een is frozen thank youi Parry rapala profishing on my windows7 it begins to play showing the intro but when I play the game cuts its ge the screen said sisnal import off limits

I loaded two games from activision rapala pro fishig and Hunter of big game cable each when playback is used start show intro and then the screen becomes a signal of showsimpotr of orchage of 1440 900 60 hz range, which is the size of the monitor iam using they the two playrd ok on windows xp thank you pc's nine other games play ok cabelas only ig game hunter and rapala pro fishing activision magic wand do not work correctly Intro ok, but what game main star screen freezes and same monitor buttons do not operate on pc is ASRock 970 8core extreme am3 +.

Hi Ian,

You update such drivers as suggested in the previous post?

If so, then share the results with us.

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  • When we turn on my wife's ipad, a box of red line begins to jump around the screen, and then a pale red stripe moves back on the screen. Any ideas on how to stop it? Thank you

    When we turn on my wife's ipad, a box of red line begins to jump around the screen, and then a pale red stripe moves back on the screen. Any ideas on how to stop it? Thank you

    The standard specifies:

    -Reset the device iOS. Nothing will be lost

    Device iOS Reset: Hold down the On / Off button and the Home button at the same time for to

    ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    -Reset all settings

    Go to settings > general > Reset and tap reset all settings.

    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as your contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) are not affected.

    -Restore from backup. See:

    Restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

    -Restore factory settings/new iOS device.

    If still problem, make an appointment at an Apple store Genius Bar because it appears that you have a hardware problem.

    Shop Apple Store - Genius Bar

  • NB550D boots in black of the screen and cannot turn off even

    I had my NB550D for only less than a month. I've updated the memory to 2 GB and the Op to Home Premium system, but nothing else. It's on auto update on security issues, and I remained with the McAfee protection which was pre-installed (and paid for a year).

    All is well until a few days ago when you turn on, I just got black screen. Could hear the fan and disc well. Finally pressed the power button, nothing changed, has waited a bit, pressed again and it is off. When I pressed once again he came as usual. Used several times in the last two days and has been very well. Now today I get black screen again and can hear the fan. When subsequently, I pressed switch, I heard snoring disk but still black screen. Since then, tried pressing on/off switch from time to time but no change at all - can't turn off!

    Anyone has any suggestions please?


    I read in another forum that the answer must take the battery (having already taken the sector) so it will die and then press on and press and hold power for 30 to 60 seconds. I had nothing urgent to do let him die naturally when the battery is missed rather than take out the battery when it was on. Then, I held the power button for 60 seconds, plugged in and turned on. It starts very well now, but of course I don't know a) the question of whether it is because I held the power button in 60 seconds and b) on the question of if same thing will happen again, so if anyone has experience of this behavior, I would be grateful for comment.

    Thank you


  • I get this when you open a new tab: C:/Users/Bill/AppData/Local/TNT2/Common/pinnedSearch.htm. but when I followed the suggested fixes, what happens once again

    I followed the suggested fixes and they work, briefly. As soon as I reset my homepage Google the problem is recurring

    Actually, after deleting this file I have re-directed the SearchReset addon and it has finally solved the problem so thank you Phillip, much appreciated

  • Presentation starts 5 "on the left side of the screen and shoot intellegence off-screen to the right.

    The top of my screen is normal: starts the toolbar 'File, Edit... '.

    The body of the screen during execution of Firefox - and as I type this message - is full of lite. The actual data: starting at the top of this page: "Firefox Help...". Request a new... ' etc. starts 5 1/4 in from the left of the page.

    It's as if Firefox had a larger page with the presentation moved to the right. This pushes the last normal, 5 "of the presentation off the screen.

    The end of the rite of the bar that starts with:

    is out of the page, for the facilities at the end of the rite are lost.

    Any presentation, including and are similarly pushed to the side of the rite of the 5 '' screen.

    I have no access to the rite more 5 "of any internet presentation.

    The sliders that up and down the presentation and the left / rite are off the screen.

    I shrunk the screen down so small, I can barely see the numbers: control panel\ display-settings-1920 by 1200. This gives the ILLUSION of the presentation, but still no centering sliders. With this setting, I can see the entire width of the Amazon. YouTube appears centered, with 4 1/4 "on both left and rite, but no edge sliders.

    I dropped the 'setting' of 1440 x 900.

    Lost about 3 "on the side of the Amazon rite; barely on the edge of the rite of Youtube.

    No local programming has a problem: Excel, photos, videos, Word, even Internet Explorer goes full page and centered.

    I uninstalled Firefox and downloaded fresh. He asked me to restart my computer, so I did not.

    I can provide photos (screenshots) of this phenomenon on request.

    -Open Firefox-> at the Menu help-> select "restart with disabled modules.

    Firefox closes, then it will open with Firefox comes from base. You can activate the Add-ons later. Check if its working.

  • Satellite L750 - while playing a game or watching that a card his film turns off

    I have a problem with my sound card. while I play a game or watch a movie, it stops. to reactivate the sound, the only way is to enable and disable the speakers. my laptop model is L750-1LC and I downloaded the driver FOM audio conexant the Toshiba site.

    can someone help me with the please my problem.

    Thank you


    Are you using the original OS that you got with your laptop or another version preinstalled on your own?
    > the only way to reactivate the sound is to enable and disable the speakers
    How do you do that? In the sound options > reading?

  • Why does my internet work randomly even when the screen saver is turned off?

    When I connect and start the computer to the top and all, computer speakers begin to work as if I was already on the Internet. When the screen saver went off the screen and the screen is black, you can hear the speakers go to random times, as if I was online but I'm not. Need help please, my computer looks like its haunted by video ads. This was initially the Visa Commercial card, secondly the advertising of McDonald's.

    My updates are not updated, I also tried for two weeks, I need help here too. I have now accumulated 17 updates to download, but they do not.

    WIndows XP

    Use the link below to search for viruses you machine.

  • treble buttons to quick launch keeps flashing on the screen and wifi turn off voltage

    HP pavilion dv8 quick launch button treble keeps flashing on the screen and now and again the wifi turns off and I have to keep back on.


    Unless you have already done so, download and apply the firmware update for the capacitive strip on the link below which is intended to fix this particular problem.

    After the update has been applied, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • After leaving the screen saver, display shuts off and change to select the user account screen

    I have a windows7 32 bit desktop. While everything works fine the problem is whenever I leave the keyboard and mouse intact even for one minute, the display turns off and change to select the screen of the user. 'Disable the display' and "put the computer to sleep" has been on 'never' and screen saver changed nothing but the problem still persists.

    Please provide the solution

    Hi Sam,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I understand that when your computer is left idle, the select user screen appears.

    The issue can be caused if the power plan settings are incorrect.

    To get a better understanding of the issue, I want to know:

    1. What is the brand and model of your computer?
    2. You did it changes on your computer before this problem?

    To resolve the problem, try the following methods:

    Method 1: Troubleshooting to be able to run.

    The resolution of the problems of power check things as settings timeout of your computer, which determines how long the computer waits before turning off the display or enter the mode 'sleep'. These settings can help you save energy and extend the life of the battery in your computer.

    After trying method 1, if the problem persists, try Method 2.

    Note: When you're done, restart your computer and check if your computer works fine. If the problem persists, try Method 2.

    Method 2: Change the screensaver settings.

    I suggest you follow also the suggestion given in the answer by Vijay B answered the

    May 14, 2013.

    Please, try the above suggestions and we provide the information required so that we can help you.

  • Envy of HP Touchsmart m6 Sleekboo: HP Envy tm m6 Sleekbook turns on, shows the HP logo and turns off. Then the loops.

    I turn on my laptop one day to find that it shows the hp logo, screen goes black, then goes off completely and becomes back only to repeat the process. I have a video I have uploaded to my YouTube channel if someone is confused with my problem. Help, please. My channel is StarliAA.

    I took my laptop to a repair shop and the problem is that the battery is defective.

  • I was using my Ipad air then the screen freez and turn off itself until now

    Please I need your help, my Ipad air I was using it and all of a sudden the screen freezes and cut in itself can help me?

    Force the restart of the unit (does not affect the settings/data/music/apps/etc)

    1. press and hold the sleep/wake button

    2. press and hold the Home button

    3. hold both buttons until the screen turns off, then back on with the Apple logo.

    See also this:

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond or won't turn on - Apple Support

  • ThinkPad T400 does not start, is turn on below the screen & turning HDD switch off in a loop

    I put my Thinkpad T400 hibernation, but the next morning I couldn't start. When I press the power button, the lights under the screen turn on and I hear the sound of the hard drive and get it out. I don't even see anything on the screen. It is only black. The process continues to repeat in a loop, except if I press the power button to turn off.

    I tried the static load, remove the thing.

    I also removed the hard drive, put it back again, but not working anymore.

    Help, please.

    Solved the problem myself.

    Removed the internal battery and reinstalled after 30 s.

    It worked perfectly. Typing of him now.

  • weird to see the screen shapes and turns off

    My wife new iMac, El Capitan, bought last week, when woke up from his sleep, the poster shows strange square of color and then becomes solid. no hard drives, dock or anything like that

    You have 14 days to return for some reason any if purchased from Apple, take advantage of that. Also, you have 90 days of free telephone support AppleCare. Enjoy these customer service options for you! If you are not familiar with the AppleCare, please click

  • My question is... When you go in my "account" settings, scroll up to where it shows the "AddAccount" option, I click and "FireFox" and "disapproves of FireFox Sync.

    in your opinion... what choice is the best for my smart phone the FireFox or FireFox Sync? Please answer quickly... « D »

    Hi dorito62, please use the firefox-because the servers for the synchronization service 1.1 deprectaed will be arrested in the coming months...

  • Equium A100-027: can not get the screen turns off automatically in Vista


    Got one of the new A100-027 of the load with Vista a couple of weeks. I can't get the screen to stop automatically when the appliance is left unattended. Standard windows screen saver or power options makes no difference. The screen is always on when I get back to the schedule of the machine later, I don t want to put a 'sleep' mode because the machine is internet access.

    In desperation I changed the option to close the display does not go into mode 'sleep', but it would be nice if the screen would make her s auto off, instead of having to close the screen every time.

    Thank you very much

    A bit of an update, I found the screen stops automatically in normal conditions. But then, I leave the computer running a program of file sharing peer-to-peer on the net that he will not cut the screen down. Even minimize the program doesn t allow the screen to close.

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