ease of lost write and address book

The whole bar "Get Mail / write / address book /... to...» Tools / help "disappeared."

Receive emails OK




If you can see the 'Menu Bar' = 'File', 'Edit', 'View' etc.

  • 'View' > 'Toolbars' > select 'Mail Toolbar.

If you do not see the toolbars:

  • Press the 'Alt' key for a temporary "Menu Bar"
  • 'View' > 'Toolbars' > select 'Menu Bar' to set as permanent

then select the "e-mail toolbar.

  • 'View' > 'Toolbars' > select 'Mail Toolbar.

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  • Lost calendar and address book out of office

    I have the Palm T / X and synchronize it with the Desktop by Access 6.2.2 I've used for a long time.  Today, my calendar, address book and tasks disappeared off my screen.  The data is still there and I can hotsync with her, but the calendar overlay disappeared!  Only to have the media and install as an icon on the side.  I have repaired, modified and uninstalled and reinstalled it, nothing helps.  When I hotsync the Palm T / X with another computer all the information is there.  He also appears on the T / X itself.  Help!

    Try right click on the shortcut for Palm Desktop, and then select "Run as Administrator".


  • I want to merge 2 Thunderbird profiles into one, if I get all emails and address book.

    I got a new PC and installed Thunderbird on it on 1 April and sent e-mails again. Then, I went back to the old PC and did a full back up all of my book e-mail and address. When I installed the back upward on the new PC I don't see new emails as well as the 'old' or the address book. How to merge back to the top with the current data so I see all of my old and new emails and two address books?

    Using a Pop or IMAP e-mail account?

    Re "made a full to the top of all my email and address book."
    How did you do that? Have you used "Mozbackup" tool to copy the entire profile or have you the emails to export as .eml files using ImportExporttool addon or manually save as .eml files? Or manually you the profile folder, then the Mail folder, then mail the account name and then copied all the files? Please explain.

    Did you export address books or access the profile folder and copy the .mab files? Are - what you are talking about "Personal address book" and "Collected addresses" or others that you have created?

    Currently, what do you see? Can you only see the old imported stuff or only new emails?

    How many profiles you have in the folder Profiles? You have more than one?
    A default profile name will be letters and numbers, for example: abc1d234.default and usually located here:

    How to move to a new PC: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Move_to_a_new_PC

    If you have a profile and emails only you see are new emails, then ImportExport addon for backup/backup tool use these emails as .eml files and save them in the new folder on the desktop.

    ImportExporttool: https://freeshell.de//~kaosmos/mboximport-en.html

    Then on the old computer, install the Mozbackup tool and use it to backup the entire profile.

    Copy the file *.pcv on the desktop on the new computer.
    Install Mozbackup on new computer and use it to restore the old profile on new computer. Then use ImportExporttool to get stored in Thunderbird .eml files.

    Re: address books:

    MozBackup tool should move the default address books, but the other address books can must be exported in form of files LDIF or .csv files and then imported into the new profile on the new computer.

  • Will my emails and address book that I use in Windows live in VISTA, they all are copied in Windows live in WINDOWS 7 if I update.

    Will my emails and address book that I use in Windows live in VISTA, they all are copied in Windows live in WINDOWS 7 if I update.

    You will find public support for Windows Live Mail in this discussion group: microsoft.public.windows.live.mail.desktop

    Via the web interface:

    Through your News Reader:

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Databases of contacts: address book and address book - all


    I have users who manage to get the contacts stored in two databases that are displayed in the desktop in the form of 'AddressBook' Manager and "Address Book - All".  I want to access programtically contacts in two of these databases.

    I seem to be able to access only one of these databases via the Java API.

    Does support the Java API to access the contacts in any of these two contacts databases?

    If not, is there a possible way to access both of these databases other than the Desktop Manager?

    Thank you


    Use the PIM.listPIMLists to get a list of all databases PIM of a given type.  This allows you to access the data in each database.  Note that support for this has been added in BlackBerry device software 4.6.0 version.

  • Calendar and address book to blackBerry Smartphones Comcast

    Is it possible to sync my Blackberry Torch 9800 with my calendar and address book from Comcast?

    Hello CAR49ers,

    It is currently unsupported to synchronize your account Comcast with your BlackBerry for your Contacts and calendar.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Unable to hotsync calendar, tasks and address book

    I am able to hotsync, but I'm unable to sync my calendar, your tasks and address book.  It syncs my notes, but not the other 3, it says they will be cancelled and some of my backup files have managed.  Help, please


    Centro Verizon + cant synchronize calendar, Contacts, and tasks = you have WirelessSync running!

    Go to the Wireless Sync application on your phone, go to settings, then go to connections, then go to advanced, then check "Enable any other Apps Sync" and click ok.  Then close the application and try to synchronize another!

    Message is about: Treo 650 (unlocked GSM)

  • Somehow, I lost my additional address books when I imported a .csv file. They where all there and I can't find the other 2 so pls help

    I had provided both with Thunderbird and I imported a new address book via .csv. Everything was good until somewhere, I closed this address book and the other two have disappeared. What could have happened, or how can I get these back?

    The two default in Thunderbird address books are staff and collected books. Neither of these can be deleted, so I have to guess that you turned off the directory pane in the window of the sort address book and simply cannot see them.

    Open the address book window.
    In the menu bar select pane display-in page-directory

    If you do not have a menu bar display in address book address book window, press the alt key to make it appear.

  • ICal and address book blackBerry smartphones does not sync properly

    When pocketmac on my iMac running, only a few data my iCal (dates etc.) is displayed on my blackberry curve 8310.  Do some dates, most of them are not.  I'm launching a category 3 and the pocketmac and selected all synchronize them.

    There is a similar problem with my address book.  Not all contacts on the Mac go to the device. I like to store all my contacts on the mac and then write them to the curve.

    When the synchronization with pocketmac, everything seems OK, it runs in the process, but becomes inconsistent, sometimes asking if I want to copy a contact on the device.  I select Yes, but after you synchronize that contact is not on the device.

    This is all pretty confusing and disturbing because it is so inconsistent.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    OK will do, thanks.

  • I want to copy Thunderbird from Vista to Windows 7, including all messages and address book

    I tried to do this by using Windows Easy Transfer, but it did not work properly. Only, he transferred the configuration of Thunderbird base and loaded messages that have been left on the server, but not the address book or email on Vista I want to keep. Frustrating!

    You must manually move your profile.

  • Sync of Smartphones blackBerry with vista calendar and address book

    Hi, I am new to the Blackberry curve 8310 and Windows Vista.  I can't get my info from my Blackberry to engage contacts and the timing of Vista because it is not recognized by Blackberry.  Any suggestions are appreciated!

    Hello. I am afraid that I did not understand all options regarding the synchronization of my 8310 with Vista calendar still; However, I had success sync my Blackberry with Contacts in Windows Vista, the other day.  After you load the Blackberry Desktop Software, go and click on synchronize, and then click the Configuration tab.  On this tab, click on the button "configure Synch... ».  This brings you to a screen that allows you to choose which office program you want to use to synchronize your info.  Select address book and then click on the "Settings" button... ».  Select Microsoft Outlook Express and click on "next >".  Select what kind of synchronization that you want to perform (if you want a clock 2 channels or just for the synchronization from your phone to the computer or the computer to the phone) and click on "next >", and then finish.  Go out and return to the Configuration tab, click the Sync tab and tap sync now.  Even if you have selected Microsoft Outlook Express for synchronization, to synchronize automatically with Windows Contacts for Vista.  (Or at least mine did).  I hope this helps!

  • I upgraded to El captain and lost all my address book. How can I get it back?

    I upgraded to IOS 10.11.3 and lost my entire contact list. How can I get that back?

    If you use iCloud, you should be able to sign in iCloud and your Contacts should appear.

    If you don't use icloud, you can restore them from your Time Machine backup.

    Good luck


  • Corrections of calendar and address book error messages

    Every timee I opened my calendar, I get a message saying that my address for events book entries is not correlate.

    I continue to make corrections and the whips message appears.

    Please hhelp correct me this nuisance.

    Thank you.


    Please continue with the following steps to support...

    If an error appears on startup with the message that it is not possible to load theWindows Calendar, (temporarily) disable User Account Control (UAC) and restart the computer. This is done throughuser accounts in the Control Panel, turn user account control on or offoption. Don't forget to activate UAC after restarting Windows.

    -Create an alternate user account and check if the calendar is synchronize upward with success.

    -Backup your Windows calendar data and rebuild a different profile Windows Calendar

    I hopw this information is beneficial.

    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • After a process of debugging, i've got empty Inbox and address book is empty, how to bring them back?

    Outlook express seems to have died on me, once I had rebooted comptr

    to clear a Trojan bug, this time happened around that e. o. has been changed to live mail?

    What's happening?

    the Trojan horse has been authorized in December, I had to charge several things as repair man had cleaned in comp. for more of freespace for me, so I thought that outlook express 12 weeks later just need a reboot, I thought I should get round that I'm changing the IPH, what is a migration toward w l m? , I did not change news, but Googled O.E.and see its been replaced, opening O.E.via shortcut on the desktop.

    OE has never changed for Windows Live Mail. It is a totally different program.

    • You want to continue using OE?
    • Opens and works now?
    • Do you just need to get lost messages?
  • Hello from blackBerry Smartphones and SOS: address book cannot be restored via BB Desktop Manager

    I am an absolute techtard who was simply trying to free up memory card space so I can transfer songs on my BB to my iTunes on my Mac and of course fixing a problem leads to another and it really starts to avalanche.

    Would be very grateful if anyone can help, here goes:

    Technical specification:

    Unlocked Pearl 8120, v4.5.0.55 (Platform software, I don't know if this is relevant, but I'm using this in Hong Kong.

    How I messed up:

    1 tried to format media card, but he refuses to let me do if BB is hooked to the Mac or offshore. Also only went the battery.

    2. media checked card: total space is 970 MB and I only left 144KO. Weird because I have a few pictures and notes other than the email service and I just cleaned my cache of box and the browser of sms.

    3. delete unnecessary files: a few photos and memos remain, but they cannot take that much space I think

    4. search through forum discussions: decided to try cleaning the memory.

    5 save address book and address book - all (no idea what the difference is, but all the two doing anyway) on the BB Desktop Manager, saved memos upward as well.

    6. permit the garbage collection. Map of recorded media. Status quo.

    7 checked another forum thread that says I can, and that you should remove "Address book" of garbage collection service.

    8. panic and I tried to remove the 'address book' but it wasn't an option. Decided to clean all other components one by one in the hope to make more room, chose 'Search certificate' and he cleaned my complete address book.

    9 returned to BB Desktop Manager, Contact selected and clicked "restore." At both options i.e. full and partial restoration for the address book and address book - all.

    My directory is always empty.

    Tried to restore my memos too but BB Desktop Manager doesn't show me how do or no results under the help section of return. Mode techtard true, then check my memos - always there. Phew. These are emails and sms - are.

    Since I am a techtard, I didn't save my address book on my Mac (which would be the next big leap after I synced my BB with my Mac tonight).

    So it was back to discussions of the forum again and I saw one that said "uninstall the RIM DTM software, then reinstall it" of sdgardne. I do not have this stuck under his wire because I'm dead desperate for some attention, so I thought I would start a fresh appeal for help instead.

    My fear is that if I uninstall the software RIM DTM, then I'll lose all my addresses and memos. Isn't it based? Are there other solutions at all?

    I apologize for this long a spiel but I hope that the information could be useful to anyone who is kind enough to accumulate his brain to help out me here.

    Thanks heaps!

    Hi JSanders,

    Obstacles such as a switch office of personnel IT delayed my thanks for your advice... I didn't have any backup and has been quietly sad / happy for a few days for the sudden wipeout so miraculously reappeared all addresses.

    My outgoing HE said guy thanks to my Mac office and Outlook software - it was not very useful and does not specify because it was really flooded in his last days at work. New this GUY was looking to highlight a little so it took me a while to understand how save my address book (BB Gmail and Apple address book) and empty the memory card (multimedia card somehow reformatting tried-tested-guaranteed solution) escaped me.

    So everything is in working order, very much appreciate your advice and IrwinII too! Keep well!

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