E3000 factory original Firmware

I'm new to this forum. I updated my firmware version 10.0.4 E3000 and does not backup the original firmware. Can someone let me know how I can get the original firmware for this router file.

Thank you


Well, once again updated with the latest firmware you cannot restore with the old firmware. Since then, there is no plu firmware available in the Linksys/Cisco's Web site.

Then, let me know the concern of problem you are having with the router?

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  • Satellite A105-S1013: need of CDW/DVD drive original firmware?

    I have flashed the model wrong firmware on my CDW/DVD optical drive and now the drive is not recognized by Windows XP. He simply disappeared...
    I want to re-flash the correct stock firmware for this drive.
    The drive is a model TSST TS-L462C a10.
    Can someone help me locate the original firmware for this model of car?
    I know that the firmware are model specific and are not interchangeable.
    I searched all websites of Toshiba/Samsung, nothing helps.

    TKS in advance for any help...


    I found this site, but it is a driver for TS - L462C TG00:

    Also check this site:

  • Sansa Fuze v1: Rockbox vs original Firmware

    ROckbok have the stable version for sansa fuze v1. But I wonder what is the best? ROckbok firmware or the Original sandisk firmware... Any idea? Thans a lot...
    SRY for my bad English!


    I can't tell you which is better for performance, but if you install rockbox on Sansa Fuze you will lose the warranty on the product and SanDisk will provide you with no warranty or replacement if it brakes or problems arise.

  • How to return to the original Firmware

    I flashed my Xperia U with a French of ICS version last week. Now that the firmware for my ows IF was released, I want to move to this firmware. Please tell me how I can do.

    Xperia U 1261-6397 6.1.1.B.1.10 11/10/2012

    If anyone of you has the same firmware, you can download it online.

    If you have your original number of customization, EOPS just he build.prop ito. Then use PC Companion to 'fix the phone', he starts to Flash your original fw for you. If your if has been updated to ICS, then yo aura ICS, if it was not updated, your phone will be repaired with Go.

  • Getting name of factory/original of a return of the effect

    Hi all

    I thought I was so effective by renaming my effects in the effect control window, and now, a few years later I went back to a project to discover that I don't remember of what many of the effects were initially appointed. I used CS4 when I created the project.

    I tried the button by the WAY, but on most of the effects, it displays nothing and on some effects of the third party it shows only the name of the factory.  Is there a preference or the combination key setting or the switch as in the layers panel, which shows the name/Source name layer that displays the original name of the effect.

    Thanks in advance

    On a Mac CS 5.5

    Try this script here: http://duduf.net/?page_id=161

  • Sansa Clip CODEC used in original Firmware

    I want to know if sansa firmware using the mp3 decoder under license from Fraunhofer IIS, such as listed in the manual booklet.

    is this true?

    even with the iPod which using the same decoder...

    esgikey wrote:

    for as far as I know... quality of codec have an effect for sound quality produced by the device... the codec set the mapping of the frequency for each bit of data


    No, this is not correct.  The choice of the decoder is not quality.  They all produce essentially the same result, without taking into account some rounding errors.  If you have a difference between the two firmwares, its probably not the codec.  Have you tried running RMAA to measure?

    esgikey wrote:

    so many people who, says codec BLADE are better than Fraunhofer IIS...

    Lame is typically used as an encoder, not a decoder.  It encodes more effectively files into MP3s, but that has nothing to do with actually reading a file.

    esgikey wrote:

    Oh there, when sansa will update its sansa Clip + firmware? the battery indicator is not linear measure, and I hope it will be fixed soon.

    My guess is that they will not update firmware Clip + still once.  But if the battery indicator is not linear that probably means that your battery is a little weird, and a software update is unlikely to fix it.

  • Where to find an original driver/firmware for duosense screen (HP Tx2?)

    Well, I'm having a problem.

    Just got my tx2, and given that the computer was delivered inflated my taste with the trial software (and I really wanted to try real multi-touch capacity) I deleted the hard drive and installed the beta version of windows 7 32-bit.

    I installed the drivers for duosense ntrig (which also included a new firmware, unknown to me at the time and enjoyed improved support of touchpad compared to the firmware/drivers group, but I also lost pen holder.)

    Want to back pen holder, I reinstalled my own copy of vista, but much to my dismay, the screen no longer works properly, because of the new firmware.

    The button is very bouncy (it's very inaccurate, and if I highlight something and hold the button, the parameters of what I chose shake them.)  In addition, the pen still does not, because of the firmware.

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of the original firmware for the duosense screen?  My laptop is now paralyzed until I can find the original firmware, or a newer driver comes out for windows 7 that supports stylus.

    Thanks in advance.

    Message edited by heyman421 02/03/2009 07:55

    OK, here you go.

    1. reinstall or log in to windows 7 (I had it ona separate hard drive)

    2 install the software with firmware NTrig package

    3 here is the kicker! You must go and install this: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=32bc1bee-a3f9-4c13-9c99-220b62a191ee&DisplayLang=en

    This is why it would not uninstall before.

    4. once who installed go for program files, ntrig, driver and click on NtrigFwRb.exe and run as an administrator. I don't know if it does nothing, but well, here are the steps that I follow! Laughing out loud

    5. run DPInst in the same folder and it say uninstall. It should tell you its remove the firmware.

    6. go into Device Manager and remove all the HID drivers.

    7. check hardware and sound and hardware options Ntrig should have disappeared.

    8 to make a full system recovery in windows vista.

    TADA! You have your back multitouch. HP told me they wanted me to pay to put in the firmware that was not allowed. Forget it.

  • Required: Original EA3500 Firmware

    If someone has the original firmware for the EA3500 I would be grateful for a copy. I need to downgrade my router after that Cisco has sabotaged it with their Cloud Connect. This will be the firmware you have right out of the box. Make sure that you go to the admin. section and save a copy before you connect to the Internet. Also disable the automatic updates check box, or you will be fed the Cloud Connect (and his incredible Service terms). Thanks for any help

    For someone else in the same boat with an EA3500, you can get the 1.0.30 firmware from here... https://www.dropbox.com/s/yyi2a0vfdynblna/FW_EA3500_1.0.30.126544.SSA

  • Satellite A305-S6908 - how to restore the firmware of webcam?


    I have haveSatellite A305-S6908 and I updated firmware of my webcam chicony CKF7010 firmware: 6322 [VID_04F2 & PID_B036]

    After update my webcam works do not, I setup again Windows 7 64 bit but not work also and I worked to reset the factory and there is no result? Knowledge please solve this problem till me how can restore default firmware?


    Why you have updated the firmware of your webcam? It's a not supported Toshiba update because it can t be downloaded on the official website of Toshiba. Where did you find?

    The problem is these updates happen on your own risk, and now you have destroyed your webcam. The firmware by default peut t be downloaded on the page of Toshiba.

    In your case you need professional assistance service authorized in your country. Maybe guys are able to reflash the original firmware so get in touch with the guys and ask for help.

    Good luck! :)

  • Update Firmware EA3500 * No. CLOUD *.

    Are the new firmware for the EA3500 without this system of "cloud"?

    I'm still with the original firmware, but I read that there are security issues with this firmware and many fixes have been included in the latest firmware. On some photo post seems to suggest that we could choose either "Cloud" or "regular."

    Your suggestions would be appreciated.


    chadster766 wrote:
    Select all the options of manual configuration and using the link 'Access Local click here' will disable wifi smart services.

    These options only appear during the initial installation, but will cause a reset to the factory settings to reappear.

    Fantastic! Can't believe I waited so long before asking this question to this community.

    Thank you for your help


  • Stor.e TV does not (need firmware if posible)

    I recently bought a TV 1.5 TB store and as it did not work for Ubuntu I formatted it and made it fat 32. Now it does not work on my TV when I plug, in the background of the original menu appears but not the files or any other option. If I press the config. on the remote, I can change audio or video settings, but that's all.
    If someone knows a way to fix it please help me.
    I need also if possible the original firmware or all the original files inside the apparatus, including folders hidden.

    Thank you

    I do not have this HARD drive, but the situation is complicated. If there is a firmware update, it must be available on the Toshiba download page.
    I don't know what to say, but maybe you should contact Toshiba service.
    I mean they have access to the database of Toshiba and I think they can help you with all this.

  • Toshiba SD-R2512 1320 version firmware?

    Where can I find an original firmware version 1320 for the Toshiba SD-R2512 combo drive? Plese, just give me a link. THX


    Check this http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1703. You may find useful information.

    Good bye

  • Store.E TV + updated with Firmware not supported

    Hi all

    Since then, I was unhappy with the original firmware due to the absence of some support from subtitile.

    I updated it with playon version PV73100_v7.06.r1199 playon.unixstorm.org firmware

    Now my device is functional, but not on the remote control buttons work except the power button

    I do not know how to uninstall. :(

    Can someone help me on how to uninstall.

    Thank you

    Try this page:

    Choose here:
    Training devices
    Multimedia hard drives
    3.5 inch StorE TV +.

    Now you should be able to get the firmware 2.12_UI1.0

  • Hi I yould want kenow how to upgrade my DSC - H9 firmware to the latest version available?

    Hi I have a DSC - H9 since 2007 with an original firmware. I would like to know how to upgrade my cmera firmware to the latest version available. I do not any link in the sony for her site, I just Palm links for updating the software of the computer.

    Could someone help me?

    Thank you.

    Hi Anderson,

    Welcome to the community of Sony!

    Sometimes the firmware updates are posted online to correct some problems or to improve performance of some camera models. Since then, this camera is not known as faulty, by Sony. There is currently no firmware update available.

    Please indicate the only accepted such solution if you find the information useful.

    Thank you for your message.

  • Satellite A30: Need a new firmware for DVD player


    I'm looking to the original Firmware for my DVD-Rom, as he stopped playing DVD-R after I tried to make the region free drive. I still can't play CD and DVD original but not DVD-R

    It is said with the firmware I found on the page of toshiba FW Update Tool.exe Firmware already updated drivers.
    Is there an original Firmware for the A30 Series?


    I guess you have tried to install application 3rd on your drive to make it region free? Am I wrong?
    Well, it seems that this software is responsible for the problem.
    I guess that this device has been delivered with the SD-R2412 reader, but I m not 100% sure.

    You can visit this page:
    eltype http://www.Toshiba-Europe.com/storage/PFT.asp?page=pft&NAV=RSC_ARC&model=SDR2412&spr_mod = COMBOSL & spr_model = SDR2412

    There you should find the update of the firmware on the right side

Maybe you are looking for