EA3500 and DDNS

I'm trying to set up the DVR digital surveillance.

By education I select dwddns.net, set port 8245 DDNS server and the name of the DVR. I click on check (which I guess see if the name is availble) then I'm supposed to enter dvrname.dwddns.netortnumber in the Internet browser and I'm supposed to be able to access the DVR. Is there some setting that needs to be entered into the EA3500?


Hi Techcoor. Have you checked if these ports are already open? Go to www.ping.eu and go to check port. Make sure that the firmware of the router is up-to-date. I'm not familiar with the DVR. I suggest that you consult your manufacturer in this regard. I'm sure they can give you workarounds.

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  • EA3500 and IPV6

    I would like to set up my Ver. EA3500 to use IPV6 just to see if a difference, it was compared to IPv4.

    But I have no idea how to set it up.

    I am on Windows 7 and my ISP is Comcast.

    Under Convectivity, I have the following IPV6 configuration

    Automatic IPv6: enabled

    DUID has a set of numbers

    6rd tunnel disabled

    I saved this setting.

    I shutdown - unplgged modem - off computer computer and unplug the router.

    Reconncted and restarted.

    When I check my my IP address via internet, I'm still seing IPv4.

    Any help would be welcome.

    I got your ipconfig output and for your Local network connection, no address IPv6 do show. This means that IPv6 is disabled on your ethernet card.

    To enable IPv6 on the Local network connection:

    Panel-online network and sharing => change the adapter settings => right click on Local area connection, and then select properties-online check mark IPv6

    Then send me an another ipconfig

  • WRT610N and ddns

    Hello. Small question. I started to use the settings in the router rather than the pc. The ddns on the router automatically refreshes when your ISP changes your ip address?

    Yes. The router should automatically update whenever it changes. However, it seems in some versions of firmware there are bugs. And some versions of firmware do not update an entry DDNS after 30 days without change. Therefore, you must carefully test it...

  • Should firmware upgrade on EA3500 - I do it?

    After the bad experience with CCC I downgraded firmware on EA3500 and noticed that it is seems to be older then it used to be when the router came to me:

    Firmware version:

    I wrote a function of automatic update and when hiting to check updates, it says that it is up-to-date. Is it? If not, should I do the update? Please notify.

    It is the latest firmware, no Cisco Cloud, according to the Web site. No need to update.

  • EA3500 Classic Speed Test

    I did a simple speed test comparing my EA3500 and Linksys WRT54GL. I used the DSL reports for the test. I was very shocked and wonder if the difference is due to the poor driver wireless in the classic firmware that has been updated in the firmware of the cloud. Here are my numbers:

    EA3500, classic firmware download average 475 KB/s Upload average 725 kb/s

    Linksys WRT54GL Ver 1.1 (latest firmware) download average 3250 kb/s Upload 725 kb/s

    Needless to say that I went back to my trusty WRT54GL until Cisco decides if it will be updated the firmware of Classic and give us 2nd customers Cisco class have the same customers Cloud of material the 1st class. Time will tell.

    You never said your wireless settings.  In the router, make sure that you use WPA2-AES encryption, disable WMM, set to a fixed channel as 1,6,11.  Try now.

  • EA3500 NP

    I've been using WRT54G (bought in the United States) for a while in the United States and India now.  As he began to slow down (meaning borrowed is cut, power often etc..) I thought that need to update that I use: iPod, iPad, computer desktop, Dell Vostro, Nokia all with Wi - Fi access.  I got an EA3500 EP of the use and tried to connect to Chennai, India.   When I inserted the CD, it does not go beyond what it doesn't accept intel PROSET which works well with WRT54G.

    So I connected EA3500 and a WRT54G connected connector.  I see 2 strips for EA (in ipad, ipod) and my WRT54 continues to work for Dell Vostro.

    1. that I don't see any tab of Windows network (requires CD in a few seconds), I continue to use WRT54G with non-existing windows network driver.

    2. the other gadgets (ipod and ipad) work well without doubt using EA and needed no overall upward.

    How is it my start of Dell Vostro using EA so that I can remove WRT54G still hanging around?

    I can see 2 strips of EA in my Dell with intel proset, but cannot put in place (as it asks for a password)...

    It is Windows XP SP3.  I solved the problem, finally after talking to Linksys Rep in India.

    If you do not have windows networking driver or there are damaged or you did call to Intel PROSET (or third party) for any router, just relax.  It's just a simple problem

    Connect EP3500 using the IP address and change it to personal WEP (not WEP personal 2).  The same IntelPROSET will now connect the router and show bands.  Just ignore the CD that you got with EP3500

    I now look forward to configure using the Seagate 1 TB hard drive (there is a slot for this).

    I'm still exploring this more...


  • EA3500 restarts continuously with moderate use 5 GHz

    I use the EA3500, and while it works very well for 2 .4GHz, it restarts as soon as 5 Ghz is used moderately to strongly. For example, he works while using Pandora, but it restarts immediately when I try to do a speed test on speedtest.net.

    I have a fan passes under the router to cool (before it was reset with 2.4 Ghz, using as well) so there isn't that, but that has not fixed all the problems. FYI, I also, prioritization of media power off. Is there something that can be done to solve this problem?

    No chance it as far as I could tell. Then I go the width of the channel from automatic to manual and it seemed to fix it, fingers crossed. It is 20 Mhz, 2.4 Ghz, 40 MHz to 5 Ghz

  • bad service for HP omni 10 tablets


    I bought the Tablet windows in April 2014 and one day on in August 2014, that is within 4 months my Tablet abrubtly and ddn can't stop began at all. So I got my tablet of Jabil Center (Thane), which is the only authorized centre of HP at thane in 2 days or so they said that the motherboard needs replacement, so I kept my tablet with them.

    And it's for almost a month and they did not return my tablet. 8 days back when I called, they said tablet is ready, but I have to keep tablet with them for 2 days more they're waiting to get the serial number and the product ID for my tablet. and now when I called today they said 8 days ago their HP Server is down and so they are not able to get the required information.

    I have no uder stand one thing that the HP company providing support global large scale and have these great products have internal their server down for 8 days. Come on guys, I am also support field and I know what means a situation own server.

    I have here such a grievance forum where I can complain for such ridiculous behavior by HP authorized service center.

    @saurabh29  I just sent you a private message. If you are unsure how to check your messages on the forum this post, has instructions.

  • HELP: What router supports VLAN? -I wish both groups cannot communicate with each other.

    Hi all

    I have 5 wireless devices must connect to the router.

    I want to divide it into 2 groups:

    That is to say, 1, device A, B, C, group 2, device D, E.

    I would like two groups cannot communicate with each other.

    I've heard, it can be done by VLAN, is e2500 can adapt to what I need?

    What about EA3500 and EA4500?

    I use G wireless, is what it means that ea4500 is out of choice even if it supports VLAN?

    Thank you all!


    Thanks for the clarification for the OP


    is this an alternative to routers that do not support of VLAN, to do what you want


  • Set up home network of multi access point

    Recently, I cut the string so to speak with directv and is passed to a streaming cable through view PlayStation. However this left me with a little slower network I want to. I have a 3-storey house in a crowded area and my cable modem is on the lower floor.

    Currently, I have a linksys ea3500 connected to a modem cable in the basement. I have a family room on floor 2, where I connected PlayStation. On the third floor, I have a Roku in the bedroom for live tv broadcast and also a Home Office.

    I can work around 70mbps down when connected via Ethernet to the ea3500 on the ground floor, but a signal wirelessly on the second floor is about 25mbps down and falls to 15 or so away on the third floor.

    I ordered a new router (wrt 1900ACS) and also a netgear powerline 1200 kit. My plan is to connect the line adaptor to the ea3500 and place another line on two ground adapter. To which I would link the wrt 1900 and run as an access point for the existing network. I would also link the PlayStation to the wrt1900 through cat 5 to improve the reliability of the connection.

    My hope is that this will greatly increase my speed of download available in the House. We are connected fairy and at any time have probably 10 to 15 devices (tablets, phones, laptops, TVs, desktop, nest, etc.)

    Given my current gear (and the warning that I won't have to run wires through the wall or through the vents) is the configuration I describe the best way to increase the signal strength and bandwidth bandwidth/speed? Does it matter if I use the new wrt 1900acs as a slave to the ea3500, since it will be connected via the power line to the ea3500 lan port? Should I just unplug the ea3500 and only use the 1900acs on the Middle floor and connect the power supply line direct adapter to the cable modem?

    Any idea to my plan or recommended changes to my plan would be appreciated!

    It's good then let the EA3500 and add the WRT1900ACS in via PowerLine Bridge Mode.

  • Uninstalling software WRT54G

    Hi all

    I have been using a WRT54G Router for many years.  Great router!  I have upgraded to an EA3500 and need an answer to a question.  Is there a software for the WRT54G that must be uninstalled before installing the EA3500?  I remember an installation CD for the WRT54G running which I did more.  I looked to uninstall all over my computer and cannot find anything.  I am running Vista.

    I'd love to help appreciate with sunrise the new router and running.  Are there any problems that may exist to upgrade to the EA3500?  I have so many devices connected through the router noiw I thought it was time to upgrade.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    No no software to install.  Install the new router.

  • Error Code 82BE0106?

    Last week I installed a new router Linksys (EA3500) wireless, and it has been good to work.  A computer in the basement keeps falling is connection good so I bought a RE1000 today.

    Unfortunately, the installation of the CD for the RE1000 maintains have failed - it disconnected my computer to connect wireless to the EA3500 and gives me a message error error code «82BE0106»  The router has separate names for bands of 2.4 and 5 Ghz and the RE1000 is plugged into an outlet of 10 ft. distance and in line of sight of the router.

    Have any suggestions or anyone know what this code means?

    I guess the installation implementation problems looking for connection through the router, I suggest you better configure it manually. Extender only supports 2.5 GHz Wireless band, so make sure that the settings would be the same. You can check the link for help in setting up, http://kb.linksys.com/Linksys/ukp.aspx?vw=1&docid=206954591ff54e36884bb4636fcfd3d9_Manually_configur...

    Additional articles:

    Manually configure the RE1000 Linksys wireless security settings


    Optimize the use of the extensors of Linksys Wireless-N


  • Selection of subchannel RE2000

    I think I want to implement different transmission on the EA3500 and the RE2000 substrings to differentiate when a device is connected to a radio or another source.

    In the EA3500, it's simple, but I can't find this same capability in html-based configuration of the RE2000 screens.

    It seems to me that by selecting different subchannels (1 ~ 12 on the 2.4 GHz channel) and (36 ~ 161 on the 5 GHz) would help to prevent interference viscosity and replacement of the sources.

    Maybe I think too it would therefore an overview of Linksys technical support on how to set up the RE2000V2 to do what I describe here.

    Thank you


    Hi Greg, the RE2000 has not the function manually change channel wireless as the wireless 2.4 GHz 1 to 11. Regardless of the channel is configured on the router would be the same channel that your Extender will use. If you want to change the channel settings, I would recommend that you do in your router settings.

  • Typical range of 5 GHz?


    I have a question about the typical range for the GH 5 band.

    I have a router dual-band of EA3500 and a WES610N dual-band universal connector of media spaced 30 feet apart - the router is on the second floor, the media connector is on the first floor.

    All the floors are wood frame (no framing of concrete or metal).

    I know that I have no problems with the 5 GHz signal, however, it seems that the Media connector uses the 2.4 GHz band.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    I agree with with 5 GHz band Saber-toothed. In order to use the 5 GHz range, I recommend placing the WES610n 15 feet to 20 feet away from the router. You can use for the channel width of 40 Mhz and 149 for the channel on your router wireless. This wireless configuration works for me.

    For the WES610N, simply use static IP for it and manually enter settings wireless on the configuration of the gateway to entertainment page. 5 GHz is ideal for heavy network like video streaming, online games and download.

    I hope this info helps

  • AE 3000 - Wireless Manager has not installed? Help!

    Recently upgraded router Linksys EA3500 and AE3000 adapter for my laptop. Laptop is Dell Inspiron 1705 (Yes, it's old) running under XP SP3.

    Apparently the adapter drivers installed properly since the CD as it negotiates and connects with the new router. However, there are No. Linksys Wireless Manager. It seems that it was not installed at all. I can't find a folder in Program Files named Linksys or Cisco or nothing new in the list programs.

    Is there a Linksys Wireless Manager included on the CD that must have installed?

    Can I download it separately and install it?

    I disabled the built-in Dell WiFi with is radio came with an Intel ProSet Wireless Manager. I would REALLY like a new Wireless Manager which works well with the new adapter. Going on vacation tomorrow and will be faced with new and different access points, Hotels, etc.

    Thank you!


    Hi kenh99!

    With the new linksys adapters, they have no managers wireless more as they use the automatic Wireless Configuration that is built on windows-based computers. If you're traveling and want to connect to other access points, you just use the utility windows wireless. You can check this link on how to connect your computer to an access point: http://www6.nohold.net/Cisco2/ukp.aspx?pid=80&vw=1&articleid=4055.

Maybe you are looking for