El Capitan compatible external hard drive?

I have a Macbook Air with OS Elcapitan 10.11.3. I want a recommendation compatible external hard drive. I heard that some external dives have"problems" with El Capitan.

I am a tech and have a large selection of discs between my personal and professional materials. Each external drive, I have worked with El Cap. In general however I avoid external drives Western Digital WD uses owners chipsets that are sometimes not completely compatible with Apple technology. I have a couple Seagate, Toshiba and IOmega readers of 'ready made '. As I said, they all work with El Cap.

I prefer to create my own OWC external systems or IcyDock enclosure. I tend to buy bare drives HGST, Toshiba and Western Digital these days. My speakers are for backups and a multimedia disc of high quality is very important. I tend to buy Server nu class disks. I prefer to make my own because it gives me total control over quality enclosure recognized with a standard chipset in the industry and also a known internal drive. When I didn't buy an external 'ready made' I have no idea what is inside or who did the speaker. At this moment I have USB 2 and FireWire speakers that are 5-8 years and still going strong (even if I swapped drives several times over the years). I don't think that I have a single 'ready made' disc, which is close to that age.

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    I have a laptop HP - 15-af028cl with windows 10 and need an external hard drive to back up and store files. My older external hard drive is not compatible. How will I know if one is compatible before you buy?


    What is your old external HDD? Any HARD (USB) standard external drive 2 TB down must be compatible with your laptop.

    Kind regards.

  • How can I uninstall Sierra & return to El Capitan without an external hard drive or equivalent required by the instructions online?

    How can I uninstall Sierra & return to El Capitan without an external hard drive or equivalent required by the instructions online? I find too many misadventures and not happy.


    Check out this useful tutorial: https://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-downgrade-macos-sierra-to-mac-os-x-el-capitan/

  • Using an external hard drive with El Capitan

    I connected a Toshiba external hard drive in a macbook pro with OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 to back up some files.

    First, he asked if I wanted to use it for time machine. I selected "decide later".

    Then, I realized that I could not create a new folder on the hard drive, or I could stick anything on it (to save).

    I could copy the HD stuff and paste on my desktop only, but not what I need...

    What is a typical problem? Is it because I chose to decide later? Has anyone encountered this before?

    (p.s. Please also indicate if the question category, I chose should be changed)

    This means generally that the volume is formatted to NTFS, at which case it must be reformatted or software such as Paragon NTFS installed on the Mac. To check, select the volume in the Finder, choose information, look at the format.

    In case this happens to a FAT32, exFAT or volume Mac OS extended, either the volume's directory structure is damaged, it is locked in the material or the player has felt that it is about to fail.


  • External hard drive compatible with 10.5.8 os

    Hi, I have an old 2009 iMac 2.4 ghz processor intel core 2 double running 10.5.8. I want to update the snow leopard operating system.

    Ive been told to should save my system before you install the update... but I can't find an external hard drive that compatible with 10.5.8... suggestions any? (seagate / WD?)

    James NZ

    Hard drives must be compatible with the connection port on a computer, not with an operating system. You can use any external HARD drive that can be connected by Firewire and USB ports on the computer.

  • change of loan only on the external hard drive after installation of el capitan

    Hi all

    My external hard drive has changed to the loan only after I installed El Capitan. In the read window information, the "locked" icon is gray out only the "shared folder" is available. Any suggestions or solutions?

    Thank you Trudy 113

    Please send a wink to the Panel of the window read share information and permissions.

    To post a screenshot

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    2. Hold down the mouse button and the collimator allows you to select the part of the screen you want to capture.
    3. Release the mouse button and the image will be saved on your desktop.
    4. Click on the camera icon in the toolbar of the message forum Editor.
    5. Drag the image on the button select a file and click the Insert button.
  • This external hard drive is compatible with my iMac 7.1?

    Hello, I intend to update my OS X, but first need to buy a hard drive to back up my files.  I found this one, but I don't know if it is compatible with my iMac mid 2007.  Can you please advise me if it will work?

    The external hard drive is this:

    1 to, G-Drive Mobile 5400 RPM, USB 2.0, 2.5 in.

    These are my computer specs:

    Model name: iMac

    Model identifier: iMac7, 1

    Processor name: Intel Core 2 Duo

    CPU speed: 2 GHz

    Number of processors: 1

    Total number of cores: 2

    L2 Cache: 4 MB

    Memory: 1 GB

    Bus speed: 800 MHz

    Boot ROM version: IM71.007A.B03

    Version of the SCM (System): 1.20f4

    Serial number (System): W8 * X 85

    Material UUID: *.

    I know that USB 2.0 will be very slow, but I don't mind.  I've only used 1.4 GB of space on my computer anyway.

    Thank you

    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    In General, external hard drives are universal, so they will work with any computer.  The particular drive you say should work perfectly.


    You don't even have to format it because it comes pre-format for right of Mac Out of the box.

    Given that your Mac has only USB ports 2.0, he "does get a USB drive 3.0" Also the read speed of the internal hard disk will be always much slower than the speed of the USB 2 bus, so no need to have extra speed on the connection, you will not be able to use.  You probably won't notice it in any way.

  • El Capitan loaded on my external hard drive disturbed my system preferences Maverick on my drive internal

    I currently use the most recent version of Maverick from an internal hard drive on my iMac. I needed to download the demo of Final Cut Pro X or under of El Capitan Yosemite and due to a limitation of version of FCPX. As I had an another Maverick boot on an external drive, I've decided to upgrade this drive to El Capitan. A few hours after the installation was successful, and I was able to download the trial of FCPX. So I planted my system and restarted with my boot Maverick my internal drive. So far so good, however, to my surprise, I can't the system preferences window because it gives me the following message appears "Unable to open the preferences system because of a problem.". Similarly, I get the same message when I load a DVD and the DVD player will automatically load.

    I need to go to my applications and open the program individual (Preferences system and DVD player to do what I want to accomplish.

    I restored tOSX recovery Mignot, but nothing has changed. I believe that El Capitan installation on another drive has created conflicts.

    I also discovered that my backup should be completely redone (i.e. backup lull in my go 530)... beautiful!

    Someone has a similar problem?

    If I can't solve this problem, I have to install El Capitan on my internal drive and maybe the problem will be solved.

    I would eject the external hard drive with the installation of El Capitan and see if it helps.

    FWIW, I have never known or seen reported when an installation on an external drive also changed the preferences on the internal drive.

    I suggest that you eliminate problems in your user folder by checking in the comments or in a new user.


    Go to system-> Preferences, create a new user in users and groups.

    Place in the new user by logging in under the Apple in the menu bar.

    Log in to the new user.

    You can ignore connect them with one identifier Apple. Hit continue and then jump.

    Only applications Apple will be on the dock.

    Go to Applications to open other applications.

    You still see the issue?

    If Yes, then the problem is with your core files.

    If not, then the problem is in your user folder.

    You have the time Machine and internal backups of your disk clone?

  • How to format an external hard drive in el capitan

    How to format an external hard drive in el capitan?

    I have a new iMac and bought a WD 2 TB hard drive. The manual says that I have to reformat the hard disk to use it with OS X.

    I opened the disk utility program, but there is no button to format the hard drive.

    How can I manage to reformat the hard drive?

    Select the external drive, and then click clear. Format Mac OS Extended journaled. If you want the drive to be bootable partition with the Guid partition scheme.

  • 250 GB USB external hard drive is compatible with Mac OS x on an iBook G4?


    I just bought a Toshiba 250 GB Usb external hard drive because the seller advised me telling me that it works in my iBook G4 Mac OSX computer.

    I made it and I see it on my desktop with a folder called System Volume Information and 2.32 GB available.

    I tried to copy a file and I got a message saying that the disk is not editable.

    Where can I find the instructions to initialize if it's compatible?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I'm not sure on this subject, but maybe you have to format it.
    Are there issues listed in the Device Manager?

    Good bye

  • After the upgrade to El Capitan I can't write on the external hard drive to NTFS format more

    I have an external hard drive formatted in NTFS, I used some Mavericks and could read and write on it without problem, after I installed El Capitan today I can't do more, not this external hard drive is read-only. The problem is that it is full of my data and I can't just format as journaled. What I can do and why it worked fine before?

    You need to upgrade or replace the software you used to write on NTFS volumes and should put a copy of your data to a second drive in case one you have fails for any reason unrelated.


  • backup to external hard drive with the Mavericks El Capitan

    How to back up the El Capitan on the same external hard drive with the Mavericks?

    How Mavericks backup external hard disk?

  • Problems with El Capitan w / WD external hard drive

    I have trouble with El Capitan find the external hard drive. I put a couple of external hard drive in both my mac mini.

    OS X El Capitan

    10.11.3 version

    Mac mini (late 2014)

    Processor: 2.6 GHz Cose i5

    My external 2 TB USB drive working

    My not-so-working external WD My Book

    • FireWire 800
    • FireWire 400
    • USB 2.0

    It was before mini mac OS El Capitan. But lately, my mac mini showed that the WD My Book was read-only. Then, the WD hard drive disappeared from my finder! Same with Disk Doctor app.

    What format is the external drive in?

    If you have used NTFS before OS X El Capitan your third-party NTFS software will need to be updated.  OS X can natively read NTFS volumes, but the third party software is necessary to allow write access.

    If your player is in HFS +, then it could be a permissions problem.

  • move el capitan photo library app on external hard drive


    How to move to El Capitan new library of the 'Photo' app on an external drive?

    The picture of El Capitan App behaves like a virus - it takes my computer whenever I plug a phone, etc.

    There seems to be no preference to choose which application opens to plug in a device, and iPhoto failed to do not open.

    (And selecting the cloud for storage is similar to trust someone else to keep forever, hundreds of concerts my confidential and important data.) "If they were to lose my credit card information, that would be correct.)

    I will not "auto-save" my photos on my drive internally, and will not allow 'Photo' me to select one different folder other than the one they chose for me on my internal drive. Whenever I select a folder from the external hard drive in the preferences, it is default to the original destination in the internal drive.

    Most discussions on the application of 'Photo' of Apple are extremely difficult to find because the results of a search of the generic name of there new beacon 'Photo' app display the results of all things by the word 'photo' in them. Go to Apple support with the name of their application as the search keyword: "photo".

    It seems that the fellows who designed Windows 8 have been able to find a job at Apple. I think it may be easier to move a photo library of Windows 8 at the library 'Photos' El Capitan that moving the iPhotos library.

    I don't remember thinking iPhoto needed to be redesigned. Simply not take 20 minutes for the Interior to appear cryptic images. And maybe be able to import large files of k 4, without crashing on every attempt.


    in this soft - 128 GB iPhone photos appear in less than a minute, and you have the ability to save large images videos 4 k, voice memos, etc. simply by dragging them to the location desired. The good old MAC intuitive way that attracted us to Apple in the first place.

    Perhaps Apple simply tries to leave the free App company.

    RULE NO. 1:

    Applications need to be improved - not made obsolete!

    One Solution: rename the new 'photo' application in iPhoto. (I'm a genius!)

    How to move to El Capitan new library of the 'Photo' app on an external drive?

    Select it in the image folder and drag the EHD.  Once there open to confirm a successful move and then remove the pictures folder.

    There seems to be no preference to choose which application opens to plug in a device, and iPhoto failed to do not open.

    With the trendy iPhone go to Photos and uncheck this box:

    Do this for each device you have.  If you have memory cards and reformat them, you will have to repeat every time.

    To kill the opening of Photos for all devices use the method posted by JadedEye:


    22 December 2015 09:01

    Re: Prevent DEFINITELY pictures of automatic opening

    in response to leonie

    OK, it worked for me on El Cap

    Open a terminal window

    Type the following in the terminal and press enter

    defaults write currentHost - com.apple.ImageCapture disableHotPlug - bool YES

    (followed by the return key or enter - ed)

    The exit of the terminal.

    Photos will run if you run, but it will not autolaunch on each connection to a camera or the card or reformatted the card.

    If you want to return Photos auto-launch almost everything, use the same command change YES no

    This correction has set my workflow back to normal without Photos lance all the time.

    I will not "auto-save" my photos on my drive internally, and will not allow 'Photo' me to select one different folder other than the one they chose for me on my internal drive. Whenever I select a folder from the external hard drive in the preferences, it is defaulted to the original destination in the internal drive

    I don't know what you mean by that last statement.  Are you referring to export photos from your library to the EHD? Or are you referring to place your library on the EHD and its use here? The export window to select any location you want to save to.  By default, it opens to the desktop on the startup disk. But you can select any volume which is mounted by clicking it in the sidebar of the export window:

    Since we are all users like you here, you can keep the rants for you or send to Apple via https://www.apple.com/feedback/photos.html.

  • External hard drive to upgrade to El Capitan - big mistake! How to uninstall it?

    I don't have a lot of space on my macbook, it gives the possibility, I put the upgrade on my external hard drive. Serious mistake. I can't uninstall - can anyone help?

    Do you mean that you have installed El Capitan on the outside so that you can now start the external in El Capitan or you can't find the Setup file of El Capitan? If the first case, simply erase the external. If the latter, while the outside might be the target for the installation, the installer would always be in the Applications folder on the drive you started from, probably while downloading internally. You'd look in the Applications folder to "install OS X El Capitan."

Maybe you are looking for