E1-510 Acer with windows 10 installed, should I update bios 2.12 new version I have now 2.5

I have an acer laptop e1-510.  I have upgraded to windows 10 then clean installed the operating system.  I went to the acer site and there is no windows 10 drivers than ect, but I have noticed that there are updates bios newer than the one I installed.  I now have version 2.5.   The latest on the site is 2.12.  do I need to install all of the bios updates or just news?  Im very afraid of something going wrong, it is a laptop, I bought for my mother and don't want to spoil the bios because it makes a computer useless without reprogramming or a new bios chip.   Thanks to anyone who can offer assistance on this

You can flash the 2.12 directly, but please follow strictly the instructions on the PDF file.

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