DVD rw drive

My compaq cq40 Portable DVD - RW driver missing its driver so that it can not read the cd.

so, what should I do next. I use the hotfix from microsoft tools and it says my driver is missing.

where can I get my driver optiarc dvd rw ad7561s ata?



Try the automated Microsoft fixit again on the link below.

Windows 7


After doing this, restart the computer and check if the drive.

Kind regards

DP - K

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  • Power mac g4 does not recognize the DVD/CD drive.  It has worked very well in Leapard

    I just newly installed Tiger on my PowerMac G4, and now it does not recognize the DVD/CD drive.  I did all the updates and it does not see the DVD in the DVD drive.  It works perfectly before a new clean install DVD of the Tiger.

    What is your indication that the DVD is not recognized?

    Run the utility disc with the disc in the optical drive.  The drive will appear in the sidebar of disk utility?

    I did all the updates and it does not see the DVD in the DVD drive.

    If you put another type of disc in the optical drive, as a music CD, it is recognized?

  • P50-A-144 satellite: the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive does not

    Version of Windows 10 Home 1607 (Build 14393.187)


    After Windows Update Version 1511 1607, the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive does not work.
    The D: drive does not appear in Windows Explorer,
    CD-Audios and videos / DVDs do not work.

    In the Device Manager, the following legacy status error message appear:
    "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information.
    (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19). »

    Could you tell me how to solve this problem?
    Thank you.

    The solution was to uninstall the program "Toshiba Recovery Media Creator' and system settings/Programm features.
    I still don't understand why, but the fact is that after uninstalling the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM start normal work.

    More information here:

  • Re: Which CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive will fit in my Toshiba protégé M700 Tablet

    My Toshiba protégé M700 Tablet came without a CD/DVD-Rom drive. What brand/model will fit in this machine and where is the best (and cheapest) place to the source of this element.

    Best regards



    I found some info that Portege M700 comes with drive of DVD Super-Multi Panasonic UJ-852STJ-Z.
    I wonder your one comes without optical drive.
    Another device is placed instead of ODD?

  • Slim SelectBay DVD - ROM drive

    I recently bought a second hand Satellite Pro, but it seems to be without a DVD player and has only a weight saving plastic 'trick' in the Slim Selectbay.
    I know that my laptop is now discontinued, but it is anyway to acquire a Slim SelectBay DVD - ROM drive, because they are not for sale in the "Accessories" section.

    Hi Mikey

    In my opinion, you should contact partner in your country. They can order each hardware component or any part of the accessories for each model of laptop computer independent of how old the model has.

  • DVD + RW disc in the DVD - Rom drive

    I have a Toshiba SD-M1222 DVD - ROM drive. I recently bought a new machine DVD + RW internal separate.
    Discs recorded on DVD + RW not reading no problem in my other internal DVD players, but when I try to play them on my DVD-Rom on the PC, I get a message "disc not recognized", even though I have set up the record to be compatible with other players.
    Is there a way I can get the DVD + RW discs to play on this DVD - Rom drive?


    Sorry but there is no way to change this. These are two different formats. I have the same situation with my Satellite.

    If you want to have more information about DVD formats google everywhere.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A210-12U - DVD RW drive will recognize the DVD but no CD

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite of 4 years (model: A210-12U) that I recently restored using the recovery CD - it running Vista SP2.

    Please bear with me as this may be an ish story, but it helps to explain my problem.
    Around a year ago, a virus has made its way onto my laptop and almost destroyed the BONE - I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable software-wise after studying at the College and began the long process of trying to resolve my laptop without using the recovery CD.

    It was a patch job, but after a month or two, I had it works again and it was fine for a period of a few months or so, before, I noticed that my DVD RW drive would no longer read or burn CDs. I spent hours trawling internet forums to help without a bit of luck and was eventually convinced that it was a hardware problem.

    As I needed to use a CD burner, my cousin gave me his DVD - RW USB drive and it did not work, which means that the logic suggested that it wasn't a physical problem with the drive, rather that it was most likely a problem with the registry/OS. It was not surprising given that I had done a basic work patch following the infection by the virus a few months earlier.

    After becoming more and more frustrated with my laptop in general, I backed up my data on a portable hard drive and used the recovery CD that came with my laptop. The laptop started the CD when he was outside of the OS (according to the instructions that came with it) and restored all of the computer to its original state (and solve many of the problems that have been caused by the virus in the process).

    I have spent the last week re - install programs, the copy of backdata etc. and was trying to install a software on a CD today, when I noticed that the laptop had difficulties to access the disk. Explorer Windows knows that the drive is there; It is listed in 'My Computer' and will also be the small CD icon alongside the pointer when it tries to load the CD - suggesting that he knows that there is a CD in there.

    However, the drive will still read DVD that suggests, it could be a physical problem with the drive itself (I read somewhere on the laser need to change its angle accordingly during playback of CDs and DVDs). I have a question though, what the computer was able to read the recovery CD when I was being a complete restoration (and that she felt the same difficulties of CD playback in Windows before restoration).

    I tried all the suggested methods in similar posts on this forum - Microsoft Fix It, uninstall the drivers etc nothing helps... So yes, I am a little confused and wonder if anyone can help?

    The DVD RW drive is listed in Device Manager as HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T20N ATA Device.

    Thank you

    Hi Ben

    In my opinion, this is material junk. You're right about the position of the objective. It needs to be calibrated for CDs and DVDs. If the optical disc drive cannot read one of these media in general, it can be problem of lens calibration.

    To be honest sides for this old A210 are cheap and more. I advise you to buy a new or used one on eBay. Exchange and test functionality.
    To be honest I don't believe there is a trick that can help you get it working again.

  • Satellite P20 DVD ROM drive may not be recognized


    I just replaced my DVD ROM drive, but I had a problem.
    It is a new DVD rom drive I ordered at TOSHIBA also.
    It could not be detected by Windows:
    -Tried to check on Device Manager, not detected
    -Tried to reload the driver, the same problem
    Whenever I tried to re - insert the disc, the blue light in the control panel of my P20 beds (I understand, which means that the P20 detects the drive) but I don't understand, is that why Windows XP does not detect it or it does not alarm or error messages.

    Any help?

    Thank you


    Try to use the Add Hardware option.
    This question is very strange, but I read on some sites, sometimes a whole new OS install CD player, brings back to life.

  • Equium L40 DVD Multi drive - do not burn files to DVD


    Whenever I try to burn files to DVD discs using my dvd/rw drive, it holds in check the same point and comes with the invalid 'MS-DOS function' error. CDs write very well that it's just the DVD.

    Please could someone help with this problem?

    Equium L40 series
    Vista operating system
    My * a DVD-RAM UJ-850 s


    What burning software did you use?

    I use Nero, and I've never had any problems!

  • Qosmio G30 - DVD-ROM drive has stopped working

    I have a Qosmio G30 age of 3 years and the DVD - ROM drive has stopped working.

    He still pulls in, but it will not read or burn discs.

    I received a quote of £360 Toshiba to adapt to a new one that seems generous.

    Anyone know where I could get it fixed cheaper than you?
    Or better yet... anyone know where I can I get it fixed?

    David Hutchinson

    This is not an answer to your question but can solve the problem if it is the same that I had.
    In my case, the drive tries to spin but it slips. Only the motor shaft rotates and the drive remains at low revolutions that were not even stationary.
    The problem was caused by the fact that the plastic part (black color) of the mechanism which engages the disc (CD or DVD) slips on the
    motor drive, axle and th couldn't do a full rotation or runs at the specified speed.
    The solution is to delete the article in plastic and put a small amount of super glue on the axle and then put it back.

    Where there is a similar issue, I hope that solve you it like I did.

  • Re: Portable Satellite C - CD/DVD Rom drive is corrupt

    My driver for the CD-ROM/DVD-Rom drive is corrupted TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS L633C
    (Windows cannot start this hardware device because its information of configuration (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19))

    Do you know where I can load an update.


    I think that you are using Windows 7 (or vista or XP) then there is automatic and manual setting set for code 19 here - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/982116

  • Satellite Pro A100: Mat * a UJ - 841 s DVD Multi drive does not


    I have a Satellite Pro A100 with a carpet * a UJ - 841 s DVD Multi Drive.

    Recently, I decided that as my laptop is running slowly I wanted to format and reinstall XP Pro, I used a standard version of OEM XP Pro (not seller specfic) and he went on the formatting and the reconstruction of my laptop.

    Fortunately, I used Acronis True Image to backup my laptop before I did that my above mentioned dvd player is so more to bury properly (all the drivers and the necessary software has been installed). Before I formatted the laptop I could burn on + and - DVD (r, rw and ram) now that the laptop has been rebuilt, I can only burn to dvd-r/rw/ram.

    I restored from my laptop to the picture created by Acronis and can use the drive normally again to burn + and - DVD.

    Does anyone know why this would have stopped working in the new installation of Windows? I also tried to create a virtual machine using the same xp disc but it always gives me the problem of dvd player.

    Thank you


    Hello rich

    Have you noticed the same problem after using Toshiba designed recovery DVDs?

  • Satellite P30 - Dvd ram drive not working properly

    Help, please...

    I tried to install 2 pieces of software on a new satellite p30, and resembles a need for new drivers for the dvd player, which is a carpet * a dvd - ram uj-830 s.

    Basically, I installed some bog standard games, they fit very well and while respect it works perfectly fine until I have try to load the game itself, and with one, it brings up the message 'Please eject and re-enter cd-rom.

    Can someone please point me to the right direction because everything I tried so far has failed, have installed the drivers from ram dvd that came with the laptop, but nothing helps.

    Post edited by: frazz


    It will be interesting to know if this happens with all data media you use.

    In my opinion you must first locate the source of this problem. Check if your DVD - RAM drive works correctly using different CD, DVD and DVD - RAM of course. If Yes, in this case it is a problem specific, based on the game CD.

  • Satellite L500D - replacing the DVD - RW drive

    I have a model of Satellite L500D PSL T6A-015003. (portable)

    Recently I placed a CD in the DVD RW drive and the CD did not play.

    When I removed the CD, the disc of black Center that keep the CD etc up to were broken on the disk. The black disc was stuck in the CD I pulled out and a small piece and spring also fell out.

    Can I get a replacement black Center disk or do I have to buy a replacement DVD RW drive. If I have to buy a replacement drive, can someone please tell me where I can buy one, I'm in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

    I have a few details to the reader, these are:

    HL data storage
    Super multi DVD re writer
    Model GT20N (7 7 ATAK)
    Serial number BOCRGTB831062

    I appreciate any help on this

    In my opinion, you should buy another ODD and of course identical. You have any important data on this piece of hardware so use Google and check if you can find an online store in your country where you can order.
    In the worst cases contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask if they can order it for you.

  • Satellite S1800-750 - DVD ROM Drive doesn't recognize any CD or DVD

    Hello together,

    I have the following problem:

    In my DVD ROM drive are recognized any CD or DVD.

    But not fundamentally CD or DVD sometimes separate that sometimes the other!

    Where is that which can do here?

    Should I change the DVD ROM drive?

    Help me please!


    Hello JMK

    Can you please be more specific? You have this problem with the original media, self created or if you want to burn own media?

    As far as I know this unit is 4 years old and it is really possible that laser calibration don t work much more and it can happen that in short time you will not be able to use the DVD at all.

  • E300 satellite - DVD Ram drive does not work with Win 8


    I get an error message on my dvd - ram drive - Mat * un UJ8A0AS DVD-RAM

    Windows cannot start this hardware device because its information of configuration (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

    I tried the solution of Microsoft Web site for this problem, but it did not work.

    Is someone able to recommend a fix for this problem. Tried to uninstall and reinstall the device without result.

    Have you tried to remove the device from Device Manager and reboot the laptop?
    After reboot of the device will be recognized and installed again.
    Please, do it and see if the problem still occurs.

Maybe you are looking for