E-mail synchronization to blackBerry Smartphones to bb for laptop with outlook 2007

I'm going on a cruise and want to be able to download my emails from my BB 8900 on my computer without having to go online with my computer.  any help?


There is unfortunately no way to do it.  The only way to download emails to your computer will be to connect via wifi.  You can check with your cruise line though, as I'm pretty sure that many offer wifi on board.

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  • Synchronization of blackBerry Smartphones my BB Torch 9800 with the Microsoft Outlook calendar

    I am very frustrated.  My BB Torch does not synchronize with Microsoft Outlook calendar.  I get the 0x8004fd28 error message and it will transfer all the entries.  I'm not a technical person very media, so I would like easy to understand instructions on what to do.  As far as I know, my mobile device and software are updated to newer versions.  I've only been able to synchronize both times - when I first got the phone 6 months ago.  Thank you for your help.

    Welcome to the forums, melora!

    First of all, we will make sure that your browser by e-mail and the calendar entries are the same e-mail that you configured in Outlook.

    On your home screen, click the Options icon.  From there, go to device > Adanced configuration > default Services.  Check if those who correspond to your Outlook email address.

    Then you'll want to do a clean Desktop Manager uninstall.  Make sure you restart your PC after that you did.

    Then you will reinstall the Desktop Manager software, you can get here.

    Once you have installed new, go here for instructions on how to configure Desktop Manager to synchronize with Outlook.  You'll want to scroll through the instructions for DM 6.0 and higher.

    I hope this helps!

  • "BOLD" of blackBerry Smartphones crashes when BB calendar with Outlook calendar synchronization

    I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem:

    I receive by email from meeting requests in my BB email-> accept the meeting request so that it is added to my BB calendar-> I sync it with my MS Outlook 2007 calendar using the Desktop Manager 4.7 version = a crash.

    I went to the configuration of synchronization in DM v4.7 and having my calendar configuration currently for 2-way sync-> for only future point of transfer and erase all previous calendar items.  It still crashes.

    Please help if you have a solution or input to it.

    Please check if you have all the attachments in calendar entries

  • BlackBerry Smartphones "BOLD" do not sync with Outlook 2000

    Outlook 2000

    Desktop Manager 4.6 without the media manager,

    The DM is not Outlook 2000 as an application to synchronize with.  I had a curve over the last 2 years, with what version of DM that he came with that I was able to sync with Outlook 2000.  Here's what I discovered and someone please tell me where I'm wrong so that I can sync my new "BOLD" with outlook 2000.

    New versions of DM don't see Outlook 2000.

    Older versions of DM see outlook 2000, but they do not see the "BOLD".

    If I can get just the drivers without Desktop software manager, I think I can make it work with an older version.

    I hope I explained the problem.

    Thank you

    It would help my contacts but not the calendar and tasks.

    I have updated to Outlook 2003 and that solved my problem.

  • E-mail synchronization to blackBerry Smartphones?

    Is anyway to synchronize my emails on my blackberry with my desktop, even if I do not have BlackBerry Enterprise? If I mark it read on my BlackBerry how can I automatically mark it read on my desktop?

    Take another look at the link I sent to you in my previous post... that tells you what reconciliation capabilities exist with each account type. On this list, you will see that HotMail has the ability to do what you want thanks to BIS, but POP doesn't.

  • Mail synchronization to blackBerry Smartphones

    I created my Gmail on BB address and it went well, I guess because I received emails, but there are just some mail today (I got my phone this morning) and not the days before...
    I did not create a subfolder, I made a mistake on the parameters?


    No.... BB is not intended (except in very rare cases) to reproduce your entire mailbox, including all historical emails. On the contrary, they are designed to begin to deliver new material BB from the moment of activation. Therefore, WAD - works as expected.

    Good luck!

  • Problems of synchronization to blackBerry Smartphones: Run Time Error when MS Outlook is applied

    I just got the Curve 8330 and recorded the telephone and e-mail. I had an older Blackberry and my outlook 2003 address book and calendar synced perfectly using Desktop Manager. I installed the latest version supplied on cd-rom with the curve and the installation was successful. I then tried to set up sync and tried to apply the synchronization with ms outlook and that's when the problem occurred.

    1. I opened the Desktop Manager and clicked on sync.

    2 click on the albums configuration tab

    3. I then clicked on configure synchronization.

    4 selected address book

    5. the next page listed available desktop applications and I chose MS Outlook

    6 then I select the two-way synchronization

    7. after clicking Next, I get this ERROR of EXECUTION: section of the Application is not based on files.

    I tried to uninstall the Office Director and reinstalled from the blackberry website. Still, I got the same message. Then I found the link below and concluded that there are ducts that connect the Outlook for Office Manager and for some reason, there is an error that is there. I did not quite understand how to solve the problem of the information provided on the troubleshooting link. I could not add the link that has been interrupted or lost by installing the new Manger of office. The link I found is below and I was wondering if there was a way to manually bind the office and Outlook. Please provide a way that novice computer person can implement.


    Here's an overview of what you need to do (a translation of the article you linked)

    Windows XP: go to start, run and type cmd

    Windows Vista - go to start, programs, accessories, right-click on command prompt and select run as administrator

    In the command line window, type the following:

    CD "\Program Files\Research in Motion\BlackBerry\Connectors\MS Outlook Connector"

    regsvr32-u ilxolkCompanion.fil

    CD "\Program Files\Research in Motion\BlackBerry\IS71 Connectors\MS Outlook Connector"

    regsvr32 msoutlookconnector.fil

    See you soon!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones calendar won't sync with outlook

    I had my blackberry for over a year and recently it stopped sync my BB with my outlook calendar. It synchronizes the address book, tasks and memos fine, but totally ignores the calendar. I've seen several suggestions here and tried but still doesn't work.

    It says on the desktop software of BB that my BB is not a calendar installed but it does and it works fine on the device, he just won ' sync. There are 2 calendars on the Facebook feature (which, if I knew how I would delete) and my e-mail, but I address email is the default I think.

    KB23978 should help you with the problem of "calendar is not installed.

    Regarding the removal of the facebook calendar, just go into options > advanced > service books > find 'Facebook [CICAL]' and delete it

  • BlackBerry Smartphones bb do not sync with outlook express address book

    The Director of the office, it seems to sync properly, no error message. But nothing new appeared on the address book in Outlook Express. Should not phone numbers and etc. copy in outlook and contacts list? Help!

    That seemed to work! Thank you very much!

    Another question - I put it on my blackberry to delete messages on the box to the letters and Pocket, but it does not. I have to go and delete all messages on my pc again. A way to solve this problem?

  • BlackBerry smartphones deleted calendar data syncing with Outlook

    Can someone explain why data calendar are deleted after so many days, weeks, etc? It is to be deleted in outlook and my Blackberry. I checked the sync settings on my office softward and it doesn't seem to be something that I've selected which would remove the information. It is quite critical, because I keep my calendar paper copies.

    Thank you


    If this resolves the problem:
    Please solve the thread so that others can find your answer faster.
    Thank you


  • BlackBerry Smartphones appointment recurring sync problem with Outlook

    Outlook 2003 SP3 has been synchronized with my curve perfectly until a few weeks ago.  Suddenly the clock wants to remove all my recurring appointments in my calendar in Outlook - hundreds of them.  I opted for no synchronization.  After reviewing the forums, I found a recommendation to delete all files from my Intellisync folder and try again.  So I did, and then resync the value upward my Desktop Manager and started around.  Amen - he wanted to remove all my recurring appointments, so I advanced and accepted the additions to my Outlook.  Now I have duplicates of all appointments on my BB!  My vision is OK, but it did not get my BB calendar additions.  Sheesh!

    Want to a * beep * (who really does not go through and remove all duplicates!), I would of course like to some lawyers!  Thank you in advance.

    hook up desktop manager backup and restore-advanced-find calendar on the right side and click on the clear button (make sure that the device is plugged)

  • Sync of Smartphones blackBerry with outlook 2007

    I'm able to sync with Outlook 2007.  If I add a number to my phone, it will be added to my contacts in outlook.  However, this is only one way.  If I add contacts in outlook (addresses, phone numbers or e-mail address) that they won't sync to my phone. Any suggestions?

    You must change sync settings to allow two-way, synchronization of Desktop Manager. In the clock go to configure > synchronization > sync. Run the wizard for the calendar... a step defines synchronization for two way synchronization and should get everything up and running as you want.

  • Sync Blackberry with Outlook 2007 on Vista

    Hello. A brief introduction before my question. Recently, I tried Outlook to XP on my computer which uses Vista and I was not able to sync Outlook with my Blackberry curve calendar. I looked at Outlook 2007 and it is certified for use on Vista, so I expect that my blackberry should synchronize with outlook. My question is; has anyone who uses the OS Vista and Outlook 2007 has sync issues? Thank you

    HELO papabear72,

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft answers Forum.

    I checked several Forums Blackberry and Outlook forums and you should be able to sync without problem.
    You will need to install Blackberry Desktop manager and synchronization with Outlook 2007. I saw where it syncs with Outlook 2010 beta.

    There may be some problems for some people with the Outlook calendar.
    You can check the forum Blackberry here or by mail to the Outlook forum listed above.

    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Synchronization with Outlook 2007 T5 problems

    I'm trying to sync my t5 with outlook 2007.

    I used the link in this message to install palm desktop 6.2 to sync my calendar. the software is stuck in sync the calendar with outlook.

    It's the same problem I had with the 4. ?? version of palm desktop.

    Help, please!

    OK, first of all, we need to see if you can sync without verified calendar. On your computer, right click the hotsync and go to the custom. Then click on calendar and then change. We will set the calendar to do nothing, and check the box that says set as default. Close up menus and keep trying to hotsync if it syncs well thin on.

    Next, we need to install a program on your device called DBFixit (here is the link http://www.pimlicosoftware.com/dbfixit.htm) Download this file on the right side of the page. Then install the application on the device. Once on the device to open it and press the blue bar, but in the top of the left page select Delete blobs calendar and say OK or Yes. Then continue to run until you have 0 listed or no found BLOB. Then let's hotsync with calendar synchronization of the device to the PC. Once again, right click on the hotsync icon and go to the custom. Then click on calendar and then change. Select handheld overrides desktop. Synchronize and post back if that fixes the issue.

    If that were the case then must change the sync to synchronize the files and set it as default. To do this, to new right click on the hotsync icon and go to the custom. Then click on calendar and then change. Then select Synchronize files and set as default checked. You should be all together at this time.

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  • Synchronization of blackBerry Smartphones a new combined

    I just got a replacement for my insurance unit.

    I backed up my old camera until I sent off the coast.

    Anyone know how I can retrieve my contacts and synchronize all my old data to the new? I tried to swap the devices, but she asked to connect the old phone, which I did of course not...

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Yes, the device switch Wizard has two devices so that he can have an up-to-date backup. But, if you have a recent backup, then the previous BB shouldn't be necessary. See this KB:

    • KB10339 How to use BlackBerry Desktop Software to restore data from a BlackBerry smartphone from a backup file

    Good luck!

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