DVD Ripper - I want to know how the DVD in my computer as a CD ripper.

Hi, I want to know how the DVD in my computer as a CD ripper.

Very well!

First of all this information works the DVD you own and varies depending on what version of Windows you are running.
If you need instructions for Vista or XP let me know, I'll give you instructions for Windows 7 (any version).

Initially to create a library called movies

1. open your library view and right-click on the empty space.
2. click on new-> library
3. name your library. I called my own films so is easy to locate
4. open your new library by double clicking on the icon
5. click on include a folder, so a browse box appears
6 navigate on your way to the user of the rot. (This folder should contain my music, my documents etc.)
7. right click and select new-> folder.
8 call this record movies or DVD, then click on include the folder in the box go.

The library has created...

To rip the DVD on your computer, I recommend a program called DVD Shrink. It allows to create copies compressed your DVDs while retaining the structure of the menu, special features, etc. and you can reduce an image DVD at 40% of its original size.

You'll need to hunt this software online because there are many people who speak but does not host the file.

Once you have ripped the DVD Shrink it helps in a folder in your C:\ drive normally will be called the same as the DVD.

Move this file into your movie library and hey presto your first movie.

You can then add this wo Windows Media Center Library using the add folder function and watch your dvd without going through the DVD in the drive.

If you need further instructions on DVDShrink let me know and I'll try to implement this step by step.

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