Easy Display Manager - Dell reference organize keyboard shortcuts


Is it possible to assign access keys to the different easy organize layouts to quickly switch between layouts?

If you are comfortable editing the registry, try to add the "Keyboard shortcuts" value to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EnTech\DDM and setting the value to 2 (dword). After Dell Display Manager restarts, you should be able to cycle through layouts EA using the shortcut Alt + Ctl + shift + E. If you have multiple monitors, note that the shortcut key applies to monitor the mouse cursor is on.

You will need to have the latest version of DDM (b.1498): hold down the SHIFT key while right-clicking on the DDM notification icon and select "Check for new version" in the context menu.

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  • P2414H, DDM (Dell Display Manager), tab easily organize?

    My Dell P2414H monitor that is provided with the software "Dell Display Manager V.". The user manual for Dell Manager to display in the section of page number 3: "easy organize your monitor setting window in page (P2414H only)", contains 4 tabs: base; Auto mode; Easy to organize; Options. The software the installation shows only 3 tabs: base; Auto mode; Options. My question: where is the tab "easy organize", who's missing?

    They are correct. P2414H manual is incorrect. Easy setting is available on the following Dell = monitors
    24 '' and more big Ultrasharp
    24 '' and more big S
    24 "and more 4K
    55 "or large conference room

    If the monitors series P and E if they have the DDM is will not easily fix.

  • Dell SK-8135 keyboard shortcuts no longer work?


    Thus, for some time I use a fairly old multimedia keyboard with some registry changes simple to customize shortcut keys multimedia fantasy located here:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / AppKey
    In the folder AppKey are 5 folders with the registry values corresponding to functions for 5 different keys. Sometimes in the past 3 weeks after Windows Update updated (I try to do often enough), Windows broken, or ceased to honor these values/functions.
    Example: the music button would open my Media Player of choice, instead, it opens Windows Media Player; and the electronic key should open a Notepad window, but instead opens with an error 'current assignment for this key is not available.
    It is worth noting that the "Microsoft mouse and keyboard Center" shows only one media key, and its modifications do not seem to be recognized by Windows.
    Oddly enough, I can get the shortcut keys to work again temporarily. If Windows has open Regedit.exe, the keys are functioning normally; However if I focus Windows away from this window (even if it is still open) they break again.
    These functions have the new registry values maybe? If Yes, where are they?
    Thank you

    Update (22/06/13): randomly found the answer! For all of you who have this problem in the future: just uninstall the "Microsoft mouse and keyboard Center", it is right in the menu uninstall programs. He fixed everything!

    The usefulness of keyboard Dell QuickSet controls special keys for of many valleys PCs, but I don't know if it has the same name on your PC keyboard combination.

    You should be able to confirm the name by checking in C:\Dell.  Mine has a subfolder called QuickSet conatins three files exe: QuickSet.exe, Battery.exe & MobilityCenter.exe.  Battery.exe & MobilityCenter.exe are the standard names, search for the third exe in the folder that contains them.

    If adjustment has been corrupted, then it will not make reference to these registry settings correctly and therefore your direct use of these parameters is inhibited as well.  Is not that I heard someone's done this before, but the logic of it seems to fit.

    Find a new copy of the quick adjustment on the site of Dell support, drivers & downloads for your model and install it.  You must not delete the existing one first unless the installation file or its instructions page say you.  I guess you have to put your custom in these registry keys subsequently as quick adjustment values installation probably crushes them.

    I can't explain the part about moving the slider of the RegEdit window - which is pretty weird.

  • Display Manager Dell change the source of entry by cmd


    I'm changing my input between VGA & HDMI source using cmd.

    So far, I'm only able to switch to VGA but not HDMI:

    DDM.exe 1:SetActiveInput VGA-> work

    1:SetActiveInput HDMI DDM.exe-> does not

    FYI, I use S2340L.

    For some reason, your firmware S2340L lists your HDMI input like a DVI port.

    Instead of using the command "SetActiveInput HDMI", use "SetActiveInput-DVI" instead, and you should be all set.

  • Director of presentation (Fn + F7) defective keyboard shortcut.

    In Director presentation fn + f7 settings I chose to show me the menu system to choose display. But whenever I connect a wire outside display port and try the keyboard shortcut does not show me the menu, it automatically traverses the various options. Finally I had to stop using the keyboard shortcut and use the tray icon for presentation Manager tasks do it manually.

    Anyone knows what is the substitution of the shortcut key, or why his behavior not how its supposed to?

    Maybe you need an update on the Hotkey manager (or whatever it's called). I had the same problem, went to support page and later update on hotkey utility was a note:

    • (fix) Director presentation window sometimes do not appear

    and apply this update makes it appear each time that now

  • Popups annoying on second Manager when the display manager is running


    I have a Dell U2414H monitor HDMI port and an old 17 "Sony SDM S73 secondary monitor on VGA connection.  When the display manager is running, I get a popup on the Sony monitor that says "auto" , then "ADC success" about every minute.

    The popup appears only if the display manager is running.

    I tried auto and manual modes in the display manager but still no problem.

    Any suggestions?

    • Packard Bell iMedia S2885 - Intel HD 4600 Graphics
    • Updates Windows automatic/8.1.
    • Display Manager

    Thank you

    The Sony is likely to be a monitor pre-MCCS, that maps a read status command a VGA setting automatic function.

    I don't know if it will completely eliminate the problem, but if you're comfortable editing the Windows registry try to add the "SkipCIcheck" value to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EnTech\DDM and it 1 (dword). Then restart the display manager Dell and see if things have improved.

  • Keyboard shortcut for "automatic adjustment"?

    Well, my previous question was how to hide the controls of the workstation, it is how to adjust automatically to work without having to use the "Display" commands  Is there a keyboard shortcut for this?  Now that I can expand my computer window because the controls are hidden, the guest operating system window enlarges not inside the frame as soon as I expanded the framework.  So I just get black spaces within the framework where I the Office of OS client to expand and Fill in automatically.

    I would normally use Autofit for this, but the control is hidden.  Now the normal thing would be to have an "Accelerator" keyboard to adjust automatically, but still, I don't see it.

    Y at - it no help for it?

    Thank you.


    "Autofit Guest" and "Autofit Window" are persistent parameters.  If you select "Autofit Guest", then you can (with VMware Tools) should always resize when you resize the window.  There is not much to gain by having keyboard shortcuts for them because you should not be disabling them frequently.

    A keyboard shortcut for "Fit Guest Now" would be more useful (and I guess that's what you're referring in fact), but, no, there is no shortcut for that either. (What you see in the menus, it's what you get). If you really want you can try to do an editor resources (e.g., Resource Hacker), vmware.exe of opening and editing of the accelerator table to add a shortcut key for the menu item 'Fit Guest Now', but this isn't something that we can support.

  • Hotkey Dell Display Manager


    I use with my Dell U2713HM Dell Display Manager.

    Currently, if I move my windows and do not need the easy to manage the service, I need to press the Shift key.

    Can I do the reverse? Which means that whenever I need the function manage easily, I press the Shift key.

    You can actually, if you are comfortable editing the registry - just add the DWORD 'KbFix' to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EnTech\DDM and set it to 1 (dword).

  • Dell by EnTech Taiwan display manager

    I added a new Dell monitor a few weeks back, this evening, I received a popup saying I had to upgrade my Dell display manager.  The product came from and not Dell.  What is a Dell product or a scam?

    EnTech Taiwan is our partner. They made for us Dell display manager. You do not mention the specific Dell monitor model. For example, if I go to the U2715H manual page, you can see the PDF file:
    Dell Display Manager user guide

  • Toggle touchpad with keyboard shortcut for Dell XPS 13 (XPS L322X)


    Is it possible to turn on/off the touchpad with a keyboard shortcut?

    Thank you!


    I have a Dell XPS 13 and this has bugged me for a year. I have finally fixed it, via a registry command line:

    To disable the trackpad, run

    Tracking Add "HKCU\Software\Cypress TrackPad Driver\Device Select" v EnableTrackPad /t REG_DWORD /d 1 f

    To activate the trackpad, run

    Tracking Add 'Select HKCU\Software\Cypress TrackPad Driver\Device' v EnableTrackPad /t REG_DWORD 0 f d

    Note that disabling the trackpad shows a slight delay in it taking effect.

    To automate these commands, save each command in a batch file, for example turnoff.bat, turnon.bat, then you can run them from the windows, run the command (windows key + start typing the path towards the bat file) or via a shortcut app, like slickrun.

  • Keyboard shortcuts does not (Ctrl-A, Ctrl alt del, Ctrl S)

    Recently, I noticed that my ctrl + A (select all) ctrl-alt-del and ctrl-s (save) keyboard shortcuts do not work. And I don't know why. All other keyboard shortcuts that I use work, but not those who for some reason any. I don't know if I accidentally reset them or something, but I don't know how to work them again. I use an Eee PC 1005 HA.  Any suggestions?

    You can check your profile for corruption:


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    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Keyboard shortcut for reference

    I'm something obvious missing probably here, but I can't seem to define a shortcut for Type > hyperlinks and cross-references > Insert reference.

    In the keyboard shortcuts, it is not in the area of product Type list; Anyone know where this menu option? I have a load of cross to add refs, and going upwards in the menu and the drilling until this option is going to be quite tedious.

    It's in the Menus in the Panel box.

  • Display Manager keeps Dell mode multimedia for Windows applications like settings, Mail, etc..

    Can't understand why my display Manager continues to change the media color profile when I go in settings or by mail (Windows 10 apps).  In my Auto Mode settings, everything I have is Standard as default values except for the game mode for games full screen.  Yet whenever I go to the application settings or mail it keeps switching media.  I use the U3415W display in Windows 10 and I have the latest drivers.

    It is a conflict between the new and old versions of the MDD. If you are comfortable with the Windows registry, go to HKCU\Software\EnTech\DDM\Apps and simply delete the values that begin with 'Metro '. Then restart DDM and the default mode for Win10 applications will be everything you select to 'by default for universal Windows applications'.

  • DDM (Dell Display Manager) made drag does not?

    Hello, here W7, & U2713HM Dell monitor. After installing the last display of dell nursery, adding a prog for the automatic mode by dragging the list no longer works. Help?


    Remove the DDM via configuration-programs and features Control Panel. Install the version, 1244. Restart the computer when it is done. If DDM asks you to "update", cannot it. Test adding a program to the automode.

  • do not display keyboard shortcuts

    When I press Edit\Keyboard shortcuts... nothing happens. How can I view shortcuts present please?

    From Stuart_Reid_IGN:

    The fixed.  File > sync settings > clear settings > do not download the settings before deleting

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