E-mail account does not work in Outlook

Why would one of my e-mail addresses does not work in Outlook, but work in other e-mail programs?


Why would one of my e-mail addresses does not work in Outlook, but work in other e-mail programs?

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  • I forgot the password and secret your answer, and my e-mail account does not work

    I forgot the password and I forgot the secret answer also, and my e-mail account does not work. I just my alternate email account, but my password is not sent to my alternate email account. any body can help?

    Call your e-mail server. Bruce Hagen ~ MS - MVP [Mail]

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Hotmail e-mail account does not work on my phone more

    Hello.  I have a Curve 8330 on Sprint network.  About a day and a half, I stopped receiving my emails on my phone.  I can't send email either.  SMS, MMS, Blackberry messenger all work very well.  My e-mail account works fine if I connect via the browser.  My wife has the same phone has a hotmail e-mail account and had no problems.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    Thank you.


    go here and login (or register if you wish).

    Check and see if your e-mail account has a small box beside him. If this is the case, click on the box and the new tenant to revalidate your email, your password.

  • iCloud does not work with Outlook 2016 (16.0.6965.2053)

    I installed the new iCloud (v5.2.1.69) and found that it does not work with Outlook 2016 (16.0.6965.2053). There is no button "Options"... "to"Mail, Contacts, calendars and tasks"(see photo). In addition, the iCloud Outlook add-in does not display in Outlook. I tried to reinstall the Office 365 and iCloud, but nothing has changed.

    I have exactly the same problem with the latest version of iCloud.  I have Outlook 2016 and 10 Windows and when I try to install iCloud there saying "set up" next "Mail, Contacts, calendars and tasks.  I left it for hours and it does not go beyond this point.  Outlook displays the listed add-in but it is not doing anything.  I tried to remove all of the Apple software, and then reinstall iCloud without result. I've deleted and reinstalled MS Office and then tried to reinstall iCloud - once again no luck.

  • Microsoft windows live mail 2011 does not work properly

    Original title: "I'm on windows7 and my windows live mail 2011 does not work correctly." I think that the best way to get there is to uninstall and reinstall... Please provide clear instructions on how to proceed. Any better ideas? »

    I'm on windows7 and my windows live mail 2011 does not work properly. I think that the best way to get there is to uninstall and reinstall... Please provide clear instructions on how to proceed. All the best ideas?

    Ask in the Windows Live Solution Center Mail Portal. Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
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  • mail app does not work in a single user

    mail app does not work on my mac for a single user... What do I do?

    Indicates the connection doctor?

    Mail > window > connection doctor

  • My Icloud account does not work. As soon as I try to connect my PC know "this browser is not supported. What went wrong and what can do?

    My Icloud account does not work. As soon as I try to connect my PC know "this browser is not supported. What went wrong and what can do? I previously used the same connection to my account for a long time without any problem. My PC I have a tie with Windows 8

    < personal information deleted by host >

    Hi bengtfrombelgentier,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support! I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing these problems access iCloud. If you are unable to access iCloud.com due to an error of supported browser, you can check the browser requirements set out in the following article:

    Requirements for iCloud - Apple Support


  • My MSN mail program does not work

    My MSN mail program does not work. I had the computer at a Staples office supply store to get a verified cd drive. They said they were doing free computer cleaning. I said yes. When it was finished, I took the computer home and Premium MSN mail program would not be executed. Error messages say files are missing. I downloaded a file and then another message poped saying another file was missing. I got at Staples and I don't think they know how to fix it. I guess that the program needs to be reinstalled. My concern is that there are folders with important emails in them. They are erased if I re-install the program? Where should I go to re - install.

    Hi fla_bill,

    The question you have posted is related to MSN and would be better suited in the MSN support center.

    Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support ask you:https://support.msn.com/Default.aspx?&st=1&wfxredirect=1

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • My mail app does not work why?

    I can't click on the application of mail is anything together I see is @{Microsoft.win

    Hey Jake,

    I understand mail app does not work and you get a name @{Microsoft.win.

    This could be caused due to various reasons:

    • Latest updates.
    • Corrupted mail application.

    Please follow the article below and follow the suggestions and check if this may help:


    This article will help you with basic as sync licenses and uninstall troubleshooting...

    Hope this information helps, for assistance please answer.

  • IMAP e-mail accounts does not connect

    Just recently my iCloud, Gmail and Outlook IMAP accounts does not connect through the app Apple Mail on my MacBook Pro running 10.11.6. I get a popup error message and exclamation points appear next to each account that States the unable to connect to the server application. IPhone & iPad with the same accounts are fine, just my Macbook Pro has this problem. Connection Internet is fine. Suggestions?

    Please read If you cannot send or receive e-mails on your Mac - Apple Support.

  • Signature "by the account" does not work correctly

    Features: iPhone 6 iOS available 9.2 41.1 GB

    I have configured and you can send from multiple e-mail accounts (6 including iCloud) on my iPhone.

    My problem: the signature "by the account" feature does not work correctly. I enable this feature, create distinct signatures, choose to send other than the default e-mail account. However, the default signature in the message, followed two copies of the signature on behalf of which I want to send the message below. I deleted and readded to each email account and of the signature, but find the same result.

    Having this problem as well, or very close.  I can't get the HTML signatures to work (IE, appear) when

    I sent mail from an account that has a.

    This question to a while back in older iOS and has been fixed, now it's back...

    I often crash parameters when you try to paste a HTML signature in place and when

    I have a y arrive, it does not show in the email project.  When I add a text character

    at the signing, he sometimes shows up.  Very erratic...

  • Reset the link password Hotmail account does not work.

    Original title: reset password link does not work!


    My hotmail account has been blocked, I asked for a link reset password to my e-mail from work, password reset link, I received doesn't work, it sends me to a page that says "there is a temporary problem with the service please try new more later" I tried for a week now and I continue to be sent to the same temporary problem page! I also requested a reset password to be sent to me several times just incase it was a problem with the link, but continues to be the same thing. How can I reset my password and get into my account?

    Hi Rachel,

    Since you are facing problems with the Hotmail account, you can publish your application in the Windows Live forum to get help:

    Windows Live: Hotmail Support


    Hope this information is useful.

  • my guest account does not work

    my guest account does not open when I click on the photo... it crashes just straight up.  My admin account works fine.

    Corrupt user profile:



  • InDesign 2014 E-mail hyperlink does not work when the interactive pdf is displayed in a tab in the browser

    When we create an interactive pdf in inDesign CC 2014, the e-mail link does not time the 'topic' and 'to' when the client opens in a browser view. Works fine when downloaded and opened in Acrobat, but most customers will use the browser method. How does one solve this problem when making the PDF, or, how does one prevent the PDF to open in a browser? There was once a "prevents the opening in the browser" in earlier versions of Acrobat, but it isn't here in xi Acrobat. Thank you, in advance!

    You can solve by the PDF, that so fine because in Acrobat, then the link is OK. You also can not prevent to open in the browser, because the browser manages how to open a PDF file. PDF included browser readers can be turned off or there are (probably) settings always open the PDF file in an external application (Adobe Reader, etc.).

    However, I also create PDF files of in Indesign (although non-interactive ones), which include hyperlinks for e-mail, and put it on our Web site. If I use Chrome and click any PDF link, it opens in the browser and hovering over an e-mail address reveals the mailto: link (subject not included, is not serious in any way) and a click opens my mail client. Works perfectly.

    Can you provide a link to one of your PDF files online for testing?

  • Hello.. .my new mail notification does not work on my iphone 6splus for outlook or gmail

    My outlook messages warn me not with the sound when mail is delivered to the Inbox.  Neither does Gmail!  They both have been configured to play sounds for the same thing.  Help, please!  Thank you!!

    HI sk108,.

    I understand that you are more alert audio audition for Gmail or Outlook on your iPhone. I know it's nice to be updated to new alerts without having to see your iPhone, so I'm happy to help you.

    To begin, check that you can hear other sounds on your iPhone and alerts. This article contains information on how to check that:

    If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch speaker - Apple Support

    1. Go to settings > sounds and drag the slider to Ringer and alerts to increase the volume.
    2. If you hear the sound from the speaker, follow the rest of these steps. If you hear no sound from speaker, contact Apple technical support.
    3. If your device has a ring/silent switch, make sure it's set to ring. (If you see orange, your device is configured for silent).
    4. Restart your device.
    5. Open an application that has the music or sound effects. Adjust the volume with the volume buttons or the slider in theControl Center.
    6. Go to settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off. Then, check the sound back.
    7. Plug in a headset. If you can hear the sound in the headphones, remove it, then clear any dust or debris from making headphones to your device.
    8. If your device is in a case, make sure that the case does not block the speaker.
    9. Use a brush to gently clear all debris from the enclosure and lightning connector (or 30 dock connector pin). The brush should have soft, clean and dry hair.
    10. Update your device to the latest version of iOS.

    Make sure that you have also set up notifications correctly for each application. This article contains more information on this topic:

    Use the Notifications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    If after this you still not hear these alerts, let us know if you hear sound notifications for your other applications.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

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