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How can I change the clock that designates the time of arrival of the incoming mails?  Mine is out of 5 hours on my page 'In '.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 17:06:05 + 0000, Rick and Linda Thomson wrote:

How can I change the clock that designates the time of arrival of the incoming mails?  Mine is out of 5 hours on my page 'In '.

What email program are you using?
Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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  • Setting the time e-mail is fake

    My electronic clock works 9 hours behind real time.

    You will need to tell your mail server or a program what time zone you are in. Steve Winograd, Microsoft MVP (Windows desktop experience)

  • Site / pine addresses for DAC on digital electronic circuit of NOR

    My advanced students try to build a circuit that is able to communicate with the DAC on the digital electronic circuit of NOR.

    We have things to the point where we have a solid stream, synchronized with our series clock and timed correctly compared to the pulse DAC_CS.  This resembles our oscilloscope. The only thing that lack us is on sites, the signals are supposed to correspond to the Xilinx PlanAhead software.

    For example, LED0 is C11, LED1 is D11, SW0 is J11, SW1 is J12, etc...

    The signals that we must be able to control the DAC are:

    DAC_CLR, DAC_CS, SCK, and SDI.

    Thank you

    -Bret Wood

    Oops, he found me.

    The main file is C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Circuit Design Suite 11.0\pldconfig\DEFB.ucf

    The associated DAC locations are:

    SCK R4

    SDI P3

    N12 DAC_CS

    DAC_CLR P13

    Hope this helps someone else too.

    -Bret Wood

  • Clock failure internal Officejet 6700


    I have a new officejet 6700 (5 days). (Based in the United Kingdom)

    It is today gave an error message saying: failure of the internal clock - check the print quality. Printers display 00:00:00

    He printed documents very well! A control using the built-in web browser software shows the clock 1 hour slow (daylight saving time vs GMT?).  set the clock to the correct time restores the printers on time screen display - she showed.

    A check of updates of the firmware returns printer to date of pl ideas?

    The first part of this message seems to indicate that the printer is not in time. Electronic devices that keep time have some sort of internal peripheral accumulation (like a battery) keeps time when the power is not connected or power of energy off. If you unplug the power for awhile on the printer, then restart, and you get the new message, which would indicate the energy storage device has failed.

    If it is 5 days old, no doubt contact HP technical support to the region where you are. Use this link for more details, but go to the bottom of the page and click on the location (at the bottom left is to say the United States on this page) which will give placement options.


  • format of the clock after upgrading to IOS 10

    After the upgrade to IOS 10.0.2on my iphone 6 s the clock passed using two points using a format point.

    Language and region are still like before upgrade: Norway.

    I tried to change in various other regions which, to my knowledge, uses the same format of the clock, but there is still a point. Is there another way to change this?

    Hi, ferdinanden!

    Thank you for reaching out by Apple Support communities. From your post, I understand that your clock is not displayed as expected in the iOS 10. Rather than see a colon, showing time as 07:32, you see just one point, displaying the time as 7.32. I would be happy to offer help!

    There could be a few different things going on to cause this, and change your region has been a great first step to understand that and fixing it. Given that this did not help, try the following steps. Before you start, use this article to create a backup of your iPhone: How to back up your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

    1. Replace it with another under settings > general > language and region. See if that allows you to adjust the way in which the clock is displayed. If so, revert to the language of your choice and see if she spends exactly the point again.
    2. Make sure that the value is automatically enabled under settings > general Date & time
    3. Restart your iPhone by following the steps here: restart your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
    4. Reset your iPhone settings in settings > general > reset > reset all settings. This will not delete your personal data (such as your photos/videos, contacts, calendar of events, etc.) but it can reset it customizable settings (as the wallpaper / brightness, alert sounds/ringtones, the Date and time settings, etc.) to their default values. It will also remove saved passwords and Wi - Fi networks and all previously used settings APN or VPN.

    Have a great day!

  • The menu bar clock freezes after recovery from sleep mode

    After the upgrade to Sierra, I noticed that the clock in the menu bar (top right) show wrong time.  This occurs when the iMac comes out of his SLEEP.  When I hoover the pointer of the mouse on the clock, it would turn into a spinning ball (i.e. no response).  I have to disconnect and reconnect so that the clock in the menu bar to indicate the correct time.  She would continue to work until the next time that the iMac comes out of SLEEP.

    Anyone facing this problem?

    Have you tried booting in safe mode (hold down the SHIFT key at startup)? The problem persists?

    If you create a new user account, does?

  • What happened to the clock app in the iPad?

    I used to use the clock application in my iPad while you sleep as a kind of a large wall clock.

    I just had open the app, tap on the clock I need, and he immediately enlarged its display and occupy the entire screen.

    After that 10 updated iOS, the clock app is different in this regard and I can't enlarge the clock by all means.

    Is it just me or the clock app came from changes (other than the bed/alarm thingy)?

    Hope to have it back to know the time so only on my bed


    Go to app store download world clock.

    See you soon


  • I background clock os10

    I have an iPhone 6s and I've updated yesterday at I OS10 - now, my clock background is dark with light lettering - I need so he can return to bottom clear with black lettering - I know this may seem small, but the darker background white inscription hurt my eyes - which gives me headaches. I don't drive at night for the same reason - is there a way to return to a light background with dark lettering?

    THANKS for any help/tips

    There isn't a way to change this. You can make the suggestion to Apple on http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html

    Also for a more immediate solution, there are 3rd party clock apps available in the App Store.

  • New changes of clock world ios10

    New ios10 world clock changes. The black screen is hard on the eyes and I would change to analog display. Are there options? I don't like the new version

    LisaO27 wrote:

    New ios10 world clock changes. The black screen is hard on the eyes and I would change to analog display. Are there options? I don't like the new version

    Yes. Get one of the hundreds of applications in the app store clock, for example https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/world-clock-pro-free/id1120559609?mt=8

  • iOS 10 - How do I get the clock to display the seconds?

    Recently updated my iPhone iOS 10.0.1 6s.

    After a power failure, I was re-creation of different clocks and discovered that the "Clock" Apple app displays more seconds in the "WorldClock" pane In addition, I can't change for the clock faces 'analog-style' in this application. The application icon has a small second hand in the home screen, but it's pretty hard to use when you try to put clocks in the second. Any thoughts?

    As far as I know, the clock of the world cannot do that, which is a pity. I wonder why they decided to remove it. Perhaps he used too much energy to the battery?

    Thank you for pointing out that the application icon displays the seconds hand, I never noticed that before.

    It is discussed by the Parliament, but the only solution which they suggest is to get an application:

    in the new iso standard 10 analog world clock update?

  • 10 IOS removed the app clock analog clock

    The analog clock has been removed as a display option in IOS10 when you look at world clock.  I used this and would like to see that he returned in the future for updates.  There are a lot of nice new features, but the clock is a base which should have not been disabled.

    He went.

    You can send feedback to Apple:


  • IPad in the Lockscreen clock

    Since iOS 10 my clock and messagees shows on the left side and not in the center of the screen! THA is normal?

    Thank you

    This apparently is the new normal

  • What iOS 10 app measurement clock 'in bed '?

    I have used the clock app to remind me to go to bed and wake up, and I noticed that it was time "to bed" (health App: sleep data analysis). Numbers don't align well with the time that I'm in bed, and he seems to report that I get up several times a night. (Can be specific, not sure).

    My question is: what is actually measure? Source of data? It is only based on the clock, or also the sensors of movement to see if I'm in a bed (or even the microphone to hear me snoring?). I also tried some other apps of sleep, and they seem to make the distinction in the meantime 'to bed' and the time spent asleep. Is there documentation somewhere about how the OS tracked these numbers?

    Thank you!

  • i IQ meditation timer and clock works do not in IOS 10

    One of my favorite applications, i - IQ clock and meditation timer, crashes when I try to open it after updating to IOS 10. I deleted the app, restarted the iPhone and reinstalled the app. But the behavior remains the same. What is broken?

    You can check with the developer and see if the app is supported in iOS 10.

  • iOS 10 clock

    I opened the clock for the first time in iOS10 and was dismayed to discover that he now has the white lettering on a black background, and there is no way to return to have a much more readable, easier on the eyes, black lettering on a white background. I contacted Apple Support and the only suggestion they had was to give feedback to Apple.

    The other annoying feature of clock in iOS 10 is the function of the time of sunset. Click on it and you are told: go to bed and wake up at the same time every day are the keys to healthy sleep.

    Oh, really? Give me a break. I don't need my iPhone to tell me when to go bye beddy and when to wake up. It is still the more infantile functionality.

    Clock is now in dark mode probably because so many people use it in the night at sunset. The function of the hour of sunset is an addition of health that some people will find useful (it adjusts to the hours individuals) and some people really like it. If you do not then use it.

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