E-mail settings blackBerry Smartphones Blank on Office Manager

Dear Experts:

I've looked everywhere on the forum and I could not find a solution to my problem. My bold BB worked perfectly, I can sync everything and Desktop redirector worked perfectly. Now, all of a sudden started desktop redirector I get the following error "could not start the redirector: the connection to your e-mail system could not be initilized.

When I check the Desktop Manager I see empty e-mail settings icon (I can't click it) I tried to check my profile option, they are all EMPTY!

I tried to uninstall own (http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=KB02206&sliceId=SAL_Pub...)

and then re-install

But the problem is still occurring.

I use the V4.7 Office Manager

Problem solved!

I just run the diagnostic option in outlook20007 and it fixed the problem.


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  • E-mail settings blackBerry Smartphones Send for smartphone via service messages?

    Nice day

    Is it possible to send email to a blackberry phone settings via a form of service for the user to phone message doesn't have to configure it manually?

    We recently had to reinstall our Exchange Server and are now having to modify the e-mail settings on all our employees members of the phone, however, some of these members of staff are not in the same city that I.T. support and that the staff are not very literate computer/smartphone members, it will be difficult for us to guide them on how to change the e-mail settings especially if Autodiscover does not report the settings correctly on the phone and domain/server settings must be entered manually.

    A member of staff in particular, has a Blackberry curve 9300.

    Any suggestion will be appreciated as we would prefer, as well as in the future, be able to update phones with the necissary through a form parameters any service message rather than error prone manual intervention.


    André T. Dreyer

    OK... so the answer is, well, maybe. It will require compromises your safety ethic.

    A way of doing what you want to connect in the BIS users account on their Web of BIS carrier site and configure the email account it... the fact, of course, would require you to know the credentials of BIS users. Of course, that would also require that the carrier does have such a site... not all do.

    Another way would ring up the carrier users the identity of the user and the carrier agent to configure the e-mail account.

    If the employer provides the user devices such as service plan, then I guess the compromise of security required is lower because, technically, two belong to the company, not the user. But, if what are BYOD devices and/or the carrier account does she belong to the employer, then you'd be in essence hack on behalf of users to achieve.

    Good luck!

  • User name for the e-mail settings blackBerry Smartphones

    I forgot the user name I need to access the e-mail settings, I have the password but not the username. I tried all possible user names, I would have given, but none of them works.

    What is the format of the username? It of just a username like "James31" or is it like "[email protected]".

    Can be completely different from your address of Mali? for example email address could be '[email protected]', then the user name should be 'x' or can be like "xdfak"?

    Thank you!

    It doesn't have to be your email address.

    It can be simply "joesmith" or jsmith and does not necessarily match your blackberry.net email address. It may, but is not necessary.

  • BlackBerry smartphone sync error: Office Manager

    the destkop Manager will start to synchronize from outlook, but when it comes to appt/task 465 he always says 'unexpected error' and then she cannot complete the synchronization.  Is it possible to see what 465 appt is on my Outlook calendar to see if there is some text in the subject/message that is causing the error message?  I pulled upward to view the log of the Office Manager, but he is not number the tasks and it seems the appointment to the Group of fellows together rather than keeping them in chrono order.

    It's a bug inside BB Desktop Software.

    Try to use another version of BB Desktop Software.

    You can get it here: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/services/desktop/

  • BlackBerry smartphones preventing the Office Manager to load at startup


    I am running Vista and the latest version of BB Desktop Manager on my laptop.

    Sometimes, I may be upward and quickly operational, but DM takes forever to load on my laptop and prevents other programs from starting too.

    Is there a way to set the DM so that it starts only when I want it--not when Windows starts?

    Any help is appreciated!

    This option is provided when installing Desktop Manager. You must change the installation of add/remove programs on your computer option. You will find Edit option and then go into the repair Office Manager. Uncheck the startup option.

    Another way changes the windows startup process using the command msconfig .

  • E-mails of blackBerry Smartphones

    can someone help me with my internet, as soon as I get a message on my blackberry, it is immediately deleted even if I ticked the box requesting confirmation of deletion and keep messages for 30 days and says remove the solicitation, any other message thank you suggestions gratefully received


    KB11328 - E-mail messages are removed from the BlackBerry smartphone


    KB13814 - Messages on the BlackBerry smartphone are deleted due to low memory

  • Switching devices blackBerry Smartphones using the Desktop Manager

    I just got my Torch 9800 replacement since my first only the battery was drainning (apparently a common problem).

    Until I returned my old Torch 9800 I backed up and also used the device switch option in Desktop Manager. When it asked me to connect the new device, I unplugged the old camera, he took to the shop orange and then plugged my new camera.

    Then an error has occurred and asked me to update the software on the new device. I did it... and then when I use switching devices, it asks me to connect the current device but the problem is... I don't have the camera more.

    As I backed up all the data, I did a restore. He restored most of the data, but it has not restored my apps.

    Any idea on how I can do?

    I hope it is interesting all that.... and I get a better battery life this time!

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Ah... never mind. While the device switch Wizard can indeed move a few apps, the backup/restore process does not have applications. So, in the State you are in, you must go to the source of your applications and re - get them. If you by AppWorld, the process is very smooth:

    • KB17625 How to install or transfer has already purchased apps from BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry smartphone

    If you have from other sources, then you should see if these sources are a simple way for you. I hope you have good record of all your activation keys... and some will indeed have to be regenerated some developers to attach the key on the BB SPINDLE, which is now different since you have a new device.

    Good luck!

  • Office mail sent blackBerry smartphones showing only not on Pearl - bt yahoo

    Hello people. Mail sent via account yahoo bt BB pearl 8110 appear ok in the box sent unit and sent box office. However email account bt work stations, shows ok on office sent box but not as a BB pearl point sent. Essentially of BB shows only items sent to your handheld, but I want to show him the sent items of office as well. Thanks in advance!


    Please see this link:

    KB05133 Features of the BlackBerry Internet Service email reconciliation

    Basically - WAD... Work as expected.

    Hope that helps... Well, at least helps to better understand.

    See you soon!

  • E-mail settings of Smartphones from blackBerry needed please.

    Hello, I looked around many web pages to see if I can find a solution to my problem and I hope someone can help. My boss would like it so that if he deletes his email on his Blackberry, he would remove on his computer, great that I can do, he wants to also remove it from his computer then to be deleted on the Blackberry here I do not see. I put two devices such as IMAP, so the two mailboxes must have the same appearance. We don't have any fancy blackberry server software. I don't understand why it will only sync one way and not the other. I understand the need of Blackberry to know that the email has been deleted so as a test, I moved a message to the trashbox in webmail with no joy. Purging doesn't help either. And reconcile now seems doing nothing to help. Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you.

    This two-way synchronization works only on BES.

    There are two systems of web mail that RIM is currently working with the getting the support of two way sync - GMail and Yahoo!  If you do not use one of those (and GMail does not work yet, but is expected to soon) then you will get no two-way synchronization.

  • E-mail for blackBerry Smartphones work problems

    Many people,

    I'm new to the BlackBerry scene so be gentle please!

    I tried the setting to the top of my handset to receive my work email, but it achieved so far and told me to contact my company for a few additional settings. To be honest, I tried to do on the fly because im not important enough for me to put emails in place like this. So I wanted to just cancel it with emails, but I keep receiveing network messages every 3 minutes as if the my work e-mail account is still trying to send them. The email I receive is:-

    Sender - [email protected]

    Topic-RIM_bca28a80 e9c0 - 11 d 1-87fe-00600811c6a2

    Message - this message is used to carry data between your BlackBerry handheld and a home server. Please do not delete, move, or reply to this message - it will be processed by the server.



    ENDETP 402479385

    It is really annoying and would like to try stop my work email receive these emails or if anyone knows how to configure it to actually forward the emails it would be much appreciated?

    See you soon


    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Your phone is configured as a phone based enterprise BES server and not as a private phone.

    This procedure will help you switch to a BIS (personal phone.

    Thank you


    Please do not forget to adjust your thread. Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you


  • Problems of the mail of blackBerry Smartphones

    Not sure if this is a problem or two. The two are related e-mail.

    On my curve (AT & T network) my emails come from three accounts: blackberry by default, a hotmail and a business account.

    Previously, when they arrived, I had three options, I could 1) remove unit, 2) remove the device and the server it comes or 3) cancel.

    Now, I have only two options: 1) delete or cancel the 2). This reflected what he said to me when an SMS arrives.

    So, when I choose the delete, it isn't clear it from the server, and I have to manually delete the emails of my accounts and get essentially the same message twice, once on the handheld and once in my email box.

    Is it possible to restore the options remove?

    Second, I can receive, but not send e-mail messages from my handheld.

    What can we do?

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    No data will be lost when you do the following: remove the battery while the device is activated.
    Remplacer replace after one minute, let the device reboot 1-3 min, see if the problem is corrected.

    If this does not work:
    Go to options advanced options, host Routing Tables, click to enter. DO NOT CLICK on any list.
    Press the menu key and select sign up now.
    You will receive a verification email. Then go to email settings and send service directories.
    You will receive an email by account. Repeat the battery pull and see if the problem is

    Thank you


  • BlackBerry Smartphones Edit on Office contacts

    How do you find out and change your contacts on the desktop software? I found the file but I can't open it.


    RIM is Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry devices.

    You should be able to sync with Windows Mail (I don't see why not, and the only way to confirm will be trying).

    Here are the steps for you to follow:

    • With your BlackBerry connected, go to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and select Synchronize.
    • In the left menu under configure, select Synchronize, and then on the side right, again select the synchronization.
    • Select address book.  You should see the option to synchronize with your desktop applications, including Windows Mail, Outlook Express alias (if you see Outlook Express and Windows Mail, are not using Outlook Express).
    • Once you have configured your synchronization settings, perform a synchronization.  You should then be able to access your contact information in Windows Mail.

    If you do not see an option for Windows Mail or Outlook Express, and if you have a Yahoo email account, you can sync using the Yahoo importer.

    I hope that gives you a starting point.

  • Attachments to the e-mails of blackBerry Smartphones can not open the Storm

    My office has MS Exchange and emails are using Outlook. I receive e-mail messages on my phone that are sent through the Blackberry Desktop Redirector program.  Emails cross, however, I can't open attachments in e-mail on my phone.  He's saying "this type of attachment cannot be seen on your device."  The attachment is a Word document created on a Word 2003 program.  PDF and Excel files will not open either.  Word to go and sheet to go appear in the applications folder and appear to be installed.  I can't get email attachments to open.  Is this a result of the Blackberry Desktop Redirector program?  My office uses a system of e-mail MS Exchange (Outlook).  If the redirector is the problem is it another way to get emails from Outlook and open the attachments?  I love this phone, but I need to be able to view the documents that are attached to emails.  Any help would be appreciated.

    redirector does not support attachments

    redirector is an old dinosaur of a program with so many limitations

    DTM to uninstall, reinstall using the option of personal e-mail to remove the redirector

    on your BB go to advanced options options-service books and remove books 2 service called DESKTOP

    then you integrate your email through OWA/BIS


  • Configuration of e-mail from blackBerry Smartphones work not...

    On my Blackberry Bold 9650 - I am unable to do the menu configure my e-mail address. I chose the configuration application. When I choose the icon email accounts that nothing happens! If I try to get out of this app, the phone freezes & I'm unable to access & have to stop on the phone. I still get out of this APP. I took it to a Verizon Wireless Technician & they say they are unable to determine the problem. Suggestions?

    Try this:

    Since the device, go to mobile.blackberry.com
    Scroll to connect and click Send.
    Click on join now for the e-mail service you want to add and see if it works.

  • Additional e-mail addresses blackBerry Smartphones

    Already I have two email addresses Setup on my Blackberry and realized I could have up to 10 but when I go to the Setup email and select internet e-mail account, it returns me to the configuration screen. I do not have enterprise software, the device is a private.

    Since the device, go to mobile.blackberry.com
    Scroll to connect and click Send.
    Click on join now for the e-mail service you want to add and see if it works.

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