E-mail blackBerry Z10 contacts

How to make a group emailing? You can do it on the old bbs. "BOLD", storm, torch, etc..

Hello geniedar,

On the smartphone BlackBerry Z10 feature groups or personal distribution lists is currently not available.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.

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  • BlackBerry Z10 Contacts not MS Exchange Active Sync synchronize

    I have set up my work account and receive e-mails and calendar updated as well. However, my contacts have not been downloaded. I have set the emails, contacts and calendar to sync with this account. It is based on a corporate system of gmail. Any suggestions?

    If this is not the case, how can I transfer my contacts from my old bold 9900 to the new z10 until such a time that I can sync with my company bes through active sync server.

    Hey Soren.

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thanks for the question.

    You integrate the Google Apps account by following these steps? www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB33472

    If you click on the account is also sync Contacts showing on?  Did you wait 24 hours to ensure that the synchronization is complete?

    I look forward to your reply.

    See you soon.

  • List of contacts blackBerry Z10 Contacts not appearing is not in the form of numbers or text message

    I recently acquired a Z10 by labour.  It has been set up to use my work Outlook account and has BlackBerry active Balance.  My Outlook contacts appear in my 'Contacts' personal and work on the sides of the device.  However, no contact doesn't appear if I want to call from phone dialing screen or send them a text message from the hub.  It makes no difference if I am enrolled in the side work or not.  I can only communicate with people via the 'Contacts' application  It is certainly not correct?  Can someone help me or explain where I'm wrong?

    I got a tip from another user who works for me and other users of our company:
    There is a security policy in COMICS called: personal Apps access to working Contacts
    This must be the value: only the RIM Apps
    Otherwise, no contacts will be displayed in the phone app and also the number of name resolution does not work for calls.
    Why the phone application refers to the category of personal applications is confusing to me if.

  • Lost blackBerry Z10 contacts


    I accidentally did a factory reset. I don't have a backup. I lost all my contacts. Is it possible that I can recover the contacts?

    Thank you.

    If your contacts are stored in the contacts list of your e-mail account, then they will sync to the device. All the contacts that are stored locally on the device will be gone.

    Add your e-mail account go to settings > accounts and add your account.

    How one 'accidentally' wipe their device? It just doesn't happen accidentally. You do it on purpose.

  • E-MAIL blackBerry Z10 PROBLEMS

    QUESTION 1: my torch, I used to have the ability to delete and email from Pocket or handhelp/Server computer, this is possible on the Z10?

    2nd QUESTION: I used to be able to receive only the headers of an email. Is this possible on the Z10?

    I discovered the ansers for two of my questions. You can not do as well on the new Z10. I decided to return the phone and get back to my 9810 folowwing reasons.





    5 AND MANY MORE...

  • BlackBerry Z10 Contacts in the process of disappearance

    I don't know what is happening, but I noticed recently that many of my contacts are not found. It is really strange because some of these contacts are calling on a regular basis.

    Try going into settings > accounts and disable sync Contacts. Save the settings. Give it a few minutes and then turn it back on Contacts sync. See if they have all the sync back.

    If this still does not work then I suggest posting in the thread of Microsoft I posted. Again, this is not a problem of BlackBerry.

  • BlackBerry Z10 Contacts account email, LinkedIn and Facebook are not not in the Contacts application

    Dear users, dear experts,

    I fight for the list of my contacts in the Contacts app for all my accounts. I'm new to BB OS10 terminology, so please be patient with me - I try my best to explain my problem in detail.

    * contacts does not show for the email on gmail/Google account:

    First time I put in place, he read contacts perfectly (I know, BB got the Google contacts, because this is the only way that they could be received). Contacts were / are listed under the entry 'All' (the contacts with pictures displayed a screen black contacts without a square picture, others empty reserved space for a photo). But the contacts don't show topic ' email contact @gmail.com.

    Then I deleted the email account. Contacts were still under 'all '. I find the command "Purge/delete local contacts" - who did nothing apparent - the contacts were always listed under the heading 'All', only. I created the gmail account again, but the result/entry has not changed: the entry 'email@gmail' were still empty ("contactless" shown).

    * contacts does not show for the LinkedIn and Facebook account:

    I have a free LinkedIn account and Facebook accounts. No contact is listed for these entries in the Contact request. But there are invitations and communication listed in the hub on both accounts, i.e. the connection is configured correctly, IMO.

    I'm stuck. I don't see any contact under "e-mail", LinkedIn, and Facebook in the Contacts application. The only possible solution I see now is reboot my BB and start with putting in place. That's not much, but I want to save me a wrong, if there were an easy solution to this.

    BB OS 10.2.1

    Put up-to-date via BB world applications

    I look forward to hearing any advice.

    See you soon,.

    It seems to me something is not connected, as your Gmail account is not configured to synchronize contacts.

    As perhaps they did once, but no more.

    I would say that you go to settings > accounts and delete your gmail account, restart the device and add this account again. You should see (and this varies with different variants of Gmail accounts) the ability to sync the contacts (and calendar).

    But lighten your local contacts to reproduce the gmail contacts, you'll also need clear all local contacts again, I hope it will work this time. Settings > accounts > tap the three points more > clear local Contacts.

  • BlackBerry Z10 Contacts unsaved?

    I did a complete backup of my Z10 using the BB link.

    Restored from my backup to link aid and now two thirds of my contacts have disappeared.

    I wonder if the full backup, I've done was not able to capture all my contacts I tried restore several times, often to restart my Mac and my Z10. I reinstalled BB connection on my Mac but still no dice.

    Help, please!

    Nevermind, syncing with my mac contacts recovered the missing contacts.

    Why the link is so terrible? I will devote energy to reorganize completely a perfectly functional and calendar friendly user looks like a loss compared to the attachment link.

    Apart form do not back up my contacts effectively it also causes multiple duplicates of some contacts. There is a contact I have 18 times. I mean honestly...

  • E-mail blackBerry Z10 Z10 problems


    I have an IMAP account running on a Mac OS x server which I can not set up on the device.  I get the unvailable/incorrect log in messages.  It seems the server logs connections are not the camera but the BlackBerry infrastructure.  This account has worked perfectly with my iPhone and Android devices forever.

    I managed to throw of Z-Push to the IMAP server and implemented an ActiveSync account to get the email.  Unfortunately, this has mutilated the appearance of structure of IMAP folder on the device and it is only a partial implementation of the specification for messages sent do not have my name on etc.  For the moment, it's the only way I can actually make my email so I don't really have a choice.  I can't believe that a modern smartphone device has problems connecting to a server IMAP Dovecot.

    Thank you


    Despite something like six or seven years is not tried yesterday, my attempt to replicate this today so I can get the newspapers worked!  I can't that assume being bleeding edge technology, BlackBerry always do things in the background with their infrastructure to get this stuff working.  Now, I have a few questions but post in a new thread.

    See you soon


  • BlackBerry Z10 cannot add the iCloud IMAP e-mail. Weird error message.


    Just, I've got my mobile business phone, a BlackBerry Z10 and wanted to add my iCloud service in the personal workspace. The contacts and the synchronization of calendar just fine, but when you add the mail I get this error message:

    "order: b 'CAPABILITY'-online socket error:-too much reading 0.

    Also when you try to add the e-mail as an IMAP account standard account, enter all parameters according to Apple, I always get the error message once he wants to "save and check your settings. I also tried different combinations of ports (587, 25), smtp, SSL and StarTLS. Using the user name with or without the @me.com. Use @icloud.com instead @me.com,... etc. etc. Always get this error message.

    Then I though perhaps administrators blocked this feature, however I was able to add my personal gmail account, which would have been the case if they would block private emails.

    Any help much appreciated!

    Thank you, Christoph

    I have solved the problem now.

    It is not logical to me, but it works.

    Rather than take the path normal through the settings, accounts, add imap, etc.

    I did this:

    1. slide to the left to open the hub

    2. press the button 'More' at the bottom right

    3. tap on settings

    4. type e-mail accounts

    5. tap on add account

    6. tap on advanced

    7. tap on IMAP

    Then follow the normal steps by filling out the form.

    I know that (I think) is in the same place to complete the form only when you go through the steps described in the knowledge base article.

    Still, I can't explain why, but it worked for me. Using the same exact references.

    Thanks for your support tho!

  • BlackBerry® Z10 problems receiving e-mail on PC at home

    I have a Blackberry Z10 and I can send emails to any computer in the world to the best of my knowledge. When I try to send e-mail to the PC at home isn't going not to spend.

    The Z10 and the PC have the same email address and when someone sends me an email it appears on the PC and the BBRY.

    I talked to Suddenlink, they tell me it is eather a problem BBRY or AT & t. AT & T tells me that this is a problem Suddenlink and support BBRY let's just say that English is not their first language.

    Thanks M-G-K

    machine guns-gun-kelly wrote:

    I have a Blackberry Z10 and I can send emails to any computer in the world to the best of my knowledge. When I try to send e-mail to the PC at home isn't going not to spend.

    The Z10 and the PC have the same email address and when someone sends me an email it appears on the PC and the BBRY.

    I talked to Suddenlink, they tell me it is eather a problem BBRY or AT & t. AT & T tells me that this is a problem Suddenlink and support BBRY let's just say that English is not their first language.

    Thanks M-G-K

    This is not a fault BLackberry, when you send an email to the same address, the e-mail appears in the sent and Inbox on the Z10, it also gets sent to the computer.

  • BlackBerry Z10 reduce an image file to be attached to an e-mail message on a new Z10

    Hello there, recently got a new Z 10, love it by the way.   Does anyone know how to reduce the image files that you take with the Z10 to attach one or more to an e-mail message.   There is no prompt in the options to reduce the size and the process that notifies you that the files are in the large shipment.  I tried all the visible change icons popping up, but none of them are associated with the reduction of file.

    I would appreciate a well-informed response.

    Thank you, Joseph

    the picture in the z10 editor does a great job with Cup, effects, sharpness, etc.  but there is no re-size. There are two or three free photo editors in appworld that accomplishes this task for you.


  • BlackBerry Z10 of different Notification for different e-mail accounts

    On my old blackberry, I was able to set up a different number of vibration for my different e-mail account so I would know right away, who represent the email was on.  Is it possible to do the same thing on the Z10?

    Hey hinjeyan,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thanks for the question.

    Currently you are unable to set up notifications for different e-mail accounts on the BlackBerry Z10.  There is no estimated time when this feature will return.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • BlackBerry Z10 impossible access contacts or messages and the non-existent hub

    I got a Z10 now and during the installation I noticed that if I clicked on the "contacts" or "text messages'icons are not." I thought when I transferred all the data from my old divide that would correct itself, but it does not.

    None of my contacts or forwarded messages, and I Redid the transfer twice. My call log was transferred, but all entries are number only, no names. And I can't seem to be able to add these numbers to my contacts. I can't even enter the contacts and enter all my previous Info manually.

    I have no hub blackberry either and I asked the people who are in the same room to send me messages but I don't get them. I tried to reboot the device several times but nothing moves. I seem to be able to BBM surveys send, but not receive them.

    Seems that the only thing I can do is to make and receive calls and use the internet browser.

    Can any ideas on how I fix? I will go back to the store I had the phone of the future, but really looking for some information at this time if possible.

    Thank you.


    Hi G and welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums!

    Have you made software updates on your BlackBerry Z10? If this is not the case, there may be one available. You can do the update through the BlackBerry Link with your device, or by going to settings > software updates on the device itself.

    Thank you.


    I got a blackberry Z10 (unlocked version) which was defective and he has been replaced by an other Z10 (also unlocked) blackberry. Because the OS versions are different, I can't restore my contacts from the old to the new. BlackBerry has said that this is due to the difference in OS versions. I downloaded the bb world app that import/export of contacts, but can import text or vcf files and not the bbb files.  I downloaded Extractor backup blackberry but was disappointed to see that BB 10 backups are not supported yet. Please I need help with my old transfer contacts from my old bb to my new bb z10 z10. I use a computer hp laptop 8 windows.

    Thank you

    So I guess you never backed up your phone using BlackBerry Protect, or you did.

    If you did, you can install your contacts from there.

    If you do not, think to do for next time.

    Read all of this page, there is not much to read: http://worldwide.blackberry.com/ap/protect/

    If you have never enabled BB Protect you.  Go to: settings, BlackBerry Protect, marketing and you must also turn on location services.

Maybe you are looking for