EliteBook 8460p: battery not detected - update Bios?

Right now my Elitebook running WIN10 and I get a message that says no battery detected.  I read that possibly the BIOS update "might" help with this situation.

I looked at the details including the suggested site:

Date of revision of the BIOS - 26/08/2001

BIOS Rev 68SCF worm. F.08

Type of processor - Intel Core i5 - 2410 M CPU

I will be downgrading back to WIN7 PRO and back again to WIN10 as soon as my recovery disks are coming, but I wanted to know what Version of Bios should I download and install.  I want to get this right.


Hi fkbsar1954,

If I understand your post of the BIOS on your lapop is currently F.08.  If that is correct, it would be hard to bet that your laptop is at least four years because the BIOS F.08 was released in August 2011. That would mean that there is a high probability of 'no battery detected' error was due to a defective battery, but for troubleshooting of sake, it would be a good step to update the BIOS because there have been 4 separate BIOS releases the correction of different battery problems. What is the recommended version I would recommend that you upgrade to the latest version, F.61, in order to ensure the best possible compatibility with Windows 10 account taken of your system does not officially support Windows 10. F.61 BIOS can be found here:


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    I have an Equium A300D - 16 c. The original battery was shot while I bought a stack of real PA3727-1brs 12. I have put in the laptop, it seems to load, but in the corner, he always says no battery not detected even if its load on. When I leave the charger it says remaining unknown.

    I tried the usual stuff to go into Device Manager and uninstall control compliant apci and still he has not solved it self. I've also updated my bios to the newest one. I just wanted to know what could I do so I can see how much battery is left, and if the laptop can recognize I..


    Is this a battery Toshiba of origin of an authorized service provider?

    Usually, the new battery should be detected after the first start, I recommend that you charge the battery while the laptop is turned off. Start the laptop with battery only and check if she recognized properly s.

  • Toshiba A300 PSAGCE battery not detected

    Hello everyone.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 (PSAGCE) which worked well since I. Recently, he showed "battery not charging". I went to see what I could do and someone advised that I should update the BIOS. So, I went to the website of Toshiba and downloaded the update for my BIOS. I have install without problem. He now has the version 2.20. The problem of "battery not charging" had disappeared.

    I had a new problem: battery not detected!

    The battery worked well and he gave me 2 hours of normal use. Now, it is not "detected". I did everything I could think of. Do you have the BIOS reset (pressing on the WE / OFF button / stop for 30 seconds), I left it with the battery for a few days, etc...

    When I connect the battery, it shows an orange light for 5 seconds and he died later. I don't know what more I can do. I contacted Toshiba in my country without success. They have not yet responded to my email.

    Any ideas? I tried with another charger than computer shows the same.

    I have install as a program of "batterycare.net" and it shows that I have 1.40 hours of battery, but as soon as I remove the cable ca, the computer shuts down without power.

    I guess I won't be needing help... I flashed my BIOS with a lower version that I had (2.20 > 1.80) and now it does not start even upward.

    I'm kidding not things for good.

    Any changes to save it?

  • Windows7 HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC - battery not detected


    I just bought a new battery, precedent is 4 + years.  During the installation of the battery in my status bar icon indicates it AC is powered, but the battery has a red cross on it.   When I hover over the icon it tells me "battery not detected."   I tried everything that the HP article for 'battery not detected' I found, but the recovery of the system.

    What are my options now?


    Problem solved... returned to the seller.

  • Upgrade of Windows 10 - battery not detected

    Upgrade Windows 10 has left me with battery not detected laptop Aspire 5738. Already tried the reset of the coercive power, no luck. If I can't find a solution, I need to roll back to Windows 7 or be stuck with a portable desktop computer. Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks to Alfin72 in the Windows 10 forum for a solution that worked:

    'Please check if you can do a reset of the battery driver. Here are the steps: go to the currency manager. Windows with your left hand and hold and then press the key for the letter X with your right hand. Then select Design Manager in the list. Right-click on compatible ACPI Microsoft control method battery and choose uninstall. Click the ACtion tab on the top of the search window and chose any material changes. Let us know if you notice a change after following the steps above. »

    The solution worked great!

    I also ended up making a coercive power, then reset because it is now detected the battery but did not load. To do this, simply unplug everything (including the battery), power for 15 seconds button (you won't see anything happen), then reconnect and restart. After that windows will appear, give it another 30 seconds, then put battery back in. Now, it's all good!

  • Compaq dc7800 not DETECT in bios network controller

    Compaq dc7800 not DETECT in bios network controller when worked fine yesterday


    If I clear the CMOS and see if the PC learns the material.

    If this does not work, I have to assume the on-board NETWORK interface has failed and you need to add a PCI or PCIe NIC card.

    Please see the below troubleshooting guide, annex B, page 60.



  • Battery not detected after Windows update


    I own a HP Pavilion G series laptop and I have windows running on it 8.1. Windows just made me finish an update, after which it is not detecing my battery more. Initially, he says: "trendy but no charging current. That's why I shut down the computer, removed the battery and plugged in. Now, he said only: "no battery is detected.

    I should mention that I do not use the original supplied with the laptop battery. It's a long battery life that worked well until the update. Please note that I am not too good with computers.

    I appreciate any kind of help in this situation. In addition, please let me know if any other information is needed to help out me.

    Thank you

    Edit: Now, sound to pass the message between: "no battery is detected" and "trendy but no charging current.

    That of Emad,

    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    The updated patch is maybe not able to detect "non standard" battery you are using.

    You could try to use a Restore Point and affecting the system to a date before the update was installed.  In this way, the offending update will be deleted from your computer.

    Using Microsoft System Restore (Windows 8)

    Contrary to belief, you have a choice on the installation of the updates.   Windows cannot make you install updates on your computer.

    You can set Windows updates notification, so you can decide what updates are valid for your situation.  Many people choose this course as one that fits, even if it forces you to do a little more work.

    If you set the Windows updates to be notified

    • and you always create a Restore Point before you choose to install updates
    • and ONLY install you the important updates (never optional updates)
    • and you've read about the updates that you have any concerns at all
    • then, you may find that you have less long-term problems

    Click on the thumbs-up Kudos to say 'Thank you' for help.

    While I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

  • Qosmio G10-133 - battery not detected after upgrading to Windows 7

    Hello, I hope someone can help my frustrations here.

    In recent weeks, I successfully upgraded my laptop to Windows 7, an increase of memory to 2 GB, bought new power cord for laptop, new battery and resolved all the issues that Windows 7 has cast on me. The laptop and runs like one dream other than a question that seems to have had worse.

    The laptop no longer recognizes the new battery. (battery with a cross through it and a photo of current) For about a week after installing the battery, this has worked fine but now does not detect everything. I don't have any errors in Device Manager and windows recognized the ACPI etc battery inputs and has no problem. I also loaded the package of Toshiba value added that Windows 7 has found for me but still nothing. Battery not charge even though sometimes the battery works for about 30 seconds to start up if the battery is back removed and implemented, then stops again (once Windows loaded) I tried many things like the disabling of the driver, reinstall battery etc, but nothing. I tried the iniitally of battery with Windows XP and worked well.

    I have also searched the web and saw that many other laptops with Windows 7 have had this problem, including Toshibas. Some say update the BIOS, but Toshiba have not released an upgrade from the original in 2004 (which is for WIn XP Media Center), and there is no settings in my BIOS for ACPI etc.

    In addition, I can not calibrate the battery because I can't do anything with it. I don't think it's a question though.

    If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it or all the links to the drivers etc.

    If this is sorted my laptop should last for 5 years!

    Thanks for reading this.



    First of all, I doubt that many other laptops equipped with Windows 7 have this problem. I've never heard of this and normally charge the battery will not be controlled of the OS. It happens automatically and your battery will be charged if the AC/DC is plugged. If the OS doesn't affect it!

    To be honest, I also don t know why your battery isn't detected, but what happens if you turn off the laptop and let the AC/DC adapter plugged in for 24 hours? After that, it should be possible to work on the minute of the battery for 1 hour or more.

    If this isn't the case, it seems to be a hardware problem, maybe the battery doesn t work correctly and should be replaced. You should contact the retailer where you bought

    By the way: some nice and interesting tips on battery:

  • Re: battery not detected

    computer: hp pavilion g6

    Windows 7 32 bit

    My computer does not detect the battery.  I tried new batteries and batteries, I did the hard reset, I can't update the BIOS because I did find an update for this machine.  I made sure there is no dirt in the pins.  I have reset the BIOS default settings.  What is NOW?

    A lot of people, here's the deal.  It seems that a few screws have been protruding too far way from the holes in the battery compartment, preventing the connection of the battery.  Now, for a time after this discovery, the stack would be detected only part-time.  I think that it was a function of transport the computer and possibly have enough play in the compartment and then do not establish a connection.  The end, and to this day, the battery works as it should.  I'm still not sure why he only worked part-time for a while after the screw problem was initially discovered.

    Yes, we took the computer part to solve another problem. an overheating problem.  I put 'Arctic 5' compound on some components and blow up the computer outside air to a vacuum cleaner.  To this day the computer stopped not because of the heat.

    Yes, I know, the warranty is voided.  Well, the warranty was long since gone in the first place.  It's probably why I couldn't find an update of the BIOS of the computer.

  • Battery not detected - G505s.

    Hi all

    Long story short, the battery like play games regarding when it is or is not detected. If I plug in the charger before starting it tends to recognize the battery, but frequently when simply turn on the G505s it will detect just not the battery (I tried to see if it has been detected in the center of Lenovo solutions in addition to the battery meter, it wasn't). It works on battery, but it's incredibly annoying to have no idea how many fees is left.

    I just got this laptop yesterday and would appreciate any assistance. I've updated the BIOS firmware and am running Windows 8.1.

    I had exactly the same problem. I don't know why it happened, but I followed the steps below and the laptop is now detect the battery:

    Unplug the AC adapter / CC and stop the system. Remove the battery, adapter Plug and boot into windows. Uninstall Microsoft control method compatible ACPI battery tab battery Shutdown Device Manager, remove adapter, install battery, AC adapter / CC link. Now, turn it on and check.

  • Built in battery not detected ASUS TP300L

    Last month my laptop power icon display says connected, but no battery is detected... I think there could be a problem with his equipment or battery... Well it is hard to find because the battery is built in. pls help.


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community. I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing right now. Let me help you with that.

    • Have you noticed any change in hardware or software before the show?

    I would suggest trying the following steps and then check the issue.

    Method 1
    You can try to use the hardware and peripheral troubleshooting tool to solve the problem. It checks for common problems and ensures that a new device or connected to your PC hardware is correctly installed.

    Follow the steps to run the tool material and devices:

    a. press Windows + W together.
    b. write troubleshooting in the search to the corner box and press on enter.
    c. click the Troubleshooting tab.
    d. click on view all the option on the top left corner.
    e. Select the peripheral equipment and options in the list.
    f. click next to launch the hardware and device convenience store.

    Method 2

    Perform a hard reset erases all data that is stored in temporary memory and force Windows to do a complete analysis of the system, including the battery. To perform a hard reset, follow the steps below.

    1. Disconnect the power adapter from the laptop and remove the PC to a docking station or port replicator.
    2. Remove the battery from the laptop compartment.
    3. Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds to evacuate any remaining electrical load capacitors.
    4. One time started, insert the battery and plug the power adapter into the laptop.
    5. Press the power button to turn on the laptop.
    6. Use the arrow keys to select Start Windows normally, if it is not already selected and then press the Enter key.

    Method 3

    Reset the default BIOS, after reset try to update the BIOS and chipset by downloading the drivers from the website of the manufacturer of the computer.


    Note: BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration

    If the problem still persists, then I suggest you to contact Asus. You can do this using the link below.


    Hope this information helps.

  • Battery not detected - any ideas

    I replaced the battery in my Toshiba Satellite A200 with a generic brand, but now my system says: no battery is detected. I want to know if the battery I bought is not good or if there is some setting etc. I have never implemented properly. Any ideas woul dbe greatly appreciated.


    The battery is not the right or the computer has a power problem.

    Try this - to make a Restore Point

    How to create a Vista System Restore Point

    How to make a Vista system restore

    Then Control Panel - Device Manager - Batteries - Double click on each item - tab drivers - update drivers
    (who can not do anything) - then do a right click and UNINSTALL-REBOOT which will refresh the driver

    Problems with the lives of its use and the battery of power - Mr Fixit


    I use the free version of BatteryBar to monitor my battery. Click on the green button on the yellow on box
    right side of the page to download the latest stable version. This utility provides excellent battery
    and load information

    BatteryBar - free version available

    I hope this helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Can not download update BIOS for s10e

    When you try to download the latest firmware from http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/14cn97ww.exe I get the message "File not found."

    It's super annoying and I was wondering if anyone new, how can I get the latest version of the BIOS. I tried to access using ThinkVantage System Update 3.14 but in vain.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello and welcome... new 97 BIOS is currently not avialable is not huge update but S10e BIOS 96 is available for download...

    all the updates so far...

    Version 14CN97ww
    BIOS: 14CN97ww

    • (New) Better management of the CMOS memory.

    Version 14CN96ww
    BIOS: 14CN96ww

    Version 14CN95ww
    BIOS: 14CN95ww

    • (New) Win7 support, problems of Win7 DTM.

    Version 14CN94WW
    BIOS: 14CN94ww
    Note: This version cannot be returned to older versions of the BIOS.

    • (New) Computrace support.
    • (New) Supports the call of function for the production.
    • (New) Support of Hojy TD688 TD-SCDMA WWAN card.
    • (New) Supports the thermal protection on 90 degrees using thermal sensor alarm.
    • (New) Supports LAN boot F10 hotkey.
    • (New) Support please and POP changing in the BACK.
    • (New) Support for w/o MB of memory onboard.
    • (New) Please check the start menu supports.
    • (New) Takes care of battery used for the first date. (for Panasonic battery only)
    • (New) Support protection blackflash (preventing the update to the old version of the BIOS).
    • (Fix) Table update Audio codec verb.
    • (Fix) The problem HARD not spin disc not properly down if the configuration of the BIOS SATA in compatible mode.
    • (Fix) The problem of first leakage current power.
    • (Fix) Difficulty hangup of the system after the update since the first version of the BIOS.
    • (Fix) Fix always calculate checksum.
    • (Fix) Difficulty charger only supplies load current lower (same as 3 cells) on battery 6 cells.
    • (Fix) Difficulty redundant WLAN on Fn + F4 key.
    • (Fix) Change to keep the POP PLEASE password after the BIOS update.
    • (Fix) Change to disable the SLIC table if a key marker for Volume Activation.
    • (Fix) Fix Computrace activation status.

    Version 14CN88WW
    BIOS: 14CN88ww

    • (New) Support for the IdeaPad S9e/S10e, 3G

    cordially KalvinKlein

  • Satellite A300d - new battery not detected

    I recently had a new battery PA3533U-1B SR / regarding my age Satellite a 300 d.
    When I put the new battery in the laptop, unplugged computer, press the power button, the Red battery light blinks several times, no power.

    When I plug the power to the laptop, the red light on the battery remains red as-if the load, once windows has loaded the battery shows as not detected.

    I have checked the connection and passed through Device Manager-uninstall/install, but came with no luck. It is the 3rd replacement battery, I had this company who have a very positive opinion. Is it my laptop or battery?

    I have a good battery minutes 20 faithful who recognizes all time and expenses without problem.
    If you could please help it would actually prevent me from going crazy, thanks in advance :)


    I recommend you to keep the charge of the battery for a longer period if the time
    The battery is working correctly? I mean the laptop can charge the battery and no flashing red led is visible. Right? Well, it means that this laptop is OK!

    In such cases, it s battery related question keep the battery in a few hours or maybe day this helps if not, then I recommend you to get in touch with the retailer and ask another battery

  • Satellite A500 - 18Q - battery not detected after installing Windows

    I have Satelite A500 - 18Q (PSAR3E) and Windows 7 32 bit

    Windows is not detected battery. What should I install to the Windows recordnize the battery?

    Hi marnin,.

    Have you installed Windows Toshiba Recovery disk or normal drive of Microsoft?

    Normally for the battery you n t need an additional driver. He will be recognized automatically.

    Can you charge the battery when the laptop is turned off?

Maybe you are looking for