[E2312] SIM2 slot does not not on 6.0.1

Hi guys, I need help!
Everything was going well on Android 5.0
Until I spread device using XCompanion
Now, only SIM1 slot works. Nothing happens when I insert SIM2 slot
Current version number: 26.3.B.0.131
Someone at - it this problem?
Thank you!


I have flashed the latest firmware using the old version of Flashtool (

I thank @Christofer for being here with me

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    I think it would be very interesting to know what laptop you have exactly and if PC card really supports the 32-bit cards?  :|

    Anyway. some BIOS on different laptops offer option and unique settings for the PC card slot. Have you checked the BIOS?

    Do this!

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    Currently, your laptop will have a wireless WLAN inside card that does not require that a GSM sim card.

    In order to make the use of the GSM sim card, you need to replace the internal WIFI card with an internal WWAN card...

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    It will be important to make the right card for your machine. You need to know what is compatible from Dell. If you don't like the price of Dell, you can take a chance on eBay...

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    Averagejoe56553 wrote: windows 7 pro 64 bit, version 4 linksys

    Hello Averagejoe56553, it seems that Linksys does not provide drivers for Windows 7 x 64. Wireless chipset used in the Linksys Card made by Ralink and they throw a few Windows 7 x 64 drivers for this card.

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    What do you mean with her does not work?
    The computer recognizes an SD card?
    The card reader is listed in Device Manager?

    As a first step, you must update the SD card driver. You can find it on the Toshiba site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

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    It fail to read a map, or a LOT of cards?  Have you tried stopping and restarting the computer?  Remember that the reader will not be displayed in my computer, unless there is a card in there - an empty card reader usually does not appear.  Also be sure that you do not put a SD - HC (high capacity) card in a drive that cannot read - no longer former readers.

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    Hello everyone, hope everything goes well. I thought that I would try to help pertaining to my RESUME. I have a DV6 and became the error code 3 blink of my lock I did some autour research and saw that this Signals an error in module memory, so I started working on possible questions. I tried to replace the two modules, and also to buy new modules in total, having still kept the error. I saw someone on here earlier having the same problem and was told to try to launch it with the memory module that one up for test slots and here is, it worked.

    Now my question for everyone is what I can do to try to get the memory slot to work again, or is it possible to replace? Really appreciate all the advice, a good night


    You have tried many things and it does not show up, could be physically damage. You cannot replace the RAM slot only, must be a whole mother/system board. Is the machine still under warranty? If this is not the case, my suggestion keep your machine running with 1 slot and save the money to buy the new machine. If you really want to change the mother/system map, please check the following lins:


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    Good luck.

    PS: 11:15 Friday our time now.

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    As the question is related to the card on Acer Aspire sim slot, I suggest you to contact Acer for help.

    It will be useful.

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    Crack media bridge in front of my laptop is not working.

    I put the card in and the idicator light systym for SD card flashes briefly.

    I can't access the files via my docutments or my computer.

    Is there a driver necessary?


    Of course the bridge Media controller driver is necessary if you have not installed this in the past
    Have you checked for some unknown devices Device Manager? The SD (Bridge Media controller) card is correctly listed in the Device Manager?
    If this isn't the case, then it means that this driver must be installed.

    If the controller is listed in Device Manager, it means that this device does not work correctly and there must be another issue; Maybe with card SD

  • SD card slot does not work on Windows Vista

    I just installed Windows Vista RC1, which has just been published

    Just about everything works except the secure digital memory card slot.

    Until I installed Vista I ran the Compatibility Wizard and he said a few things that may not work, but the one that stood out was "SD Memory Card Format Utility.

    I guess that's why the memory card slot is not working?

    Anyone know how to operate? This isn't the end of the world because I can use the docking station, but his practice which he just work directly at the exit.

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you

    Maybe the new operating system Vista doesn t include the compatible driver for the SD card controller.
    Right now the Vista is not supported by Toshiba because this OS is not official on the market.

  • Pavilion g6-2333el: g6-2333 el Pavilion RAM slot does not

    Hi, I recently decided to update RAM of my Paviliion g6-2333el by adding a second 4 GB of RAM.

    I inserted the new RAM in the RAM secondary housing, but the PC seemed unable to find. Fearing that I might you bought a RAM that was not compatible with my laptop, I tried to delete the original RAM and put another in his place: the new RAM has been correctly identified.

    Seeing that the new RAM was indeed compatible, I tried to insert the old one in secondary housing, and the result was the same: the RAM was not considered by the PC.

    I noticed the following about this secondary property of RAM:

    (1) the RAM seems to be inserted less deeply than in the other slot

    (2) the RAM is very easily put out of position when he is in this niche (as in, just a little touch will make it fall out of the connector)

    (3) in contrast with the other location, when the metal arms that hold the RAM in place are released RAM no "eject" on its own

    Someone has an idea what could be the problem? The connector is broken or it's just that for some reason any RAM can't stay in place?

    Try blowing the slot with compressed air. Insert the module at a 45 degree angle and don't hesitate to push a little once you are sure that the notch is aligned with the tab into the slot...

  • Lenovo G560 2nd RAM slot does not recognize.


    I bought 2 new of the straight plug of this computer - 1066 mhz 4 GB of Ram.

    After the installation of the 2 jacks, the computer recognizes only 1 card of 4 GB.

    I have the x 64 bit system.

    Also, I updated the BIOS.

    What can I do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Tal_Eklkanar,

    Welcome to the community,

    Try restarting the machine with only the ram that is not recognized at the time.

    RAM can be tricky so try to play with different configurations, a place in the first slot and then swap until you see the machine recognizes them both. Sometimes, it just takes a little game.

  • HP EliteBook 8740w p/n VB744AV: Base model with only 2 RAM slots does not level up to 8 GB of RAM, 6 GB only?

    So I discovered that my laptop is a version of the basic model of the Elitebook 8740w so I'm missing 2 RAM slots. However, I went to upgrade my RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB the other day, and after ensuring all the RAM was split and firmly fixed my laptop would only flicker the lights indicating that my ports were dirty, RAM was split in correctly or I ordered the bad RAM sticks (which I didn't, I double checked). So I have of the 4 GB split into the slot of the RAM under the keyboard and replace one of the original 2 GB sticks in the other RAM more accessible location at the bottom of the computer. Laptop started fine. I'll try the RAM slot again later tonight when I get home from work, but if anyone has any experience with this issue, I'd love to hear corrections or explanations on what I can do wrong.

    I also want to note that I checked the specifications of the computer and it says that it should support the 8 GB of RAM or more. However I do not know if this is a generalization of the product since it usually comes with 4 vs slots of RAM upgrade only the 2 I have in my laptop.

    Quad Core versions have 4 RAM slots and Dual Core 2 slots. Max 32 gig and 16 gig respectively. Try the reslotting and let us know how it goes. 8 concerts must be OK, assuming that compatible. If the problem persists, please provide the manufacturer for both modules reference numbers.

  • I just put in a new hard drive in my computer and now my sd card reader slot does not work. How can I get my computer to read the SD card?

    Computer crashed

    New hard drive in my HP laptop

    Computer is not reading my SD card


    Make sure the SD card works on other computers.

    The card reader is a USB device to ensure that other USB devices work.

    Check with HP, their drivers support and documentation online and ask in the forums of HP where it
    others will be with the same or similar model. I hope this is just the driver. It is possible that the device has been
    back not connected properly or even damaged when installing the new hard drive.

    Support HP & drivers

    Contact HP

    HP forums

    I hope this helps and happy holidays!

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Card SD slot does not not - Satellite 2410 601

    I've had my TOSHIBA Satellite 2410 601 laptop for almost 3 years and have never needed to use the SD slot. However, now I would like to use, since I got it.
    When I insert an SD card, the works 'flashy light', but I don't see the drive in my computer.
    I tried to download the drivers from this site and following the instructions - but nothing works.
    It must be a driver problem or the program I think.
    Thank you

    [Edited by: admin on 11 February 06 20:29]


    First of all, you should check that if Device Manager the SD slot in properly installed.
    If the yellow exclamation point appears in Device Manager in the SD area so there's something wrong. Usually, the driver is missing. In this case, you will need to install the driver of SD host controller and SD card driver. These drivers you will find on the Toshiba site.

    If the device has been installed correctly and that the Device Manager doesn't show any exclamation point if you must use a compatible SD card and supported.
    Please see user's manual for supported SD cards.

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