Dynamic link Premiere Pro to error - Speedgrade - insufficient resources

All, morning

I get an error as follows:

Resources - render GPU-enabled disabled due to the insufficient GPU recources. Boost SpeedGrade to re - enable GPU rendering.

I tried to reboot and I get the same problem. This means that this workflow between the PP and the SG are no longer viable. My system has trouble with the volume of data?

Media comes from a Sony FS700 (AVCHD files) and 5dmk3 (h.264). I work using the dynamic link between the PP and SG. I used the SG to color my rough edits of PP. have used this technique for a long time and not had a problem. The only difference on this project, is that the volume of the media is very high. I shot around 250 GB of data. It is broken up in the project quickly, changes etc and I had assumed that the volume of the media in the PP project would not influence the dynamic link to the connection of the SG, but it's the only thing I can think is different about this project. Not knowing how the system deals with it through dynamic links, which brings me to thing that SG is struggling to read such a large project PP, but I could be wrong here.

Everyone has ideas, what causes this error and is there anything I can do to remedy this?



My system is as follows:

Windows i7 3770 3.4 Ghz


NVIDIA GTX 680 graphics card

Editing a Lacie RAID via a usb connection 3

Latest version of Adobe creative cloud for PP and SG

The error I get...


Please refer to the post of Neil on link Direct Speedgrade disables GPU in CC 2014.2 with pasted the link to this post the link Direct to SpeedGrade disables GPU in CC2014.2

I myself stopped Speedgrade, as told of the error window, and when I restart Speedgrade, check in preferences, in reading, Direct link, the Mercury playback engine is selected as my GPU. Also rate molded under pressure and maybe he was display sequence of the game resolution first.

He has long since my initial launch of Speedgrade CC 2014.2 and the error has only struck me with the initial launch. Others, like you, cannot shake the mistake at the beginning, but eventually the error slips by.

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