El Capitan Upgrade more connected np printer

After update of El Capitan, my HP 5520 printer is no longer connected.  Any ideas?

If you haven't already done so, try to reset the printing system.

Reset the printing system - OS X El Capitan

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  • OfficeJet 6500 a more connected to the MacBook is not found by the HP utility, although it prints

    I recently upgraded to a Photosmart C5280 All-in-one to an Officejet 6500 has more for use with my MacBook.  The installation process was much more difficult that it should have been, particularly wireless configuration stage (the input field to get the WEP code was not active).  Since the installation of the printer that I use a USB connection to print and scan - I prefer to print using a wireless connection, but this feature seems to not work, even if the onboard display indicates that the printer has connected successfully to our local wireless network.

    I installed the widget dashboard and it detects the levels ink correctly, but when I click on the button of the device to maintain on the widget the HP utility warns me that it is unable to detect the printer, even if the printer is offline, and I can print them out and scan using the USB connection.

    I am also unable to print double-sided, which is an important feature, I want to be able to use.  No double sided button "print" or the checkbox appears in the print menu with all the applications that I usually use (for example: Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint).

    OK, OK - progress!

    We will restore the print system:

    -Sys Prefs, Print & Fax
    -Right (control) click inside the box that lists your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign + to add again. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

  • (GET MORE) On a printer C309n Hp Photosmart Premium Web application does not connect to the internet?

    Hello everyone; Does anyone know why the app GET MORE on this printer Hp Photosmart Premium Web C309n does not connect to the internet? All other applications are connected ok. The site is down? someone knows something about it? HP is the fixation of this hopefully soon? Thanks for any info.

    I am very sorry for your difficulties.

    You can try the following, if you please, of your printer face:

    Setup (wrench on sceen House of printer)



    Product updates

    Accept the update of product offered.

    Please let us know:

    (1) if he is offered an update of product, and if so, it ends correctly?

    (2) receives more work after the update?

    In the future you can keep your FW up-to-date more easily by selecting the option 'Automatically' for the settings of update of product in the update section of the product in the Web menu.




    Product update settings

    Select "automatically".

  • How to make El Capitan to recognize my Canon printer I've done what I think is everything: one clean install of El Capitan (another problem); Reinstall the software from the CD; Anon same impression reset. No luck at all.

    How do El Capitan to recognize my Canon printer? I did what I think, that's all I can: clean install of El Capitan (another problem); Reinstall the software of Canon from the CD; same impression reset - my printer shows not yet up! I tried LAN and USB.  No luck at all. The printer does not yet appear upward on the tree of USB in the reporting system.

    What printer model Canon...?

    kologano wrote:

    The printer does not yet appear upward on the tree of USB in the reporting system.

    This looks more like a bad USB cable or bad printer.

  • upgrade to connected hp eprint - can't drag and drop apps to organize them the way I did before!

    I upgraded to connected HP eprint today.  Now it wont let me not to the eprint site (and, Yes, I would not have gone back if something did not work to connected hp).

    I could drag and drop placement of my apps to have as I would like on the touchscreen to eprint printer.   However, I can't do drag or drop whatever it is connected HP, and I see no help on the management of the investment of the apps on your printer.

    How is that possible?  It was easy before - printer just drag-and - drop and website updated.  I have an officejet 7610.

    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks for trying, but your answer is incorrect, according to an email I received today from HP connected:

    "I have reviewed your email. I understand you have questions related to the reorganization of the order of apps on the printer. I know this can be frustrating, and I want you to know you are certainly valuable for us and I want to do everything possible to ensure your complete satisfaction. The following information should provide the answers you need:

    (1) Unfortunately when HP has launched the new website (www.hpconnected.com) they do not include a method to rearrange applications on the printer. They can include this feature in a future update, but as this time it is not available.

    (2) If you did upgrade to connected HP eprintcenter, you do have the option of return. EPrintCenter is being be eliminated and retune to the old site unfortunately is not possible. »

    I hope that < < S-O-O-N > > HP fixed this new Web site - it's crazy take-out all controls like that from their customers and not embellish their or at least let them be.

    I can take this OJ 7610 back for a new brother 11 x 17 all-in-in-one - they look nice )

  • Now my HP Officejet Pro more will not print Photos or anything else!

    Here I am once more.  I finally solved the problem that I had been downloading the software for my HP printer after that I downloaded Windows 10.  I could not download any software without getting an error message 'download cancelled '.  I was able to print pictures and letters typed with WordPerfect X 6.  I'm embarrassed to say that I accidentally fell into the solution and now I can scan, send faxes again.  Yay!  Problem is NOW, I'm more able to print photos, or anything else!  I go through all the motions and send the message to the printer to print, but nothing happens.  I have already run the hppiw.exe and configure the printer.  When I try to run the HPPSdr.exe, he unzips the file, the printer appears as "installed" and click on the 'Next', I get a screen with 3 different ways to connect the printer to my computer - I choose USB because it'S the way I was connected.  Then I get a message telling me to do that my printer is on (it is)!  and try a different USB port (I have) or try another USB cable (I HAVE!)  OK, so FINALLY I get to the point where I am able to print on a HP Officejet Pro 8600 N911g series Print Page of Diagnostic quality, AND DOES IT!    But I also know there is a problem with the software and I need to uninstall and click the Support link and the Driver to download new software.  But when I click on the link, I'm told I'm not connected to the internet - here we are again.  I'm exhausted.  I am 65 years old and I've been at this for 96 hours.  I've corrected the problems of scanning, but now I can't print while yesterday I was able to do it!   Arrrrggggghhhhhh.

    Can someone tell me why I get the message 'not connected' when in fact I AM connected to the internet?  sigh/smh

    Hi @Galego,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I see that you can not print with your HP Officejet Pro 8600, on 10 of Windows, and I'm happy to help you!

    Please, try the steps in the following order:

    Then, run the HP print and Scan Doctor to verify that everything works.

    I hope these steps help!

    If this, or one of the posts on this thread, helped you to solve the problem, please click 'Accept as Solution' said post. To show you 'like', or that they are grateful for my post, please click the thumbs upwards below. If there is anything else I can do to help, please don't forget to let me know!

  • Photosmart HP 7520: All wireless network devices will lose connectivity after printing

    Dear all, 
        I have a problem with my HP Photosmart 7520 printer where all wireless network devices will lose connectivity after a printer has been sent to the printer.
    * Summary
    Wireless network unusable after sending one print to HP printer
    No device ( computers nor smartphones ) can use the Internet nor access internal networks ( 192.168.0/24)
    * Details
    Turn HP printer on.  ( wireless direct is off - never turned on )
    HP printer connects to working wireless network.
    Other devices ( phone/computers ) already connected and working.
    From any device, send a document to the printer.
    Printer prints document successfully.
    Immediately after printer has printed all devices cannot access internet IP range ( including HP printer ) nor Internet nor router ( ).
    * Reproducibility
    * Work around
    Disconnect all devices from the network.
    Power off printer.
    Reboot Internet router.
    * Attempted solutions
    Removed wireless configuration.
    Factory reset.
    Added wireless configuration back.
    Powered on and off printer.
    * Printing tested with
    Tested with Macbook10.11/Windows 8/Ubuntu 12/Android 4.4.2
    * Not tested
    Ethernet cable directly connected to router.
    * Internet Router
    Netgear CG 3700

    Number of brand and model of the router?

    These settings are to set up your printer wireless (or wired):

    • Stay connected to your router
    • Trouble printer status 'offline '.
    • Wake mode 'sleep'
    • All wireless devices stay better connected

    While the DHCP is convenient, devices like printers (wired and wireless) should always be assigned a (fixed) IP address manually to avoid conflicts on your wireless network and must be outside the range of the router DHCP.  After the adjustment of the static IP address the computer must be updated to show a Standard TCP/IP port with the IP address of printers under printer properties/Ports.

    1. Set a static in the printer IP address (click here) outside the range of the DHCP of the router (check your manual). It is for Linksys routers, but can be used for all routers. Check your DHCP range and change this first if necessary. More Help Wireless Printing is here and here and still more here.  Video here explains the problem and how to solve the problem. <--> So watch this!
    2. Or check in the printer "Auto Off/sleep/Energy Saving Mode" is disabled the System Mode Time Out is set to zero (0) Use the built-in webserver (EWS) by visiting the printer address IP address in the address bar of your browser, click on settings tab/Auto Off. Or use the printer, printer Home Page (EWS) Wizard. Also check your printer properties.
    3. If the printer supports and has IPv6 enabled, disable the IPv6 option in the printer.
    4. Make sure that the printer is connected directly to a socket wall and not to a UPS, power strip or a lightning arrestor. This will cause the printer to drop offline connection and disconnection (checked yes!).

    Additional measures to take if you continue to have the problem (if they are posted)...

  • I have a Canon 32-bit multifunction printer that worked with my old laptop. Again 64-bit works more computer portable printer nsns, what I can do.

    • I have a Canon 32-bit multifunction printer that worked with my old laptop. Again 64-bit works more computer portable printer nsns, what I can do.


    Go to the Canon Website and search for your current operating system 64 bit printer drivers.

    If none are available, it may be time to upgrade your printer.

    See you soon.

  • Connection and printer cable

    I need cable for printer officejet 4500 G510a series. Can not locate one in any store. They gave me the printer without any accessories.

    Also need the instruction manual to connect the printer to the computer - disk drive does not work properly.

    Hello Lisa_Veale

    First of all, you can find the manual here: Officejet 4500 manual.

    You can order are available from the shop online from HP.

    Cable USB 9 feet

    Cable USB 6 feet

    If you need the software because your hard drive does not work you can get them at the link below.

    Software Officejet 4500

    I hope I've been helpful!

    If you have more questions please post back.

  • not able to connect a printer shared in task force gives the access error is to deny cannot coonect

    not able to connect a printer shared in task force gives the access error is to deny cannot coonect


    1. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?
    2. What is the brand and model of the printer?
    3. What is the full and exact error message?
    4. have you set a password to the shared printer?

    Please answer these questions and provide us with more information. This could help us help you better.

    See the articles that may be useful.
    "Access denied" error message when you print to a network printer, or view the properties of the printer
    Cannot use network printer if your password is not saved

  • Unable to connect a printer cable wireless PC networking wireless/wired

    We have a HP Officejet 6500 a more printer (E710n-z)

    Wireless router with 4-port ethernet (2864 SAGEMCOM) - some PC to connect wireless and we have 3 connected via ethernet (network has several printers, 2 netbooks, IPad, 2 laptops and 4PCs currently configured - but with 5 active users change frequently)

    Can't connect the printer wireless to personal computers, laptops, etc.--but could not connect cable PC (running version of windows XP-Edition family)

    I would like to avoid forcing the IP address for printer (everything else is automatic) - is there another workaround solution?

    I have another printer connected wireless two wireless and wired PCs

    Installation / troubleshooting software assumes that all or all wireless's cable network

    I don't mind uses the fixed IP address to install it, but prefer not to use for the current connections

    Thanks for your help


    PS - a computer problem with "serscan.sys' file not found - this can, I think, be resolved once I found download * since no longer have windows XP installation disks

    Thanks - once took me to update my file serscan.sys (fix Windows), I was able to put in place an IP address of the printer (not my ideal solution), but it works fine now

    Thanks for the quick response!

  • How can I connect Epson printer by wireless to 2wire modem from Bell?

    Hello there, I would like to ask how can I connect my Epson printer to my new internet network from Bell? In fact, I used more then one of Rogers, their internet service connected to the decoder of Rogers cable, in the meantime, I used wifi router connected with printer, but currently, I went to the Bell company, Bell connect system is difference, their modem was Bell 2WIRE, they had wifi build in for all my cell phone in the House. Simply because with the new Bell network, I could not turn on my wifi printer, can everything you help me fix it? Please... Thank you and have a nice day.


    Hi WinneTran,

    You can see the following article on the Epson printer on wireless network connection:

    Connect to Bluetooth and other wireless or network devices



    Setting up a wireless network



    Add a Bluetooth device or other wireless or network device: frequently asked questions


    Hope this information helps. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • How re - connect my printer wireless since the evolution to a router from another server?

    I went from attuverse at time warner, and now my printer is not working.

    Hi Dorothyt,

    To help you to propose measures to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. you receive an error message or error code when connecting wireless printer?

    2. What is the brand and model of the printer?

    You can follow these articles that talks about the installation of printer on the Windows 7 computer:

    Install a printer



    Add a Bluetooth device or other wireless or network device: frequently asked questions



    Connect to Bluetooth and other wireless or network devices


    Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help.

  • jvue more than one print to the network printer

    When I try to print from jvue get more than one print to another printer.
    When I PC connected with 2 printers, a printer is my default printer .if giving printing on printer (default printer not), this file impression in both printers.

    Code of the applet:

    < html > < head > < script >
    Function myFunction()
    myApp var = window.document.applets ["JVue"]; window.document.applets ["JVue"] .getActiveVueBean () .getProfile () .addString ("PRINTOPTIONS", "PRINTERNAME", "HP LaserJet P1008 on");
    var pPropsClass = myApp.getClass ("com.cimmetry.common.PrintProperties"); var pProps = pPropsClass.newInstance (); pProps.setProfile (myApp.getActiveVueBean () .getProfile ());
    printop var = myApp.getClass ("com.cimmetry.common.PrintOptions");
    var printoperation = printop.newInstance ();
    printoperation.setPaperSize (printoperation. PAPER_A3);
    pProps.setOptions (printoperation);
    var vectorClass = myApp.getClass ("java.util.Vector");
    List of files of the var = vectorClass.newInstance ();
    vList var = "05 12 12 30 55 749\\654744\\42600_1600x1200-wallpaper-cb1320062937.jpg server://ADMIN03";
    var SplitResult = vList.split(',');
    for (i = 0; i < SplitResult.length; i ++)
    var filepathe = SplitResult. toString();
    fileList.addElement (filepathe);
    myApp.batchPrint (fileList, pProps, true, true);
    vcomp var = myApp.waitForLastMethod ();
    < /Script > printing...
    < / head >
    < body onload = "window.focus (); ">
    < form id = "form1" runat = "server" >
    < APPLET
    NAME = "JVue".
    CODE = "com. Cimmetry.jvue.JVue.Class ".
    CODEBASE = ""
    ARCHIVES = ' jvue.jar, jogl.jar and gluegen - rt.jar.
    HSPACE = "0" HSPACE = "0".
    WIDTH = "0%" HEIGHT = "0%" MAYSCRIPT > < param name = "USERNAME" = VALUE "ADMIN03 05 12 12 30 55 749" >
    < PARAM NAME = "ONINIT" VALUE = "myFunction (); ">
    < PARAM NAME = "EMBEDDED" VALUE = "true" >
    < PARAM NAME = "VERBOSE" VALUE = "false" >
    < PARAM NAME = "CACHEUI" VALUE = "false" >
    < PARAM NAME = "ENABLEEMF" VALUE = "true" >
    < param name = "failure_url" value = "failure.html" >

    JRE 6.0 or higher is required
    You do not have Java Plug-ins installed
    < / APPLET > < / form > < body / > < / html >

    Published by: Chio on 3 may 2012 12:17

    Hi Serge,

    Please change these lines:
    var printoperation = printop.newInstance ();
    printoperation.setPaperSize (printoperation. PAPER_A3);
    pProps.setOptions (printoperation);

    to the following:
    pProps.getOptions () .setPaperSize (pProps.getOptions (). PAPER_A3);

    and see if that solves your problem.

    The problem is that pProps.setOptions () overrides the printer that you set two or three statements earlier in the code.

    Thank you

  • HP Envy: Instant ink "connect your printer to the internet" emails

    I'm often abroad and so my printer is turned off for extended periods. I continue to receive e-mail from hp saying that my printer is not connected (I'd be very worried if it was!) and I should connect my printer to the internet - that of course isn't possible. Anyone know if it is possible to disable this feature? I have looked at various preferences in my account but cannot find a way to do it - emails are very irritating!

    Hi @Adrian774,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I was browsing the documentation that I have on this printer and has been unable to find out exactly how much power these printers use. The printer HP Envy range are marked with the ENERGY STAR logo and qualified

    to ENERGY STAR specifications of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States for imaging devices.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • has they stop making the "rocket" 2 GB?

    I bought a 2 GB and someone said that they were not making more... anyone know why?

  • How to activate the keyboard repeat

    This is a topic that has received a lot of comments, but I have found no solution.  I have an Elitebook 8530W, the problem is when you use the keyboard built into the laptop the keyboard repeat does not work.  If I use an external keyboard through my