Easy question: router WRT54G: how to rename the user and give a new password?

Not very computer, but following the recommendations in the FAQ, I have reset my WRT54G router to the default settings by hitting the reset buttong and entering into the Web site. I got a new computer and I forgot the old password. After reset to defaults now the link is not secure. How can I go about renaming the user and giving it a new password of my own - it was a while that I have configured the router, and I don't have the CD. Any help that you can offer or the direction you can piont me is appreciated.


Try to proceed as following:

Open an Internet Explorer browser on your computer (desktop) wired page. In the address bar type - and press ENTER... Let the empty user name & password use admin lowercase...

For wireless settings, follow these steps: -.
Click on the Wireless tab
-Wireless network mode must be mixed...
-Provide a unique name in the name box of the wireless network (SSID) in order to differentiate your network from your network of neighbors...
-Set the channel 11-2 wireless, 462 GHz... Wireless SSID broadcast should be enabled and then click on save settings...
Please take note of the name of the wireless network (SSID) because it's the network identifier...

For wireless security: -.
Click the sub-tab under wireless > Wireless Security...
Change the mode of WEP wireless security, encryption must be 64-bit. Let the empty password, do not type in anything... Under type of WEP Key 1 in all 10 numbers please (numbers only and no mailbox for example: your 10-digit phone number) and click on save settings...
Please note the 1 WEP key as it comes to the security key for the wireless network...

Click the settings advanced wireless
Change the interval of tag to 75 > change the Fragmentation threshold to 2304, change the RTS threshold to 2304 > click 'save settings '...
Now let's see if you can locate your wireless network and try to connect...

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    Please report the problem to Microsoft Community.

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    See you soon,.


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    pritesh Rodriguez

    Thanks for your update. I have solved my problem by creating a new group and add temporary tablespace to new goup.


    pritesh Rodriguez

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    Here is what happened.  I copied the files asa821 - k8.bin and asdm - 621.bin for flash memory, then renamed the old versions like Oasa724 - k8.bin and Oasdm - 524.bin and then issued the command reload from the GUI of Windows.

    Big mistake, I lost connectivity ASDM entirely and has been obliged to buy a USB to serial port adapter and plug the cable from port of CLI command so she can return to the unit.  I found that he was running the kernel asa821 - k8.bin, as expected, but apparently the ASDM was still under the version 5.24.

    Should I have created a new folder and moved the older versions of this file, then issued the command reload system and hope for the best?

    I feel that I've defiled things upwards, I guess I have to use tftp to reload the boot image to get the ASA5505 back up again (using the ROMMON commands)

    In fact, the only way that I was able to recover the GUI of Windows used start to asa724 image - k8.bin older command.

    What is the right way to upgrade to new versions asa 8.2 (1) and asdm 6.2 (1)?

    Really, I don't want to risk losing my ability to speak with this box and I spent an anxious afternoon yesterday, when I got to the pop-up message box "can not display the asdm manager."


    After working with the CLI port, I noticed the following error:

    Set of images of Manager devices, but unable to find disk0: / asdm - 524.bin
    Out of config line 75, "asdm image disk0: / asdm-5...» »

    So apparently some configuration file must point to the correct asdm and just blindly change the files in the folder will NOT work.


    After working more with the port of the CLI and the GUI of Windows port, I found that the 'asdm image' command did NOT work in the CLI software, but was apparently working in the GUI software, so I ran this command to tell the system to use the recent 6.21 on start.

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    As far as I'm concerned this problem has been resolved (using educated error)

    The boot of the ASA when he tries to use the command 'system startup' file in the config. If it is not very well this file (it was not there because you renamed it), it starts the first image he will find...

    However for ASDM ASA uses just the image you have. You were pointing to asdm5.2 and renamed, there was no valied ASDM image to use.

    In other words you must have just changed the 'asdm image"and"system start"commands in the config and point to new files, save the configuration and restart and then it would have worked fine.

    I hope it helps.


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    To do this, the only easy is creating a different user account, named as you want. It must be an account with administrative privileges.

    Set up the way you want and when you are happy with it, delete the original account.

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