EA6500 manually select the speed and duplex to WAN port

Is it possible (settings hidden?) to manually set speed or duplex in port WAN EA6500? I use EA6500 with Genexis HRG1044 (FTTH) and the latter has known issues with the download speed when local is connected to gigabit. It seems that the EA6500 and the HRG1044 Genexis do support auto-negotiation and who always results in gigabit which translates the poor in upload on the internet. Switch from 100 Mbps between EA6500 and Genexis HRG1044 does the trick, but I was wondering if it can be done without it. BTW, my internet speed is only 100 / 100 Mbit/s in any case.


You can't adjust the WAN speed on the EA6500 with the Linksys firmware. The only solution is to put a switch 10/100 between the modem and the router.

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    It does not matter "whose is the device". It is controlled by the sim card. Even if O2 has sold the unit, he would have this same setting.

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    Shift + Option-click allows you to ignore the layers and continue to select consecutive additional layers on the bottom of the palette.

    Note: Drag slowly or some layers would not choose.

    Strange, I know.  It took me years to come across this.

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    After consultations with the support of technichal society of router and my PC vendor, it seems that there is aproblem with negotiating the link speed. Here are some symptoms:

    I can access the internet if I connect the cable directly to the modem;

    Connected through the router, I can sometimes connecting to the internet if Imaually change settings of connection speed (10 / 100 Mbps, half/full duplex)

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    If I connect my network cable to another PC, it will have access to the internet;

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    New router solved the problem.

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