good bye

  • Carpet * a DVD-RAM UJ-820 s does not recognize blank DVDs

    My laptop recently stopped recognizing blank, or I burned when I put them in the DVD player.
    The drive is a CARPET * a DVD-RAM UJ-820 s and it was working fine until last week when I tried to use the ASHAMPOO Burning software.

    He does not even recognize any MOVIE DVD I put in the drive, but it doesn't seem to have a problem with a music CD, I tried.

    Someone to help they could offer cause I'm running out of space and I really want to delete my files.

    Thank you


    It looks a bit like a malfunction of the equipment. Maybe the lens of the drive can not calibrate correctly.

    Another clue;
    Have you tried to delete the upper and lower filter registry entries?
    Try it. Sometimes such procedure can simply bring the reader to life.

    The detailed procedure and description has been published here in the article Microsoft Knowledge base:

    Good luck

  • Touchpad does not work on the Satellite A100-812

    Hello, I just bought a Toshiba Satellite A100-812 (C. Duo, 2 GB RAM, GF 7600, Vista Premium). I disabled the synaptics driver in msconfig. After a while, I turned on the driver but Touchpad still does not work. All the fn buttons work correctly (turning brightenswith FN + F6 or FN + F7 etc.) but FN + F9 (turning the Touchpad) does not always work.
    Help, please.

    ([email protected])


    you did a reinstallation of the driver? I think that if you have disabled it with msconfig, it should work after reactivation and otherwise, to remove this driver and install it
    Once again. (So the touchpad) driver should be available after reinstalling and restarting Windows.

    Would be recognizing a few comments if it worked. :)

    Welcome them

  • Graphics card does not work on the Satellite L850 PSKFWA


    I have a Satellite XC 250895 Q. Windows 8 keeps giving me a message that my graphics card does not work correctly.
    I go to the Radeon website and click on the appropriate boxes and let Radeon check my system to see if the drivers are up to date. He tells me that I have to download something (?) New driver) but when I do it tells me there is a problem with the compatibility with my system.

    I haven't noticed any problem with the graphics.
    It may be a Radeon problem, but what I have on my system, which was installed at the factory.

    Thanks for everything back

    + The message was edited: model nr. Add the object +.

    Can you please tell us once more what model of laptop you have exactly?
    Are you using the original Win8 preinstalled?

  • The Touchpad right button does not work on the Satellite Pro L series

    The icon in the taskbar indicates that the right button is permanently pressed, if it is not.
    So I can't right click at all. A radio mouse works fine, but there are times I want to use the touchpad.

    In addition, the screen does not turn off, and the computer goes to sleep after the hours set in the options of energy saving.
    I listen to the radio a lot and do not want to display on.

    > The icon on the task bar shows that the right button is permanently pressed, if it is not.
    > So I can't right click at all. A radio mouse works fine, but there are times I want to use the touchpad.

    This could be linked to defective button. If you cannot use the right button, and the button appears to be clicked down, then I suppose that its hardware malfunction.
    In this case it must be replaced.

    > In addition, the screen does not turn off, and the computer goes to sleep after the hours set in the options of energy saving. I listen to the radio a lot, and don t want the display on.

    Have you chosen the right power Plan? In Control Panel-> power options you have to choose the diet plan and should click: change plan settings. Here, you can change the time when the display must be disabled.
    If this does not work, then I guess that this feature does not work because you press the button of the touchpad and the windows OS think that the notebook is in use

  • Keyboard light FN (F6 - F7) does not work on the Satellite A200 - 1 GM


    I turned on the Toshiba Satellite A200 - 1 g, a screen is almost completely obfuscate and try to lighten it, but it fails Fn...


    Keyboard of the hospital should operate outside the windows, so that? ... then it may be a hardware failure?

    Please check what I could fix it, I would probably be reinstall everything in terms of software Satellite A200 - 1 g

    drivers: http://ce.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/supportMyProduct.do?service=CE&LNG=21&userAction=S MP_RESULTS_PAGE & partNumber = PSAECE-02C004CZ & serialNumber = k 87324302 & USER_ACTION = 20number % series

    Thanks in advance for the advice...

    Wait a minute I m a bit confused.

    When you start your laptop wait until the operating system load and then try to use the FN + F7. If this does not work, try changing the brightness of the display in power settings. It work?

    You can use other functions FN?
    Are you using the Vista operating system?

    By the way: what is keyboard hospital?

  • FN key does not work on the satellite L745

    yesterday, I uninstall almost all toshiba prog and then my FN key does not work!
    Please help me this laptop is only a week


    Install the VAP (value added package) and reboot the laptop.

    Then install the Support Flash Card utility and reboot once more.
    Then test the Fn keys.

    The buttons are controlled by Flash cards, so you should be able to use the buttons after a new installation of this app.

  • WIFI does not work on the Satellite L650/078

    Hoping someone can help, on my Satellite L650 WIFI does not work.
    No Wifi or Bluetooth functionality. The light is not on and the function key is not brining to the top of all the options.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    Hello Covie

    Do you use the laptop with the factory settings?
    When you use the FN button you find cards flash at the top of the screen?

    Try please restart flash cards. Start > all programs > Toshiba > utilities.

    Please post comments.

  • For Portege 3490 AC adapter does not work with the Satellite A100-159

    I have a supply of 15V 120W car (or plane Kensington). It works very well with a Portege 3490CT. It doesn't do a thing with my Satellite A100-159 new. The power supply provides also 15 V 6 a. Can someone tell me why the Kensington work?

    Or does anyone have a diagram to a power supply adapted myself, preference of 11, 5-14, 12(4) and 24 VDC (23-28: 8)?

    Thanks in advance!


    I can give t you an answer why it does not work but usually you need to use the adapter for vehicle recommended by Toshiba. Incorrect adapter may damage the laptop!
    I think that the card for Portege 3490 adapter is not compatible with Satellite A100

    That the two car/truck/Air 120W laptop charger must be compatible:

  • Re: Wireless does not work on the Satellite L505-13N Windows7 Professional 64-bit


    I just got a Satelite L505-13N and upgrade to Win 7 Professional. The Wireless does not work. It seems that the driver is not yet installed.
    FN + F8, that should give me the option to turn on/off Wireless does nothing and the wireless on the laptop light is lit (orange color).

    What should I do?

    Thank you


    Wait a moment George.
    What do you mean with upgrade? Did you do your own installation of Win7?

Maybe you are looking for