EM12c: Cannot find the House discovered for plugin id:oracle.sysman.db

Platform EM12c:
Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.2 (x86_64)
Oracle Enterprise Database (x86_64)
Enterprise Manager Cloud control Release 1 ( 12 c (x86_64)
EM12c > objectives > databases > add
Discovery of targets on the host: mcsdbora1.esri.com
mcsdbora1. ESRI.com - cannot find the House discovered for plugin id:oracle.sysman.db
-Mcsdbora1.esri.com host is "Microsoft Windows x 64 (64-bit)"
-EM12c is on Oracle Linux 6.2 (X86_64)
-J' downloaded the latest version of the software Agent before adding the host
"" EM12c > Setup > extensibility > Auto Update "before adding the host" "
-Mcsdbora1.esri.com host is listed under "EM12c > objectives > Hosts".

I found these articles in the support.oracle.com

"How to manually add targets to the database in 12 c Cloud Control [ID 1371846.1]"

"How to deploy the latest Plugin from database to the WHO and the Agent in 12 c Cloud Control [ID 1388143.1]"

This last article, says updated the plug-in "Oracle Database". I checked and I do turn more later connect.

I wonder if I can only solve this bug, if I upgraded to Bundle 1 Patch ( and install the 'Oracle' plug-in database?

Thank you


BP1 is required for the management of the goals of Windows. So, you need to first upgrade your Linux WHO to BP1 and apply a few spots on the top before you can deploy plug-in on Windows machines. Support can provide you with the details.

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    Normally, you can get all the drivers here:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers

    I checked this and it seems that for the moment no are no 32 bit Windows 7 drivers available.

    What you can do now is looking for other display drivers. Maybe an another Toshiba laptop has the same graphics card and it has Windows 7 drivers released.
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    (1) when you get the error message?

    (2) program who worked on when you got the error message?

    The computer game to clean start State to check which program is associated with error.


    Note: When the diagnosis is complete, don't forget to reset your computer to normal startup. Follow step 7 of the above article.

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    Hello coastaln8ive,

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft answers Forum.

    Since your Office 2007 pre-installed with Toshiba, you should contact Toshiba to see if they will provide with Office recovery disks.
    It would be Toshiba to provide records.

    Sincerely, Marilyn
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    The tests have no serial numbers, so if you have a serial number you should try and see.  If you are using a serial number on the trial version, it will activate it the status of version completes.

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    I discovered that Portege M700 (PPM70E) has the same graphics card and it is supported for Vista 64-bit. Download and try to install the version of the driver

    You can find it on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads
    Please inform us if everything works well.

    BTW: you have created recovery DVDs until you have installed the new version of Vista?

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    I chose this entry in the table, and the dialog box immediately went into action: the pullodwn "to Print using" listed the message 'Please select a printer or driver model' greyed and a spinning wheel called 'Search for new drivers' appeared underneath.  The dialog box search but never find the printer driver (I waited for 20 minutes without success).  I installed some other HP printers in this way on this machine with no problems, for example, HP Color Laserjet 2605dn.  Why this method does not work with this printer?

    I was able to connect to this printer with other (Intel) Macs in my house through this arrangement of LAN.  Is the printer driver for the Intel Macs only?

    I disconnected the printer from the local network and connected directly to my Mac with a USB cable.  The same process, and I was able to connect to this printer.  Successfully print a document page.  Although it gives me a work-around for Mac G5, I need to share this printer with other Macs in my household.

    I went on the HP download site and downloaded the latest driver for this printer, re-installed the printer driver on Mac and repeat the steps for the arrangement of LAN (above) complete the connection via the Print & Fax dialog box.  The result was the same: spinning wheel looking for a printer driver are not.

    I don't know what else to do, or why this facility will not work.  I would much appreciate it if someone could give an explanation for this or any suggestions as to what can be done?


    I'm sorry to get back to you on this so late.  I was OOT Sunday all day.

    Ok. So, here is what happened.  As I mentioned at the end of my last post, I was in the process of resetting my printing system, repair disk permissions, then restarting.   Reset the printing system wiped out all my printers in the "Printers" pane in the "Print & Fax" system preferences dialog window  I moved forward and fix permissions of the drive on my system disk.  A number of authorities have been repaired, but nothing that I could decipher impression related ro.  Finally, I restarted my Mac and went directly to the dialog box print & Telec.

    As the printers pane was still empty, I'm gone before adding the simplest of my printers (LaserWriter 360 connected via AppleTalk) who has always been correctly added to the list printers in the past.  No chance!  WAITED a few minutes everything is was "Looking for new drivers.".  I tried the Color Laserjet 2605dn.  No luck.  Then the Laserjet P1606dn.  No luck.

    Thus, this way of solution did not work, and now I was without any driver associated with one of my connected printers.  I decided that I had no choice to rebuild the operating system.  I started my DVD of Installation OS 10.5.4 to rebuild my system (without reformatting my HARD drive).  Once which was finished, I've immediately went to the Print & Fax dialog box and tried to add in each of my printers.  In a few seconds the LaserWriter was added successfully, then the HP Color Laserjet 2605dn, and FINALLY, the Laserjet P1606dn.  Thus, it appeared that my upgrade to OS 10.5.8 was at the origin of the problem.

    I proceed with Sofware Update to restore the computer to OS 10.5.8 and again once, went to the dialog box Print & Fax to experiment with the addition of each of the printers again.  Stopping before the acceptance of each 'Add', I could find quickly and successfully the drivers for each of the connected printers.  So, it doesn't seem to be a problem with OS 10.5.8 find printer drivers.

    After reflection, I concluded that the problem must have appeared during the upgrade to OS 10.4.11 OS 10.5.4, but it remained hidden until I tried to add these new printers to the list of printers.

    I appreciate the reference to the last download Laserjet full feature software.   Since I was able to solve the problem without it, I mind not do the download.

    I want to thank you for patiently stay with me during the last two weeks, your advice and comments.  Just having someone to "talk" about it, it was reassuring and useful that I went along to apply each suggestion to the problem.  I tried to solve this problem several times on my own before that, the search of the forums, and I hesitated to participate actively – to reach out.  I'm feeling very different about it now.  Once again, thanks a lot.

  • Cannot find the download link for the games for Windows 8.

    I want to install Solitair, FreeCell, Spider, and Purble Place on Windows 8. Where can I download these games?

    I tend to swing by the page for games, but I could not find the download link? Help!

    Hi Kunal,

    No, you cannot transfer or install games that appeared in previous versions of Windows.

    I suggest you to check the store for available games that you can install.

    For more information, see the links.

    Microsoft Solitaire Collection

    FREE FreeCell

    Free Spider Solitaire collection

    It will be useful.

  • Cannot find the latest firmware for the Toshiba 40TL838G


    I am trying to download the latest firmware for the 40TL838G model, but I'm not.

    Where can I find it?

    Thank you.

    The same has been asked in this thread

    We can receive the update only via a network update
    In which case you will not receive updates via the network, your firmware is up to date.

  • Cannot find the necessary drivers for Satellite M30X

    I have 4 error codes displayed in hardware, 1 controller network, 2 & 3 PCI Flash Memory (twice) and 4 video controller (VGA compatible).

    These are all driver problems, but I can't find the necessary drivers on the site of Toshiba driver. I have lost the original software provided with the PC.

    Someone at - he of the good suggestions. I can't use my wireless internet, neither the DVD game, I tried to download as much as I can to help, but nothing fix the fault.

    Error code 28 showing all have.


    I checked the Toshiba download page, and it has listed all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities for Satellite M30X.

    I just hope that you have installed in the correct order. As you can see there are two display (Intel and ATI) drivers. Make sure that you have chosen the right way. Drivers LAN and WLAN are also there. Just start with the setup.exe file and follow the instructions to facilities.

    28 "COLLECTION" - the drivers for this device are not installed.

  • Satellite A500 - cannot find the product key for Office 2007

    Hi all

    I just got a Satellite A500 and can t find the key for office 2007 trial version, accompanying any ideas that can help would be very appreciated


    As I remember, when you start Microsoft Office will ask to activate or to get the trial key for 3 months. You must show your email and something else... and you will evaluate it for 3 months.

  • Satellite P300-1GK cannot find the display driver for ATI Radeon HD 4650 Win XP


    I can't find the driver for my ATI Radeon mobility HD 4650. There is an error on the toshiba Web site download page.
    My laptop is a P300-1GK (PSPCCE). The drivers are for the 3650 etc... not for the 4650. Where can I find the right idea?

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 graphics card
    VendorID: 0 x 1002
    DevideID: 0 x 9480

    Thank you

    Hello, Damien

    Sorry, but can you please tell me why this driver is not the right one? An error message or what?
    The same driver that Toshiba use for the Windows XP Home edition recovery image.

    Unfortunately my P300 is not with the ATI graphics card and I can't test it.

  • Cannot find the XP drivers for Sata Drive

    I can't find the XP 32-bit drivers for my sata 750 GB sata HD model WD7500BPVT, I watched all the other Messages in this forum, but I can't find a thing.  I looked hard into the laptop Sata Drive and next to him it's a model Sata 750 GB WD7500BPVT he says also to replace this drive with a 634250-001, and there is a barcode below what has the nubers DC12CD so this is useful because I thought that it also my being the model player.


    The sata drivers, you need to depend on of which laptop model you have (processor and chipset), not which hard drive model you have.

  • Windows XP svchost.exe problems. Cannot find the latest updates for windows xp.

    Hello, this is my first time on the Microsoft Community page.

    I have a very strange problem with automatic updates svchost.exe and windows. I know that automatic update of windows, has been known to cause problems on XP and there is thus CPU utilization of memory leaks. Last night, I tried to install the latest windows XP updates, with automatic tool. The tool hanged during the process. Not sure why exactly. I never had a problem with it. I've been running Xp SP 3 for more than five years. In any case, I rebooted my system and checked to see if the updates actually treatment. They do not have. Then I went to the windowsupdate.microsoft site. I was trying to these updates. The scan never completed, he just constantly checked, for about 45 minutes. I decided to do some research. I found the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder "fix" online. He kicked, I renamed the file. And then disabled auto updates and restarted my computer. After windows starts, I re-activated automatic updates and waited. Nothing happened, so I did some research more. I noticed that svchost.exe uses about 25% the use of the processor. Normally my treated systemidle is 99%. I used Process explore and isolated the wuauclt.exe under the svchost.exe file. When I disable automatic updates executable, it is up to a full 99%.

    I'm not sure why it uses 25%, when I look at the actual use of the memory for the wuauclt.exe, it is only using about 17 k of memory. Which is quite low. I have not turned on microsoft update, starting in the configurations of parameters at windowsupdate. I know that in the past, that has been a problem and swallowed up system resources.

    Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

    There are a lot of threads on this forum - and many others - this problem - just try to do a Google search for UPDATES of XP SVCHOST - hits now more than 8 million.

    But to save you the trouble of tracking down the fix OK here is the short version

    1. disable automatic updates using Control Panel icon

    2. restart the computer - SVCHOST is now not going crazy

    3. check which version of Internet Explorer you have installed IE8, IE7 or IE6

    4. download and install - the links below - the good update for Internet Explorer.

    Assuming you have Windows XP 32 bits here are the direct download links:

    IE8: IE8-WindowsXP-KB2898785 - x 86 - ENU.exe

    IE7: IE7-WindowsXP-KB2898785 - x 86 - ENU.exe

    IE6: WindowsXP-KB2898785 - x 86 - ENU.exe

    5. Once installed, you can reactivate the automatic updates and using Windows Update.

    Note: The bug also affects access via Windows/Microsoft Update Web site.

    KB2898785 is the "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer" (December 10, 2013)

    There is a bug in the function of automatic update under XP running the SVCHOST process at full CPU load (100% or 50% or 25% depending on the number of CPU cores you have). If you have a Quad core CPU the bug works the CPU at 25% (a carrot out of four) and eventually battles through a conclusion - but if your computer is a single old Celeron or Pentium bug works the CPU chip at 100% load for many, many h/solid.

    Faster your processor and RAM than you seem to make a radical difference to the actual times are waiting for you maybe search for updates complete. Most of the old core systems were never designed to deal with this kind of situation and can easily overheat. This is especially true of laptops and desktop systems older where the radiator can be partially blocked with fluff and hairs of animals - which could cause blockages or stops!

    Microsoft said last month that the updates of Internet Explorer are treated differently from all the other updates - which is originally the XP update engine run so slowly as to appear frozen. If the update service finds that you don't have the latest version of IE that is currently available, it starts to search the entire tree of updates of IE to see what it takes - rather than offering just the cumulative current update for your system.

    But if you manually install the update yourself update Internet Explorer service is fully updated and is not search for updates of IE. But until Ms. fix it will still occur whenever a new update is published.

    MS said that intend to prune the IE updates database so that only the main cumulative updates have been offered when a search has been launched - it did not in time for the update as it should of November and obviously has not arrived or worked either in time for the December Update!

    MS say they hope to have a fix before the January updates are released (Patch Tuesday) - that the problem will be activated once the next update Cumulative of IE is released.

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  • Get codes error 0 x 8246007 and 0x8007F0F4 when trying to install KB02686509

    This is a repost of a persistent problem, I did everything that was suggested, and all I ask is that someone looks at the code to update security and how it is written because it lacks a few prerequsites for install it correctly.

  • MCD / DVD problem device?

    Hello; I have a Pavilion 8860. Device CD/DVD media is not Readable (Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-115) my CV Manufactor won't help me repair. What quote Web I do goto for repair on my computer?     Thank you