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Is it possible to change my site in Muse, even after the site has been published? I know that you can use in the edition browser, but I want to be change in my software. Is this possible?


Well Yes, you can make as many changes, add new pages or whatever it is, you want to Muse and re - publish as long as you have not made any changes outside of the Muse.

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  • Add content to my already published Web site

    can I do more major changes to my already published Web site

    You can make any type of editing that you like. Simply publish again in the same place when you have completed your changes.

  • I was editing my Web site with Contribute CS4, but apparently it's not compatible with Yosemite 10.10.  Should I upgrade to CS6 help or go to Dreamweaver?

    I was editing my Web site with Contribute CS4, but apparently it's not compatible with Yosemite 10.10.  Should I upgrade to CS6 help or go to Dreamweaver?

    As far as I KNOW, no version of Contribute is entirely compatible with the Mavericks or Yosemite.

    I think that Contribute days are numbered...

    compatibility issues with OS 10.10 Yosemite

    Nancy O.

  • Published Web site has components shift and disappear when the browser annotation scale.

    Hello world

    I am including a link to the published Web site, as well as including some screenshots of what looks like the question from my point of view. Just like a pre-emptive note: I had this problem before, and it was resolved by publishing a completely new site. I have saved the file under a new name, but also published the site under a new name and continue to encounter this problem. In addition, nothing is extended to the edge (for this thing of infinite width/length of browser).

    Thanks for any advice or assistance!



    ^ This is what the site looks like Muse.


    ^ What the published site looks in my browser (Google Chrome) to 100%.

    The word 'Practice' is missing in the upper right of the page.

    Everything is well proportioned.


    ^ What the published site looks like in my browser (Google Chrome) 90%.

    The word 'Practice' has re-emerged, but the vertical line disconnected (shifted down).

    Everything is well proportioned.


    ^ What the published site looks like in my browser (Google Chrome) 80%.

    The word 'Practice' has disappeared again, as well as the vertical line.

    Everything is well proportioned.


    ^ What the published site looks like in my browser (Google Chrome) 70%.

    The word 'Practice' has disappeared again, and the vertical line disconnected (shifted down).

    Text box at the bottom has turned into two lines of text.

    The layers of this provision include:

    Vertical line (rectangle of 1 px width)

    Horizontal line (rectangle of width 3 px)

    Text box group of practical architects

    White rectangle ON the bottom of the text box practice group of architects, UNDER the vertical and horizontal lines.

    The Accordion Panel

    Slide show

    Contact info text box

    I'm waiting for the line is defined as a footer in the properties of the Site (and/or the Page Properties) and "Sticky Footer" is so the footer sticks to the bottom of the browser window if the content of the page is shorter than the browser window.

    Your design, I hope that you want to disable "Sticky Footer" in the Site properties and disable "Item footer" to the line.

  • Cannot find my published Web site


    After creating my dreamweaver site, I clicked on "manage sites" and under "Remote Info" for my site, I chose a ' local/network' access to publish on the web. Beforehand, I followed the instructions to start the server web macintosh "Apache".

    I was a little puzzled by this folder in which choose as my remote folder. I clicked the folder icon and chose the same folder that I use as my local folder. I don't know if it was good.

    Now, where's my published Web site? If I go to Apple - system preferences - sharing and click on one of the addresses on that they gave me when I turned web sharing, my site does not appear as I predicted he would.

    What I am doing wrong? Help, please. Thank you


    Hello Erin

    Remote Info is the site management section allows you to say DW where you live site is.  In my sites, so that's where I put my details of the FTP host.  If you use Apache on your computer, you must watch the testing server.

    This tutorial is listed in the FAQ of the forum page and tell you what you need to know.  If you have Apache installed on the machine you you could skipp page 5 where there is a section on settin DW to use your installation.

    I hope that helps


  • Y at - it an app for iOS edit a Web site created in iWeb?

    I created a site for my girlfriend in iWeb. Now, she wants to run a blog... understandable that I can't post the content here... If she wants to

    Since iPad here. Y at - it an app to manage a Web site that has been created in iweb on a mac?

    There is no application to edit a published iWeb website.

    But there are apps to write a blog.

    Use them and make a link to it.


  • Cannot publish Web site



    How is that possible? I can't publish the Web site more?

    Muse is very slow, it takes a long time to publish the site and after the Muse crashes.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Thanks for responding!

    Best regards


    I remember, we saw this issue in 2015.2 which is supposed to have been fixed with the latest update 2015.2.1

    Can you confirm that you are on the last update? Select help > about to let us know.

  • How to use photoshop to edit my Web site graphics?

    I have a Web site here: http://www.christmascountdown.org How to export the graphic on my site to modify the graphics using photoshop and what format is in when you edit and then when load on the site? Thank you.

    If its your website, you need to know. If someone built it for you you can look at the page source in your browser to see what they were doing. Use of website .jpg .png .gif and .ico mainly for example it is a JPEG on this site.  This is a link to this site.

  • My published Web site cannot scrolling

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help...

    Please check my published site to-> home

    When opened in Imac no problem on the screen display.

    But when I change my Acer laptop and run it in Google Chrome.

    I can't watch my site completely, I mean I can't scroll down my site to display the page footer.

    Or even smaller that the size of the browser then can see the Global Web site.

    My site is resolution is 1024px x 768px

    If it doesn't matter which setting need to changes made to the file of Muse?

    Thank you so much, if any advice!

    Hello summitshoes,

    Please go to file > real estate Site in Muse and make sure the "sticky footer" option is checked.

    After checking try them at the preview in the browser page and check if the browser is filled.

    Let me know if it worked.

    Kind regards


  • Edit the Web site using Adobe Muse CC (was: my web site)

    My site was designed using Muse. I want to be able to edit my site, but I thought that this will mean me download the program, is this correct. I'm not a computer fundee but could certainly change my site if could get.

    Thank you


    Ask your designer if the "browser edition" feature is available for the parts that you want to change.

    Sites of muse aren't very well transferable in another edition of web programs. Muse is designed for coders and so its code is complex sort.


  • problems of editing and Web site.

    There is a week that I've updated my windows vista with a decent amount of updates that my last update occurred in April 2010. After this update, I can't see some Web sites. Some of them take forever to appear, others show messy, and many images have an (x). What I would do. I updated java and flashplayers, but it did not work.

    I'll post a few updates I've done:

    8 Internet Explorer, internet explorer 9 with Greek language pack

    update of security for net framework 3.5 sp1

    fix for net framework 3.5sp1

    net framework 4 client profile security update

    and many others named a few updates.

    Thank you.

    As you have discovered, Norton Internet Security (NIS) is includes a firewall (third party). But the computer should NOT be connected to the internet without a firewall: If you disable the smart Norton firewall, be sure that the Windows Firewall is enabled.

    Speaking of which, is it possible that the firewalls have been activated at the start of this problem? (Only one firewall must be enabled at any time.)

    If you have questions about (using) Norton Firewall smart, contact Support for Norton (Symantec) or post it on this forum Norton Community assistance: http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Internet-Security-Norton/bd-p/nis_feedback (registration required)

    Note: Norton applications are notorious for not not upgrade (or uninstalling) itself. If NIS was installed for several years, the "leftovers" from the previous version (for example, NIS 2008 - v15.x;) NIS 2010 - v16.x) could play a role here.

    Comment: Many Norton Add-ons (e.g., Anti-Phishing) not "playing very well" with IE8 & IE9 SmartScreen filter.

  • Publish Web site

    I'm trying to publish my site on the catalyst for business on Muze, but I get an error "error transfer the index.html file. Someone knows how to fix this or why I get this error?

    Thank you


    Hi Samuel,.

    You named any page of your site under the name "Index.html"?  If so, can you please rename this page to something different like "index.htm".

    In addition, you encounter this problem with just this file or by posting even a new file to the catalyst for business?

    Kind regards

    Rohit Nair

  • Recover files from muse publish Web site.

    I've published a site and for some reason, I opened the file and see his later did not save changes I made on the file of muse, is it possible to retrieve the file from the site online?

    You cannot import a website in muse, you will need to recreate the changes in this case.


  • Edition of Web sites for customers after the end

    Say I built a website for a client, but it must be updated with the content sometimes. Since I'm the one who built the site with muse, on my computer, I would be the only way to change it? Say that the client has hired a new web developer/designer to work on the site, where it would be able to edit the site other than that of the muse?

    I must also add that the code that generates Muse is not always ideal to work directly in the code.

  • Problems publishing Web site after change of Front Page, Dreamweaver.

    Hello world

    I am despritely hoping that I can find that much needed some assistance in this forum.  I recently bought a brand new mac book pro and then pulled the trigger on the Dreamweaver CS5 software to go with it.  I had to change my gear from site of a tower of Dell 2000 and Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 software.  My old computer had become too slow and too old to work with and my website has been neglected because of this.

    My web page is hosted by www.bluehost.com and I had success pretty well with them over the past five years.  I spoke at length with their support to customers today and they directed me here, suggesting that my problem might be better served by Dreamweaver users themselves.


    Like I said, I made the switch to Dreamweaver to Microsoft Front Page.  The part of it seemed very easy, as at this point everything seems compatible.  Then I created my server information (Blue Host) in Dreamweaver.  And then ran a test and it tells me this: "Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 connected to your web server successfully.   Which is good news right?  At that point, I thought I was in the clear.  As I started to make minor changes to the home page of my site, I decided that I would see if it worked.  Then I saved my corrections.  I clicked on "Preview in safari" and all my fixes were obvious and seemed to work.  So I decided it was time to actually publish my corrections on the web.  So I clicked on "Site" and then went down and clicked on 'Put' (I was told that this is what needs to be clicked to publish in dreamweaver).  then, a prompt appears and says that it connects to my site.  I don't then get a prompt asking me, ' put dependent files?   (I tried clicking on Yes and no on that and seems not to matter so be it).  But the result is always the same.  MY SITE IS NOT updated on the web.

    -What I have to do something specific in the transition from Microsoft for Dreamweaver and that's why I can not post?

    -Are my files not go in the right places they need to go update the site properly?

    I'm completely lost on this issue and I am far from being a computer geek or tech savy.  I wonder if anyone has any ideas for me or help.  It would be greatly aprecciated!

    Thanks in advance,

    Brenner Flaten

    > He says that it is perhaps the issue as

    > bluehost won't acknowledge

    > 'public_html'... What do I put in my root folder.

    No.It no matter where your local site is on your hard drive or what the folders are named. What matters is where you set the root site in the site manager. In your case, it should be the site of site\my xxxx\montana cats.

    You don't need a public_html folder on your local drive.

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