DVD: return to the main menu after playing the scene

I did already images of some DVD without manual reading in detail on this subject (because I especially don't need versions of dvd...).

Menu this DVD were ok, but if you choose a chapter instead of the full movie button, the chapter begins to play and after that... the film continues (instead of return to menu...)

First of all, I taught it was my fault because I did not use "stopmakers". Now I read it about it in the manual. But I read here that stopmarkers ALWAYS stop play the film and return to the menu. So I still don't know how chapterbuttons who play only in this chapter and not in the rest of the film...?

I used scenemarkers for chapters. Version EP 11.


It is the way of working DVDs. When you go to a scene, the drive will continue to play at the end of the film.

Stop markers will change that, of course - but they will also ensure that your film will stop at the marker when clicking on play movie.

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  • video gets sent back to the main menu after the first chapter

    Last night, I burned this DVD and it was perfect - no error message to check the project.  It burned on a disc very well.  Then I went to bed happy.  I woke up and popped the DVD in a DVD player.  When I hit the play movie button, it plays a chapter only before returning to the main menu.

    So I went to the scene selection, and when I choose the 1st chapter to look at, it's going to do the same.  After the first chapter, it goes back to the main menu.

    If I choose the 2nd chapter, he continued to play through the video normally.

    It makes me carzy, so I thought that I was watching the movie in the preview.   Sound disappears and the video freezes for the first chapter.

    Here are some screenshots of my project and the flowchart:




    Any help is very appreciated.  Thank you!

    Edited to add: after preview freezes, and I close out of it, he says: "unspecified error of drawing."  I just made another preview, just to play the movie and the sound was there, but it froze after a little in the chapter.

    The complete project JPEG is too pixelated to really say much about it and the linked version has a header error and does not open. Can you redo this JPEG and maybe use a PS JPEG about 9 frame? It would also be useful to have a close-up view of the timeline with chapter markers.

    Now, what are the Actions of end for each of these chapters?

    For the Play of All, have you looked in a chapter Playlist? If you create one, with the chapters in any order you want, and then set end of Playlist Action chapter to return to your main Menu, "replacing" the end of chapter Actions. NOTE: I use the term 'override' as a verb and the noun "ignore."

    Regarding replacements, this sounds like there might be still a TAPI on. They can be applied in many places, and it's a bit of work to check all the buttons, chapters, timelines, etc.. They can be literally anywhere and should not be used.

    Forward the new screenshots. Might be something obvious here.

    Last question: how long is your first chapter?

    Good luck


    PS - most of us ignore an "answered", or similar icon and read almost all the wires without worrying.

  • Conditional action to display the button next main Menu after received the visit 4 slides

    Is there a tip Action to display a next button on a slide after that 4 different slides have been opened?


    Why are you putting this issue separately, I thought it was related with the other thread? If you ask this question, it will be more difficult to answer and resolve only in combination with other advanced action who showed the images. Because the next button must be made visible on this same blade where you show the pictures, or is that not the case?

    You must create a user variable, I'll label it v_counter. Whenever you show a picture, you must increment this variable (second statement after image) like this:

    Expression v_counter = v_counter + &

    And then you add a fifth of the decision to your advanced conditional action, which checks the value of v_counter and show the button hidden in the following departure if the meter is at least 4:

    If v_counter is greater than or equal to 4

    Then display the button

    Otherwise, continue

    But if you want a literal answer to this question, it will be something different and more complicated. Because then I need to know if visited slides will be viewed entirely until the last image? If yes you can trigger a fast action by the event leaving. BTW, still do not know how you will trigger the action of tip of the other thread, by what event?


  • Main menu works fine on the first play, does not respond when I get back to it.

    I've set up a very basic Blu - ray project using Encore CS6. Almost everything works except for this one problem which I can't understand. Firstly, some information... I have two total menus. One is the main menu and one is a chapter submenu. As you can see from the chart below, my main Menu is set to the first piece. It's music that makes a loop in the background. Just 3 choices in the main menu: 1) Play All, leading to my calendar only (3 hours); (2) Chapter selection, which goes to the Menu sup and 3 falls, who goes to the final chapter on my calendar (#15). The submenu allows users to visit one of the first 14 chapters, and then there is a return to the main Menu button.

    All navigation works perfectly when the disc is loaded. However, after the beginning of the timeline anyway (whether in the main menu, or in the chapter Menu), when I get back to the main Menu, it does not. I don't see any selection tool and I can't do anything. It's a big dead end. Composition of my frustration, this problem does not occur in Preview Mode. It only appears on my .iso file (and on the actual Blu - ray disc, which is how I discovered it the first time).

    Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.57.52 AM.png

    I'm a newbie with yet, so I am confident, he is a stupid little setting error, but I can't isolate it. My end in both menus actions are themselves respectively (example, main Menu is set to go back to "Main Menu: DEFAULT.") My chapters have no action to end because I want that they continue to play seamlessly entry until the end of the timeline.

    I think that the question has something to do with my timeline settings. I am providing a screenshot of the setting below:

    Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.48.10 AM.png

    I tried to build images of BD with remote Menu my timeline put on the two 'return to the last Menu' (as shown above) and that the main Menu for the project. In both cases, same results... menu main dead again.

    What Miss me? (Thanks in advance for suggestions).


    SOLVED. I burned a disc test of the project so as not to waste the Blu - ray in case it actually worked. Taken at the House of a friend who has a Blu - ray player connected to their TV, and it worked exactly as it should.

    The good news is that my project has been a success. The bad news is that I can't trust my playback device.

    Thanks for sticking to it with me Stan.

  • First Elements - Clip does not refer to the Menu of the scene

    When DVD plays the scenes Menus show and navigate between them, however, when a clip finish it automatically goes to the next item rather than return to the Menu of the scene.

    That's how all DVD work, regardless of the programs that create them, jim.

    However, if you place a marker to stop at the end of each scene, you can program the drive to return to the main menu after each scene plays.

    (Don't, Furthermore, put a marker to stop at the end of your movie project! This can cause problems with your encoding).

  • Have problems with the scenes on a disc menu.


    Working with first Elements 10 in an iMac OS X v.10.7.4

    I have a movie with three scenes on a disc menu (model menu 'Tropical holiday' of Muvipix).

    I surrounded each scene with a marker of the scene on the front and a cleat after on the timeline.

    When I burn the movie on a DVD and then play on my TV and the menu, pick a scene, he does not return to the menu but continues with the next scene and the next scene and so on until the end of the film.

    The film ends sometimes totally after playing a scene

    When I preview before burning, it works perfectly.

    I place the markers in transitions. It is maybe not so good?


    Try to remove the marker to arrest him for the end of the timeline.

    Good luck


  • Instance of Button when returning to the framework endangered

    Hi, I have a problem with a button that exists on a picture of the scenario.
    I have 5 instances of the same key on this frame. When I first of all in this context, all right.

    I then go to a different image. When I give a gotoAndStop() command and return to the original frame with instances of the 5 key, 1 of my five buttons is missing. I have no command removeChild() or anything that would make this button disappear.

    No idea why this one button (on 5 identical instances) would have gone back in this context?

    Thanks for any help

    A framework must be treated exactly the same whenever you go and get back to it correct?  In other words, any code and instances that exist on this framework should be re-created at right back?

    not with as3.  If your button (s) exist on any other (day 60) keyframe, you can expect problems unless all the keyframes are in order (from lowest to highest) and the button was not removed and then returned to the scene.

    If an object exists only on 1 frame, it is automatically removed from the screen + memory when you go to another frame?

    never.  It can be removed from memory at some point if there is no reference and no listener.

    is that what your button exists in any other keyframe, other than 60?  If this is not the case, use the movie Explorer to confirm there is no other reference to button.

  • Motion interpolation works very well in the time line, but does not work on preview of the scene. Any help?

    I'm the new flash CS4. (Updated for Flash CS 5 but that gives other problems... so Meanwhile I continue with CS4)

    I created the Web page. In the web page that I created with Motion editor motion tween and once present in preview, it works fine. Return to the scene and to preview the result show the initial position of the motion tween, but he don't move and behave in the way that it shoud.

    What is missing? Where I'm going wrong?

    Thanks for any suggestions


    Thanks, glad I could help. You can mark as "answered".

  • DVD autorun.exe opens main html.menu very well, but when click on hyperlink in the menu it opens the new tab, but does not play a video, but the video html works directely

    Autorun.exe DVD opens with main menu.html. then when I click 1. HTML which is ment to start (from the main menu.html) only to open a white page only and plays not the file using src = flvplayer.swf player flash video. (it works on all other browsers) fine. Installed the flash plugin but still does not not in Fire fox. But when I navigate to the root of the cd and click 1. HTML it opens and plays very well, but do does not form the main menu.html. any help would be grat

    Thank you

    In your main.html:

    • What is the URL in the address bar?
    • What is the URL of the link?
  • DVD sometimes plays until the main menu, then screen-gel - hardreset

    Doesn´t weather question I run Windows Media Player or another player. It happens from time to time, I want the DVD play starts without a problem, then to reach the menu main-(Film starten, Sprachen / jouer, langues) system crashes (screen freeze with curious, as effects the scratches, pixel-errors,... and try to enter via the keyboard or the mouse results in a black screen).

    From the DVD can cause the same problem - but with the results of the procedure at the end playing the movie.

    If the film could be launched, it works without problems.

    I don't play original DVD´s - no copy.


    Which laptop model you have? The graphics driver Toshiba one?
    Is this the same problem if you use delivered Toshiba WinDVD player?

  • How could I NOT have a scene selection on the main Menu of the DVD?

    With the help of PRE 11.  I have a clip only, with no scenes (imported from a VHS).  When I try to make a DVD, it adds a default scene selection in the main menu of the DVD.  Since there is no 'scenes' (at least I think the scenes on a regular DVD), is anyway to remove/delete button on the main menu scene selection?  All the models that I have seen include the scene selection.

    In the same vein, I import a few VHS convert to DVD that will have several 'clips' on each of them.  For example, "Christmas 1988', ' holiday of summer 1989", etc.»  What I want to do with those, it is having the "clips" separated as a choice on the main Menu of the DVD, and have still no scene selection.

    Is this possible?   Also, I bought a Photoshop/Premiere Elements a few years and a couple of versions ago (because the sale price was the same as Photoshop Elements only).  I just watched the first after installation, didn't really use it, but it seemed to me that there are many more styles DVD.   Can I download other models from Adobe, or is that has come on the DVD there are all?  Is there anyway to make my own, because I don't see just a pattern of single color base type, it's too loud for me.

    Thank you

    I still don't know what you're doing. (Are making sure to turn off the option for the program adds automatically the markers of scene?)

    I just tested myself and certainly do not create a menu if you do not have menu scene marks.

    Can you post a screenshot of your timeline so we can have a look? Make sure that you press on the-key first, so that we see the entire timeline.

  • How to return to the main screen after watching downloads?

    This such a stupid question, but I have forgotten how to return to the main screen after watching downloads.

    Close the window or tab to download (if you are using some addon) or only to change the tab:


  • Page Forward and Reverse buttons do not work and are "grayed out" after upgrading to, as it is the elements of main Menu like file-Edit-view etc...

    After the upgrade to Firefox 3.6.12 features appear to be intact. Then, after a few days he lost the ability "page forward" or "back" and are "grayed out". In addition, the elements of main menu like File, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, and assistance are also grayed out and non-functional.

    In addition, the "search engine" does not search, search the Web should be made since then in the URL window instead, for some reason any crazy. If the URL window is empty when I enter a search in the search window, the following text appears in the URL window, "bookmarks and search history", which makes no sense.

    In the past, I've noticed similar complaints in this Forum, but I have not seen any resolution posted these questions. Is there a solution?

    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.

    See basic troubleshooting: a new profile

    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "tools > Modules > Extensions & Plugins»

    If this new profile works then you can transfer files from the old profile to the new profile (be careful not to copy corrupted files)

    See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Transferring_data_to_a_new_profile_-_Firefox

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    I am in the process of realization of a GUI. Under my in-VI, I want to put a HOME button to return to the main menu if user wishes.

    I went on while loops, saying as long as the button is not true, I continue. Then I tested with an event structure but it does nothing no folds.

    Do you have the explanations, information or examples?

    Thanks in advance,


    Thank you for posting on the forum OR.

    Here is an example that could you help accessory.

    You will find attached 3 screws

    United Nations as the home page and so the vi open and a launch

    The other two are under 2 VI containing the 'Home' button pour main to return to the menu.

    All use the structure event.

    Kind regards

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    In Media Center, right-click and select controls then menu options to go to the DVD menu.

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