Email problem: Error 550 - 0x800CCC69 - Message rejected due to the reputation of the sender's IP


I have a problem running Outlook Express in WinXP SP3. I can receive but not send an email, I got the error next message when sending email:

Error 550 - 0x800CCC69 - Message rejected due to the reputation of the IP of the sender (or words to that effect, at least)

I have other messages on the forum the impression is that this error occurs usually when there is a suspicion that an e-mail account is used to send the spam, but I talked to our ISP and email provider (this does not relate to a Hotmail address) and they said that there is no problem from their point of view , and it must be something to do with OE. We also checked all the settings of the ISP account and everything is perfect.

Can anyone offer any help?

Thank you


This error message comes from your ISP. They refuse to relay messages. Unless you are not connected to your ISP directly, IOW, sending another address through your ISP, they have blocked you.

Remember their service tech and ask to speak to a technician level 2.

P.S. When an error message in question, please copy and paste in your message. Wording right can make a difference.

Bruce Hagen
MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
Imperial Beach, CA

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    If a password that passes the strong policy is used, there is a message stating that the password has been changed successfully and the user name can now work space with their changed password.

    At this point if a change of password is requested by the user after the notation in the workspace, and a password that violates the strong policy is provided, a message appears saying that it violates the strong policy and why (which is what I expected to see when the password for the first time as described above). If they provide a password that passes the strong political, the password is accepted, a message is provided indicating this.

    We use the Apex Apex listener 1.1.3 and GlassFish 3.1 4.1

    I have reproduced this in our community Dev, stage and Prod. I have not tested with OSH, but am posting this now in case there is a problem?

    Thank you


    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for reporting this. I can also reproduce in 4.1.1 and filed a bug.

    A quick glance shows that Apex successfully intercepts the password breach, but try to re - view the 4350:68 with errors inline page. This re - will the Sentinel of the session, which determines the session is invalid and redirects to the login page.

    Kind regards

  • With Move-VM error: operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.

    I only started shows after update to PowerCLI v5.1.  My vCenter is v5.0.  I saw this when moving virtual machines to a data store in a different data store cluster.  The task submits to vCenter successfully and ends, but the Move-VM errors and returns control to the script or command line that ran.

    $> Move-VM - VM somevm Datastore - somedatastore - confirm: $false
    Move-VM: 13/11/2012-16:07:45 operation Move-VM is not valid due to the current state of the object.
    On line: 1 char: 1
    + Move-VM VM - somevm - data somedatastore store - confirm: $false
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo: NotSpecified: (:)) [Move-VM], VimException)
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId: Core_BaseCmdlet_UnknownError, VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.MoveVM

    I'm puzzled.

    Do you by chance have a PowerShell v2 available somewhere where you can run the same script?

    As much as I know there no official PS still in PowerCLI v3 support, although there are only a few known minor pitfalls.

    While clutching at straws

  • error 7 - a common frustration due to the weakness of open file + .vi

    OK, I searched and read dozens of posts on this topic. But none of them answered my question:

    For many years, Labview has had this behavior: I can't find a file, so I throw the error text:

    7 error to open the file + .vipen file

    Possible reasons:

    LabVIEW: File not found. The file may have been moved or deleted, or the path to the file would be incorrectly formatted for the operating system. For example, using- as Windows path separators: on Mac OS, and a / UNIX.
    NOR-488: There is no Board of Directors.

    We have all seen it many times. The reason why this popped up every couiple of days on the forums is that the error message is not the name of the file is not found. "" The trouble of sorting would be so much easier if the file name has been shown, instead of the baffles or misleading ' NOR-488: nonexistent Council. "

    I edited my 'open the file + .vi' to always display the name of the missing file. The original code suggests that the name of the missing file is passed, but only in limited circumstances. I'm often stuck with it, and it's a big waste of time, step by step through code to find out what triggered it, or worse still try to help a customer on the phone who has accidentally deleted a file or a folder. If the error code displays the name of the missing file, the solution is normally obvious, even with a compiled exe.

    Am I missing something here? Is there a reason for not having posted the name of the missing file?

    I use lv7.1 (on a legacy project), but prevalence of "error 7" the forum posts here it seems that this problem still persists today.

    I think that this has been frowned upon in a new version of LabVIEW (not sure which version). In LV2012, it is the 'Open/replace/create' and it gives you the file name in the error dialog box (near the bottom).

  • Recently, all my email accounts refuse to forward messages with images. The text is sent, but not the image

    I have several email accounts, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, and qwest.  This problem started when Qwest took over my Windows Live accounts.  When I send a message that has the text and images as the pictures, the text does a good job, but there are only blank places where the image should be. This problem started at the same time, I installed Internet Explorer 9 and also deleted Qwest accounts Windows Live and Qwest in their place, which is very unpleasant and not ready for prime time.

    Hi DaveGerwig,

    Since it is a recent issue, try a system restore to a prior restore point you have been affected by the issue.

    Note: When you perform the system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    To run the system restore, you can consult the following link:

    System restore

    System restore

    System Restore: frequently asked questions

    Hope this information is useful.

  • SE message which, due to the security I have to save the citrix .ica file to the location on the computer, and then double-click it to open.

    I just put on my computer citrix.  I need to work, I get all my apps to work through it.  When I try to open one of the citrix apps is telling me to save it to my computer, then double-click it to open it because of my security settings.  I tried and it won't do anything, that it gives me just the option for approximately 10 seconds for first save and then closes this window.  I can't work if I can't get these apps to open HELP for me!  Thank you.

    Go to the following site to see if you can download the customer Citirix Metaframe. I think that your problem should be solved.

    You should be able to open your applications after you have downloaded this, let me know if this solves your problem. If this is not the case, will do a research still further for you.

  • Receive a "error open disc can not due to the failure to lock the file

    I had a disc with a boot failure.  I thought I had my saved VM but I got only an earlier version.

    I put the disk in a USB enclosure and my new system cannot read the disc.

    I copied the VM, I need my new drive.

    When I try to open it, I get the error:

    Cannot open disk '... vmdk' or

    one of the snapshot disks it depends on.

    Reason: Cannot lock the file.

    I don't have the original system, so I can't try to open it on this system.

    Is it possible that I can get this virtual machine to open?

    Thank you


    At least closed tab closed virtual machine or VMware Workstation then delete all folders/files .lck to the target of the virtual machine and then try to run it again.

  • How can I fix this error so first message will start. "The application could not start properly (0xc000001d)."                    Help, please

    Please help, I need this test to work for a school project. I have the program on the school's computers in class, but need to work outside the classroom.

    Hi AllisonO,

    For a fix, update for first Pro CC 2015 (9.2).

    Thank you


  • In Windows Live Mail messages get bounced to the sender

    My messages get bounced away from my Inbox. The message is that I have too many messages in my Inbox, even when ore there none here. How to enlarge the number of messages that I receive?

    This isn't the WinMail Inbox which is full, but on your server.

    Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties | Advanced - uncheck: leave a copy of messages on the server.

    Do a manual send/receive and if it works, send yourself a test message.

    It should be OK now, but if you get the bounce, connect to your Web site server-based e-mail and delete messages in the Inbox it.

  • I just downloaded Windows Live Essentials, and now I can't send emails. Error ID 0x8ccc003 keeps coming, no idea how to solve this problem?

    I receive emails fine but could not be sent due to the error id: ox8ccc0003. This happened only after I downloaded windows live essentials

    The problem disappeared, I don't know why.

    Hi John Whisman,.

    Since you are facing problems after downloading Windows Live Essentials download, you can view the query in the Windows Live Forum for assistance:

  • How can I correct I tunes problem = error code 42404?

    How can I correct I tunes problem = error code 42404?

    How can I correct I tunes problem = error code 42404?

    Post in the forums of Apple iTunes?

    Otherwise - use something like Revo Uninstaller (trial version) to make a more aggressive removal of ALL Apple software.  Reset.  Install the latest version of the web page.

  • Together-NetworkAdapter returning to "operation is not valid due to the current state of the object"

    I'm using fix - up all-NIC in the host servers when a portgroup is renamed.  Demand seems to make the required changes, then crashses.  I don't see any errors in the list recent tasks in vCenter.

    I use the following code:

    Get-VMHost | Get - VM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Where {$_.NetworkName - eq "ancien_nom"} |  Together-NetworkAdapter - NetworkName "newname" - confirm: $false
    The error is:
    Together-NetworkAdapter: 17/10/2012 12:16:56 game-card network Operation is not valid due to the current
    State of the object.
    At line: 1 char: 114
    {"+... ancien_nom"} |  Together-NetworkAdapter - NetworkName "newname" - confirm: $false
    +                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo: NotSpecified: (:)) [game-NetworkAdapter], VimException)
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId: Core_BaseCmdlet_UnknownError, VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.VirtualDevice.
    It's using PowerCLI 5.1 Release 1 against vCenter 5.0 and 5.0 ESXi.
    Any ideas how or tell you why it's a failure or repair.
    Thank you

    No, you should not be a problem.

    Are you by chance using PowerGui?

    There were references to the exact same message when you use an older version of PowerGui and the PowerPack.

    See New - VM error (operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.)

  • Number of unread messages not displayed against the message icon

    Product name: Iphone 5

    Storage capacity: 16 GB

    iOS 9.3.1

    Problem: Number of unread messages not displayed against the message icon. Can someone help me please.

    Already done troubleshooting: "The application of the badge icon" is running in the center of Notifications. Also restarted my phone several times

    Disconnect from the iMessage by settings - Messages - iMessage - OFF

    Disconnect from the iCloud

    Sign up for iPhone

    Do a forced reboot - after all open applications using the app Chooser - invoked by fast double pressing the home button and drag upwards on each app until it disappears from the screen.

    Meet the sleep/wake and home buttons down until you see the logo  - then release and allow normal start upward

    Sign back into it

  • Game-CDDrive operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.

    It's been a while, please remind me how to put the code here? PSVersion 5.0.10105.0 VMWare PowerCLI AutoDeploy component 6.0 build 2358282 VMWare ImageBuilder PowerCLI component 6.0 build 2358282 license of VMware PowerCLI component 6.0 build 2315846 VMware vSphere PowerCLI component 6.0 build 2548068 VMware VDS PowerCLI component 6.0 build 2548068 Cloud of VMware Infrastructure Suite PowerCLI component 6.0 build 2548068 VMware HA PowerCLI component 6.0 build 2510422 VMware PowerCLI component Storage Management 6.0 build 2522368 trying to build a server from the ground using Powercli. Started with:

    $paramVM = @{

    VMHost =   $vmhost

    Version =   "v7"

        Name  =   "CompVM"

    Data store = $datastore

    DiskGB =   50

    DiskStorageFormat = "EagerZeroedThick"

    MemoryGB =   4

    NumCpu =   1

    Location =   $Folder

        CD  =   $true

    ResourcePool = $ResourcePool

    PortGroup = $portGroup

    Notes = "DC of DOM"

    Confirm =   $false


    $paramVM . Location | select *

    New-VM @paramVM

    It seemed to go very well.

    Get-VM svr01mid100 | Start-VM

    Then, something isn't quite right.

    $paramNA = @{

    StartConnected =   $true

    WakeOnLan =   $true

    Connected =   $true

        Type  = « Vmxnet3 »

    Confirm =   $false


    Get-VM chi01osm300 | Get-NetworkAdapter | Set-NetworkAdapter @paramNA

    , I get the error: Set-NetworkAdapter: 29/07/2015-18:44:36 Set-NetworkAdapter operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. Online: 9 char: 43 + Get - VM svr01mid100 | Get-NetworkAdapter | Together-NetworkAdapter @paramNA + ~ ~ ~ + CategoryInfo: NotSpecified: (:)) [game-NetworkAdapter], VimException + FullyQualifiedErrorId: Core_BaseCmdlet_UnknownError, VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.VirtualDevice.SetNetworkAdapter MacAddress: 00:10:56:ss:3f:ab WakeOnLanEnabled: true NetworkName: SameAsAbove Type: Vmxnet3 ParentId: VirtualMachine - vm - 108361 Parent: svr01mid100 Uid: /VIServer = Dom\[email protected]: 443/VirtualMachine = VirtualMachine-vm-108361/NetworkAdapter = 4000 / ConnectionState: logged, NoGuestControl, StartConnected ExtensionData: VMware.Vim.VirtualVmxnet3 Id: VirtualMachine-vm-108361/4000 name: NIC 1 Client: VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Impl.V1.VimClient )

    Get-VM svr01mid100 | Get-CDDrive | Select Name,IsoPath

    Name IsoPath - CD/DVD drive 1 C:\ PS > Get - VM svr01mid100 | Get-CDDrive. Game-CDDrive - IsoPath $isoPath - StartConnected $true - confirm: $false Set-CDDrive: 29/07/2015-18:50:39 Set-CDDrive operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. I disconnected and then reconnected my session. I tried to see what was going on in vCenter (which I never do) and I fount it tries to start with the ISO, but giving a frown face and reboot again. I think that he did not like something in the build of the server. Help!

    I don't know that I did it is clear enough. The new VM script seems to work, it creates a new virtual machine.

    But eventually, every setting change that I try to do on the virtual machine, I get an error stating that "the operation is not valid due to the current state of the object."

    It seems to take the configuration but then I noticed he tried to start, but it started getting the error that I put in the screenshot.

    To me, that shows that it is trying to boot from the CD, because it is a Windows error.  Moreover, he just trying to start several times.

    Now, I went back and I think that the error "operation is not valid due to the current state of the object" may have been the fact that the VM tried to boot from the CD over and over, this is what is meant by the current state.

    I noticed just here, the hosts have 4.1 on them, which does not support r2 Server 2012.

    I think we're good.  Thank you!

  • OracleDataReader: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object

    Hi all

    I am new to using libraries and oracle development tools. I have a project in vb 2010 began when I use the oracleDataReader to read data from my db (10g). by using the following code:

    Oradb As String = "xxxxxxxxxxx".
    Dim conn As New OracleConnection (oradb)
    Conn. Open()

    Dim test (1000) As String
    Dim counter As Integer = 0
    Dim cmd As New OracleCommand

    Connection group conn cmd.
    cmd.CommandText = "table FROM SELECT column where otherColumn > 21 June 11 '.
    cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text
    Var as OracleDataReader dr = cmd. ExecuteReader()
    Dr. Read()
    test (Counter) = Dr. GetString (0)
    While Dr. Read()
    test (Counter) = Dr. GetString (0)
    Counter = counter + 1

    cmd ExecuteReader().
    cmd.CommandText = "SELECT FROM table where otherColumn > 21 June NewColumn 11'"
    Dr. Read()
    test (Counter) = Dr. GetString (0)

    How could change the cmd.CommandText to run new queries? As it is the second command throws the following error: "operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.

    I found stating an another OracleDataReader object will allow me to run another query, I guess that there is a better way to "reset" State of the object first, as opposed to the creation of any new object each time I need to reset the command text.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Do not forget that I am new to coding, so I know the real C could be cleaned.

    Thank you
    cmd.CommandText = ""
    dr = cmd.ExecuteReader()
    ... etc ...

    It will be useful,

Maybe you are looking for